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It is truly annoying, disappointing, and maddening when you bring your car to be fixed, only to find that that you’d have to get it fixed 2 or 3 times more just because a so-called auto repair professional has committed serious mistakes while fixing your precious ride. It is one of the driver’s worst nightmares: seeing your car in a worse condition than that when you are about to have it repaired. Not only is this experience stressful and more times costly, but is seriously risky for your vehicle as well.

For the 20+ years that we have been in the cash for cars and cars removal Melbourne industry, we have seen many cars (and owners) who have suffered from these kinds of unfortunate situations. And so, we are here to provide you with 6 helpful tips to effectively avoid costly car repair mistakes:

Know your car’s EXACT problem

If you know your car by heart, it’s a lot easier for you to know what the real problem with your car is. You’d have to do your research first. If you don’t have the time, then you may ask mates or colleagues that are car lovers and experts on what to do with your vehicle’s problems. By learning exactly what kind of repair service your car ONLY needs, there are less chances of experiencing repair mistakes.

Get a written and signed breakdown of all the repairs (and their costs)

Once you bring your vehicle to the shop, request a handwritten and signed document that shows you an itemised list of all the repair jobs they’ll be doing on your car. By having such document, you will have security that only these will be done. There’ll be no surprise fixes and charges. This is also your protection from getting ripped-off.

Don’t just bring your vehicle to ANY repair shop

It is very important that you find an expert mechanic or auto repair shop that you can really trust. Opt for those that have been trusted by your family or mates for many years. Their years of loyalty to that certain auto repair business or professional mechanic is your shield, your assurance. In addition, avoid shops that provide deals and offers that are too good to be true. If you have finally found that trustworthy and competent mechanic or shop, stick with them for as long as possible.

Ask for your car’s OLD PARTS

If the mechanic says that a part of your car needs to be replaced, tell him (beforehand) not to dispose that broken or old part, and just give it to you after doing the repair. In that way, you’ll be sure that a replacement was indeed done on your vehicle.

Keep close supervision

We understand how it can truly be time-consuming, let alone boring. But as much as possible, be there and watch while it all happens. In that way, the mechanics will be more careful in handling your vehicle.

Don’t just do repairs on your own

As there are advantages of fixing your car on your own, there are also bad things that could happen from it as well. Unless you have proper knowledge and ample experience, then leave the complicated repair jobs to the professionals. Sure you can find almost all kinds of car repair how-tos on the internet. But that can’t guarantee you positive results. Even if you’re a car enthusiast, if it’s something you don’t know or aren’t too confident about, keep away from fixing it yourself.

Dealing with any kind of car problem sure isn’t easy. Even professional auto mechanics also experience challenging car issues every now and then, because we’re all human. What matter is, you have done your part to be knowledgeable and prepared enough to face those problems should they arise. Follow all these expert tips to lessen the chances of facing costly auto repair mistakes.

Do you have an old car that has unfortunately been a victim of poor maintenance or incompetent repair jobs? If it’s that time when you can no longer pay for its costly repairs, consider handing it over to us. Rapid Car Removal is one of the reputable car recycling companies in Melbourne that pay cash for cars regardless of their make, model, and condition. Simply click [here] or dial 0438 942 754 to have your car evaluated right away.

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Facts About Car Removal

The car removal and wrecking industry has been in Australia for many decades now; longer than Rapid Car Removal has ever been in the business. But given that fact, it is kind of saddening to know that many people still do not understand many things about car removal services. Because of those misconceptions, even if the car removal Melbourne market continues to grow more rapidly, there are still many car owners who end up letting their vehicles rust and rot in their premises.

As our commitment to educate more people about car removals, we are here to provide you a better understanding of what we, expert car wreckers Melbourne, really do. So in no particular order, here are the top 5 things that people wrongly think about car removal services:

#1:  Old, rusted, and totally wrecked cars have no value.

They might have no value for buy-and-sell businessmen or used car dealers. But that isn’t the case when it comes to professional car removalists like us. ALL kind of cars are of value to us. Unlike them who takes the value of the car as a whole, we take into account the value of each and every component of your car. So even if your car doesn’t work anymore, you will still get cash for it, no matter what.

#2:  Only specific models are accepted by reputable car removal companies.

Speaking for ourselves, Total Car Collections accepts all models, all kinds, and all brands of cars. Because our company has grown so much over the two decades, we are capable of accepting and taking in vehicles of shapes and sizes. We have all the space, the equipment, and the manpower we need to accommodate your unwanted cars.

#3:  Only the metal parts are useful to us after taking your cars.  

While it is true that we take the metal parts and recycle them, which is not the only thing we do to your old and scrap cars. Like what we said, every part of your car – working or not working – is of value. We are also trusted used car parts suppliers in Melbourne. That is why, even the non-metal parts of your vehicle are sure to be put in good use. If we cannot see anything we can do anymore with a certain part because it’s in the worst condition, we will do everything to scrap and recycle them in order for it to be used in another way. Nothing will be put to waste.

#4:  Car removal is the same as car towing or hauling.  

Even if the words removal and hauling are synonymous, the operations and goals of these two businesses are totally different. For example, your car is seriously wrecked from collision. When you opt for a car towing or hauling service, all they’ll do is take and transport your car to a storage facility or yard; then leave it at that. But for car removal services, taking your wrecked car is just the first of the many processes that come after.

#5:  Car removal services are expensive.  

There are people that might know all about the junk car removal and recycling processes we do. However, most of them think that because of these complicated operations are government-regulated and EPA-compliant, our services are expensive. Little do they know that legitimate companies like Total Car Collections provide this for free – no hidden charges. Instead of asking you for payment, we are the ones who will pay you for letting us take your beloved cars.

Should you wish to know more about our company and our services, simply visit our website by clicking 0438 942 754. Or, if you now wish to take advantage of our old and junk car removal services, you may speak with our friendly staff who are always ready to help with your needs; simply dial 0438 942 754.

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car wreckers

Now, more than ever, people love anything that would make our lives a lot easier.  As compared to decades ago, more and more people hire specialised professionals like personal shoppers, wedding planners, wardrobe stylists, and the like. Not because people nowadays have more money to hire them, but simply because they can help us save lots of time and a ton of effort. If it could make our complicated lifestyles and day-to-day responsibilities a ‘lil bit easier to handle, we would immediately take a hold of that opportunity.

More than two decades ago, apart from many other reasons, Rapid Car Removal has felt that pressing need to help people properly and easily dispose their old, broken, and wrecked vehicles. Almost 100% of the owners of these cars treat them them as rubbish and leave them out to rot because they are just too much of a time-consuming, stressful, and even costly task. That is the main reason why we, and all other people, love professional car wreckers. As the leading car breakers and recyclers in Melbourne, we ought to share with you all the amazing reasons why you should also love car wreckers like Rapid Car Removal:

They are FAST and EASY to deal with

If you have very tight schedules in most days of the week, that is never a problem. Hiring them is just a call away. You need not go to their yard or facility just to get their services. You may have the car body removal done within the day or anytime that is most convenient to you. They will require almost zero-effort from you. All you need to do is provide complete details of your vehicle and they will do the rest. The most stressful process of dealing with documents and other paperwork? They will take care of that for you as well.

They are TRAINED and LICENSED professionals

Particularly in Victoria, there are strict rules and regulations in the standard auto wreckers and used car buying industries. Simply put, these car wreckers won’t be able to run their businesses well if they wouldn’t get a hold of the required certifications and licenses. For those die-hard car lovers and enthusiasts, this is a very important thing. They make sure that every bit and piece of their beloved ride is handled only by experts. They know very well that there are car fluids and metal parts that need to be handled with extreme caution and precision.


Car wreckers take on the responsibility of properly disposing the toxic chemicals that are harbored in aged and ruined cars. Using eco-friendly equipment and processes, they make sure that none of these harmful elements goes back to our soil and water. Moreover, little do most people know that 75% of the parts in your car can be reused for other purposes – apart from scrap metal. For example, rubbers from wheels and other parts can be used to make pedals and mats.

They provide us with FREE services

Speaking for ourselves, Rapid Car Removal, ONLY provides free used and damaged car removal services. Just be careful in choosing other vehicle recyclers and wreckers. There are those who say their car removal services are free, but they will let you pay some travel charges, hook-up and towing fees, or service fees. Ours on the other hand is absolutely free! You can take refuge in the fact that we’ll never ask you to pay even a single dime!

They sell QUALITY car parts at LOW PRICES

Before the actual car dismantling and breaking down, their experts carefully check your car for genuine parts that are in good condition or are eligible for a bit of repair and refurbishing. After taking those used car parts, they will be restored into its best shape, tested, and then sold at amazingly budget-friendly prices. These are not only great finds for people who into car repairs but also to those who love making DIY projects such as for industrial or interior design.

They help us make MONEY!

The best and probably the only reason why people car wreckers is the fact that it’s a source of easy money. Instead of you making more expenses on getting that sort of hopeless vehicle repaired, earn yourself some good income by selling it to us. Rapid Car Removal has been trusted by many clients for more than two decades now because we are known for providing instant top cash for unwanted cars of all brands, models, sizes, and conditions. Not to mention, the payment methods to choose from are hassle-free as well.

Finally enticed to take advantages of working with professional car wreckers? Then choose wisely! Opt for the one that will provide you all the convenience, free service, and reasonable amount of cash that you need: Rapid Car Removal, then you’ll experience these and more! You need not wait any longer – just speak with our friendly and dependable customer service representatives at 0438 942 754 OR, click this link to have your vehicle evaluated right now.


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car dents removal

No matter how much of an OC you are as a car owner, that even if you regularly and scrupulously clean and polish your car or despite being an extra careful driver, one thing’s definitely certain: there’s nothing you can do to avoid those “magical” dents that suddenly appear in your car’s body. There’s no way in hell you can account for things like little stones or rocks, fallen branches, a road post that came out of nowhere, wrongly thrown balls, or that opened door of the car that’s parked beside you. These real-life nuances unfortunately leave annoying marks in our precious ride.

The real bugger is, having those car dents removed by pros is unbelievably more expensive than ever! No matter how small that dent is, those shops will charge you based on their repair price per panel. Exactly the reason why some car owners tend to wait it out until there are more dents to remove before they actually have it repaired – just to get the most out of what they’re paying for.

As one of the leading car wreckers and car removal companies in Melbourne, we say that shouldn’t be the case. Having been in the cash for cars industry for more than two decades, we are here to share with you ways to help you save that hard-earned money instead of spending on those expensive dent removal services. Yes, removing minor dents in your car can actually be done in the comforts of your own garage. Check out these 5 easy ways and choose one that suits your car dent problem:

1. The Plunger Trick

Using a cup plunger, you can easily remove small- to medium-sized dents in no time. Given that the dents are clearly inwards, just wet the sides of the dent and the rubber edge of the plunger with clean and clear water (so you won’t damage your paint). Position it over the dent, press it against, then pull. You may have to repeat this process until you get it to its original form.

2. Wonders of Boiling Water

Should you have a dent in your fender or bumper, this might actually do the trick. Sometimes, even if your bumpers are made from plastic, they’re still hard and durable enough to easily push out the dent. Thus, boiling water is the answer. Just boil some water in pot and immediately pour over the dent. After pouring, quickly reach behind your fender or bumper to push the dent out. As the heat of the boiled water can easily subside, you might have to repeat the process until the plastic gets flexible enough. You need to be able to work faster if you want to succeed in this.

3. The trusty Hair Dryer

Get your wife’s hair dryer and some compressed or canned air. At its maximum heat, blow over the dent with the hair dryer. This will expand the plastic. Immediately after it’s hot enough, get the can with compressed air, turn it upside down, and spray over the dent. Cold air will now cause the plastic to contract, making the dent pop out.

4. Dry Ice Magic

This trick is best if you have medium-sized dents on the horizontal surfaces of your car’s body like the hood, roof, or trunk cover. Just buy some dry ice from your local store. You will have to hold the dry ice for long, so it’s best if you have goggles, dry ice gloves, and tongs. Apply a chunk of dry ice on the dent. Allow it to settle for less than a minute. Remove the dry ice and let the warmth of the air magically pop the dent out. Repeat the process if deemed necessary.

5. Using Crafter Tools

If the first four don’t seem to work, this might do the trick. Although, please note that you may have to re-wax your car after doing so. Get a glue gun, some wooden dowels, and screws. Place the nails/screws on opposite sides of each dowel. Apply hot glue on the bottom of the dowels and gently place them around the dent. Let them all dry, then gently pull each one out until the dent is completely gone. If you don’t have dowels, you may buy those suction pullers used for mounting hooks. But you might find them harder to pull especially if you have to repeat the process.

Minor dents and dings on your car are easy to manage, but if you think your old car’s exterior damage is not worth spending time, effort, and money on, then maybe it’s about time to let it go. Rapid Car Removal Melbourne is a trusted used car buyer and car wreckers company. We are happy to help you make cash from cars that are no longer redeemable and roadworthy. Every car brand, make, or model is welcome!

You may reach our friendly and reliable staff at0 438 942 754. Enquire now!

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