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If you have an old, damaged or wrecked vehicle that you just can’t find time to fix, then you are at the right place. We at Rapid Car Removal, the experts in car removal service in Melbourne is here to help you out. We buy cars of all makes and models. We accept all sort of cars, vans & trucks. When you sell the car to Rapid Car Removal, you no need to worry about the condition of the car. We accept even wrecked old, unregistered and damaged vehicles. With Rapid Car Removal, you can be assured that your car will get the maximum amount of cash that it can get.

Our car assessment process is quick and easy. You can contact our car removal expert team via email, chat or phone. Tell us about your car make, model, year and condition. You will get a free quote for your car removal in two minutes. If you are happy with the quote, just confirm your address and a time. We will be there at your address within an hour or any day that you want. Our Car Removal service is free. Unlike other car removal service, we don’t have any hidden or additional charges. We pay Cash For Cars and provide all the paperwork before we remove your car. Two decades of experience in the car removals industry makes us the most experienced and trusted car removal service in Melbourne.

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If you are looking for a car removal service in Melbourne that will give you the best value, look no further than Rapid Car Removal.

Our fleet is available throughout the entire Greater Melbourne region, and in most instances, we can have your vehicle removed on the same day, then give you cash for your car. We pride ourselves on our reputation so you can be assured of the best rate for your car– up to $9,999 – as well as exceptional customer service throughout the entire process.

Junk Car Removal

You have many options for unwanted car removal, but not all of them are going to put money in your pocket. Some of the traditional methods for old car removal include:

  • Selling to a dealership: If you are looking to hand over the keys and get rid of your car as quickly as possible, this is the best option. You will get a significantly reduced rate for your car, but you will get cash in your hand and the matter dealt with quickly. The issue here is that your car will likely need to be running, roadworthy and registered for dealers to consider. This is not an excellent option for scrap car removal.
  • Trading it in: If your car is not running, some dealerships will allow you to trade it in for a discount on the purchase of your next car. Again, you will get a highly reduced rate compared to what you could get through a junking or wrecking service like Rapid.
  • Selling on the private market: If you don’t want to settle for the low rates that dealerships will offer, you can try and sell privately. Many platforms simplify this, like Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace, but there are going to be frustrations. The private market is notorious for low-ballers and people looking for a bargain, as well as tyre kickers with no intention to purchase at all. This is an enormous waste of your time, and there is no guarantee your car will sell within week, months or even years.
  • Use an online car selling platform: You will probably be able to sift out some of the lowballers and tyre kickers when you use a reputable car sales website. But the same issues remain in terms of your time with meeting people and allowing them to inspect the car. Plus, there is still no guarantee of a quick sale, and you are going to have to pay the platform a hefty commission as well.
  • Donate it: If your car is junked, rusted and not running, is this an ideal gift or donation? In some cases, yes – if the person or organisation requires that particular make and model. But you end up with no money in your pocket, and you might even have to fork out for towing, so you end up at a loss.

A car removal service is your best course of action when it comes to junk car removal. Putting ‘junk car removal near me’ into Google will bring up a range of services, including free car removal services. It can be challenging to decide which service is right for you, but if you are looking for the most money in your pocket for your car, then look no further. We provide the most professional service and will pay up to $9,999 for your unwanted car.

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