How to Clean Your Car Headlights at Home

HIDs, running LEDs, Angel eyes, halogen quads, Laserlights, and even Swarovski crystals – all these are made and built for one main purpose: to make our car headlightslook stunningly awesome. It truly is a difference once you a car with sparkly and dashing headlights, especially at night. But even without those fancy headlights, it is still possible to make your car’s eyes captivating. Not because you only have those stock headlights, you have a reason to be less caring or attentive to them. If you neglect to take care of them, they’ll turn hazy and yellowish over time – which we know, you wouldn’t like.As turn cloudy and yellowish in color, they do not only look bad, but also, it poses a threat to your driving safety. So what can you do if your headlights have unfortunately turned out like this? Not to fret, because as with any problem in this world, there’s always a solution. Forget getting hefty headlight restoration services or buying expensive new headlights. You can simply clean them car eyes in the comforts of your own home, or garage.

Rapid Car Removal’s team of expert car removalists and car wreckers have been recovering, refurbishing, and reselling all kinds of auto parts for over two decades now. And that includes many types of headlights. We are here to share with you a simple and affordable way to clean them by only using common household tools and products. We will be providing you two easy ways to clean your car headlights at home, choose one according to your liking. The results, however will depend on how filthy, yellowish, and foggy your headlights are.

METHOD 1: Using toothpaste

  • After giving your car a good car wash, make sure the headlights are completely dry. Protect the painted part that surrounds the headlight by placing some painter’s masking tape all around it. If your headlights are surrounded by chrome trims, it’s also better if you remove them so you’ll be sure you won’t destroy their shine as well.
  • Squeeze a generous amount of toothpaste (preferably a quality whitening one) onto a portion of your microfiber cleaning cloth. Do not add water, yet.
  • Give it a good scrub and buff all over the headlights. Do it in a circular motion. Keep buffing until you reckon it’s enough, or just when your arms get already sore.
  • Wash off the toothpaste from the cloth. Wring the cleaning cloth of excess water, so it’ll turn out damp, not really wet.
  • Scrub each headlight again with the damp cleaning cloth. Repeat until all the toothpaste residue are completely gone.
  • Wipe to finish.

METHOD 2: Using baking soda and vinegar

  • Do the first step from method 1.
  • Get a good microfiber cleaning cloth and wipe off all the dry dust and other dirt from your headlights.
  • Get some liquid soap and pour it into a small bowl. Dilute by adding a small portion of water. Therefore adjust accordingly so that the solution is thin enough.
  • Use a portion of your microfiber cloth to scrub each headlight with the soap solution you have just made. Clean and repeat it to remove all the excess grime. You may allow the lathered solution to sit there for a few minutes if you think your headlights are too grimy. Then rinse with water and clean off with a towel.
  • Take another small bowl, then put about 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda. And slowly add white vinegar to make a thick paste. Be sure to add gradually as you don’t want the mixture to be too liquid. Your aim is to make it pasty with some fizz.
  • Using a new cleaning cloth or towel, scoop some of the paste and wipe it all over your headlights. Rub it gently with light to medium pressure.
  • If you are already satisfied with your work, you may simply rinse it with water using a spray bottle. If not, you may rub it with the paste and rinse it again, to be super sure.
  • Finish by drying the headlights with some paper towel.

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