How to Fix Car Window Problems

Pulling over to talk to a friend you see walking by; approaching a toll booth; paying by the carpark exit stand; and simply wanting to enjoy the cool autumn breeze. All these driving scenarios make us go and thank for one of the coolest car part inventions of all time: POWER WINDOWS. Before, some of us dread these scenes because of the effort we have to exert just to lower down our car windows. We’re all definitely glad to say goodbye to those lever-type manual windows.

But like all good things, there’s also a bad side to these power windows we now enjoy. Most of us have at least experienced these: they don’t go up or down when the button is pressed; the glass window drops to one side; it’s moving slow and making an unusual sound; or, it fails to close completely. And when we experience any of these car window problems, one thing’s for sure – we panic.

The truth of the matter is, after that brief moment (hopefully) of panic, know and rest your heart in the fact that as with all car issues, there’s a way out of it. And we, Rapid Car Removal, is here to teach you how you could do it yourself. We have been buying used cars in Melbourne for two long decades. And by being reputable car wreckersfor that long, we have actually mastered the art of troubleshooting and fixing these electric car windows. So here you go…

First of all, make sure that your power window lock isn’t switched on. But if you’ve checked and your car windows are still stuck or malfunctioning, there could be a number of reasons: your fuse might be blown, the switch/button is not working, the window motor is broken, or you already have a faulty window regulator. These issues are actually arranged according to their level of difficulty. So follow these steps one by one so you could effectively put a stop to those car window troubles:

Check the fuse.

Locate the fuse box. It is usually found under the dashboard near your steering wheel. Now you may need a flashlight to see if your fuse is already blown. Also, check if there are any loose wires coming out and going into the fuse box. Tighten all of them and see if your windows will work after doing so.

Check the window control switches.

Check each one out and see if there are some dirt that might have been accumulated. It could be one reason why it’s stuck. So clean everything then try again. If that still doesn’t work, remove the whole switch panel and check if all the electrical wiring are connected properly. Tighten them again and see if that would make your windows work. If not, remove and disconnect the safety connector then set it aside.

Remove plastic door panels.

If your window is stuck in an open position, gently pull it up first with your hands. Make sure it’s in a secure closed position. Now your car door panels are usually secured by bolts. Remove each one and disconnect all electrical wires so you could take off the entire plastic panel. Once removing, you may see an insulator or a moisture barrier liner. Take that off too so you could see the wires, the motor, and the window regulator.

Check the motor and regulator.

You may need to use a digital voltmeter or an automotive test light for this one. Make sure it is grounded before you do test all the wiring. Then check the power to the motor. Avoid front probing the motor’s connector and try your best not to pierce any wire so it won’t lead to a more serious problem.

Expert tip: If you have checked the motor and the regulator and at least one of them doesn’t seem to work, it’s always recommended that you replace both of them. If you only replace one, tendency is, you’ll be facing another window problem once again very soon.

Replace the window regulator and motor.

If all the aforementioned steps fail to make your windows work, then this is your last recourse. Now secure the window glass first with a duct tape so it won’t slide down while working on the motor and regulator. Remove the motor first then the regulator. Then replace both in reverse order.

Put everything back in proper order.

After replacing your regulator and motor, double check if you have tightened all the wires and connectors properly. Then assemble all the door parts by following the steps backwards. Before you tighten the bolts on the plastic door panel, remove the tape from the windows and see if they’re now working. Make the necessary adjustments before you tightly secure back the door panel in place.

Remember to treat your glass windows with extra care and caution as you don’t want to break it while you try to make it work. If you have done all these and there’s still a problem with your power windows, you have no other choice but to take it to your trusty mechanic. It might now be a door issue or a more serious electrical problem.


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