The 5 Best Parallel Parking Tips

Probably one of the most dreaded ‘parking situations’ of drivers is parallel parking, most especially in a space that’s just right for the size of your vehicle. And if you feel like your parallel parking skills is just too embarrassing for any of your passengers (let alone, a date) to witness, then don’t you worry; because you are surely not alone. As a matter of fact, even some of those veteran car users still experience difficulty in perfecting the art of parallel parking.

Thus, your friendly vehicle removalists, car mechanics, and auto recyclers here at Rapid Car Removal believe that you must arm yourself with the necessary information so you could parallel park in the presence of the most critical passengers. As your leading car removal and cash for cars Melbourne, we now give you 5 must-remember tips so that you could finally level up your parallel parking skills.

1. Relax.

This is probably the most important thing you should keep in mind whenever you’re trying to parallel park. While we know that the mere thought of parallel parking is already nerve-racking, we want you to instill your minds that panicking won’t let you achieve anything. When you are nervous, you panic. And when you panic, you end up making more mistakes. And when you make mistakes, there are more chances of getting into a fender-bender with the car/s parked. Don’t worry first about the other motorists or pedestrians that might be watching or waiting for you to finish parking. If you feel pressured, the more you’ll end up taking more time than you should have. So before you even start, take a deep breath and then focus on what you really have to do.

2. Choose a parking spot with enough space.

If you know yourself well that you can’t perfectly do parallel parking (yet), then don’t test your fate, or your skills. If you’re not comfortable and confident enough to make your vehicle fit the space, then just hand the parking spot over to the other motorists looking for one. While you’re still in the process of perfecting your parallel parking skills, carefully choose a spot that has enough gap for you maneuver your car between them. Besides, by choosing a parking space that has sufficient space allowance, you won’t have a hard time getting your car out of the spot just in case a larger vehicle parks in front or behind you.

3. How you set up is essential.

The key to parallel park successfully is your initial position before you actually make your car fit the spot. So keep this in mind: bumper placement. If you would be able to perfect this, you wouldn’t really have much of a hard time maneuvering your vehicle into the tight space. Position your right next to the car that’s parked in front of the parallel parking spot you have chosen. Move forward until your front bumpers are nicely aligned. Be sure to leave appropriate space in between so that you won’t scrape your car or the other one. About 2 feet is already enough.

4. Do a smooth reverse.

Before you now start making your car fit in the parking spot, double check if there are motorists, cyclists, or pedestrians that you might hit while backing up. Now take your foot of the brake pedal and then back up (straight direction first) slowly and surely. Now if you already see your neighboring car’s rear bumper beside you, then it’s time to turn your wheel all the way to the left/right. Maintain your gradual reverse up until you have reached more or less a 45-degree angle.

5. Make your car fit and align it properly.

Continue backing up slowly following that 45-degree angle you have made. Once you see that that rear half of your vehicle is completely inside the parking space (envisioning a rectangle would help), quickly crank your wheel to the opposite direction without putting a stop to your backward motion. Allow your car to straighten itself out while it’s still moving in reverse. Now if the space won’t simply allow you to back up any further, just inch your car forward until you can finally position your car perfectly into the parking spot. Again, move slowly and surely as you don’t want to make any mistakes. And if you end up in a drive-reverse-drive struggle that’s more difficult to handle, it’s a lot better if you’d just take a deep breath and start from Step 1.

As with almost all other skills, parallel parking just requires sufficient practice. In addition to all these tips we have given you, all it takes is patience, determination, and time – and you’ll surely see yourself parallel parking like a pro.

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