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    Junk Cars in Melbourne

    Other than holding onto a remembrance, a gift, a first investment, or a symbol of achievement, there is nothing more than you can get from an old car that’s been lying around your garage for a long time. Maybe it’s just about the time you put that old ride into good use and contact expert car removalists to take care of your Old Car Removal needs in Melbourne.

    Apart from freeing up a good amount of space in your yard or garage, getting rid of that aged or wrecked car will open up opportunities for you and also your family; not to mention – less stress, less worries, and less expenses. You can even get income out of selling that old automobile. The cash you generate from selling the old car can be used to as downpayment for obtaining a new vehicle.

    So don’t you think it’s about time to reward yourself with a new one? Let Rapid Car Removal Melbourne, a leading junk car removal company, help you with that.


    used car removal company in MelbourneHave your vehicle taken by a trusted and reputable used car removal company in Melbourne

    Unlike other junk car buyers and auto wreckers in Melbourne, Rapid Car Removal does not discriminate any type or car or truck. We accept all makes and models. Whether your vehicle is completely intact or totally wrecked, aged or still road-worthy, in good running condition or no longer drivable – all of those are still of value to us.  We utilise the removed working parts wherever we can.  We also recycle, reuse or refurbish the parts using environmentally friendly and government-regulated practices. All you have to do is approve of our price quote, and we’ll take care of the rest.

    car disposal services Our car disposal services are quick and free of charge.

    As we are one of the best car removal and truck wreckers in Melbourne, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with fast, reliable, and hassle-free services. Our Old Car Removal and truck removal services are not just FREE, we even pay you good cash for your vehicles.

    By choosing us, you’d get to work with some of Melbourne’s seasoned car wreckers and vehicle removal experts. Our car wreckers make sure that your old scrap car is hauled off with utmost care. We only use safe and top-of-the-line tools, winches, forklifts, tow bars, tow trucks, and other equipment. Our team ensure that nothing on your property gets harmed or damaged. We guarantee our clients a maximum of 2 hours time to prepare. We are the best company to deal with regarding your Wreck Car Removal needs in Melbourne.


    Rapid Car Removal is Not Affiliated With Or Related To Or A Subsidiary Of Any Vehicle Manufacturer.

    We Buy All Major Brands! We pay cash up to $9,999 on spot for Your Car: