We all love our 4x4s.

With their incredible versatility, strength, towing capabilities and heavy-duty toughness, they’re an indispensable asset for businesses and families alike. If your beloved 4WD has reached the end of its life and it’s time to move it on, that’s where Rapid Car Removal’s exceptional 4×4 removal service comes in.
When you work with Melbourne’s most trusted 4×4 wreckers, not only do you get FREE pick up and removal of your old 4WD. We’ll pay you cash on the spot at the best prices in town. You can get from $500 to as much as $9,999 for your old, junk 4WD, depending on various factors of your vehicle.

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Your Once Proud & powerful 4x4s Doesn’t Need To Go To Waste

If you’re like most 4×4 drivers, your rig is like a member of the family. Please don’t leave it to rust and take up space in your garage, empty lot, or on the side of the road. Your baby deserves a better send-off than that with help from Rapid Car Removal – Melbourne’s best junk and used 4×4 wreckers. Whether your 4×4 has given up the ghost or still has some life left in it, leave it to us. Entrust it to our team of reliable 4wd wreckers; we assure you of top service, best prices, and fast, hassle-free vehicle removal.

We know how much you loved your jeep, ute or four-by-four. That’s why we’re determined to recover, reuse, and refurbish as many auto parts as we can. Even scrap metal from your run-down 4x4s is salvaged and recycled. We resell restored old car parts and parts that are still in good condition to clients who need replacement parts or spare parts for DIY repair projects. You can rest assured, we put everything to good use.

No 4WD Is Unwelcome in Our Yard

No matter the make, model or condition of your 4WD, we’ve got space for it. Our junk car buyer and pick up specialists are trained, experienced, and fully equipped to handle any kind of old 4×4 removal job.

For over two decades, we’ve built a superb reputation as Melbourne’s most trusted and reliable 4×4 wreckers. Rapid Car Removal’s dozens of 5-star reviews are a testament to our dedication to ensuring that our clients have a smooth, efficient, and profitable 4×4 wrecker and removal experience.

Whether you own a Ford, Jeep, Land Rover, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda, Nissan or any other brand, our expert 4×4 wreckers strive to give you the best price and friendly service. Unlike other 4×4 buyers, we’re committed to ensuring that every transaction is a win-win situation for you. Call 0438 942 754. today and experience the difference that experience, expertise and reliability of Rapid Car Removal can make when it’s time to sell your old 4WD.

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