Why we love car wreckers (and you should, too!)

Now, more than ever, people love anything that would make our lives a lot easier.  As compared to decades ago, more and more people hire specialized professionals like personal shoppers, wedding planners, wardrobe stylists, and the like. Not because people nowadays have more money to hire them, but simply because they can help us save lots of time and a ton of effort. If it could make our complicated lifestyles and day-to-day responsibilities a ‘lil bit easier to handle, we would immediately take a hold of that opportunity.

More than two decades ago, apart from many other reasons, Rapid Car Removal has felt that pressing need to help people properly and easily dispose their old, broken, and wrecked vehicles. Almost 100% of the owners of these cars treat them them as rubbish and leave them out to rot because they are just too much of a time-consuming, stressful, and even costly task. That is the main reason why we, and all other people, love professional car wreckers. As the leading car breakers and recyclers in Melbourne, we ought to share with you all the amazing reasons why you should also love car wreckers like Rapid Car Removal:

They are FAST and EASY to deal with

If you have very tight schedules in most days of the week, that is never a problem. Hiring them is just a call away. You need not go to their yard or facility just to get their services. You may have the car body removal done within the day or anytime that is most convenient to you. They will require almost zero-effort from you. All you need to do is provide complete details of your vehicle and they will do the rest. The most stressful process of dealing with documents and other paperwork? They will take care of that for you as well.

They are TRAINED and LICENSED professionals

Particularly in Victoria, there are strict rules and regulations in the standard auto wreckers and used car buying industries. Simply put, these car wreckers won’t be able to run their businesses well if they wouldn’t get a hold of the required certifications and licenses. For those die-hard car lovers and enthusiasts, this is a very important thing. They make sure that every bit and piece of their beloved ride is handled only by experts. They know very well that there are car fluids and metal parts that need to be handled with extreme caution and precision.


Car wreckers take on the responsibility of properly disposing the toxic chemicals that are harbored in aged and ruined cars. Using eco-friendly equipment and processes, they make sure that none of these harmful elements goes back to our soil and water. Moreover, little do most people know that 75% of the parts in your car can be reused for other purposes – apart from scrap metal. For example, rubbers from wheels and other parts can be used to make pedals and mats.

They provide us with FREE services

Speaking for ourselves, Rapid Car Removal, ONLY provides free used and damaged car removal services. Just be careful in choosing other vehicle recyclers and wreckers. There are those who say their car removal services are free, but they will let you pay some travel charges, hook-up and towing fees, or service fees. Ours on the other hand is absolutely free! You can take refuge in the fact that we’ll never ask you to pay even a single dime!

They sell QUALITY car parts at LOW PRICES

Before the actual car dismantling and breaking down, their experts carefully check your car for genuine parts that are in good condition or are eligible for a bit of repair and refurbishing. After taking those used car parts, they will be restored into its best shape, tested, and then sold at amazingly budget-friendly prices. These are not only great finds for people who into car repairs but also to those who love making DIY projects such as for industrial or interior design.

They help us make MONEY!

The best and probably the only reason why people car wreckers is the fact that it’s a source of easy money. Instead of you making more expenses on getting that sort of hopeless vehicle repaired, earn yourself some good income by selling it to us. Rapid Car Removal has been trusted by many clients for more than two decades now because we are known for providing instant top cash for unwanted cars of all brands, models, sizes, and conditions. Not to mention, the payment methods to choose from are hassle-free as well.

Finally enticed to take advantages of working with professional car wreckers? Then choose wisely! Opt for the one that will provide you all the convenience, free service, and reasonable amount of cash that you need: Rapid Car Removal, then you’ll experience these and more! You need not wait any longer – just speak with our friendly and dependable customer service representatives at 0438 942 754 OR, click this link to have your vehicle evaluated right now.