Common Parking Lot Accidents and How to Prevent Them

Unfortunately, having dings and dents on our beloved cars is inevitable. That no matter how hard we try to keep our rides smooth and shiny, there would still be some unavoidable incidents where we could “miraculously” get those scratches and dimples. But do you what’s even more frustrating and annoying? It’s getting those because of fender benders.Fender benders fall under the category of Low Speed Collisions, in the classification of vehicular accidents. But did you know that they are more common in parking lots? Yes, because of the tight space, limited visibility, congestion of vehicles, and poor traffic management, both motorists and pedestrians often get into parking lot accidents.

As a leading car removal company that has been buying used cars in Melbourne for two long decades, we are here to educate you more on these kinds of accidents and how we could effectively prevent them from happening.


These are the most common parking lot accidents:

1. When two drivers/cars collide by backing into each other. – This usually happens when two cars that are parked adjacent to each, facing back-to-back, both moves and backs up at the same time.

2. When one driver pulls out into traffic from their parking space then bumps into your car (or vice versa). – You might have experienced this as either one of the drivers. This is caused mostly when you are roaming around the parking area and you don’t see a car getting out of the parking space because it’s too small (like a Mini Cooper or Hyundai i10). Or, you might be the one getting out of the parking space and you can’t see the car that’s passing through because of the big van or ute that is parked beside you.

3. Two cars collide because their drivers are parking for the same space. – How many of you have experienced this or seen this? Yes, this one’s probably the most common of them all. Either they are just selfish or simply in a hurry, that wouldn’t matter much. You still are caught on collision out of sheer carelessness.

4. Collision at stop sign or parking lot exit. – Getting rear-end collisions are mostly a result of one thing: tailgating. Not only are they common in parking lots, but also in highways, toll gates, private villages, and etc.

5. Car bumping into non-moving objects (posts, signs, concrete barriers, and other parked cars).  – This might also be the top most common parking lot accident, but somehow, this one can easily be avoided as there only is one driver involved: you. You can blame it on poor parking skills, limited lighting, or whatever, but there’s no one else at fault if you are the only one moving.

If you notice from the common parking lot accidents we have listed, it’s kind of hard to determine who’s the one at fault (except for no. 5). It’s sometimes never determined whether who is really moving and who has the right of way. That is why, more often, it is really hard to have your insurance company cover the damages from it. That is the ultimate reason why parking lot accidents are truly a pain. More often, you’d have deal with all the aftermath yourself.

With that being said, here are some helpful tips so you could avoid getting into these kinds of fender benders:

  • SLOW DOWN! You know very well that is space is so cramped up. So even if you’re in a hurry, you really don’t have the luxury to put on some speed whenever you’re looking for a parking space, parking, or getting out of the carpark area.
  • Communicate to other drivers well. As with all driving situations, communication is key; especially in parking areas. Even if it’s daytime, it’s always suggested that you turn on your park or headlights. Use your hazard lights when waiting for a car to finish getting out of the parking space. Also to let others know you are parking there. Use your signal lights when turning always. Also, you may use hand signals if you think the other driver doesn’t really see you.
  • Choose your spot wisely. If possible, park in well-lit areas. Choose parking spaces not too near the entrance and exit points of the parking lot.
  • Practice parking etiquette. Even if we think this should come off as common sense, we’d rather stress it: Don’t get other drivers’ chosen parking spots. Also, be mindful of the space you’re giving the other cars that are parked around you. Let go of the parking space if you think it’s too tight for the size of your car.
  • Sharpen your parking skills. – There are some drivers who really dread parking, especially parallel parking. But this is probably the only way you can avoid accidents like No. 5. Master how to park with full caution. And always remember to ‘use your head’ (not just your eyes and your car’s mirrors) in checking if the coast is clear before turning or backing out.


As Melbourne’s leading car buyers and car wreckers. We want you to understand that vehicular accidents choose no particular place and time. They could surprisingly get you in the most bizarre and inconvenient situations. So, you must do all that you can to provide you and your car the best protection there is – practicing safe driving and parking.

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