How to Reduce Time Spent in Traffic

Driving is fun. But it’s a whole different scenario when you’re already stuck in a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam on a daily basis. It changes your mood, wastes your time, and in general, simply ruins your supposedly good day. According to a news article published by the The Herald Sun, Melbourne is currently facing unprecedented traffic congestion. More and more Melbourne residents face daily commute and travel challenges. The roads continuously increasing overcrowding on the V/Line, declining road conditions on most urban roads, and public transport fares growing faster. And what’s bothering everyone now is that the time people spend in traffic just gets even longer. The morning peak lasts about 2.7 hours while the afternoon peak gets a lot heavier, lasting for even 3.2 hours. And just like what an article in The Age Victoria has mentioned, if we’re going to calculate all that time motorists spend on the road, it’ll total to more than three full days in traffic every year.But it’s not only Melbourne that experiences this kind of traffic situation. Because of the growing population and the increasing number of vehicles on the road, almost every country in the world experiences heavy traffic. Thus, no matter where you are, we’re pretty sure that you’re looking to find ways just to escape heavy traffic, everyday.

As Melbourne’s leading car buyerscar wreckers, and cash for cars providers, we, Rapid Car Removal, want you to know that we are with you in this constant battle. In fact, one of our missions as a company is to really help reduce traffic congestion by removing junk and scrap cars. And more importantly, we constantly want to urge owners realise the importance of letting go of an old vehicle.

As part of that mission, we would also want to help motorists and car owners like you avoid getting stuck in a traffic jam. Our team of expert drivers, mechanics, vehicle appraisers, and car removalists has come up with some tips we’d like to share with you so that you can somehow reduce the time you spend in a heavily congested road. Take note of these simple and friendly tips:

Proactive Travel Planning

You are a proactive driver when you find and make the extra time to really plan out your travel. Traffic is bad on peak hours because there are more and more drivers who are rushing at the same time. Thus, it’s simple. If you exclude yourself from those haggard and hurrying motorists. Then you’d reach your destination in less time and without having to raise your blood pressure. These are some ways wherein you can practice being a proactive driver:

  • Check the weather ahead of time. Almost everybody knows that when there’s a sudden change in weather, the traffic conditions worsen in a snap. So it’d really help if you would check what the weather predictions are for the whole day.
  • Unlike the weather that can be predicted, traffic and road conditions cannot. Thanks to advanced technology, we now have a solution for this. Use your car’s GPS or your mobile navigation apps so you could check the real-time status of the roads and highways you’re about to take.
  • Listen to traffic news or watch the news while you have breakfast or prepare yourself before leaving. It won’t really take much of your time. By turning on your radio or TV, you’ll already get a heads up on what’s happening in the most congested roads in your area.

Daily Routine Adjustment

Let’s face it. Most of us, if not all, stick to a particular routine – from the moment get up from bed, to which roads we take going to work, and even to our parking spots. Well, in this time when the bad traffic conditions are simply unpredictable, you need to be able to adapt and adjust your routines accordingly. Or better yet, scratch your old routine. This is the only way where you can really reduce the time you spend in a heavily congested road. Plus, follow these tips:

  • It must already go without saying, but we rather reiterate this one for more emphasis. Leave earlier than usual. It is the simplest answer to avoiding those stressful rush hours.
  • Consider taking public transportation or even joining car pools. If it’s not a plausible solution for you to do this everyday, then at the least, do it on days when you experience the heaviest traffic – for example on Mondays or Fridays.
  • Request for work schedule changes from your employer. Let’s say instead of the usual 9-5, request for an 8-5 or 7-4 work shift. In addition, there are now companies that allow ‘work from home’ days. Ask if that’s possible to do in the organization you work for. Besides, there’s no harm in trying. You’ll never know if your company even provides a better traffic/commute solution for their employees.

The New ‘Street Smart’

While most of us rely on Google Maps or Waze to guide us to the roads which are less congested. We would really want to suggest that you train yourself to be local street navigation experts in your own ways. What do we mean by this? Well, on your free days, drive to your workplace, but by taking a different route. Discover unpopular streets and less populated areas. And plan an alternate route that only you (hopefully) know. We also suggest that you devise at least 2 alternate routes you can take so that you will have a Plan A and a Plan B. You’d realise these would really help once your GPS or nav apps fail or when there’s no network service. At least, you have some backup plans with you – with those, you’ll never get stressed from the daily grind no more.


In conclusion, we know that you’ll all agree that driving is supposed to be fun or relaxing; not stressful nor devastating, right? And so the only solution is for each and everyone of us to do his/her part in reducing road congestion. So if you are determined to help reduce traffic in your own way. Follow those tips we have mentioned and you’ll surely experience better trips to and from work everyday.

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