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Whether you are planning to sell your old scrap truck to earn quick cash or are tired of finding a reliable truck buyer who offers reasonable rates, Rapid Truck Removal is here to make your selling experience simple, quick, and effortless.
Having a team of skilled and dedicated wrecking specialists, we assure profit and ultimate satisfaction with our services. From the moment of receiving your truck’s details and estimating its worth to successfully picking up your truck from your location, we not only ensure the best rates and competitive services but also provide a fast selling process, providing instant payments and all the paperwork within 24 hours.
Yes, that’s absolutely right! We offer on-spot payment for selling your wrecked truck and provide on-spot documentation without any charges. So, no matter if you are getting anxious about your truck’s rates or feeling confused about the paperwork process, Rapid Car Removal is here to make your selling journey free from troubles and delays.


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Rapid Car Removal has a team of trained wrecking specialists who are dedicated to making your truck selling process simple and quick. From estimating the rates to picking up the vehicle, we ensure profit and satisfaction from start to finish. Therefore, whether you have a query regarding your truck selling process or want to get a quick quote, reach out to us at 0438942754 or email us at


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Cash For Trucks Services Melbourne - Offering Simple, Quick, And Trouble-free Services

At Rapid Car Removal, we understand the complexities and hassles that come up with the truck selling process. From advertising your truck constantly in newspapers and online to dealing with endless negotiations with private buyers, it is undoubtedly a journey of constant effort and time. However, it is time to break the cycle and experience the magic of revolutionary services with Rapid Car Removal. 
With Rapid Car Removal’s exceptional and customer-satisfactory services, you can rest assured that you’ll get the market’s best and most competitive rates. Our dedicated team of truck wrecking experts in Melbourne and nearby suburbs not only rightly estimated the real worth of your vehicle but designed a customised selling process that provides the services that you deserve. ...

Truck Removal Melbourne - Dealing With Trucks Of All Makes And Models

At Rapid Car Removal, we take pride in offering services that are more exceptional and up-to-the-mark than traditional scrapyards. From rightly estimating the value of your vehicle and offering the right and accurate rates to dealing with trucks of all makes and models, irrespective of their brand, age, and condition, we provide comprehensive truck wrecking services in Melbourne and surrounding locations. 
We understand that every truck has a different value. That’s why we determine the accurate value of every vehicle based on its brand, model, make, and condition. Moreover, we compare the repair cost vs. salvage cost of the vehicle along with keeping a sharp eye on the trend of the market, offering the best rates and competitive quotes.
So, instead of devaluing your vehicle and settling for lower rates, make sure that you get full potential for selling your truck and experience the magic of trouble-free and effective services with a great profit margin assured.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    No, Rapid Car Removal’s truck wrecking services are simple, quick, and free of charge. From estimating the rates and quoting the prices to quick pickups and all the paperwork, our services are completely free of cost.

    After towing away your vehicle and providing you with complete payment and paperwork, we repair, recycle, or dispose of the truck, depending on its repair vs. salvage costs, market value, availability of auto spares, and condition.

    After accepting our quoted price, you can reach out to our staff and schedule the pickup time and location for selling your truck. We offer same-day truck towing services in Melbourne within 24 hours, without any fees.

    At Rapid Car Removal, we offer the rightly estimated and market’s highest rates for selling your trucks, offering up to $9999 for your old, junk, scrap, wrecked, and damaged trucks. With our customer-centric services, you can rest assured about getting worthwhile rates.

    Yes, our truck wrecking services are right according to the protocols and highest standards, ensuring an eco-friendly approach and preserving nature. Whether we dispose of the vehicle or recycle it, we make sure our services do not have any damageable effects on nature.

    To request a quick quote for selling your truck, fill in the above form with complete details of your truck. Moreover, you can also get a quick offer by calling at 0438942754 or by emailing us the details at

    Cash for Old Cars is not Affiliated With or Related To or A Subsidiary of any Vehicle Manufacturer.

    We Buy All Major Brands!

    We pay cash up to $9,999 on spot for Your Car
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