How To Choose The Best Car Tyres

Our tyres are probably one of the most tired parts in our car. And because they are the only ones that come into direct contact with the roads and pavements, they could also pass for being the components that are due to extreme wear. But sadly though, even we all know this, we often think about them when they’re flat or when they’re already in need of immediate replacing.So now comes the hard part. Apart from the fact that getting a new set of car tyres is costly, the process of selecting from the thousands of varieties available could be daunting and challenging. So how will you really know if you are choosing the best one for your baby? Will go for the cheapest one? The most popular brand? The latest? What will you have to consider if you want to get the best set of tyres for your vehicle?

Being a leading car removal and cash for cars company in Melbourne for more than two decades, we have dealt with various kinds of cars that have been at the mercy of different road catastrophes just because of poor tyre maintenance or completely worn out tyres that weren’t replaced. So to help you out, we are here to provide you with some tested and proven tips on how you could select the perfect car tyres:

Know the exact tyre specifications your car’s manufacturer has laid out for your vehicle.

Not only would you be wasting a whole lot of money, time, and effort, when you buy tyres that don’t really suit your car, but it’s also dangerous. We know how much those cool and trendy tyres are so tempting to buy. But if you want to end up with the tyres that would help your car run like new, choosing original car tyres are still the best –  not the brand, but the kind which your manufacturer suggests you use.

Choose from trusted brands.

If it’s your first time and you don’t really have a specific brand that you trust, research about it. Select those reputable ones and learn about their integrity, years in the industry, investment in technology, and the like. Usually top-selling tyre brands come with premium prices, of course. But sometimes, this gives us some kind of an assurance that we’re getting a bang for our buck. Besides, those reputable ones will most definitely provide good after-sales service and customer support. Steer clear of those brands that don’t seem to ring a bell, or those that you can’t find much info on.

Prioritise the specs you want and need.

They say in life, you can never really have everything. That may also be true in buying car tyres. It is rather impossible to find tyres that are of the latest model, durable, good-looking, reliable, safe, affordable, and will perform great all at the same time. Various types of tyres each have their USP or unique selling proposition. If you really want tyres that will last for many years, then prioritise the one that promotes and highlights its reliability and durability. As an expert tip, rate the specs you really want to find. Here are some of the characteristics you should rate and consider:

  • Durability of material
  • Load index
  • Traction
  • Speed and performance rating
  • All-season vs. Winter tyres (depending on the climate in your area)
  • Trim/Style

Never settle for the cheap replacements.

Yes, the best can most probably be the most expensive one in the market. But even if you only have so much to spend for your car tyres, we really suggest that you shy away from those cheap ones, first. We truly understand that consumers will always have that urge to save few more bucks, but do consider all the risks you’re taking once you go with the cheapest ones you find in the market. When we settle with a type or brand of car tyre that’s second-rate, we are only putting ourselves at risk. Plus, you might actually end up spending more instead of saving.


Do you have a car that doesn’t only need new tyres but also other major components to run smoothly? Maybe you’d have to consider getting a new car instead of buying all those parts and components that would add up to a much bigger cost. As the leading used car buyers and car wreckers in Melbourne, Rapid Car Removal is here to help you with that. We will not only save you from the hassles of keeping your old and scrap car, but we will also pay you good cash for your car – to help you get a new one.

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