The 7 Deadly Driver Distractions

Today, our lives are more complicated than they were decades ago. People now seem a lot busier than ever. On a daily basis, we constantly rush everywhere and it’s as if we need to get more things done in the fastest way possible. With those everyday pressures and stresses, we have developed the so-called “multi-tasking culture”. We are so used to juggling our personal, career, and family lives every single day that we can’t even help but to practise that kind of culture or behavior even when we’re behind the wheel.

For the last two decades that Rapid Car Removal has been a trusted cash for cars and car removal company, we have (technically) witnessed all the bad and worst cases of car crashes and road accidents. Sadly, most, if not all of them, are due to human error. While alcoholism and intoxication still remains to be the top cause of these accidents, it is recently proven that driver inattention slowly becomes a strong contender.

Unsurprisingly, because we are getting used to this fast-paced multi-tasking culture, we tend to forget one of the first and most important lessons we have learned as we started driving: Keep our eyes on the road AND our hands on the wheel. Now some may say that they are already ‘experts’ in doing driving and other things at the same time, but they still couldn’t deny the fact that even so, it wouldn’t lessen their chances of getting into an accident. It puts them at risk even more.

So here, we ought to provide (and warn) you of the top 7 driver distractions that are causing many of the vehicular accidents today:

Mobile Phones

We know you’ve guessed this one on list, right? Unfortunately, even if all drivers are aware of the fact that using mobile phones during driving is extremely dangerous, they still couldn’t resist doing so. Sure, there are Bluetooth and other technologies we use to make navigation, texting and calling less distracting, but drivers still seem to hold and use their mobile phones for other apps like social media, games, and even doing selfies with your camera. Thus, not only Australia, but many countries all over the world continue to create and implement laws on the mere use of mobile phones while you are behind the wheel.

Eating and Drinking

Let’s admit it, driving and going on road trips is much fun with some snacks. Although it doesn’t require much of our cognitive skills or most of our focus when we stuff our mouths with some food or drinks, there are still some instances when it could become dangerous, such as: when your kid asks to open some bag of chips or bottle of drink; when you spill that scalding hot coffee all over your pants; when the ketchup or mustard suddenly drips all over your nice shirt; or when that greasy food forces you to drive with only hand or even just a few of your fingers. Those are the times when driving gets a bit more risky.

Kids and Pets

It is never EVER easy driving with your kids and pets inside the car. Not only is it messy, but it’s a total chaos. Our little kids and our furry friends require special attention. While driving is also risky for them, all the more it is for us, drivers. When the kids squabble, yap, and cry you can never put 100% of your attention in driving. So if possible, bring an extra adult to supervise the kids while you’re on the wheel. But if you really have no choice, make sure to put them in car seats.

Grooming & Vanity-attacks

Ladies, how many of you are just too guilty of this – putting on makeup, fixing your hair, and checking yourself out every other minute in that cute little mirror on your visor? No matter how hard you try to deny it, all these make you distracted from the task at hand: driving. If you really must arrive at your destination all dolled-up and you really have to do it in your car, pull over and stop for just a few minutes to do all that.

Cool Entertainment systems

Gone were the days when we simply get inside our car, turn on the radio to our favorite station, and then enjoy our drive. With all the amazing entertainment systems and audio video technologies available, instead of focusing on driving, we can’t help but fiddle with our awesome LED screens, searching for our favorite songs and playlists on our MP3, and even watching nice music videos on our DVD players. While it’s really nice to have our cars pimped out with these cool gizmos, we have to know when to draw the line between driving and enjoying them.

Billboards and Passers-by

Billboards are there to catch the attention of consumers while they are on the road. While they seem the perfect pastime whenever you’re in a bumper-to-bumper traffic, they are proven distractions while you are actively driving. Moreover, in a survey done by Allianz, 51% of male drivers confessed that they are most likely to be distracted by seeing a hot and attractive pedestrian passing by. While there is nothing wrong with appreciating beauty (human, nature, and others), we still have to remind ourselves to leave that for later and not do it while we’re passengers, not drivers.


There are some people who say that driving (esp on long distances) helps them enjoy a moment of solitude to clear their minds. That could really be true. On the other hand, this could also be dangerous distraction as we might get too caught up in thinking about something. Have you ever experienced missing your highway exit just because you’re thinking about something? Exactly. If we unconsciously let our minds slip away, we might just lose our concentration to handle our current task of navigating and steering the wheel.


New drunk drivers are those distracted while driving base on studies. Even though they are different in scale and nature, engaging ourselves to these 7 deadly distractions really have bad effects in driving: it will reduce our ability to adapt to current traffic conditions; you’ll find it harder to maneuver and control your vehicle; it will reduce your eye movement; and it’ll increase your time to respond and react to unexpected road hazards.

As Melbourne’s leading car buyers, we are here not to scold you or tell you that multitasking is bad. We simply want to remind you and reiterate the impact of these to driving (and riding) safety. It is one thing to get in an accident; but it’s another to meet an accident and have your car wrecked just because it was your fault. You don’t want that.