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Old Car Removal in Melbourne: Old Cars Still Have Some Use

Old Car removal MelbourneAn old car just lying around the same space day in and day out is a wasted investment. You can still get money out of old automobiles by selling it off to the highest bidder. Rapid Car Removal, a leading car buyer in Melbourne, can offer you the highest price as you part off with your old car. Our highly trained staff will make an accurate valuation, and give you money in an instant. We can pay thousands of dollars for your car, as long as all the important parts are intact and still in good condition. After shaking hands on the deal and the purchase, our towing specialists will perform efficient car removal without charge.

Any and All Automobiles are Accepted

Old Car Removal Rapid Car Removal does not discriminate against any type of car or truck. We take different types of vehicles old or new, driveable or no longer driveable, whole or wrecked. All makes and models from car brands driven on Australian soil are welcome. Each car we buy from our customers are pulled apart for reuseable parts that can still be recycled, refurbished, or resold. We believe in taking care of the environment and following government regulations on recycling old cars, so no rusty clunker or salvage car is ever wasted.

Car Disposal Service is Free

Car Towing MelbourneIf your car or truck no longer works, you don’t have to pay for it to be taken off your property. Our experienced removalists have the skill and the equipment to haul off your old unwanted vehicle to our junk yard and disposal facility. We have all the right tools and machines, from winches and tow trucks to fork lifts and tow bars for a quick old car removal anywhere in Melbourne.

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Get up to $9999 cash for cars in Melbourne

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