Three of the Most Popular Vehicle Add-Ons Today

Do you know someone, a car owner, who didn’t buy at least one add-on or accessory for his/her vehicle? We sure don’t. Even the most expensive brand new car from the dealership still isn’t as complete as we want it to be. New car buyers and existing owners alike seem to not be just contented with what their cars have to offer originally – not that it’s a bad thing though. Besides, there are just too many ‘cool’ vehicle add-ons and accessories we can buy today. There are items for vehicle performance, exterior improvement, interior comfort, driving convenience, cleaning and organization, luxury, and a whole lot more. Basically, at this point in time, if you wish something to be improved about your car, there is technically an ‘add-on’ that can be a answer for it.

Now if you’re looking to pimp your ride a little more, and know about the latest car add-ons that are so popular in the market today, let us help you. Besides, we simply aren’t among Australia’s reputable instant cash for cars companies for nothing. As your trusted car removal Melbourne experts, we’ll give you the lowdown on the three of the most popular car add-ons that are now technically considered as a need rather than a want by most car owners:

1. It’s all about the wheels.

They say that if shoes can tell a lot about a person’s taste and personality, so do our car wheels. So it’s really not as surprising that cool rims and flashy wheels are still the go-to upgrades of most car owners even after all this time. Actually, according to Global Sources’ Mar 2017 report on the Top Products Most Buyer Inquired On (under the Auto Parts and Accessories category) Car Wheels is on the 2nd spot.
Apparently, car owners buy custom rims or wheels not because they need it, but because they simply want it to make their beloved vehicles more flashy, more attractive. Hence, we still considered it to be one of the most popular car add-ons not only today, but of all time.

2. The need for Auto DVRs.

Today, it’s not only retail stores and supermarkets that have real-time digital video recorders. But instead, even streets, highways, offices, homes, and even cars are equipped with these DVRs. Safety and security has now been a strong concern of many. Thus, more and more car owners have been feeling the need to buy dash cams. It is no longer considered as a ‘cool show-off gadget’ but rather a necessity.
Both in stores and online shops, there are lots of different kinds of dashcams available – from the basic to the most feature-packed one. So even if you are technically on a tight budget, you can sure find one that’ll still up to the task of helping you ensure your travel safety and security.

3. Keyless remote entry is so yesterday.

Not so long ago, you’re already an impressive car owner if you’re able to get into your car without having to use keys – thanks to the innovation of keyless remote entry or key fobs, in short. But today, that seems to be a standard in almost all the new cars we see and use; because Remote Starters are now the ‘in’ thing.
Before, these remote starters were luxury accessories only offered with super expensive premium car brands and models. But currently, more and more drivers are into using remote starters for a variety of vehicles. From the comforts of your own home, you can now start your vehicle even if you’re still on your way to pick up your things or just about to lock your house. Now your cars can be ready for use the moment you leave the front door. Talk about pure convenience.

According to some research, an average driver spends 17,600 per year in his/her car. So it’s just logical if we would love to spend time and money on improving our cars, however we see fit, right? Whether you are a family man who goes from work 9 to 5, a weekend warrior heading Australia’s outback, an adventurous road-tripper, or a proud mom sending off your kids to school and soccer practice, all of us definitely deserves a more comfy, convenient, efficient, and safer ride. So don’t be afraid to check out these popular car add-ons if you still haven’t got one of them.


Do you have an old car that no matter how many cool, trendy, and functional add-ons you get, it’s still not as roadworthy and reliable as it was once before? Then maybe it’s just about time you let it go now. Being a trusted cash for cars Melbourne company, we provide our clients with fast, easy, and free junk car removal services. Let our crew of expert car wreckers, mechanics, and recyclers put your old ride into better use. And as you help us contribute to protecting the environment and the auto industry, we in turn will you provide you top cash for your car. regardless of its age, brand, model, and condition. Does that sound good for you? Then don’t hesitate and speak with our friendly operators right now!