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Car Wreckers Melbourne

Junk Car RemovalWe are Melbourne’s most trusted Car Wreckers having a huge car yard in the middle of Melbourne region makes us approachable from all surrounding suburbs, We wreck cars for parts and for that purpose we are happy to buy any car that you have in any condition it is.

At Rapid Car Removal, we’ll buy your damaged car in a jiffy. We are here to give you the best cash rates for your cars, whatever condition the car is in. Try us!

By calling one of our helpful car experts, you can receive an immediate price estimate for your car on the phone after you answer a few quick questions, such as:

  •  Vehicle Make and Vehicle Model
  • Manufacture Date
  • General Condition
  • Location of the car

These are all the facts we need to get the gears in motion. Whether your car is or isn’t in good working condition or is even completely unsalvageable, we’ll purchase your scrap car today. Our business has been around since 1995, which means our experienced group of car wreckers know all the ins and outs of the procedure, and we’re able to give you a detailed price estimate within just a few minutes.

Regardless of where you reside in Melbourne, our trucks will arrive at your house or job location and provide you with cash for your car today. If you accept our estimate, we can hand you cash for your car on the spot, along with no-cost free car or truck removal as well.

We provide the best cash for cars quotes for Wrecked Cars

Cash For Cars Melbourne

You’ve got a vehicle that is out of commission and just taking up space in your yard, you’d be surprised how much space you can free up to use for other purposes by removing it. If your broken-down car is still in one piece but has serious engine issues that can’t or are impractical to be repaired, safely disposing of it is probably your best course of action.

You don’t need to leave your inoperable car lying around for days while we process your paperwork. Here you can sell any old, junk, scrap  or inoperable vehicle for scrap parts, regardless of its model, make, or age. Arriving at your house or work location any place in Melbourne, we’ll provide top scrap vehicle rates with no secret costs. Our company is the most efficient method for disposing of your damaged car in a quick and eco-friendly way.

We are Melbourne’s largest Car Wreckers and offer:

  • Between $150 and $6000 for whole cars
  • Between $500 and $9999 for whole vans, four-wheel-drives, and pickup trucks

Your car’s condition is a non-issue, as our towing vehicles are outfitted to maneuver any vehicle, be it a van, 4×4 truck, utility vehicle, or other kinds of car. Whether it just has creaky wheels or has suffered major damage in an accident, we are here to pick it up it and junk it for you.

Junk Car Disposal in Melbourne

Rapid Car Removal  in Melbourne offers some of the best scrap vehicle towing services, and we’re currently the main buyer of aged or totaled scrap cars in the entire state of Victoria. Regardless of your vehicle’s working or cosmetic condition, we provide you with no-cost scrap car wrecking services all throughout Melbourne, seven days per week.

Used Vehicle Parts and Wrecking Solutions

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Second-Hand Vehicle Parts in Melbourne at Affordable Prices

For many years now, car wreckers have been providing Victoria citizens with premium used vehicle parts and top-notch customer support. Come to our car recycler company in Melbourne for discount repair supplies and parts.

Want a pre-owned engine for your vehicle, but don’t care to pay the high costs of a professional repair shop? So If you’d prefer to perform your own vehicle repairs, visit Car Removal Melbourne and browse our complete inventory of used, new, and refurbished car parts to find just what you want at a reduced price.

Car enthusiasts just love to wander around in our car yard, just looking at our collections of thousands of cars and finding the part they need for their vehicles. 

We have used and like-new car parts for all vehicle makes:

  • Pre-Owned Car Parts: Wheels, mufflers, exhausts, motors, gear shifts, and much more
  • Refurbished Vehicle Parts: Doors, fenders, steering shafts, etc.
  • Wholesale Car Parts: Get the parts you require at the most affordable rates in Melbourne.

As the top vehicle part vendors in the Melbourne area, we supply low-cost but dependable used vehicle parts to our clients and Guided by our ample experience with car break-downs and part refurbishments, we offer services that give you a true sense of security. Therefore we sell a variety of pieces for Ford, Honda, Nissan, Holden, Toyota, and Volkswagen vehicles and all other major brands used in Australia. Regardless of the original car condition, we only salvage parts that are in superior working condition. We get calls for autos and auto parts from all over Australia and have been one of the leading second hand auto parts dealer in Melbourne.

We also carry parts like caps, panels, bumpers, headlamps, indoor lights, locks, windows, motors, gear casings, oil tanks, hoses, and lots more. Contact us now for detailed part requests.

We dismantle cars for parts

we buy wrecked cars for cash - rapid car removalLooks can be deceiving, if you see your car is totally damaged or is fire or water damaged and its total scrap, just sell it to us. After taking it from you we will pull the car in parts and dismantle all useful parts and salvage the metal for re-use. Furthermore All of our dismentaling and dismanteling  process is eco-friendly and according to governments regulations.

We dismantle cars for body parts, engine parts, transmission, electrical parts and tyres. So If you need anything just send us an email at [email protected] and we will find it for you and get back to you. We do sell or provide information over the phone.

Melbourne Vehicle Salvaging

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Whether it’s scratched, worn out, has fire or water damage, or hasn’t been driven in years, as much as 80% of all damaged cars have salvageable parts. So after picking up your scrap vehicle, cars are brought to our scrap yards in Melbourne, where it will be safely repurposed. Recyclable parts include, but go beyond:

  • Tires which can be put on another vehicle or reused for a completely new purpose.
  • Parts that just need cleaning before being resold.
  • And Scrap aluminum, steel, or other metals that can be reprocessed into new automobiles.

Think Your Vehicle Is Worthless? Wrong!

Even though the outside or inside damage to your vehicle might seem extreme, or the effort and money necessary to get it driving too expensive, all automobiles have some kind of value. This applies to both the scrap metal and the working parts which may be given a new lease on life through recycling. All salvageable parts are discarded in a secure and ecologically-aware method.

You’ve Got No Reason to Wait, So Have Us Remove Your Vehicle Today!

At Rapid Car Removal Melbourne, you can expect top market prices for your worn out, damaged, or non-functional automobiles. We’ll clear away most cars — including vans and trucks — in under two hours after we get your call, or at least by the next work day.

We are experienced car and truck dismantler in Melbourne and we are dedicated to making sure all of our business associates are as committed to quality salvaging services as we are.

We handle everything which follows after picking your car up.


If you’re in the Melbourne area, call us to schedule your vehicle pickup with one of our specialists now!

Car brands that we wreck

We service entire Melbourne including its surrounding suburbs up till  Geelong and the Mornington Peninsula.