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Selling Car PricePeople have different reasons and sentiments on why they want to sell their cars. Some might want to get an upgrade; some just want to get rid of a very old vehicle in their garage, and some need extra income. But no matter the reason for selling your car is, one thing is certain: Unlike stocks, real estate, and investments, your car’s value isn’t the same as when you first bought it. With that being said, if your goal is to get maximum cash for cars that are used, old, or even wrecked, you have to know and understand by heart all the key factors that affect your car’s resale value. By recognizing those, you will be well-prepared to sell your car in its rightful and just value.

As one of the trusted car wreckers and used car buyers in Melbourne, Rapid Car Removal, is here to help you have an understanding of all the things that impact your vehicle’s current price.

1. Car Manufacturer/Brand
Many car experts would say that it is very important to consider the brand whenever you are choosing what car to buy. Why? Believe it or not, the car brand and manufacturer highly affects the car’s resale value. There are certain brands that lose as much as 50% of their value just after one year. You can research whether your car belongs to the top car brands that are known to retain higher resale values. And obviously, luxury car brands are expensive to buy because you can still sell them at higher prices even after a number of years.

2. Market Demand
There are many things that influence the demand for a certain type of car. It can vary depending on the time, location, weather, popularity and so on. For example, if you live in a place where it’s mostly sunny, then convertibles are probably more in demand. Similarly, if you live somewhere where it usually rains and snows, 4×4 vehicles are more popular. You have to understand what the car buyers currently need and want.
In addition, you could also research about the current rate of used car sales in your area. If the used car sale market seems low, you might want to wait about 3-6 months more before selling your car.

3. Year of Production
Generally, for each make and model, a car that has been produced in an earlier year will most definitely cost more. For example, you and your mate have the same kind of car. Yours is a 2004 model and has a 2008 model. Obviously, his car would sell at a higher price. His car would have features that your car doesn’t. Furthermore, if you have fortunately bought a rare model or limited edition type of car, then selling it a higher price wouldn’t be a problem. It might as well be your USP or unique selling proposition.

4. Mileage
When buyers compare two cars of the same make, year model, and features, they will most definitely look at each car’s odometer. Basically, lower mileage means higher resale value. The car’s current mileage cannot be ignored because you are also looking at how much more maintenance or repair you’d have to do in the future. It will reflect how much you have used (or overused) your car. If your car has a very high mileage, buyers would assume that the vehicle won’t be able to last much longer and that they might probably deal with more headaches after buying it.

5. Exterior & Interior Conditions
These show how well or how poorly you have taken care of your car. This one should be a no-brainer. All the insides and outsides of your car should still be attractive if you want it to sell faster and at a higher value. It is best to have your car detailed, washed, and waxed before you put it up for sale. If your car has minor dents and scratches, you might want to get those fixed as well. No buyer would want to get a car with bruises, right? Make your car buyer feel as if he/she is buying a new car, even if it isn’t.

Selling Car Price6. Mechanical State
When selling a used car, there is a chance that you’d come across a car enthusiast/expert at least once. You wouldn’t want a buyer to be so attracted upon seeing your car and then suddenly gets disappointed after doing a test drive. So to save yourself from possible embarrassment, ensuring the good mechanical condition of your vehicle is a must. You should keep a record of your car’s periodic maintenance and seasonal improvements as proof of its good running condition. Every good thing you say about your car’s engine, body, or performance, should be backed up by evidence.

7. Special Features & Upgrades
If you have bought your car in its most basic variant and you have decided to sell it as is, then don’t expect to sell at a higher value. But if you have invested in superior add-ons like body kits, safety equipment, top-notch sound systems, or gorgeous rims, then you have gained yourself additional rights to sell your car a bit higher. Just steer clear from those accessories that alter your car’s performance, safety, and durability.

If you are that confident about your car’s brand, popularity, year model, interior and exterior conditions, mileage, and all these, then selling it with a nice price tag shouldn’t be a problem. But if you want a hassle-free and fast way to get instant cash for cars, go for the services of Rapid Car Removal. We are happy to accept all kinds, brands, and makes of cars in the best and worst conditions.

You hear a clicking sound when you try to start your engine. Your headlights and even the indoor light in your car are dim. These are just a few of the signs that indicate your car battery needs immediate replacing. And just like any kind of battery, car batteries have their own lifespan. And when this time comes, well,  you’d have no choice but to buy one.

How Much Does a Car Battery Cost

If it is the first time you’ll experience this, you’ll probably have questions like:  What do I do? What kind and brand of battery do I buy? Where can I find it? How much of my budget do I have to allocate for this?

Deciding on how big or small of an amount you’re willing to shell out for this is challenging. Since this expense is not something you can avoid, it is just fitting that you find value for your money. The price we pay for car batteries depends on the following:

  • Battery SIZE and CAPACITY.  Is your vehicle a sedan, SUV, 4WD, or truck? Basically, big cars require powerful batteries. Thus, they’d definitely cost more. Obviously, the bigger, the more durable, the better the capacity, just means the price is higher also.
  • BRAND. Batteries manufactured by reputable brands provide 2-3 year warranties. Their prices are generally higher because their products are proven and tested to last for many years. They customarily guarantee their services. So to reap those benefits, you’d have to pay more.

If you are truly on a tight budget, there’s that option of buying cheaper generic car batteries. There are lots of them in the market. However, always keep in mind that they’re more costly in the long run. Prepare yourself to replace your car batteries more frequently, if you choose to do this.

  • The SELLER.  Many say that it’s most expensive to have your car batteries replaced at a dealership. It’s true that you are assured that only top-notch original batteries are installed in your car, and only expert mechanics will install it. But then, if you’re looking for something that’s reasonably-priced, maybe that is not the option.

There are lots of auto shops and car battery resellers that provide quality and affordable services. Look into their promos and packages. See if they provide free delivery, installation, or roadside assistance. These are the things you need to know in order to get maximum value for your money.

In the current market, you could find the cheapest ones starting at about $90; again, depending on the kind of battery you need. Then the most expensive ones can go up to $600 and more.

Research, plan, and even seek advice from your friends who are experts on cars. These could definitely help you get a good deal for your car battery needs.

Car batteries are consumable items that car owners need to take extra care of. While car batteries often last between three to five years, there are car owners who find themselves changing batteries every one or two years.


Because they are not aware of simple maintenance tips that can prolong their car battery’s lifespan and they are only concerned about getting from one location to another. Most owners disregard little things until they feel there is a problem with their car.

Prolong Your Cars Battery

To be able to take care of your car batteries better, we have listed down some of the things that you should do on a regular basis.

1. Check the water (electrolyte) level

Car owners need to make sure that the water level of their car’s battery isn’t too low. A regular schedule for topping up is necessary and it’s wise to check the levels once or twice a month during summer or when the temperature is high. When topping up, use only distilled water (boiled and allowed to cool) and avoid over filling.

2. Keep the battery clean

Clean the battery terminals and remove dirt using warm soapy water. Dirt causes batteries to self discharge more rapidly. While cleaning the battery, you can also check if the terminals are well-connected.

3. Charge the battery regularly

Your car battery drains even when the car is off, so it’s paramount that you fully charge it once a week to extend its lifespan.

4. Do not overcharge your battery

When overcharged, lead batteries release oxygen and hydrogen gases that can cause explosion or break down the composition of the water in the battery.
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5. Park in shade

A car battery’s lifespan will be cut short if it is constantly being exposed to high temperature. Doing so will also reduce the capacity of the battery and make the car harder to start in cold weather.

6. Do not operate any car accessories before turning on the car ignition

Car batteries are only designed to provide power for ignition and they’re not made to supply prolonged power for electronics and other devices. If you use car accessories while the engine is off, the car’s alternator cannot charge the battery. This will result to the car battery getting drained.

7. Do not let your car sit idle for too long

Again, car batteries drain even when the car is off. If you let the car sit idle for too long, the alternator cannot charge the battery. It’s recommended you drive around at least an hour or two every week to ensure that your battery has enough charge.

8. Insulate your car’s battery

It is recommended you use a car battery insulation kit to insulate your car’s battery and protect it from extreme temperatures. Insulation kits can keep your battery cool in the summer and warm during winter.

9. Keep the battery secure and free from vibration.

Your car’s battery will get damaged and could malfunction if it’s constantly being shaken.


These are the few practices that could certainly increase the lifespan of your battery. If you’re having issues with your car battery and other components and if you’re thinking whether your old car is better off to be sold, contact us! Rapid Car Removal buy cars in Melbourne and all its surrounding areas. We offer free car removal and cash for trucks services. We are the old and used car buyers you can trust.

sell your cars fastAre you planning to upgrade your car? Maybe you want to save some money instead of spending for its maintenance. Whatever reason you have, the goal is the same – to sell your car fast.

For some, this process, fortunately, goes as smooth as they prefer it to be. However, the process is a tricky one where you need to exercise some caution. Here are some tips that will help you steer that sale smoothly and surely:

Payment before Selling

Once you found the auto dealership that you want to make a deal with, there is a possibility that they will give you the choice if you want your car sold before the payment. In this situation, you should always say NO. This kind of deal is against their law. You should never give up ownership of your car until you see your payment right in front of you.

Private Selling

If you want the best amount of money for your sold car, selling it privately would be the best route for you. If this is the route you choose, you must be prepared for all the efforts it will require from you. Here, you will do all the researching and comparisons of car prices with the same models as yours. You will also have to create your own ads and post them to as many sites as you can.

Maybe not sell your cars fast path, but it is one of the most used ways. The time gap from the time you start the process until getting the payment will also be long. You need patience in this one. If you need immediate cash, this type of selling your unused car is not the one you should take on.


If you want to sell your car here in Melbourne to be convenient and simple on your part, trading it in will be a good choice. The process here will be easy and quick. Just make sure that you asked the auto dealership the exact figure that you will need to pay them and leave your car in their hands.  After this, you will just have to wait for it to be sold. However, for its downside, you cannot expect to have high payment as you would get if you do the sale privately.

Through Auction

Another way of selling your car in Melbourne, Victoria is through an auction. Many vehicles are being sold this way. Although it will require you to give commission to the company, this process will free you from the stress that comes with selling it on your own. When you decide to go through this process, you should also research on how people buy cars through auction. This way, you will know what they look for on a vehicle and you can at least do something to your car to pass their investigations.

Getting Car Removal Company Offers

If you sell your car to a car removal company, you can expect to get decent amount although it will not be as high as that of selling it privately. Plenty of good points will come in your doorstep if you choose this path. First, you can sell your car regardless of what condition it was in. Second, they will collect the car right from your garage and there would be no charge for it. But there will be many companies offering this service, it will be your job to contact the right company offering the top cash for car rate.


These are all good ways of selling your car. Any of them will do. You just need to choose the one you prefer the most and that will work right for you. Regardless of which way you choose to sell your car, just make sure that you are careful so everything will turn out good.


Used Cars in MelbourneOne got so many options when you are ready to buy out used cars in Melbourne. You will find some amazing brands and an unbelievable price, especially when you are looking to buy a car more than 4-5 years old models. Then there are many options when you are looking to buy one, you can go to certified car sale dealers or look out for private car sellers on Gumtree, Ebay and Car Sales etc.

Another advantage of getting a used car is that you don’t have to pay the same amount in taxes and insurances when you opt for used cars instead of a brand new. Furthermore, you can go for premium luxury brands for the same cost you would pay for a brand new regular brand.

We being in car wrecking industry for so long have seen all sorts, types, makes and models of cars coming in. We buy cars for cash all day long. There are several reasons behind selling a car to a car wrecker in Melbourne and today we will share few with you. So whether you are looking for a private or a certified pre-owned sale, or buying from a dealer, the tips here will give you some of the essential information you require so that you can get a good deal.

Identify the Car Brand you Want to Buy

This should be the first thing you need to ask yourself, as often time we know our budgets but we don’t know which car we want to buy.

So first step should be identifying your needs. For instance, if you need a car for your family needs, then you cannot go on and buy a 2 door small vehicle, just for the sake of its price. Always on the move in your line of work, you need something reliable which also fuel efficient.

After identifying your needs you will get to know which type of car you need,

  • A small car
  • Family Sedan
  • SUV
  • Ute
  • 4×4 vehicle

Reviews, reviews and reviews

After asserting the type, you have to identify make and model you want to buy. The only best way is to read real reviews over the internet. For example, you like Holden Cruze, it’s cheap in its class, looks stylish right. What if we tell you that we buy Holden Cruze every week and all have one thing in common, blown up engine. Yes, that is correct, we have bought Cruze with less then 40K’s on the dial having engine problems. So the only way to find out the real value is to read customer reviews and the problem people face with their cars.

Establish your Budget and Baseline Price you Want to Purchase the Car

Now the surprising fact is that you can find same car, same year, same model at difference price range. Remember, there is no free lunch in this world. There is a bargain for everything. Mileage, condition and other hidden problems can be the cause. So to be safe, identify your budget and try to find a good car within the set budget.

Explore all Options

You know you can get good deals from other states like NSW or WA. Same car, same model, same year and somewhat similar mileage vehicle can cost you way less from other States, so don’t only search for cars near you. However, the catch is that you will have to depend mostly upon the photos of the car and seller’s description.

Identify the Level of Risk and Value

While assessing the value of a used car, you need to check several factors such as reliability, reviews, warranties, repairs, RWC and service history.

You must do a PPSRC check to find out if the car ever was written off or was stolen. The title should be clear when you buy the car. Also ask for service history and check it in detail if there was any major issue reported/ rectified In the past.

One should play as safe as he can, spending a bit more time while buying the car can save you loads of time from getting it fixed, getting the documents right and eventually selling it in Melbourne.

Rapid Car Removal

We are Melbourne based car wreckers, we buy all types, shapes, sizes of cars, vans, utes and 4×4’s all day long. We just want to share our experience with you so that you can make the best bet while making a car purchase decision.

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keeping your vehicle in-tuneSpring is here in Melbourne. But as we all know Melbourne’s weather changes drastically every now and then, you look at the sun, plan your day and halfway through you meet heavy drizzling. Just another routine that we follow in Spring Season. In few months time by December we will hit another scorching summer season.

All these weather and environment changes also have an impact on our vehicles, following are few tips for car owners to keep their vehicle in tune and up to the mark. This would add up so much value in your cars life and will make your life very easy whenever you are selling your car. Plus we also have to play our role in keeping the environment safe and clean and preserving our natural resources.

Engine Service – Tune up

We have to get regular engine service and tune-ups as mentioned in the car manual. Only one faulty spark plug can reduce engine oil consumption efficiency by up to 30%. Don’t wait for a miracle to happen if you are having a hard starting problem, or stalling problem or the car is having a rough idle state. Straight away have your car checked up by a good mechanic.

Oil Change

Timely engine oil change is really important for your car, it not only increase the car’s life but also improves fuel efficiency. Otherwise, smoke emission and breakdowns are something which we see on regular basis for the cars which are not maintained properly. Oil filters should also be changed regularly and for the rural suburbs where the weather a bit dusty regular change of air, fuel and PCV filters. Do an oil change earlier if you regularly make extended trips with extra load on the car.

Air Conditioning

A marginally operating car air conditioner have a higher probability to fail in the summers. Get it serviced by authorised mechanics only as air conditioners contain ozone-damaging chemicals and poor handling of service can be a cause of its release in the atmosphere. We all know the side-effects of that.

Cooling Systems

Coolant should be fully drained and refilled after every 24 months, it’s highly recommended to maintain the levels and keeping the radiator clean. Overheating is the main reason of summer breakdowns and cost of getting it repaired from there can be huge. We can avoid this by a regular checkup of coolant level in your cars.


Car batteries are another factor which can cause huge trouble for you. Maintenance of battery includes cleaning off corrosion from terminals and battery posts and tightening up the cables. Loose cables can cause battery drainage.


Change your tires timely, as poor quality tires can burst at high speeds, causing great damage. Regular checkup of tire pressures is highly recommended especially in summers as both high and low air pressures are bad for the tires. Also, avoid hitting tires on curbs and speeding through the breakers as it could damage the thread and weaken the tire.

Time to sell your car

Even very carefully maintained cars have a certain life, but there are certain scenarios which you shouldn’t ignore, such as car value loss and major mechanical and electrical faults which can take up more money than swapping your car.

Your engine and transmission are two most critical parts of your car. Every private car buyer checks this two first thing while making a decision, as getting these fixed can take some serious amount of investment. If you feel there are certain issues, like vibration, jerks, stalling and extra smoke which is not getting better even after service of your old car, then it is the right time to lay it off.

If you meet a car accident in which either your car is written off or you have to spend more than AUD 2000 in repair. Don’t think twice, sell the car and buy a new one.

The car has done more than 200K KMs on the clock, especially small cars. For a big car, the threshold is around 250 K KMs. No private owner will bid for your car, no matter how good the condition is. As this is considered as cars with less road life.

Your car model is too old and the car brand is not in demand in Melbourne, VIC region, such as American or Chinese cars. In this case, the more you wait, the less cash you would get for it. For absolutely fit car the price would get stagnant for a certain number of year but after that, it will fall drastically. So for a foreign brand car which has wear and tear, there is no point of keeping it for long.

Rapid Car Removal

Rapid Car Removal is a Melbourne-based car buyer and offer instant cash for all types, makes and models of cars, vans, utes and trucks.

To get premium cash quote for your cars which have road life left, contact us. For getting cash for cars with wear and tear or damaged send us the car pictures and details and we will provide you instant cash quote.

We wreck old and scrap cars for parts, if you need any specific part for your old car, make an enquiry, you may find it at a very low cost.


Car owners in Melbourne are quite familiar with the challenges in selling a car. Oftentimes it takes weeks and even months just to sell their old car off. Unfortunately, the car market like all over the world does not have any clear and firm rules or price list for makes and models of cars. However you can do your own research to establish a benchmark price but there is no certainty that you will get the exact same cash, sometimes you got, sometimes less. So here are few tips to make your car selling process easier for you.

First thing first, this advice we give to all car owners- Keep good care of your cars, keeping good cars includes

  • Keep the interior clean, no eating, drinking or smoking inside a car.
  • Keep it safe from parking bays and footpaths on roadside parking, often you hit your bumper and side skirts while parking.
  • It is better to drive safe by maintaining a good distance from next car, most of the accidents happen when you are not maintaining the right distance.
  • Have car serviced regularly and maintain logs. Car mechanical parts especially engine requires freshening up if it is not serviced regularly this can be a cause of low performances, weird noises and even breakdowns.
  • Try keeping the mileage low – Owning a car does not mean that you have to keep on pressing paddles all the time. Off and on share a ride, make car pools with co-workers, use train and buses especially when you know that traffic would be too much and there will be a parking problem. This may seem weird but we can reduce miles on the clock. Remember your car will start reducing price drastically after crossing 100K km mark.

Private car buyers, especially one buying car for a family really wants the car to be in prime condition. Dealers also prefer a car which would, later on, be an easy sell for them, rather than the one, on which they will have to spend time and money to get it updated.

So Where can I Sell my Car?

Well in you are resident in Victoria specifically Melbourne, then following are your options.

car trade in melbournePrivate car sales

Take good pictures of the car from all over including exterior, interior, dashboard and under the hood as well. Select a bright sunny day for this so that you have ample light. Next step, jump on to internet, place ads on Gumtree, car sales, newspaper and other classified sites. Highlight all details, don’t hide anything, as it is better to be clear upfront rather wasting your own or someone else’s time. Don’t wait for a private sale if you have a scrap/ junk car (as explained over here).

The downside, you will get loads of fake, irritating calls till your ad remain active. You will have to brag about your car a million time, all in front of dozens of strangers. And then all those strangers will be visiting your place as well.

1. Auction Sites

Car auction companies like Manheim and others can be another option. They will take your car in any condition, neat or dirty, broken or running and put it up for auction. There on you will have to pray that you get a good bid for your car as you never know how much it would be sold off.

Downside, these companies will charge you a hefty amount in commission and more importantly you won’t know till the time how much you are going to get for it.

2. Trade-Ins

Well this can be one of the least stressful ways of getting rid of the old one, but this option is only available to the one who is buying a brand new car. In trade-ins you would always get less out of your car, that is a fact as dealers have to make money of your old cars.

3. Selling to a Car Wrecker

Use this option if you are in urgent need of money as car wreckers would pay you cash there and then, they don’t wait for lengthy transfers and paperwork. Or secondly you had an accident and your car is declared total loss. No one else would buy this car except the wreckers, you are already covered by insurance so you can get something extra from these wreckers. Lastly your car model is too old and you are tiered of waiting for the right buyer on Gumtree or Car Sales.

So selling to a car wrecker is quick, pain-free and you get cash for it. Maybe we are biased, but you need to understand who else would bring a tow truck to pick up your old, non-working cars and pay you cash for it on the spot.

Rapid Car Removal

We are Melbourne’s highest paying, most experienced car wreckers. We only know about one thing and that is car and trucks. We buy all sort of old, scrap cars for cash and provide absolutely free junk car removal service in Melbourne from Geelong to Mornington Peninsula. So next time you are looking to sell your old car, try our quote as well.