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Have old vehicles lying dormant around your property and looking for cash for cars Melbourne? Feeling the burden of the clutter starting to form around your land? Perhaps an old car, long-since replaced, needs to finally end its stay with you.

Rapid Car Removal can give you cash for cars with our no-fuss, same-day service. Get money straight back into your pocket and space back on your hands – let us provide cash for written-off cars you no longer need. Whether you’ve had difficulty selling them in the past or just haven’t had a chance (or will) to palm them off just yet, we’re here to take the weight off your shoulders.

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Why choose us to get cash for cars?
You receive the funds for a vehicle on the spot

There are other ways to sell your vehicle but depending on the condition, the make and model (and the market), it could take months or years to complete the process. And then there’s worrying about advertising and organising all the right tactics to land that sale in the first place.

Breaking up your vehicle into parts is also a time-consuming process and requires the skills for you to tackle it yourself, and that’s not a skill set everyone has.

If you are looking for an immediate sale, Rapid Car Removal gives you the funds for your used vehicle and removes it on the same day. No drawn-out processes, no mountains of paperwork – just a simple handover and money in your hand, right then and there.

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Our team is prompt and reliable and our fleet of tow trucks means that you can be assured of a same-day quote and pick up on all occasions, no matter which part of the Greater Melbourne region you are living in. To find out how you can get cash for your car today, give our team a call now.
We give cash for cars in Melbourne, regardless of the condition

Another frustrating and expensive part of selling your second-hand vehicle is the process of preparing it for sale. Detailed cleaning, inside and out, as well as repairing any little nicks or scratches on the interior or exterior can erode profits. If you choose not to enlist the services of the professionals, that means time and labour that will be required of you – and that can take days or even weeks. Your vehicle may have been left in storage for a considerable period of time as well, perhaps in a backyard where it has been exposed to the weather. There could be cracks in the windows, flat or damaged tyres and faded or damaged paint and upholstery.

No matter what condition your used vehicle is in, or where it is located, our team will retrieve it for you and pay you to cash in hand. No long delays, no expensive cleaning and repairs, just money in your pocket and your vehicle removed from your property. Easy.

We also buy wrecked and written off cars

Being involved in an accident is a painful time – whether it be emotionally, physically or financially. You could be dealing with injuries sustained in the accident, or perhaps you are not able to work for a period of time. Your income may have taken a hint and things could be looking a little worse for wear.

We hear you.

We can take at least part of the stress out of the process by collecting your wrecked or written-off car and giving you the funds you need to recover or get back on the road (or both). You don’t need to worry about expensive towing either, as we can collect the vehicle from any location so that it is completely off your hands. Your licence plates will also be returned to you so that you can claim back the remaining registration as cash.

We buy all types, makes and models

The second-hand market can be fickle. Used car dealers and private buyers are often only looking for specific makes and models and looking to pay the lowest price.

When it comes to damaged vehicles or cars that have been written off, the task becomes even more challenging, as you are seeking out buyers who need specific parts, panels or components that are intact. No matter what make or model you are looking to sell – and no matter the age – we will give you cash and remove it from your premises for you on the same day.

Free vehicle pick up all across Melbourne

Not only is our service extensive, but you will also get more money in your pocket than if you chose any other car removal service.

We are proud to offer the best secondhand parts service from our wrecking yard of vehicles in the Melbourne region and we want to ensure that all of our customers are well remunerated for providing us with vehicles to extract these parts from. Don’t let other car removal services lowball you, especially in a challenging period of your life that may have involved a car accident. Call our team first to get the best possible deal for your vehicle.

How We Buy Cars for Cash
Frequently Asked Questions
You may be surprised by the answer. It depends on the make and model of the car that you are selling for junking and the condition it is in, as well as how many of the parts, panels and components remain viable for sale. In most instances, you can have up to $500 in your pocket on that same day while also saving on the cost of having your vehicle towed as well. But for some vehicles, you could receive thousands of dollars straight into your hand.
No matter what condition your vehicle is in, it still has value. Our team are experts when it comes to wrecking and junking vehicles and can extract all of the viable parts from it that can then be on-sold to customers for a cheaper repair. In many cases, these parts can be hard to find (when it comes to older makes and models that are no longer in production). Because our junking operations are the best in the Melbourne region, that means we can offer the best prices for vehicles as well.
Not in every case. There are many operators out there that will act like they are doing you a favour by removing your old vehicle and won’t offer you a single cent. That means they are pocketing all of the profits from the sale of parts, components or even simply scrap metal from your vehicle. That is not how we operate. We pay cash for every single car that we collect and provide the best rates of all junkyards in the Greater Melbourne Region. Don’t settle for any less than you deserve for your vehicle.
If your vehicle is in great condition, is running, has a roadworthy certificate (or would pass a roadworthy test) then it is better to sell them in most cases, especially if it is a newer vehicle. Once vehicles begin to get older, though, it is a different story. If the vehicle is not running or roadworthy, the costs of repairing it to a point of sale is likely to be more than the money you would receive. In these circumstances, your vehicle is likely to be worth more sold for scrap and spare parts.
At what point does a vehicle pass the point of no return when it comes to repairing it? The first step is to check the current market value of your vehicle if the repairs are going to cost more that value or one year's worth of repayments then it is not worth repairing it. This becomes more pronounced when it comes to older vehicles. If your car is 15 years old or more, it’s probably more beneficial not to opt for repairs. Instead, you can gain your money back by junking it with us.

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