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Reduce Time Spent in Traffic

Driving is fun. But it’s a whole different scenario when you’re already stuck in a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam on a daily basis. It changes your mood, wastes your time, and in general, simply ruins your supposedly good day. According to a news article published by the The Herald Sun, Melbourne is currently facing unprecedented traffic congestion. More and more Melbourne residents face daily commute and travel challenges. The roads continuously increasing overcrowding on the V/Line, declining road conditions on most urban roads, and public transport fares growing faster. And what’s bothering everyone now is that the time people spend in traffic just gets even longer. The morning peak lasts about 2.7 hours while the afternoon peak gets a lot heavier, lasting for even 3.2 hours. And just like what an article in The Age Victoria has mentioned, if we’re going to calculate all that time motorists spend on the road, it’ll total to more than three full days in traffic every year.

But it’s not only Melbourne that experiences this kind of traffic situation. Because of the growing population and the increasing number of vehicles on the road, almost every country in the world experiences heavy traffic. Thus, no matter where you are, we’re pretty sure that you’re looking to find ways just to escape heavy traffic, everyday.

As Melbourne’s leading car buyers, car wreckers, and cash for cars providers, we, Rapid Car Removal, want you to know that we are with you in this constant battle. In fact, one of our missions as a company is to really help reduce traffic congestion by removing junk and scrap cars. And more importantly, we constantly want to urge owners realise the importance of letting go of an old vehicle.

As part of that mission, we would also want to help motorists and car owners like you avoid getting stuck in a traffic jam. Our team of expert drivers, mechanics, vehicle appraisers, and car removalists has come up with some tips we’d like to share with you so that you can somehow reduce the time you spend in a heavily congested road. Take note of these simple and friendly tips:

Proactive Travel Planning

You are a proactive driver when you find and make the extra time to really plan out your travel. Traffic is bad on peak hours because there are more and more drivers who are rushing at the same time. Thus, it’s simple. If you exclude yourself from those haggard and hurrying motorists. Then you’d reach your destination in less time and without having to raise your blood pressure. These are some ways wherein you can practice being a proactive driver:

  • Check the weather ahead of time. Almost everybody knows that when there’s a sudden change in weather, the traffic conditions worsen in a snap. So it’d really help if you would check what the weather predictions are for the whole day.
  • Unlike the weather that can be predicted, traffic and road conditions cannot. Thanks to advanced technology, we now have a solution for this. Use your car’s GPS or your mobile navigation apps so you could check the real-time status of the roads and highways you’re about to take.
  • Listen to traffic news or watch the news while you have breakfast or prepare yourself before leaving. It won’t really take much of your time. By turning on your radio or TV, you’ll already get a heads up on what’s happening in the most congested roads in your area.

Daily Routine Adjustment

Let’s face it. Most of us, if not all, stick to a particular routine – from the moment get up from bed, to which roads we take going to work, and even to our parking spots. Well, in this time when the bad traffic conditions are simply unpredictable, you need to be able to adapt and adjust your routines accordingly. Or better yet, scratch your old routine. This is the only way where you can really reduce the time you spend in a heavily congested road. Plus, follow these tips:

  • It must already go without saying, but we rather reiterate this one for more emphasis. Leave earlier than usual. It is the simplest answer to avoiding those stressful rush hours.
  • Consider taking public transportation or even joining car pools. If it’s not a plausible solution for you to do this everyday, then at the least, do it on days when you experience the heaviest traffic – for example on Mondays or Fridays.
  • Request for work schedule changes from your employer. Let’s say instead of the usual 9-5, request for an 8-5 or 7-4 work shift. In addition, there are now companies that allow ‘work from home’ days. Ask if that’s possible to do in the organization you work for. Besides, there’s no harm in trying. You’ll never know if your company even provides a better traffic/commute solution for their employees.

The New ‘Street Smart’

While most of us rely on Google Maps or Waze to guide us to the roads which are less congested. We would really want to suggest that you train yourself to be local street navigation experts in your own ways. What do we mean by this? Well, on your free days, drive to your workplace, but by taking a different route. Discover unpopular streets and less populated areas. And plan an alternate route that only you (hopefully) know. We also suggest that you devise at least 2 alternate routes you can take so that you will have a Plan A and a Plan B. You’d realise these would really help once your GPS or nav apps fail or when there’s no network service. At least, you have some backup plans with you – with those, you’ll never get stressed from the daily grind no more.


In conclusion, we know that you’ll all agree that driving is supposed to be fun or relaxing; not stressful nor devastating, right? And so the only solution is for each and everyone of us to do his/her part in reducing road congestion. So if you are determined to help reduce traffic in your own way. Follow those tips we have mentioned and you’ll surely experience better trips to and from work everyday.

Another way wherein you can help this fight against traffic, is work with reputable car removal and car wreckers Melbourne companies like us, Rapid Car Removal. We have been removing scrap vehicles and buying used cars in Melbourne for the last 20 years; so instead of using and keeping your beat-up vehicles that cause pollution or traffic (once they break down in the middle of the road again), hand it over to us. You’ll not only help reduce road congestion and protect the environment, but most importantly, you’ll also get yourself some good cash. That’s right. When seeking for the best cash for cars Melbourne company, Rapid Car Removal is the name to trust! So call us now!


The responsibility that comes with buying and owning a vehicle is the need for car repairs and maintenance. How well you’ll be able to carry that responsibility. Basically it determine how long you will keep and enjoy your car in the future.

But when we’re talking about car maintenance. There a lot to debate on whether it’s better for you to do-it-yourself or trust an auto mechanic instead. There are people who let’s just say are simply mechanically talented. But does that automatically mean they won’t ever need the help of a professional? How about those people who have little to absolutely no knowledge and skills in fixing cars? In the same way. Do you really think that they won’t be able to handle any kind of car repair task themselves?

As Melbourne’s leading car buyers, car wreckers, and car removalists, Rapid Car Removal is here to help you steer clear of all the myths and misconceptions on both. As you read through this article. We do hope that we’ll be able to really help you out in deciding. Whether it’s best for you to send your car to a car repair shop or do the repairs yourself.

DIY Car Repair and Maintenance

If you decide to do any kind of car repair task yourself. The only one you can blame and thank no one but yourself. Even if it depends on your skills and the gravity of your car’s issue, your chances of success is technically 50:50. Here are its pros and cons:

PROS:  It will surely save you tons of money. Every repair project is an opportunity to learn new things and gain more experience in car maintenance. Being hands-on on our cars is the most espacial thing we can do to ensure things is in the good shape. Just in case you’d have to sell it in the future, you’ll be able to explain to the potential buyer what you have exactly done with your car. And, because you have put your mind, heart, body, and spirit in fixing your car, you will adore and treasure it much more.

CONS:  Well because you are not really a professional in fixing cars, regardless if it’s your skill or hobby, there are still more risks of committing mistakes. You will have to allot a specific time or day for it. And sometimes you even have to invest in more tools to be able to effectively do all the repairs. Especially for first-timers, the chances of hurting yourself is more likely to happen. When your DIY repair job unfortunately fails, your car’s problem will eventually get worse, and you’ll end up spending even more than you should.

Repair by a Professional Mechanic

There is such a thing as professionals and experts simply because we cannot do everything by ourselves, right? And so for auto mechanics who have all the knowledge and expertise, this is but a simple process that they are truly confident in doing. Howbeit, here are the advantages and disadvantages of seeking help from a mechanic:

PROS:  Their knowledge, talent, skills, and experience basically says it all. They simply know more about it than you do. They have all the tools and equipment necessary to make your car problems go away. Zero effort is needed from you and you even have time to do other things while you let them work on your car. They can even tell you some other issues with your car that you may not know of. And most likely, their work is covered under warranty.

CONS:  Being a professional in your field doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to make mistakes. And so, taking your car to a repair shop still won’t give you 100% results. It’s also a sort of trial and error process because finding a mechanic you can really trust isn’t that easy. If you don’t choose the right mechanic, you are at risk of being ripped off. And by simply letting someone else do it for you, you have less control over what is really being done on your precious ride. Mechanics that you don’t personally know might do unnecessary repairs, unfinished work, or excessive tweaks. In general, this is more costly.

The verdict

Deciding who the rightful person is to fix your car all depends not on your budget, but on the kind of repair your car really needs. As experts who have been buying used cars in Melbourne for two long decades, we say that leave all the complicated and heavy repair jobs to the professionals. When it’s about your cooling system, transmission, or engine, don’t risk by fixing it yourself. Even if you know a thing or two about fixing cars, should you encounter something that you don’t have experience in, stay away from Google or YouTube then try to fix it. It’s best to let a trusted mechanic to handle it for you. Should you want to really get your hands dirty. Be there while the mechanic does his job and see if he can teach you how to do it in the future.

But don’t get us wrong. We aren’t saying that you can’t do anything with your cars. As a matter of fact, there are lots of things you can do with your car so you could say that you’re a hands-on owner. Things like replacing flat tyres, windshield wipers, air filters, spark plugs, engine oil and fluids, brake pads, and headlight bulbs are some of the car maintenance tasks you could easily do at home.

After all these, just know that your car’s health and your safety both lies in the decision you will make. So take into account all circumstances before deciding to DIY or going to a car repair expert.


If your car has unfortunately been a victim a poor maintenance and repair, and you simply don’t know what to do about it anymore, let Rapid Car Removal – a leading cash for cars Melbourne company – give you a means to an end. Not only will we remove your old and junk vehicles for free, but we will also provide you top cash for your cars.

Our vehicles run on internal combustion engines. That goes without saying that the explosions that happen inside our engines produce enormous amounts of heat. Without the cooling system, our engines will simply be destructed in just a couple of minutes.

Being in the car removal and cash for cars Melbourne industry for over two decades, we have seen (and taken) vehicles that have suffered from major engine troubles because of a malfunctioning cooling system. Of course, no one would ever want to experience that. But in order to effectively take care of your car’s cooling system, the very first step to actually doing this is to truly understand everything about it. That’s where we step in. Our team has expert car wreckers, dismantlers, and mechanics who are here to provide you a clear and concise explanation of the cooling system’s functions and components.

Basically, the car’s cooling system is responsible for removing the excess heat and maintaining the correct temperature inside the engine as it operates. It helps the engine get up to its proper temperature after starting AND keeps it operating in the most efficient temperature. Now if any part (hopefully not the whole) of the system fails, it could lead to a series of problems. It’ll cause overheating, blown head gaskets, cracked engine blocks, and more.

Actually, there are two kinds of it: the liquid and air cooling systems. Some of the older cars that we see today still have an air cooling system like the classic Volkswagen Beetle. It is used in motorcycles, lawnmowers, and airplanes as well. On the other hand, all the cars we see and use today have the liquid cooling system. So for that, we’ll just focus on the latter.

The modern liquid cooling systems we have today are technically more reliable and efficient than those of many decades ago. But in general, they still have the same parts and components. Here are some major parts that compromise the liquid cooling system:

  • The AntiFreeze – also known as the coolant. Well this is not actually a “part” per se, but it is cooling system’s main character, bread and butter, or hero, whichever way you want to see it. This bright green fluid absorbs all the heat as it flows through the passages in our engine. It collects that heat and passes it to the radiator.
  • Cooling Fan – this part is located at the very front of the vehicle. It turns on when the coolant begins to get hot, and will eventually turn off once the coolant is in low temperature.
  • Radiator – as mentioned earlier, the coolant transfers all the accumulated heat here. Thus, it is responsible for getting the heat from the coolant and throw it off to the outside air. It has a cap that maintains a certain pressure in the cooling system.
  • Thermostat – it is a valve that measures the temperature of the coolant. It turns the fan on and off. And it technically controls the operation of the whole cooling system.
  • Hoses – they are sort of the plumbing part of the cooling system. They are rubber hoses that connect the radiator to the engine
  • Water Pump – this simple device is responsible for keeping the coolant moving as long as the engine is still running. It has a gasket to seal it and keep the coolant from leaking out.
  • Heater Core – when the interior of the car is in need of heat, the hot coolant is also used. That’s where the heater core comes in. It’s sort of a smaller version of the radiator, only that it’s located under your dashboard. Routing the small portion of the hot coolant by using the hoses to the mini radiator. It also has his own fan to direct the heat inside the car.

Regularly and diligently checking your coolant level and cooling system parts is the perfect way to make sure your engine isn’t at risk of overheating and other serious damages. But if unfortunately, you already have an old car that has been severely damaged by a catastrophic cooling system failure, then consider getting help from the experts at Rapid Car Removal.

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With fuel costs constantly rising and falling on a global scale, one can say that owning and keeping a car is simply not that easy. Apart from the repair and service maintenance expenses, you always have to set a budget for fuel, regardless. As long as you have your car, that expense will always be there. That is why, people are now more proactive in seeking ways to cut down car operation expenses.

And one effective way for us to save money on petrol costs and at the same time lessen the need to use up more fuel resources is, IDLE REDUCTION. According to experts, this practice of reducing the amount of time an engine idles unnecessarily brings about lots of benefits like cost savings, less pollution, and reduced noise. When we let our vehicles idle. We make our engines use up more fuel and eventually let them wear out faster. As a matter of fact, in the US alone, more than 6 billion gallons of diesel and gasoline are consumed without even moving. Half of all that fuel is wasted by passenger vehicles.

Thankfully, there are lots of things we can do to reduce idling without compromising our driving comfort or travel plans. That’s where we now come in. As you all know, as Rapid Car Removal is a leading provider of instant cash for cars and car removal services, we are all for protecting Mother Nature from the negative impacts brought about by automobiles. So with that, our team of expert car wreckers, mechanics, and recyclers has come up with some tips so you could, in your own little way, participate in the idle reduction movement to save fuel

Sadly, light-duty fleet drivers and owners of passenger cars have become so accustomed to idling their vehicles for a multitude of reasons; not because they do not know about its disadvantages and harmful effects, but because sometimes, they are so just engrossed about their own busy and complicated lives, that even caring for idle time, increased emissions, and wasted fuel is even too much for them to add to their daily responsibilities. Idling normally occurs when you:

  • are fetching or waiting for someone
  • ask a passenger of yours to go get or buy something as you wait for him/her in the car
  • just need to drop off something and you wouldn’t want to turn off your car’s A/C
  • have bought some food from a drive-thru restaurant and for some reason you can’t bring that with you; so you need to finish the food inside the car before leaving
  • saw a mate passing by while you drive around town and stop for a while to do some chit-chat. But you’re too lazy to find decent parking and get off your car

All these and a whole lot more says that all of us are indeed guilty of idling.

Now there are only two things that will help effectively reduce idling in passenger cars and light-duty commercial vehicles: modifying driving behaviors and using advanced technology.


Change your driving habits.

It should be of common sense that the primary idle reduction strategy is to turn off our engines when parked or when we know that we’re stopping for a few minutes in some place. But since most of us are just too stubborn to follow this simple rule, we just listed more specific tips to reiterate and help you get into that habit of turning off your vehicles, except in heavy traffic:

  • Obey signs that tell you you’re in a IDLE-FREE zone (like in schools, office buildings, etc.)
  • Avoid buying drive-thru food. Park your car and get food-to-go instead.
  • Although they’re so convenient, avoid using remote starters for your high-tech cars. They really encourage unnecessary idling.
  • If you’re fetching someone and you arrived early, search for a nice parking spot and wait for that person in some place other than inside your car.
  • Even if you know your errand just takes about 1-2 minutes, never leave your car engine turned on. Park it somewhere and just go back.
  • Avoid doing unnecessary things inside your car like doing makeup, eating, sending emails, or doing work – which make you stop your car (while it’s turned on) somewhere so you could finish that task easily. If you really must, turn off your engine.
  • Finally, you may consider getting an eco-friendly/electric car or one that has an automatic start/stop technology.


Invest in Modern Idle-reduction Technologies

Fortunately, there are now advanced technologies and systems that could help even common passenger vehicles to reduce idling. Some of these are:

1. Auxiliary Power Systems – these provide heating, cooling, and electronic device power even without having to run the car’s engine. They are actually now being used in police vehicles. These systems can be powered by lead acid or lithium-ion batteries that are charged while the car engine is used during driving.

2. Air Heaters – for drivers/owners of taxis and limousines that often need to idle because passenger compartment warmth is needed during cold seasons, they don’t need to idle unnecessarily anymore. They might consider getting these air heaters. They use very little amounts of fuel to operate.

3. Automatic Power Management Systems – these allow the driver to turn off the car engine and just use battery power in order to use the HVAC system and not compromise passenger comfort. Even if these use up battery power, they don’t really deplete your batteries that much. The system monitors battery power levels while your engine is off. When it detects that your battery’s state falls below the recommended level. It restarts your engine automatically until the time your battery can be used for it again.

4. Waste Heat Recovery Systems – another one to keep your driver and passenger/s warm is to invest in this kind of technology. It uses the vehicle’s heat-transfer system. A small electric pump that is connected to the water line keeps the cooling and heating system operating even after the engine is turned off. Simply put, energy recovery systems keep the passenger compartment warm.


There are actually more kinds of add-on car systems you could invest in so you could reduce idling. Just research and look for one that really fits your driving habits and budget.

Does your car simply just waste more fuel even if you do your very best to do idle reduction? Then maybe it’s not you anymore – it’s your car. You might be overlooking the fact that your car is too old and damaged already. It is the reason why it’s not fuel efficient anymore. Then if that’s the case, let us, Rapid Car Removal, take it off your hands already. We are Melbourne’s leading car buyers who have been in the business for two long decades. Allow us to simply take your old ride. Place it where it could be of more help to the environment.

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Parking Lot Accidents

Unfortunately, having dings and dents on our beloved cars is inevitable. That no matter how hard we try to keep our rides smooth and shiny, there would still be some unavoidable incidents where we could “miraculously” get those scratches and dimples. But do you what’s even more frustrating and annoying? It’s getting those because of fender benders.

Fender benders fall under the category of Low Speed Collisions, in the classification of vehicular accidents. But did you know that they are more common in parking lots? Yes, because of the tight space, limited visibility, congestion of vehicles, and poor traffic management, both motorists and pedestrians often get into parking lot accidents.

As a leading car removal company that has been buying used cars in Melbourne for two long decades, we are here to educate you more on these kinds of accidents and how we could effectively prevent them from happening.


These are the most common parking lot accidents:

1. When two drivers/cars collide by backing into each other. – This usually happens when two cars that are parked adjacent to each, facing back-to-back, both moves and backs up at the same time.

2. When one driver pulls out into traffic from their parking space then bumps into your car (or vice versa). – You might have experienced this as either one of the drivers. This is caused mostly when you are roaming around the parking area and you don’t see a car getting out of the parking space because it’s too small (like a Mini Cooper or Hyundai i10). Or, you might be the one getting out of the parking space and you can’t see the car that’s passing through because of the big van or ute that is parked beside you.

3. Two cars collide because their drivers are parking for the same space. – How many of you have experienced this or seen this? Yes, this one’s probably the most common of them all. Either they are just selfish or simply in a hurry, that wouldn’t matter much. You still are caught on collision out of sheer carelessness.

4. Collision at stop sign or parking lot exit. – Getting rear-end collisions are mostly a result of one thing: tailgating. Not only are they common in parking lots, but also in highways, toll gates, private villages, and etc.

5. Car bumping into non-moving objects (posts, signs, concrete barriers, and other parked cars).  – This might also be the top most common parking lot accident, but somehow, this one can easily be avoided as there only is one driver involved: you. You can blame it on poor parking skills, limited lighting, or whatever, but there’s no one else at fault if you are the only one moving.

If you notice from the common parking lot accidents we have listed, it’s kind of hard to determine who’s the one at fault (except for no. 5). It’s sometimes never determined whether who is really moving and who has the right of way. That is why, more often, it is really hard to have your insurance company cover the damages from it. That is the ultimate reason why parking lot accidents are truly a pain. More often, you’d have deal with all the aftermath yourself.

With that being said, here are some helpful tips so you could avoid getting into these kinds of fender benders:

  • SLOW DOWN! You know very well that is space is so cramped up. So even if you’re in a hurry, you really don’t have the luxury to put on some speed whenever you’re looking for a parking space, parking, or getting out of the carpark area.
  • Communicate to other drivers well. As with all driving situations, communication is key; especially in parking areas. Even if it’s daytime, it’s always suggested that you turn on your park or headlights. Use your hazard lights when waiting for a car to finish getting out of the parking space. Also to let others know you are parking there. Use your signal lights when turning always. Also, you may use hand signals if you think the other driver doesn’t really see you.
  • Choose your spot wisely. If possible, park in well-lit areas. Choose parking spaces not too near the entrance and exit points of the parking lot.
  • Practice parking etiquette. Even if we think this should come off as common sense, we’d rather stress it: Don’t get other drivers’ chosen parking spots. Also, be mindful of the space you’re giving the other cars that are parked around you. Let go of the parking space if you think it’s too tight for the size of your car.
  • Sharpen your parking skills. – There are some drivers who really dread parking, especially parallel parking. But this is probably the only way you can avoid accidents like No. 5. Master how to park with full caution. And always remember to ‘use your head’ (not just your eyes and your car’s mirrors) in checking if the coast is clear before turning or backing out.


As Melbourne’s leading car buyers and car wreckers. We want you to understand that vehicular accidents choose no particular place and time. They could surprisingly get you in the most bizarre and inconvenient situations. So, you must do all that you can to provide you and your car the best protection there is – practicing safe driving and parking.

Are you in search of a reliable cash for cars Melbourne company who will pay you top dollar for your damaged or wrecked vehicle? Choose one that has been trusted by many clients for many years, opt for Rapid Car Removal. Instead of personally dealing with demanding car buyers or hiring expensive car selling services, let us help you by buying your old ride where you want it and when you want it. Call us now!

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Cars for Car Camping

With the country’s marvelous mountains, deserts, forests, and other natural sceneries, it’s no wonder that going on road trips and camping is really one of the most favorite leisure activities of Aussies. It is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your mates and loved ones. It’s a good way to test your outback survival skills. The best to unplug and unwind especially for this day and age where all of us are simply just caught up with all the technological advancements that we have.

As a nice twist to the traditional and standard way of camping, using your cars to camp out sure is getting more and more popular these days. If you are those people who still haven’t experienced it yet, we really recommend for you to try it. Car camping has lots of advantages over the standard tent-camping like: it offers more outdoor protection and security; it’s rather more comfortable; it’ll provide you temperature control; and it’s especially perfect for those unexpected and spontaneous trips.

Now, if you’re planning to go car camping soon, the very first and most important thing you’ll need is of course, the vehicle. Whether you’re planning on renting used cars, buying a new one for your family, or borrowing from mates, you must know more or less which are the cars that’ll be perfect to make your trip more safe, enjoyable, and convenient

Rapid Car Removal has been buying used cars in Melbourne for more than two decades now, and we have come up with our own list of the Top 7 vehicles that we recommend for going on outback car camping trips:

1. Land Rover Range Rover

If you prefer heading out to the outback and go camping in luxury and style, then the Range Rover is the perfect vehicle for you. It’s a full-size SUV with super impressive terrain capabilities that will help you travel with ease to just any place you’d like. It offers a complete spectrum of high-end entertainment, leather seats, and other cool gadgets and features.

2. Subaru Forester

Even if it’s categorised as a compact SUV, this car simply won’t disappoint even in the most challenging roadtrip and camping situations. It is an all-wheel drive SUV that takes pride in its tough terrain handling, outstanding fuel efficiency, and capable speed.

3. Honda Element

Its seemingly unattractive looks but don’t be foold by all the bad rap it’s getting. Because if you’re really considering getting a new vehicle that is perfect for going car camping, this is really one to consider. It was engineering for camping that’s why it boasts of its versatility and functionality. It comes with an optional six-person tent accessory, stain-resistant and washable flooring, roomy interiors, and removable rear seats.

4. Jeep Grand Cherokee

Many have known Jeep vehicles to be the ultimate car for camping trips. It has 3 different 4WD driving systems to help you efficienty manage all kinds of roads and pavements. It has a generous amount of cargo space, exceptional flexibility, and enough leg room for at most 5-6 passengers.

5. Ford Expedition

If you are heading out on a trip with your family or friends, this big-sized SUV is the perfect one for you as it can handle up to 8 passengers. It’depends on course of their age and size. Also, it can even carry up to 130.8 cubic feet of camping gear, luggage, and equipment. Apart from the best cargo capacity, it is also known for its superior towing and hauling capabilities.

6. Chevrolet Malibu

Looking for a sedan you could take to a camping trip with your loved one? Then this is the one. Even if it is a sedan, it truly is spacious and reliable. Sure it is not common to bring a sedan for your road trip or outing. This one really won’t disappoint. With its 252 horsepower, it could definitely carry enough camping luggage and even up to 5 passengers.

7. KIA Soul

Let’s say you really didn’t plan to go out camping but you have been unfortunately stranded in some unfamiliar place. If you use an urban warrior such as the Kia Soul, there’s no need to worry even if you have to stay the night inside it. Don’t let its compact design fool you because it boasts of a maximum cargo capacity of 61.3 cubic feet. With its car seats all folded forward, it can accommodate even up to 3 sleeping persons.


As Melbourne’s leading car buyers and cash for cars companies, we want you to be able to enjoy your vehicles up to the very last stages of their useful lives. So while your used cars are still in good condition. Take advantage of it and go on camping trips and other adventures. Because once the time comes when all you have left to do is sell and wreck your car. You’ll definitely regret it.

If in need of reliable, fast, and FREE car removal services, choose us, Rapid Car Removal.

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Taking Care of Your Car During Summer

Most parts of Australia enjoy beautiful summer weather. It sure is a great time to on road trips, beach getaways, picnics, and more fun time under the sun. On the other hand, if the scorching heat of the sun poses risks to our health and well-being, our cars aren’t an exception. Even as useful and versatile machines, cars won’t be able to cope with the excruciating heat all their own. Thus, as their owners, we have to take all the necessary measures to take care of them during these hot summer days.

Being a car removal and cash for cars Melbourne company for two long decades, we have seen some of the worst hottest seasons that Victoria has ever experienced. Thus, our team of car wreckers, dismantlers, mechanics, engineers, and recyclers has come up with a list of car care tips that you may use to make sure your vehicle won’t suffer from the negative effects of extreme heat.

Keep these essential car parts in check:

BATTERY – the summer heat has more negative effects on our battery than we usually think. Heat and vibration are its worst enemies. Check if it is securely mounted. Clean up all corrosive build-up from the terminals and cable clamps. Batteries can be harder to predict during intense summer days, to make sure to check it every once in awhile.

COOLING SYSTEM – during the summer, all the debris, dirt, and dead insects that are stuck in your radiator could dry up stick to its core. And so, you must make sure to flush the all out before they get even harder to remove. Flush and replace the coolant. Check the radiator cap for cracks or other damages, as well as the hoses for signs of leaking.

TIMING BELTS – with the scorching heat, your car’s drive belts may be more prone to cracking and deterioration. Check if they are in good shape, then replace them if necessary.

TYRES – heat is also their number one enemy. Have an air pressure gauge handy so you could check your tyres wherever you are. They should be free from small rocks and other things that might get stuck in between the treads. Never drive with under-inflated tyres especially on those intense summer days, as a blowout can most likely happen.

FLUIDS – like humans, fluids are a great defense for the scorching heat. So make sure that washer fluid, oil, coolant, power steering and brake fluid, are all in their appropriate levels.

Have all the necessary accessories.

There are lots of products and gadgets available in the market that we can invest in to make sure our cars are well-protected during the summer. There are different kinds of windshield and window sun shades so your interiors won’t be damaged from the intense heat. You may also get quality glass cleaners so that all the dirt and dead insects that are stuck on your windshield can be easily removed. Also, you may put thick cloth seat covers for your leather seats. And finally, we suggest that you invest in those car air purifiers. You’ll just plug them in your car USB port or lighter, then they’ll absorb the humidity inside your car. They’ll even make your car smell good, too!

Keep your air conditioner in good shape.

Who would want to ride in a car that has a broken air conditioner during an intense summer day? So if you want you and your passengers to feel absolutely comfortable while travelling in summer, be sure your AC is well-maintained. Have it serviced for a check-up and cleaning. You may opt to buy leak sealing and refrigerant rechargers to ensure a cool breeze from your AC.

Park it indoors.

We truly understand that you often don’t have that luxury to choose an indoor, basement, or covered parking area in all the places you go to. But what you do have control over is when you’ll park it when you are at home resting. Keep it inside the garage. If you don’t have one, choose a spot with some shade. Or worst case scenario, just put a breathable car cover over it when it’s parked in the side street.

Extreme weather conditions really affect our car’s efficiency, durability, reliability, and safety whether we like it or not. So if you honestly want to protect it from extreme heat, then just follow these easy car maintenance and car driving tips.

But if you own an old car that has seriously been damaged and deteriorated after lying idly under the sun, rain and other weather conditions for so many years, do it a favor and put it under our care. As a responsible and eco-friendly cash for cars company, Rapid Car Removal will gladly take your old and junk cars and put them into better use.

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Repairing Hydraulic Brakes

A passenger vehicle’s hydraulic brake system consists of the brake pedal connected to a master cylinder, a push rod, hydraulic lines, and a brake calliper assembly. It uses a glycol-ether or diethylene-glycol based brake fluid to transfer pressure from the controlling mechanism to the actual braking mechanism. The disc brakes that are in your master cylinder push against the brake rotor which causes our cars to stop.

If you reckon that the tyres are the top car part that are most tired, then the car brakes are probably at 2nd place. We all know that stopping is as important as moving. That is why there is never a person in his/her right mind who will volunteer to drive or ride a car that doesn’t have brakes, right? So eventually, because of frequent use and wear, our car’s brakes will eventually be in need of some repairing.

For the two decades that Rapid Car Removal has been a leading car removal and cash for cars company in Melbourne, we have handled lots of cars that have been severely damaged and totally wrecked because of busted and decrepit brakes. And believe us, you wouldn’t want to see yourself in that situation. With this, we ought to provide you with some expert advice that could help if your hydraulic brake system is now in need of immediate fixing. Whether you’d be doing it on your own or with the help of a trusted mechanic, these 5 basic precautions must still be observed:

Use the correct set of tools and safe working practices.

The improper use of tools and equipment in auto repair can lead to vehicle damage, or worse, personal injury. So to avoid those unfortunate scenarios, make sure that all you’re using are perfect and correct for the job. Check the diagram of your vehicle’s brake system in the manual. It’ll lead you to the right direction, if you prefer to really do this alone. Allow the brakes to cool first before starting anything. Use fender covers to protect the other parts of your car from the brake fluid. If your car has an ABS, make sure that its brake system is depressurized before you open the hydraulic system. Always remember to get professional help once you realise that you don’t really know what you’re doing.

Be sure about the signs that tell you your car brakes need a fix or replacement.

Sure, you do want to get your hands dirty and you have some experience in fixing cars. But before you get all excited and worked up, make sure that it is really your car’s brakes that are in need of fixing. Like often times, repairing the hydraulic brake system isn’t the outright solution; sometimes it’s just a matter of replacing the brake fluid. So, check for noises during driving and braking. Double-check the if there’s any pulling or pulsation while using the brakes. Feel if it’s taking too longer than usual for you to be able to stop your car. Inspect your vehicle properly and thoroughly before resorting to an actual repair or replacement.

Check the brake fluid before doing anything.

Like what we said, more often, cars only need to have the brake fluid replaced. So as a prerequisite, check it first before starting any kind of repair. Sometimes you need to add more and sometimes you just need to change it. Never reuse a brake fluid from an open container. If your brake pedal needs to be pushed further down to the floor in order to pull-off a hard or quick stop. Then chances are you just need to add more brake fluid. Double-check the label if you are using the correct type of fluid.

Choose the replacement parts wisely.

Once you have confirmed that the hydraulic brake system indeed needs a repair, most likely, it will require you to replace some parts like the rotor or brake pads. With that, you always have two choices. To go with the brand and type of part that your car manufacturer has recommended; or, you may select according to your preference. Just remember, when in doubt, always go with the manufacturer suggested parts. It will lessen the chances of ending up with more faulty car brakes.

Test multiple times after repairing.

Many auto technicians and mechanics practise a regular test-drive plan always before and after fixing brake systems. You should do the same as well. Right after fixing and replacing the parts of your hydraulic brakes, drive it off to a safe place to test if you have indeed done and finished it correctly. Drive it for at least 15 minutes and at different speeds. Brake pedal distance need to be check and feel if it still needs to be adjusted. You may repeat if necessary. Just try both gradual and hard stops.

“I’m actually decided to sell my car Melbourne because the cost to repair the brakes and other engine parts are simply overwhelming.” If that’s your case, there’s no need to worry. Rapid Car Removal is here to take all your headaches and stresses away. We are trusted car wreckers in Melbourne who have been in this industry for more than two decades. Our long list of loyal customers love the fact that we take their old and damaged cars for free and in addition, we still pay them top instant cash for letting us take their vehicles. So save yourself from that dilemma and call our friendly operators now! Dial 0438 942 754 to have your car picked up today.

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HIDs, running LEDs, Angel eyes, halogen quads, Laserlights, and even Swarovski crystals – all these are made and built for one main purpose: to make our car headlights look stunningly awesome. It truly is a difference once you a car with sparkly and dashing headlights, especially at night. But even without those fancy headlights, it is still possible to make your car’s eyes captivating. Not because you only have those stock headlights, you have a reason to be less caring or attentive to them. If you neglect to take care of them, they’ll turn hazy and yellowish over time – which we know, you wouldn’t like.

As turn cloudy and yellowish in color, they do not only look bad, but also, it poses a threat to your driving safety. So what can you do if your headlights have unfortunately turned out like this? Not to fret, because as with any problem in this world, there’s always a solution. Forget getting hefty headlight restoration services or buying expensive new headlights. You can simply clean them car eyes in the comforts of your own home, or garage.

Rapid Car Removal’s team of expert car removalists and car wreckers have been recovering, refurbishing, and reselling all kinds of auto parts for over two decades now. And that includes many types of headlights. We are here to share with you a simple and affordable way to clean them by only using common household tools and products. We will be providing you two easy ways to clean your car headlights at home, choose one according to your liking. The results, however will depend on how filthy, yellowish, and foggy your headlights are.

METHOD 1: Using toothpaste

  • After giving your car a good car wash, make sure the headlights are completely dry. Protect the painted part that surrounds the headlight by placing some painter’s masking tape all around it. If your headlights are surrounded by chrome trims, it’s also better if you remove them so you’ll be sure you won’t destroy their shine as well.
  • Squeeze a generous amount of toothpaste (preferably a quality whitening one) onto a portion of your microfiber cleaning cloth. Do not add water, yet.
  • Give it a good scrub and buff all over the headlights. Do it in a circular motion. Keep buffing until you reckon it’s enough, or just when your arms get already sore.
  • Wash off the toothpaste from the cloth. Wring the cleaning cloth of excess water, so it’ll turn out damp, not really wet.
  • Scrub each headlight again with the damp cleaning cloth. Repeat until all the toothpaste residue are completely gone.
  • Wipe to finish.

METHOD 2: Using baking soda and vinegar

  • Do the first step from method 1.
  • Get a good microfiber cleaning cloth and wipe off all the dry dust and other dirt from your headlights.
  • Get some liquid soap and pour it into a small bowl. Dilute by adding a small portion of water. Therefore adjust accordingly so that the solution is thin enough.
  • Use a portion of your microfiber cloth to scrub each headlight with the soap solution you have just made. Clean and repeat it to remove all the excess grime. You may allow the lathered solution to sit there for a few minutes if you think your headlights are too grimy. Then rinse with water and clean off with a towel.
  • Take another small bowl, then put about 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda. And slowly add white vinegar to make a thick paste. Be sure to add gradually as you don’t want the mixture to be too liquid. Your aim is to make it pasty with some fizz.
  • Using a new cleaning cloth or towel, scoop some of the paste and wipe it all over your headlights. Rub it gently with light to medium pressure.
  • If you are already satisfied with your work, you may simply rinse it with water using a spray bottle. If not, you may rub it with the paste and rinse it again, to be super sure.
  • Finish by drying the headlights with some paper towel.

“I’m planning to sell my car that I have been trying to fix and restore for many years.” “I am deeply overwhelmed with the repair costs that I am about to face with my wrecked car.” “I’m thinking of letting go of that old car that has been rotting in our garage for so long.” If you can relate to one of these scenarios, Rapid Car Removal is the company you can rely on. We are reputable for being a trustworthy and honest cash for cars business in Melbourne. Ask our friendly and accommodating operators about our services now!

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With today’s latest innovations and advanced technology, it is a lot easier to actually take care of such useful machines like our cars. There are all kinds of stuff that designed and made to clean and fix our beloved vehicles. There are even those that are simply made for our driving safety, convenience, entertainment, economy, and more. But of course, even so, there would always be that time when we’re facing an imminent issue with our car and that particular product, tool, accessory, or gadget that would easily help us isn’t handy. You maybe have no budget to buy it, you maybe have no time to look for one, or you may simply didn’t purchase one because you think you’d never need it. Whichever your case may be, whenever those unexpected car issues arise, those DIY car hacks are always there to your rescue. Usually, it requires no additional costs to you as the things you’ll need are normally available in our homes.

As we have been buying used cars in Melbourne for more than 20 years now, we have spoken with all types of car owners, drivers, enthusiasts, and more. Fortunately, they have shared with us some of their own car tips and tricks to easily and affordably give solutions to their car problems. Having said that, we are here to share with you our own list of somehow weird but easy and effective DIY hacks and car tricks that would answer our usual car issues:

1. Time to let your car’s eyes sparkle. – Owners of used cars are normally stressed out with their headlights being foggy and yellowish. As a quick solution to this, just use brush it with some whitening toothpaste and it will glimmer and clear up like new.

2. Car stickers are no longer hard to removeDon’t want to remove your car’s old registration stickers and other decals because you’re afraid to leave a sticky and messy residue? Well, just use newspaper soaked in hot water to easily and neatly remove them.

3. No more broken nails from inserting a key on a key ring!How many times have you gotten a broken or chipped fingernail just by inserting or removing car keys from those pesky key rings? Just get a staple remover from your stash of school and office supplies, and it’ll solve your worries right away.

4. No more dents on your car doors.Is your garage unfortunately narrow that you often times bump your car door whenever you open it? Then get some pool noodles, cut them into half lengthwise, then stick them to your garage walls – at exactly the spot where your car doors usually hit.

5. A quick fix for those scratches that came out of nowhere.To save you from getting those expensive car scratch removal kits and services, you can get rid of those tiny scratches on your in as easy as 1-2-3. Just get a nail polish that is closest to its color to somehow cover it up so it won’t be as obvious. But this won’t look too good on big scratches though.

6. Wishing there’s some kind of a visor that goes all the way down?It’s simply annoying to drive on that time of day when the sun is about to set but it’s still bright. Your visor won’t be of any use because the sun directly hits your line of sight. We’ll give you a solution to that, one we got from pilots, that is. Just get a tinted plastic and use it as a moveable shade for your windshield.

7. Look ma, no mess!Yes, you can always buy a small trash can for your car. But how many times did that trash can just fell down and made more mess? As a simple solution to that, just get one of mom’s plastic cereal dispensers in the kitchen, put some plastic or liner to it, cover, and pop it in your car! Simple! Just tell your mum to buy a new one for your house, though.

8. Getting bored from waiting for your windows to defrost?During winter, park your car facing EAST so you won’t have to wait anymore to defrost your windows and windshield.

9. It doesn’t just work wonders in your toilet.Don’t have the budget for that hefty car dent removal services? Not a problem, just use a trusty plunger and you’ll be able to get rid of those in no time. Your arm muscles just have to be prepared for this one.

10. You’d never have to deal with frozen locks anymore.If you own a car that doesn’t have a keyless entry feature, then frozen car locks are your problem every winter time. But there’s no need for you to be stressed about those. Just cover up your key with some hand sanitizer then quickly insert it into the keyhole, and voila! It’s not frozen anymore!

11. Forget choosing from the thousands of window cleaning products you see in the market.Tired of all those glass and window cleaners that simply do not do their jobs? Especially after continuous rainy seasons, those nasty water marks and streaks will easily be removed just by using soda/cola. Pour it over your windshield and wash with water. The bubbles from the soda would be able to remove all those in an instant.

12. No more dirty wiper blades!If your windshield wiper blades are dirty (well, they always are), there’s an easy way to thoroughly clean it AND keep it clean for a longer period of time. Just make a household cleaning solution: ¼ part ammonia and a quart of water. Mix that up, and wipe it onto your wiper blades using a soft cloth. Finish it up with a dry towel. Believe us, it works!

13. Shine bright like a diamondWant your car to always shine and glimmer even without getting an expensive wax or gloss service? Get a conditioner that contains LANOLIN. Wash your car with it after its regular cleaning, (just like using conditioner after shampoo) then carefully rinse it.

14. Always forget if you have locked your car or not?If you’re already too far from your parked car, and you simply want to double-check if you have really locked it, there’s no need for you to walk back to it. Just simply place your key fob under your chin to extend its range.

15. Snow is always a hassle.It is always a pain to remove snow from your windshield before you can actually drive off to work. So to save your precious time and effort in doing this, simply put a soft cover over your windshield and secure it by locking it in your driver and passenger windows. Just take it off and you won’t have to deal with the snow anymore and you could go straight to where you’re heading. This one’s just a replacement just in case you don’t have a car cover.


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Car Features You Should Be Aware

Gone are the days when power windows, airbags, alarms, and keyless entry systems are considered as cool high-tech car features. Now that we are in the ‘age of millennials’, car buying seems to be more complicated than ever because of the wide variety of technological advancements carmakers add to their production vehicles. Even the most basic car models and variants now have their own set of high-tech systems to improve driving safety, comfort, convenience, and entertainment.

Being in the car removal and car wreckers Melbourne industry for more than two decades, Rapid Car Removal has basically witnessed how quickly cars have been constantly developing year after year. And sometimes, we know that most car buyers are having a hard time keeping up with the latest developments. The only time they’ll be aware of a certain feature is when they’re actually at the dealership, talking to a salesman. Exactly the reason why we ought to share with you some of the best car features automakers have come up with today. Even if we’re so far from riding in flying cars like in The Jetsons, buying or not, it is still good to know that these advances in technology are now incorporated in today’s automobiles.


It is truly challenging to drive at night especially in places that are do not have enough street lights. As a solution to that, night vision systems are created by carmakers like Mercedes Benz, Audi and BMW. It uses a thermographic camera to help the driver see more clearly in the dark, especially for distances that the headlights cannot reach.



Some say that your driving skills are put to test whenever you’re backing up. Maybe because you’d have to be alert and cautious of both your car’s front and behind, this is true. So to give drivers an easier time of doing this, car manufacturers like Audi, Subaru, and Mazda. This system is designed to warn you about cars that are about to cross your backing up path. Sensors placed around your car’s behind detects vehicles from left to right. Then it produces warning tones and flashing lights for you to stop.



Smartphone integration is now a must-have in today’s cars. If before only Bluetooth technology is what we deem as the most useful and high-tech car feature, now car enthusiasts are more excited about these. As opposed to the Bluetooth technology when connected to your phone, you’d still have to hold your mobile and control it from there. So to promote driving safety and avoid more distractions, you will be able to access some stuff from your Apple and Android mobile phones by simply with a few touches on your dashboard. Apps like Waze and Spotify are now easier to control from your car. This is such an amazing way to effectively train drivers to get used to not tinkling with their phones while driving.



One of the most annoying car mishaps you could experience is when someone just crashes into your car from behind, out of the blue. If your car has both systems, it will not only warn you about possible forward collisions, it simply hit the brakes for you if you don’t respond at all. Truly an effective way to reduce number of car crashes on the road, and even in parking lots. More and more carmakers now add these to their cars like Honda, Ford, Subaru, Volkswagen, and Toyota.



As a development of those backup sensors and cameras, manufacturers now put a 360-degree view camera system in their car models. There will be cameras placed on your car’s front, rear, left, and right sides to ensure your safety. They are also effective in avoiding the most common things we don’t usually see while driving like street gutters and barriers, big rocks, and small bikes. We can now have a clear view of our car’s surroundings simply by looking at our cars’ LCD screens. Nissan, BMW, and Audi are some of the carmakers that proudly have this technology.



Nissan is truly in the spotlight when this car feature is talked about. There’s no need to crank up the volume of your pickup truck just to hear the music coming from the inside of your car. Now, you need not buy those waterproof speakers because they are now built in your pickup. Roadtrips are definitely more fun now.



Also known as V2V, this network technology enables roadside and nearby vehicles to effectively communicate with each other. One of its primary motivations is to eliminate and reduce the number of traffic collisions. Now, cars will be able to warn each other about potential accidents and crashes. Not only does it promote safety but peaceful and cooperative driving as well.



If you think that dealing with USB cables, power banks, and in-lighter chargers are simply a hassle during driving, then this technology is perfect for you. Today, there are now cars that provide wireless charging (by induction). Unfortunately, not all car makers offer this even as an add-on option. In addition, not all mobile phones are compatible yet; like iPhones. Cadillac, Chevrolet, Lexus, General Motors, and Hyundai offer this system today.



With cars that have this cool feature, you won’t have to worry about your kids (and other passengers) complaining about poor internet connections. There are some vehicles now that provide 4G LTE hotspots and WiFi networks. Though some say, it still needs some improvements and polishing for efficiency, carmakers like Chrysler, Audi, and General Motors now have this.



One of the most common causes of car crashes and other road accidents is when sleepy drivers get on the road. To fight this, the drowsiness detection system is developed and integrated in automobiles. Sensors in your car will effectively detect when you’re drowsy. Then, it will alarm you (through the use of strong vibrations and loud sounds) right away for you to come back to your senses. There are some advanced systems, when the vehicle takes a record and studies your driving behavior so that it’ll quickly detect if your driving pattern shows that you’re sleepy.

It’s really refreshing how carmaking geniuses continue to develop advanced technological systems like these to make driving more safe, fun, and convenient than ever. Well, cars that do have all these features will definitely cost more than usual. But if you do have the means, investing in those is truly worth every penny. We sure are looking forward to the time when all these car technologies are regular specs in production vehicles.

Do you have an old car that you think lacks all the features for your driving safety and convenience? Maybe it’s time for an upgrade! Let us, Rapid Car Removal, help you build a fund for a new ride. We are a reputable car wrecking and cash for cars Melbourne company that is trusted by many clients for more than two decades now. We remove and pay top instant cash for cars of all makes, models, and conditions.

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Avoid Car Dents

Ways To Avoid Car Dents

We all know how frustrating it is to walk up to your car and see that it has an unsightly dent that wasn’t there before you parked and left it for a couple of hours. It’s simply annoying. You know you haven’t done any mistake in driving or handling your car, but still, it’s there – grinning right back at you. All car owners will do everything they can to keep their vehicles looking their best for as long as possible. So no matter how small or minor that dent maybe, apart from it being annoying, you’re now stressed thinking about the costly car dent removal service it entails. Your commitment to living a frugal life and practising budget-friendly ways to maintain a car is now shattered.

So if you really want to avoid those hefty car scratch removal and dent repair services, the only thing you can do is to protect your vehicle to the best of your abilities. Rapid Car Removal has been in the damaged car removal and recycling industry for two decades now. We have witnessed all kinds of cars with all kinds of exterior dings – from the simplest to worst ones. With that, we ought to provide you with some expert car tips and tricks you can do to avoid those ‘magical’ dents and scratches that appear out of nowhere on your car’s body.

Given that most of those car dents are unfortunately an inevitable part of car ownership, in a nutshell, here’s what we can suggest you do to (at the least) lessen the chances of getting those annoying dents: SMART and DEFENSIVE PARKING. To learn more about what we truly mean, here are 3 tips:



Let’s face it, not all places that we go to have indoor or basement parking areas. And so, if you do go to a place where they offer one, always take advantage of it. Not only are they great for avoiding dents and scratches, it will also keep your car protected from harsh weather conditions. Thus, keeping your car more clean, shiny, and smooth. One expert tip that we also suggest is to choose your parking spot wisely. We know that most drivers will prefer the spot where it’s nearest the building entrance. But if avoiding car dents is your priority, prefer the less crowded spots in the parking area. The middle and last parking lane, for example, is better than the first one. Yes, you may have to walk a few steps more, but it is a best practice to keep your car away from unpredictable situations.



Be honest. Who of us, experienced drivers and seasoned car owners, love to parallel park? We don’t know about you, but we sure do not know anyone who does. Exactly why we call it an art. It requires skill, patience, and a lot of practice. But apart from it being a common dreaded parking situation for many, it is actually one of the best ways to protect your car from getting dents and scratches. Think about it, if there is no car that is parked in your left and right side, it sure is the perfect way to avoid the annoying ‘door dings’ from those careless car owners and passengers.



Generally, your car is parked at the longest time when you are at home. So one of the smartest and most responsible ways to protect your vehicle from getting dents and scratches is to keep it rested inside a garage. It’s shielded from the sun and harsh weather conditions. Its paint job is preserved. You’ll less likely need a car rust removal service for a longer period of time or never. And, it’s guarded from those car dent contributors in your neighborhood like careless bikers, balls coming out of nowhere, stray cats, falling fruits and branches, and more.


We won’t deny the fact that following these 3 tips would require you spend a little bit more time and exert more effort. However, once you have gotten smart and defensive parking into your system, when it comes naturally already, you will see that your car now has less or even no unnecessary dents and scratches anymore.

If you think the damages of your car exteriors are not worth spending time, effort, and money on anymore, it is a clear sign that you have to let it go. You need to hire expert car wreckers and removalists who have been trusted by many clients for many years – Rapid Car Removal. We even proudly pay our clients top cash for their cars.

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car sickness

Being car sick is a type of motion sickness; where our brain is somewhat confused between what our eyes perceive and what the rest of our senses feel. It often results to excessive sweating, fatigue, upset stomach, and vomiting. But why do more children experience this than adults? There is no clear explanation why, but doctors say that it can be both hereditary and developed. It is often experienced by toddlers and young children; but there are more chances that they’ll likely cope with it once they get older.

However, if you have a child who is prone to car sickness, would that stop you from travelling and making memories in other places? Of course not. There are lots of things you can do to help your child get through this. In addition, never underestimate your kids. They can easily recover from this and will soon be ready and jumping as soon as you arrive at your destination.

As one of the best companies in the used car buying and junk car removals Melbourne market, we continue to help car owners and drivers make the most out of their vehicles before it’s too late. Let us provide you with some expert tips to help your children prevent and beat car sickness.

Remember to do these things to help your child avoid car sickness:

  • Let your kid take a nap. This will enable their brains to rest and effectively avoid motion sickness.
  • During the ride, encourage your kid to look at the things outside. Start chats with them and talk about those things they could see outside the window.
  • Before your trip, plan what they eat carefully. It is never advisable to travel on an empty stomach. They need to eat and drink, but only in small portions. Avoid large and heavy meals as well as greasy and spicy foods.
  • Maintain just the right ventilation, not too cold and not too hot. Extreme light can also trigger being car sick, so cover the windows just in case it’s too sunny outside.
  • Offer distractions like small toys (those that don’t require focus), singing, and chatting. Don’t let them read books or play mobile games during the ride.
  • Should they need some snacks because of the long travel time, stick to crackers and protein-rich foods.

Just in case your child really gets car sick, here are the things you can do :

  • Pull over immediately and attend to their needs right away. If they feel like throwing up already, it’s best that you have a paper or plastic bag within reach along with some paper towels and wet wipes for cleaning.
  • You may let them drink ginger ale or eat ginger candy to avoid feeling drowsy.
  • Bring anti-nausea medications that are suited for your kid’s age. Dramamine is best for toddlers and Benadryl for young kids 6 and above.
  • You may try to let them wear acupressure wristbands. Some parents say this is really effective especially during flights or sea travel.
  • Use essential oils like ginger or peppermint to lessen your child’s queasiness.
  • After your child has vomited, don’t let him/her take any food or drink for at least half an hour. It’s best to let your kid sleep; then put a cool cloth over his/her forehead while lying down.

It is never easy to see a child that feels any kind of discomfort; especially if it happens during that trip you have really planned and picked out for them to have fun. So don’t let motion sickness stop you from bonding with your kids. Just follow all these tips we have given, then you could successfully go back to making fun memories with them. Besides, it is not being car sick that they’ll remember when they grow up, it’s those moments that they’re having fun with you.

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Things To Check In A Used Car

Knowing exactly what kind of car you want and need is the first and most important thing to accomplish when you are planning on buying cars Melbourne. Yes, you are already certain of what car that is; but sadly, your finances won’t simply allow you to get a brand new one. Thus, you opt to purchase a used car.

While other car buyers just choose something that is working and fits their budget, there are also some that are more meticulous – especially when buying a second hand vehicle. Honestly, if you choose to be the latter, we say that it’s a smart move and decision. If you really want to get your hard-earned money’s worth, you have to make sure that everything about that used car you are eyeing meets your standards and expectations. The key is to be 101% sure the car is in perfect (or almost) condition.

But because not all used cars that are in good shape feel or appear the same, you have to be wary about the things you need to check and verify before actually deciding. As auto experts who have been doing car removals and buying cars in Melbourne Australia for more than 20 years, we are here to provide you an easy way to make sure of that.

Make time and exert some effort to double-check the following and be sure to get the answers to these questions…

I. Exterior Equipment

  • Are the headlights and rear lamps clear and uncracked? Do they give a decent amount of light?
  • Are the tyres properly aligned, not worn, not damaged, and uniform?
  • Do the door handles and locks work perfectly?
  • Does the car have a spare tyre and emergency tools in the trunk?
  • Do the wipers work fine?

II. The Interiors

  • Does it smell good when you get inside the car?
  • Are there traces of moisture or mold in the car seats and carpet?
  • Do all window controls and seat adjusters work without struggle?
  • Does the air conditioning blow sufficient air from the minimum to its maximum? Does it cool the back of the car fast?
  • Does it have a good sound system, alarm, keyless entry, and backup sensors?

III.   Your cockpit and the dashboard

  • Do the pedals work and look fine?
  • Are the brakes loose?
  • Do all the dashboard light indicators work?
  • Is it too hard to turn the steering wheel?
  • What is its current mileage?
  • Does the hand brake work fine even in steeply inclined pavements?
  • Is it hard to shift gears?

IV.   Under the Hood

  • Using the dipstick method, are the proper liquid levels maintained? Does the car oil have the perfect consistency?
  • Are there any signs of mold or accumulated water?
  • Are the air filters clean?
  • Does the engine make unnecessary sound like hissing, squealing, or grinding?
  • Are the battery, timing belt, and brake fluid reservoir in good shape?
  • Is the radiator corroded?
  • Are there any leaks from the tubes and pipes?
  • Is the engine clean enough?

V.    Signs of Collision

  • Do the seams of the car’s body appear unaligned or uneven?
  • Do some parts of the body have unmatched paint color?
  • Are there suspicious dents and scratches?
  • Does the owner have receipts and documents that show the repairs done on the car?

Assessing the true condition of any kind of used vehicle is never easy; most especially if you are dealing with an owner/seller who is out to deceive or rip you off. If in case, you did your best to check the car but still ended up having no clue if it’s really in good condition, ask your trusted mechanic to inspect it for you and make an honest call.

If you are tired of searching for a private buyer who will even consider buying your overused, tired, aged, and damaged vehicle, and you decide to sell car to wreckers, choose Rapid Car Removal. We have been trusted by many private and corporate clients for more than two decades because of providing fast, easy, and FREE car removals Melbourne.

If you want to ask more about our services, our friendly staff are always on standby to address your old and scrap car concerns. Simply dial 0438 942 754. Or better, if you wish to get an instant price offer for your old ride, click [here].

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Car Finance Deals

One big misconception about car financing is that buyers think dealerships are the ones who provide us with the loans. Actually, it is their partner banks and other lending institutions that lend the money. It is important that we know: dealers are middlemen. Thus, they get something out of selling those loans. Because of that misconception, buyers commit the biggest mistake of not preparing enough and taking time to shop for better car financing offers.

Because of that, many still fall into car finance traps such as the following:

  • Dealers include unnecessary products and services into your loan payment – those that you didn’t really ask for. In that way, even if the interest is low enough for you, they’d still be getting enough commission/profit from your monthly loan payments.
  • The dealer lets you take the car home even if that low interest loan isn’t approved yet. Then you get a call that it wasn’t approved; not knowing that there isn’t really a low interest offer at all. In the end, you’ll have no choice but to go back to the dealership and signing off a loan that’s got a higher interest rate.
  • In the event that you have no idea about your credit standing, dealer takes advantage of it by telling that you have a poor credit score. Because of that, you’ll think of them as your savior or hero because they’d appear to have miraculously got you an approved loan – well only, it has a very high interest rate; thinking that that’s your only option.
  • You’re not aware that the dealers put a high interest markup on your loan computation. In the industry they often refer to it as, “dealer reserve”. Let’s say you are really approved by the bank for a 6% loan, but the dealer tells you that the approved rate is 8.5 or as high as 10%. The other percentage added acts as profit of the dealers.
  • Know that dealers have absolutely no obligation to provide you with the lowest interest rates. Thus, they will take advantage of the bank or lending institution that will provide them with the highest commission or incentive. For example, Bank A approves you for 5% interest but only gives 1% commission to the agent. Bank B approves you for 6.5% interest but provides 3% commission to dealers. Which one do you think they’ll use? Of course. They’ll tell you that the lowest rate you got was 6.5%.

As one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers and car removalists who have been in this industry for more than 20 years, we are here to provide you with some tips so you could easily avoid the aforementioned car finance traps:

  • Research on the current car loan interest rates and find out about your credit score.
  • Scout several banks and some credit unions that you trust. Inquire well about their car financing loans.
  • Get pre-approved. Apart from being your shield, this will provide you more negotiating power upon arriving at the dealership.
  • Ask if the low finance rate they’re offering is attached as a promo with the price of the car. If not, try your best to negotiate with the list price as well. Trick is: start negotiating with the price THEN the monthly payments (and interest) after.
  • When you’re about to decide, compute the total monthly costs with interest VERSUS the monthly payments with rebates. If you are planning on keeping the car for at least 5 years, opt for the 0% financing option. But if you only see yourself 2-3 years with that car, better get the rebates instead.
  • Before signing any loan contract, read and understand all the terms carefully. Ignorance of any stipulation won’t protect you from anything. So ask all the questions you can think of. See if you can get them to reveal any hidden charges.
  • Don’t be afraid to request for any dealership freebies. If they’re getting commissions and incentives because you signed a loan with them, don’t you think it’s just fair to get as much discounts or even free car accessories in return?

In a nutshell, just do your research and have your car finance loan prepared before going to the dealership. This is the best you can do to avoid getting ripped off by those tempting low-interest finance deals.

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Safe Driving With Pet on Board

It’s the perfect sunny day – not too hot, not raining, and a bit windy. This weather is great to spend some time outdoors with your loved ones, mates, and family members, that includes your pet/s. So whether you decide to take your pets to the park, the beach, or simply anywhere, it is best that you know how to safely drive and travel with your best pals inside the car.

Driving is an complicated and even tiresome task that requires a set of skills, the right kind of attitude, and a ton of caution. What more if you’re driving with a pet inside the car? It sure is fun, but also risky. Here are some reasons why it’s dangerous to ride and drive with pets:

  • It’s such a distraction – all the barking, jumping, not to mention possible nausea and vomiting, etc.
  • Possible airbag deployment may cause injuries or even death to your dog
  • There are laws against driving with pets that are freely roaming inside the car, so you will most likely get tickets when you aren’t aware and conscious of that.
  • If you meet an accident while you’re driving with your dog, because of the stressful situation, there could be chances that your pal would get angry and bite anyone who will try to rescue you.

As we don’t want any of those to happen, as one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers, Rapid Car Removal is here to provide you with some proven and tested safe driving tips when your furry pals are on board:

Verify if your dog can ride with you freely inside the car

If you are driving in an area where it’s prohibited to let your pal ride freely inside your car, make sure to bring a crate or kennel with you. If it’s allowed, bring safety barriers or harnesses or specially designed seatbelt for your pet.

Keep your dog in the back seat

They should never be in the passenger seat, let alone on your lap. If you are concerned about your car seats or carpet, make sure to bring seat protectors, cargo mats, or even just blankets to protect your car upholstery.

Lock your power windows

Some dogs might appear having fun sticking their heads outside the car windows, but know that this isn’t safe for them at all. They might get some eye infection, mucous irritation, and other serious injuries because of the strong wind. In the same way, never let them ride at the back of your ute or pickup truck.

Be prepared for animal carsickness and anxiety

If you aren’t sure if your pet loves or hates being inside a car, be sure to have medications, plastic bags, dog towels, and cleaning supplies so you will know exactly what to do in case your pal feels sick during the ride.

Never leave your dog locked inside your car

They are also like humans. They could suffocate inside if the weather is too hot, and they could freeze to death during winter. Should you really have to leave them inside, make sure to leave a small portion of your window open.

Bring snacks and water

Your dogs would also love to have snacks during a travel. This will also keep them busy while you are driving, so you won’t get distracted by them. Just make sure to put them in spill-proof containers as you wouldn’t want those mess up your interiors and cause your car to smell nasty.

Give your dog the proper identification

In worse cases that you get separated from your dog, this will help you easily find your way back to each other’s arms. Properly fix the ID tag to its collar – one with complete contact details.

Do stopovers if necessary

Animals and pets are generally not used to long travels. So if you know that it would take you a long time to get to your destination, take a rest with your pal every few hours. And take him to a walk even for a short while.

Keep in mind that you are taking your best pals with you to enjoy and not the other way around. Thus, following these simple tips wouldn’t hurt to make your trip fun, keep you safe from road accidents, and protect your dog from injuries. Not only is your dog your pet, but also your family, do your best to keep them safe at all times.

Rapid Car Removal is a team of expert car breakers and car wreckers Melbourne who have been in the industry for more than two decades now. If your car has some serious problems, and you think it’s no longer safe for you, your family, and your pet/s, put it into our care now. We will not only provide you a fast and convenient car removal service for free, we will also pay you top dollar for it – no matter how bad or worse its condition may be.

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Car Cooling System

The cooling system is an integral part of the car’s engine. It is composed of the radiator, thermostat, coolant, water pump, and the fan. All of them work together to maintain your engine’s efficiency and prolong its life. They are responsible for dissipating the heat from the engine to the ambient air. They prevent your car from overheating, causing serious damage to the engine, and breaking down.

Having been providing damaged and junk car removal for over two decades, we can truly attest that a cooling system failure is one of the most common car problems encountered by most owners. Believe us when we say that it can end up in a total disaster. Those car owners who chose to neglect the importance of the proper cooling system maintenance, they were left with no choice but have their vehicles taken by professional car removalists or wrecked car buyers.

To help you, we are here to provide you with some of the best tips to take care of your car’s cooling system:

Religiously follow cooling system flushing intervals

Check your car’s manual and check the recommended intervals for flushing your cooling system. You can also find there when you need to change your antifreeze. Flushing the cooling system will remove all the deep-seated dirt and sediments that may clog your radiator and ruin your water pump.

Always be alert for signs of cooling system problems

Always watch your temperature gauge. Regularly check your car’s undercarriage for leaks. Open your ears for hissing sounds. If you smell a pungent, sharp, and acidic odor and notices that your car temp is normal, most probably there’s a leak.

Ensure your radiator is full at all times

Your car manual will provide you the necessary information you need to properly fill the radiator. Remember not to pour cold water onto a hot radiator.

Check and refill your coolant reservoir tank

Depending on the kind of car you have, the coolant needs to be checked and refilled generally every 2-3 years or 24,000 to 30,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Get professional help if necessary

If you have detected a leak or any other problem in your cooling system, and you have no idea how to fix it yourself, immediately take it to your trusted mechanic. If you choose to delay that thinking that it’ll be a costly job, that might be the one of the biggest mistakes you can make. You will make the damage worse and your repair costs higher.

With a clear understanding of what the cooling system does for your vehicle and how you can properly maintain it, the only thing left for you now is to choose whether or not to follow it. Simply your choice – the time you’ll have your car to use and enjoy ultimately lies in your hands.

Are you having a difficulty in selling an old car that has a ruined cooling system or any other major engine problem? You’ve come to the right place. We, Rapid Car Removal, is here to rescue you. We are one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers who pay top cash for cars of all kinds, makes, and models – damaged or not.

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prevent car break ins

In addition to breaking down in the middle of the nowhere and finding out that your car was stolen, walking up to your car and seeing the shattered glass pieces of your window is one of the worst things you (and your precious car) could experience. Theft FROM cars is among the rampant auto crimes particularly in urban areas. While you think your car is safe in some parking lot, there would always be people who don’t have the best intentions. According to, car break ins is actually a lucrative business not for professional car thieves, but for homeless people, drug addicts, and out-of-school youths. Because as compared to stealing a car, by getting gadgets, wallets, audio systems or car rims, they could make money in an instant.

Again, we have absolutely no control over these unfortunate things that happen in our society, all that we really can do is try our very best to keep ourselves and our cars well-protected from this crime. As one of the best companies in the car removal and cash for cars Melbourne industry, we also abhor all kinds of auto theft crimes. With that, we took time to provide you with tips to help you be safe from dreadful car break-ins.

Never EVER leave valuables inside your car!

As much as we want to reiterate this further, there is no other way to stress how important this tip really is. We’re pretty sure all of us car owners and drivers know this. But apparently, many still make that mistake, thinking that it’s safe. If it’s really that impossible to bring with you all those valuables like bags, laptops, and MP3 players, please do hide them – not in your glove box, but in some place where the thieves won’t probably look.

Invest in an alarm system or any other security device.

When the thieves see that blinking LED light from the inside of your car, they’d think twice or thrice before actually breaking in your car because they know it has an alarm. It’d also help if you can invest on other high-tech security gadgets like dashcams that also serve as CCTVs for your car. Always be sure to activate them before leaving your car.

Keep your car visible.

Be choosy when selecting your car’s parking spot. Choose a well-lit area with people standing or passing by. If possible, pick places that are near the sight of CCTVs of the surrounding establishments and those that are guarded by security officers. Trust your instincts. If you think it isn’t safe to park there, find another spot then.

Don’t ever leave your children and pets inside the car.

It will only take a split-second for bad guys to break into your car and worse, harm your children. Even if it’ll only take you a minute or so in that stop-over, bring them with you. Even if there are people around, the thief will probably use your child or pet as an excuse to break into your car. Never mind the material things. Think about the safety of your children.

Never make it easy for them.

Do you want the thieves to be tempted to break into your car? If not, then never leave a door, window, or sunroof unlocked. Period. It’s just too easy for them. Even if you think you don’t have any valuables left inside, they could still steal your nav system, stereo, LCD or DVD player, or simply anything in your car that they can easily sell. If you make it easy for them, they could consider stealing your car instead.

We understand that following any (or all) of these tips wouldn’t really guarantee your protection; but they will most definitely reduce your chances of having to deal with miserable situation. Should you really want to further protect yourselves, get a good car insurance policy. Just in case the worst happens, the aftermath of that auto theft crime wouldn’t be as burdensome.

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Buying a Modified Car

Car lovers, die-hard car enthusiasts, and even those wannabe car experts alike can’t simply avoid upgrading their vehicles in every way they could possibly think of. There are also those who simply can’t be contented with the basic models and stock parts. They want cars that will make them stand out.

With MOD-ing cars being so popular in the movies and on the internet, there are also people who developed a hobby of buying cars, upgrading and modifying them, then selling them for profit. Now if you are one of the interested used car buyers and you are considering a modified car, you must learn about everything there is to know about them before you actually spend your hard-earned money.

With Rapid Car Removal being one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers, car breakers, and car removalists, who have been in the industry for more than two decades, we bring you a clear list of the advantages and disadvantages of buying modified cars.


When you buy a modified car, that doesn’t automatically mean that it’s faster. But, there are some that really provide improved speed and horsepower. And because these cars are deliberately modified not just aesthetically, you may find those that have better fuel efficiency, mileage, and other capabilities. More often, the entertainment systems of these MOD cars are so much better, more high-tech. The main benefit we say is, all the improvements that you might think a certain car model needs, were already done for you. Thus, you won’t have to spend more time, effort, and (sometimes even) money to do those upgrades. Plus, with these cars generally being cooler and more unique, it is a good ego-booster for the car enthusiasts out there.


When buying cars that have been upgraded and modified, you will have to take that risk of buying a vehicle without knowing its honest and complete history. For example, a MOD car that boasts of a higher horsepower would probably have some issues in timing. The owner or seller might probably skip telling you that part. Also, you won’t be sure if the parts or components installed are genuine, durable, and of high quality. Just the same, you won’t be sure if the modification is done professionally or simply a DIY project.

Moreover, because most of the MOD cars have both body and engine upgrades, more often than not, their warranties are already voided. Last but not the least, not because they are ‘upgraded’ that doesn’t mean they’ll have higher resale values in the future. Many car buyers now prefer ‘cleaner’ stock vehicles with valid warranties.


After learning that the downsides technically outweigh all the benefits, and you still opt to buy a modified car, all you need to do is get yourself prepared and protected. Dig deep into the car’s history as much as possible. Bring a professional mechanic with you and inspect all the parts modified. And ask for proof of repair services and parts bought. Our final advice as a trusted car removal company? If your goal is to have a ride that’s unique and car show-worthy, better just do all the modifications and upgrades yourself. Besides, it’s easier now to find money-saving tips on pimping your ride. You’ll see, in the end, you will get to appreciate your car more if you have actually spent time and effort on it.

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Car Accessories

A car is most definitely an essential if you are a parent. It’s somewhat very exhausting and difficult to take your kids to the doctor, daycare, school, park, or even the mall, if you don’t have one. However, we are in a totally different story when we’re talking about hitting the road with children. Ensuring their safety is of course a given.; but driving with little tots is a lot more challenging – not to mention stressful. Regardless of how old your kids are, they would need extra care and attention, all the more inside the car. Those bigger kids that surprisingly always end up fighting in the backseat, that little toddler who is all-the-time restless even if you’ve already brought all his favorite toys, or even that newborn who ends up yapping non-stop in her carseat – those are just some of the unfortunate scenarios you’d always deal with whenever you’re in the car with your little ones.

As one of the leaders in the car removal industry in Melbourne, Rapid Car Removal has extensive experience dealing with cars and car owners. We are here to help parent-drivers such as yourself. We took the time to create a list of some of the most clever car accessories that will make driving with your precious ones a whole lot easier. These top 8 picks will never make those dreadful scenarios go away, but they’ll sure help you out a lot in surviving those countless road trips you’ll have to make with your little “angels”.

Child Safety Seat  – this one is probably the most common and most important car accessory that parents need. The safety of your kids inside a moving vehicle should be of utmost importance. It is best for children from 9mos up to 12 years of age. Invest in car seats that are super comfy and have double-safety chest clips to ensure your tot’s safety. Don’t fret if they are expensive, as you can very well reuse them in case you give birth to another baby.

Backup Camera – driving in reverse or parking properly is a challenge, let alone if you are with your kids. Not all cars have this feature, so it’ll be really helpful if you invest in one. With this gadget installed in your vehicle, parking will most definitely be a breeze especially if you’re with restless and demanding children.

Travel Genie Tray – how many times have you been stressed out with a crying kid in the backseat just because a toy or a food drops inside the car? So you have no choice but to pull over and find ‘that thing’ to stop your tot from yapping. Yeah, we all have. This car accessory is your answer to avoid this scenario.

Kid-friendly sunshades  – if us adults get annoyed by too much sunlight inside the car, what more our little babies and toddlers? This cute and useful accessory most definitely makes driving in the sunshine a lot easier for mums and dads, as well as for the kiddos. You can even find ones that have fun and colorful designs.

Backseat Organizers  – if you are one of those parents who prioritise cleanliness and orderliness inside the car even with children around, then this accessory should be on the top of your list. With pockets and holders of different sizes, storing toys, food, drinks, and other kiddie stuff is easier. Plus, your cleaning must-haves are within your reach as you can put napkins, wet wipes, and garbage bags stored in it as well.

Baby Mirror  – there are times when you really have no choice but to drive alone, but bring your little child with you. So you put him/her in the backseat, of course. This car accessory is but an effective tool to keep your eyes on the road as well as your kid who’s at the back.

Tablet Mount/Holder  – to avoid the dreadful “Are we there yet?”, keeping your child entertained inside the car is but necessary. So in times when toys and food don’t seem to cut it anymore, just pop in a kid-friendly video in your tablet or iPad and place it in this accessory, and they’ll be occupied for a long time (fingers crossed).

Car Seat & Kick Protectorsif you love to take care of your car as much as you love your children, these handy accessories are useful indeed. If you have a toddler who’s still in potty training, if you have that child who loves to kick the back of your driver/passenger seat, or if you have that messy kid who always seem to spill everything in your car seats, these protectors are really worth investing in.

As parents with more complex lifestyles, it really won’t hurt if we’d be willing to invest in gadgets or accessories that can make our lives a bit easier to handle. These are not to make us forget our responsibilities or to replace us, but to aid us in keeping our kids safe and entertained.

Do you have a car that seems unfit and unsafe for your growing family? Well, if you reckon that it is no longer suitable for you and your kids, let us help you take it off your property. We, Rapid Car Removal, is proud of our ‘sell my car’ services. We are one of Melbourne’s besr car wreckers who guarantee to provide our clients with top cash for cars – regardless of their age, make, and condition. Visit our website or call us now to get your free quote!

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Problems with Old Cars

Sometimes, even if you have done all your best to maintain your beloved car, more and more problems will still arise. What is the reason? ‘Coz it’s old. It is now at that point where it is no longer a used car, and now a used-up car. Sadly, it is now nearing (or already) at the last stage of its useful life.

And just like how the elderly are more prone to getting sick, old cars experience the biggest problems. So if you do have an old and used-up car, these troubles and headaches are those that you now encounter: TIMING BELTS snap more often; there’s RUST inside and out; OIL and FILTERS need to be changed more regularly; BRAKE PADS are already worn; FUEL PUMPS stop working; And your list of car headaches go on and on…

So at this point in time, what can you still do to solve all those problems? We, Rapid Car Removal, have been in the car removal and for sale cars Melbourne industries for over two decades now. As experts in the business, we are here to suggest 4 things that you can do to put a stop to those problems and headaches that your old car gives you:


We know that this should be kind of common sense already, but there are still car owners who are stubborn to just let the problems slide and just let their old cars deteriorate until they really stop working. Just to be clear, this is a very costly thing to do. But if you are really determined to still use your old ride, and you have the budget, then by all means do everything it takes to fix those problems. By FIX, we specifically mean that you need to take out the part that is causing you trouble and replace it with a QUALITY one. We know that fixing the part is cheaper, but if you really don’t want to deal with the problem, this is your only option. Afterwards, restore your cockpit. For you to be enticed to use it again, focus on improving the things you actually touch in your car – like replacing the steering wheel. Clean it inside and out. That way, your old car will somehow feel like new.

Now, the bigger problem that most old car owners face is that, no matter how badly they want to still use that vehicle, they don’t have that big of a budget to do an overhaul or restoration project. So if you are in that situation, we still have solutions for that.


And do it right away. While it is still in a running condition, bring to dealers who know how to sell cars even if they do have minor and major problems. Those dealerships that accept used cars for trade in will have your car’s problems fixed and then sell it after for profit. Just a piece of advice, don’t expect to receive a big amount of money though. The fact that they’ll accept a car that is in need of repairs, they’ll be offering you a lower price for it.


If you still haven’t known this by now, there is an enormous market for used auto parts in Melbourne. So if you have that thing for doing car projects, this one is for you. Especially if your car is from a popular brand or model, you can take out the genuine and good running parts and sell it individually at reasonable prices. You can sell body panels, rims, electronic components, car seats, and more. They can be easily sold online.


Even if we used the term “hire”, the best thing about working with pro car wreckers is that you never have to pay anything in order to take advantage of their services. Just like Rapid Car Removal. We will remove, dismantle, and recycle your car regardless of its age and condition. The car removal and hauling services are absolutely free of charge. And the best part is, if you need money to help you buy a new ride, we’ll also help you with that. As we are expert wreckers buying cars Melbourne, we will pay you top dollar for your beloved ride.

So what do you say? Does that solve your biggest old car problems? Waiting it out would never help you in any way. So call us now at 0438 942 754 or simply click [here] to request for your free quote.

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car blogs

Best Car Blogs

Car lovers, enthusiasts, and experts alike constantly search for ways to feed their passion. Whether it be by joining car clubs and forums, posting videos, participating in races, or simply by doing DIY upgrade projects, all just to do what they love. Thankfully, there are some who even found a way to share that passion to others: BLOGGING. These people write anything and everything about cars – from car cleaning tips, how to drive a car like a pro, to buy-and-sell, latest accessories, to car safety tips – name it, and you could definitely find at least a couple of articles about, for sure. Take note, most of these blog sites are made for not for the car devotees, but rather for people who own cars but seem to have little to no knowledge at all about cars.

Being in the Australian automotive industry for more than two decades, we bring you 15 of some of the best car blogs (in no particular order) that we suggest you follow or visit once in a while:

1. DRIVE ( – this site is best known for its impressive and reliable car reviews. Name the car that you want to find more about, they will have a review of it 90% guaranteed.

2. CARS GUIDE ( – they are most popular for having the latest news in the car industry. Readers often look forward to their articles that provide info on cars that they are most excited about.

3. AUSTRALIA CAR TECH ( – blog articles on this site provides info on the latest car technologies – gadgets, entertainment systems, and more.

4. CAR ADVICE ( – we love the fact that bloggers on this site evaluate over 1,000 cars per year; in the same way providing excellent car buying and car selling tips to the not-so-experienced. They are sort of a matchmaking site for cars and people.

5. TMR ( – this blog site is perfect for people with specific needs. They cater to all kinds of certain car buyers for family, sports, luxury, and more.

6. GSS ( – specifically suggested for the car fanatics. Their articles usually discuss car racing, engineering, and even club meets

7. AUSTRALIAN MUSCLE CAR ( – if you are those Vin Diesel types who just simply love muscle cars, don’t think twice. Follow them now.

8. AUTOBLOG ( – what’s great about their blogs is that they cover technically everything you want to find out about cars. Their loyal followers love their light-hearted and humoristic blogs and those articles about green cars.

9. RIDELUST ( – looking for easy to understand instructional blogs that contain videos like How to Paint Your Car? Check out this blog site. They feature visually-striking and entertaining blogs, hilarious car care tips, and even car fail photos.

10. MOTORATOR ( – for the die-hard car fanatics, this site is created just for you. If you’re really interested in learning everything, you can find very technical car articles as well as blogs on the latest gadgets and engine technologies.

11. PRACTICAL MOTORING ( – looking for car wash tips, new car reviews, and must-know info for newbie car owners? Here’s the blog site that is recommended for you.

12. THE AUSTRALIAN ( – if you want to be updated with the latest news and events in the automotive industry in Australia, the most reliable sources write blogs for this site.

13. AUTOMOTIVE BLOG AUSTRALIA ( – if you prefer reading blogs that specifically provide news, tips, and reviews for Aussies, this is the site to follow.

14. BEST SELLING CARS ( – want to buy the latest and most popular cars today? Make it easier to choose and study your options by reading the articles from this blog site.

15. CAR ENVY ( – if you are more comfortable reading car blogs that have a more personal approach, this is the site to check out and follow. The author provides a lot of food for thought instead of those articles that are full of jargon and technical stuff.

Special thanks to the internet, we now have easy access to more information than ever. If we want to be in-the-loop (in the car world, that is), it’s just a click or a touch away. Following blogs is a great way to be informed and entertained all at the same time.

But if you’ve got problems regarding old and scrap cars, head straight to Rapid Car Removal’s website. Apart from our convenient and fast services, we also feature blogs and articles that may help you with your aging car’s needs. Check us out now.

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sell my car

Professional car salesmen and dealership agents are trained how to sell cars using different strategies. They are trained how to deal with different kinds of clients exhibiting different buying behaviors. But if you are just someone who wants to sell car for cash Melbourne, how will you go about the whole process effectively without having that kind of training?

If it is your very first time to put up for sale cars Melbourne, going through the whole task can seem daunting. But as one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers, we here at Rapid Car Removal ought to tell you that it shouldn’t be as stressful and intimidating at it seems. Even without the training and experience, and even if it’s your first time, it is still possible to get through it easily and achieve your goal. As experts in the automotive industry, we are here to help you by providing you the essential things you need to know when it comes to selling your car.

These tips are proven and tested by experts in providing car selling services. They will not only help you achieve your goal of getting the highest amount for your car; but also: to make the selling experience less excruciating AND to minimise the potential hazards of selling a car on your own – getting into scams and being ripped off.

1. TIMING MATTERS. If it is important to know the right time for buying a car, that goes the same for selling one. Timing can also make a big difference in selling cars. Know if it’s the best time to sell an SUV, family car, or sedan. This is also the key to getting it sold faster.TIMING MATTERS. If it is important to know the right time for buying a car, that goes the same for selling one. Timing can also make a big difference in selling cars. Know if it’s the best time to sell an SUV, family car, or sedan. This is also the key to getting it sold faster.

2. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Being updated and well-informed is the very first step in protecting yourself as a seller. No training is necessary for you to be able to sell your car fast; but knowing a thing or two about what you’re getting yourself into is the wisest thing you can do to avoid unfortunate circumstances ahead.

3. MAKE YOUR CAR LOOK ITS BEST. Do this not to deceive your buyers, but to get their attention and to create a desire for them to buy your car. Think of it like getting into a job interview. You get there looking your best not to deceive your potential employer, but to make them take a second look at you and be more interested in what you have to offer.

4. TAKE REALLY GOOD PHOTOS. There’s no need to hire a professional photographer for this one. What we’re trying to say is, put in a little more effort on taking those photos because if you are using online ads, that is the only way to make potential buyers look into your car. There are lots of tips you can search on the internet on how to make your pictures Instagram-worthy.

5. MAKE SURE TO USE EFFECTIVE LISTINGS. Once you’ve done Tip #1 and 2, it’ll be easier to know which listings (online and offline) you can use to reach your potential buyers. If you are selling your old family minivan, go into listings and sites that reach out to parents.

6. SCREEN ALL CALLERS & BUYERS. Because you have put your contact information on those listings, expect a number of calls and emails from different kinds of strangers. Put in a little time in conversing with that person in order for you to screen them thoroughly. Just make sure to ask nicely so as not to give a wrong impression – you wouldn’t know if that person you’re talking to might already be THE buyer. Avoid those who will make you an offer without actually seeing your car first.

7. PRACTICE A SALES PITCH. Yes, we’re serious. This is rarely done by private car sellers, that is why we’re giving you this as one of the expert car selling tips. When you meet interested buyers, think like a salesman. Switch into your perky and accommodating self while gradually and honestly telling all the good things about your car. Avoid hard-selling, but make sure to stress out the benefits and advantages over the flaws.

8. PREPARE DOCUMENTS BEFOREHAND. This is to save you time and more stress afterwards. Some buyers might be rushing to buy, so give them another reason for them to get on with buying your car because you have already prepared the documents for them already. Make them see that you are a very reliable and easy car seller to deal with.

9. RECOVER ALL RECORDS. This is another one that many people fail to prioritise. Find and collect all papers that pertain to your car.  Apart from the registration and insurance papers, maintenance records and receipts of repairs and upgrades, are also important. This will show your buyer that you have indeed taken good care of your car.

10. BE OPEN TO NEGOTIATIONS. We know that all of you have a price goal in mind. However, we cannot really dictate how much the potential buyers are willing to shell out for your car, no matter how bad they want it. Our best advice here is to set a price a little higher than your goal amount to make room for haggles.

With all the information found on the internet, keep in mind that people nowadays are also well-informed and somehow “trained” how to buy a car in the best deal. Thus, as the seller, all you need is to do the same. Customers are not right all the time; but also know that you would not be able to sell your car at your desired price if you wouldn’t put your best effort into it as well. Just be smart, calm, and reasonable everytime you’re dealing with interested buyers, and you’ll see that you have actually breezed through it already having that payment in your hands.

If you’re feeling kinda hopeless about getting your car sold, and you really need that money as soon as possible, consider Rapid Car Removal. We are reputable for providing our clients instant top cash for cars in all makes, models, and conditions. If you want to know how much we can pay for your old ride, simply dial 0438 942 754 or click here to get your free quote.

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There are some car owners who would sleep in their cars if they could. But let’s face it, no matter how in love you are with your car, you simply can’t watch over it 24/7. So in order for you to have that peace of mind, all that’s left to do is to give it the proper shelter and protection it needs while you are away.

The proper storage of any car will provide its owner or driver less worries because it ensure protection from damages, minimal deterioration, and even an easier way to get it back on the road again. And whether we’re talking about short or long-term storage, both are in need of your extra time, effort, and maybe a little bit of your budget, too.

Rapid Car Removal is a leading company in the old car removal and cash for cars Melbourne industry. With our two decades in the junk car wreckers and used car buyers industry, we have mastered the art of removing, recycling, disposing, and even storing cars. Let us help you store your car in the right way by following these simple tips:

If you need to store a car that is used almost everyday here are the things you should remember:

  1. Indoor storage is always better! A car cover isn’t necessary because you’ll be using the vehicle everyday. By keeping it in a roofed and secured indoor parking area or garage, you are protecting your ride from weather conditions, dust, and more.
  2. If you live in an area where you simply have no choice but to park your car outside, make sure to choose a spot that is nearest your place. Keep it away from trees, parks, sports fields, and construction zones, if possible. And should you have budget for it, buy a weatherproof car cover that is made from breathable fabric.

But if you need to go for a very long vacation or business trip; or if you have a sports or vintage car that you won’t be using as often, here are all the things that you must do:

1. Clear interiors and exteriors of your car thoroughly. Wax the car’s body well. If you have the means, get your car to an auto detailing center for a professional clean. Never forget to take out all the trash and unnecessary items inside your car.

2. Change oil and filter. Fresh oil will keep your engine from corrosion. Just make sure to run the engine a bit in order to circulate the fresh oil.

3. Top up your fuel. Head to the nearest petrol station and fill up your gas tank with a premium type of petrol. And to avoid the fuel being gummy,  buy some fuel stabilizer and mix it with the fresh fuel. You may drive it around before heading back home to make sure the stabilizer and fuel are properly mixed in your car’s system.

4. Inflate tyres to proper pressure. Never leave your tyres under or over inflated for a long time, to avoid having flat spots on your car’s precious tyres. Double check if each of them has the recommended air pressure. If you’ll be away for more than 3 months, it is best to remove your tyres completely, or have your car jacked up in an axle stand.

5. Seal your car’s openings. To keep insects and other critters from getting into your car system, stuff openings (like air intake and exhaust pipes) with rags or plastic bags stuffed with steel wool. Close the sunroof and put the top up, if your car is a convertible.

6. Get a battery maintainer. If you want to keep your battery from freezing, toasting, and charging out, using a battery maintainer will do the trick. Make sure to connect it properly though.

7. Never use your car’s handbrake. For long-term storage, it is always a must to release your car’s handbrake. If you won’t be able to raise your car using a jack, then using chocks under your tyres are still as effective in preventing movement.

8. Inject some fresh grease. Because parts of your car won’t be used or moved for a long time, it’s best that you put some fresh grease on the greased fittings of your car – hinges, latches, locks, and more.

9. Protect your wiper blades. Keep your wiper blades from sticking permanently to your windshield. You have 2 options. One is to completely remove the blades and then store them properly. The other one is by putting plastic wraps under the wiper blades.

10. Lock and cover. Never forget to close your windows and lock your doors. Double check if you have left anything on or open. You may opt to put a car cover or not, depending on how safe and protected your car is in that exact spot.

Saying your last goodbyes or better yet, see-you-laters to your beloved ride is much easier when you know you have done your part in properly maintaining and storing it. When you get back and you see that your car is still in top shape as you have last seen or driven, you’ll know that these steps are definitely worth taking.

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damage car

They say that even though it’s unfortunate, Melburnians are somehow used to experiencing ‘crazy weather’. At times there are heatwaves, sometimes there are heavy rains and thunderstorms, and then high temperatures again. According to, there are some suburbs in Melbourne that are at risk of flooding. Among these are Southbank, Port Melbourne, Lang Lang, Flemington, Koo Wee Rup, and others. Apart from Melbourne, there are also other places in the country that are prone to flooding.

Knowing all these makes it harder to find and buy used cars, especially if you know that the seller is from an area that always gets flooded. So how many of you have experienced this or know someone who told you this line: “I am planning to sell my car because someone is selling me his used car. But I’m kinda having second thoughts as the deal is too good to be true.” And then your mind is bombarded with different thoughts on why that car is such a good buy. Aside from dealing with scam artists, lemon cars, rebuilt wrecks, and more, there are also vehicles that have been at the mercy of environmental disasters; let alone, FLOODS. Well, as someone who is willing to let go of his old ride just to get that so-called good deal, it is your utmost right to know whether or not the vehicle is free from any kind of damage.

Because Rapid Car Removal has been in the car recycling and cash for cars Melbourne industry for more than two decades, we are here to help you determine whether or not that used car has experienced severe flooding at least once in its life. Just a quick expert reminder, some owners sell their used cars intentionally because they are flooded. So will they do everything in their power to conceal signs of damage.

Here are some tips on how you can spot a flooded vehicle:

Do a quick visual check

There could be times when the owner has missed some spots or traces of flood so be sure to be wary of those. Search for fabric stains, unusual watermarks, grass and other debris hanging from the radiator or undercarriage, discoloration in the trims, and the like.

Look for dried mud and damp areas

Even if the owner most probably had the car cleaned and detailed, there are still some areas of the car that are hard to reach and somewhat inaccessible. So see if there are dried mud at edge of the dashboard, under the windshield, under the seats, and so on. There are also parts of the car that are difficult to dry completely like under the matting and even the carpet and spare tire area inside the trunk. Make sure to run your hands against the surfaces and gently tap to feel if there could be water or mud.

Inspect for rust

It is quite normal for used and old cars to have rust spots here and there. So make sure to find those areas wherein there’s really deep-seated excessive rust and corrosion under the bonnet, in the fuse box, in the wires under the dash, and even in the lighter socket.

Spot for “misty eyes”

If you see all the exterior lights of the car not moist, but with water inside, then that definitely isn’t normal. All these exterior lights should also be free from traces of any discoloration and watermarks.

Get a good smell of the whole car

Sniff all the areas of the car, like a really good sniffing around. The unpleasant smell from anything that is flooded is very hard to remove; especially within the interior of vehicles. Even if there’s an air freshener, the pungent and musty smell of mold and mildew is hard to put off.

Turn on the heating and A/C system

If there is trapped water in the heating and air conditioning system of the car, it could lead to uncontrolled condensation. So once you ride in the car and turn it on, check if the windows will quickly steam and moisten up.

Check all the electrics

Water is the worst enemy of any kind of electrical system. So if the car is really flooded, most likely, the electric parts of the car are those that have suffered much. Check the power windows, the exterior and interior lights, the lighter, and all of those.

Please be knowledgeable enough to understand that even if all these are present, it doesn’t automatically mean that the car was damaged by flood. These are reminders and tips that could lead you to the most important thing you shouldn’t forget: ASK THE OWNER STRAIGHT UP. Remember that those who are hiding something, are those who are really defensive. Our tips as experts in the cash for cars and car wreckers Melbourne industry? Well, be vigilant and intuitive. If your guts tell you not to go on with that purchase because it’s too good to be true, then maybe it really is.

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Choosing A New Car To Buy

When choosing a new car to buy, what factors mean to you the most? What do you prioritize, its price tag? Popularity? Size? Safety features? Riding comfort? Speed? Resale value? While all those are important, there’s still that one thing you probably forgot to consider: How much will it cost you to keep, use, and maintain that car? If you are indeed a smart car buyer, you will also think about future costs after buying that vehicle.

That’s where the talk about fuel economy comes in. Most vehicles run on petrol or diesel. So if you are thinking of buying a car, you must already be prepared to allot a portion of your disposable income for fuel expenses. If you add up all the money you spend on topping up your car’s fuel in its whole lifetime, you might be taken aback because it’s A LOT.  We are not trying to discourage you from buying one, it’s just that you really have to be prepared for it – mentally AND financially.

Now to help make things easier for you, as one of the best car wreckers and leading company in the car removal Melbourne market, Rapid Car Removal ought to introduce to you some of the most fuel efficient cars we have in today’s market (in no particular order):

MITSUBISHI Mirage 1.2Leven without a hybrid drivetrain, this baby is considered to be one of the most fuel-efficient cars in the world to date. It prides itself in running up to 16.6 kilometers per litre in combined driving and can even go all the way to 18.2 km/L in highway driving. If you are looking for a fuel-saving everyday car, then this might be the one (if you’re not in need of a spacious car by the way)

HONDA Civic 1.5Lshould you need a sedan that doesn’t skimp on looks, popularity, resale value, comfort, safety, and fuel-efficiency, this one is certainly a great choice. It only needs 12.8 gallons of fuel to drive 100 miles. That’s 14.9km/L in city driving and 17.8km/L in highway driving.

MAZDA 2 Hatchlooking for a car that’s great for city driving? The Mazda 2 hatchback is a good choice. The EPA has announced its impressive 14.9kpL fuel efficiency in combined driving. Its 1.5-liter engine boasts of its six-speed automated gearbox and a high-tech transmission.

HYUNDAI Elantra 1.4with its turbocharged 1.4 liter-engine, this sedan boasts of an EPA rating of 13.6 kilometres per liter in city and 17 kilometers per liter in combined driving. With Hyundai’s recent efforts to improve their car models’ exterior, safety, technology, and fuel efficiency, no doubt that the Elantra is one of today’s cars that is truly on the most sought-after lists.

FORD Fiesta SFE 1.0  – another in the compact car category, Ford takes great pride in the Fiesta’s Super Fuel Economy package. But don’t belittle its 1.0 liter 3-cylinder engine, as it boasts of its 15.7 kilometres per liter EPA rating in highway, and 18.3 km/L in combined driving. Despite its size, owners of this car love its fun personality and precise handling.

Despite these cars’ respective fuel economy ratings by the EPA, know that these will not guarantee that you will save a whole lot of money in the future. Those will still be affected of course by the ever-changing oil prices in the market as well as your usage and driving behaviours. In conclusion, because buying a car is a rather large purchase, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Still choose the one that best suits your budget, personality, needs, and lifestyle.

Is your old car causing you to spend more on fuel every month or every year? Maybe it has reached its age and usage limit. Maybe it’s time to let go of it now. Rapid Car Removal is here to help you with that. We are not part of Melbourne’s leading car buyers if we are not known for providing top cash for cars and superior service to our clients. Call us not at 0438 942 754  or simply visit our website to enquire.

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car headlights

While there are parts in your automobile that make unusual sounds, odors, and even alerts when they are worn and in need of replacing, there are also those that most of the time end up being neglected. Unfortunately, the headlights are just one of those. They don’t actually behave oddly when a problem is on the rise, unlike other car parts. But being one of those doesn’t really mean that they aren’t of any importance. Sadly, car owners and drivers only notice that they are in need of extra attention only when the light seems weak. And so now they all ask, even with regular car washing and cleaning of headlights, why do they still turn foggy, hazy, or yellowish?

Rapid Car Removal is one of the pioneers in the car wreckers and cash for cars Melbourne industry. We are also suppliers of top-quality replacement car parts. Having said that, we are here to give you a clearer picture of why car headlights end up that way and what can you do in order to stop or prevent it from happening.

Why do they turn yellowish and cloudy?

Our car headlights end up that way mainly because they are made from plastic. Because plastics are porous, carmakers cover them with a protective film. These protective films are of course effective for a certain number of years; but they are still due to wearing out after some time. More specifically, because they are exterior car parts, their wear is greatly affected by environmental elements such as:

  • Oxidation – when the polycarbonate lens is exposed to the air and UV rays
  • Road Damage – small rocks and other debris get inside the lens
  • Dirt & Chemicals over time, all the dirt, pollution, sand, as well as road salts accumulate and form layers on your lenses
  • Water Vapor – it is created inside the headlights because of the moisture content in the trapped air

In a nutshell, here’s what happens:

HEAT from the bulbs + UV rays + harsh external elements = foggy & yellowish headlights

So what do you do?

A sad reality is, some car owners only see this as a problem because they don’t look good. Which shouldn’t be the case. It is actually a safety problem. Clouded and yellowish headlights reduce your light’s strength and area of coverage – making it hard or rather impossible to drive in dark, snowy, and stormy places. And because the culprits are things we couldn’t really control, here are some of the things we can do on our part.

If you see your car headlights still in good condition, you may do this to prevent them from clouding and yellowing sooner:

  • Be extra careful in polishing them. If you polish them too hard, you might just easily break its clear protective coating.
  • When cleaning headlights, make sure to use ONLY automotive soaps. And note that you must clean them not too often though. Cleaning can reduce dirt layers and chemicals that make them yellow, but the suggested frequency is to do it every 3 months or just when you see it’s really needed.
  • Always have it parked and rested in your garage. Should you need to park somewhere in the outdoors, if possible, position your car in a way that it’s not facing the sunlight.

If in case you already see them turning foggy and yellow, take the time to address them immediately to avoid worsening the case and ending up in buying replacements sooner. You may:

  • Invest in headlight restoration kits. Many kinds are available online and in your local auto stores. Just research which ones fit your budget and needs.
  • Should you prefer to DIY, wet sand and buff them carefully. Some even have them waxed after buffing for extra protection.

In conclusion, it is really wrong to think that there are parts of your car that can be neglected. Just like our bodies, every single part is significant. If you are that kind of car owner or driver who always choose to put off or delay maintenance jobs like taking care of your headlights, always remember that procrastination has its price. So if you don’t want to deal with it now, better be prepared for a more serious car trouble in the future.

If you have done all the aforementioned tips but your car headlights are still foggy and yellowish, your last recourse is to replace them. And as we mentioned, Rapid Car Removal has been in the car wreckers Melbourne and “sell my car” industry for two decades. We are the company you can trust if you need quality car parts, including headlights. Our wide inventory boasts of interior, exterior, and engine parts for cars of all brands, makes, and models.

Call 0438 942 754 to enquire.

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Petrol-powered vehicles basically run on controlled explosions of energy. Those explosions are caused and controlled partly by spark plugs. They ignite the air and fuel mixture; and the explosion, caused by electrons at the end of plug, is converted into energy that causes crankshaft motion. Having said that, without these spark plugs, your gasoline engine won’t really take you anywhere.

If you use your car regularly, the spark plugs will most definitely wear over time. The electrodes will eventually deteriorate and make the electrons’ needed gap too wide. If you’re having troubles starting your car, if the engine seems to have a rough idle, if you notice a higher fuel consumption, or if your engine misfires and surges, those are signs that you need to have your spark plugs replaced already.

As one of the leading companies in the car wreckers Melbourne market, Rapid Car Removal is committed to helping car owners make the most out of their cars. As car buyers with two decades of experience, we have extensive knowledge about cars.  We truly believe that if you still have that luxury to do DIY repairs and other projects on your car, by all means, enjoy it while you still can. Having said that, we are here to help teach you on how to replace your spark plugs without actually screwing up.

First things first, avoid that last-minute rush to the hardware store and prepare these tools beforehand:

  • Socket/ratchet set
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Extension bar
  • Gap gauge
  • Torque wrench
  • Spark plug wire puller
  • Swivel socket

Step 1:  Let your engine cool first. Remove loose dirt from your engine before actually doing anything. Blow off the crud from the ignition coils to prevent them from falling into the cylinders. If there’s still a plastic cover on top of your engine, remove it carefully.

Step 2:  Detach the coil electrical connector by depressing or pulling off the lock tab. Then twist the ignition coil to break loose the O-ring seal. Now remove the old spark plug boot assembly out. Some engines have detachable spark plug boot assembly and spring. If they don’t remove easily, you may use needle-nose pliers.

Step 3:  Before you pull the old spark plug out, it’s also important that you remove the dirt and crud that have settled around it. Using a swivel-head plug socket and an extension bar, unscrew now your old spark plug by rotating it counter-clockwise.

Step 4:  Always remember to check the spark plug gap before installing a new one. Using the gap gauge, select the correct wire gauge between the electrodes.

Step 5:  Using the proper ratchet-socket wrench is critical in fixing today’s car engines. Always buy the one that is according to your car manufacturer’s specifications. But because spark plugs today now have anti-corrosive thread coatings, it’s a lot easier to install new ones. Just screw them in and finish up with the proper torque wrench setting. You may check in your vehicle service manual to know the exact torque setting of the plugs.

Step 6:  Lubricate the boot assembly first before reinstalling the ignition coil. Squeeze a pea-sized amount of dielectric silicone compound into the spark plug boot and spread it using the applicator. Make sure to properly reinstall coil, bolt, and electrical connector. Wait for it to “snap” on. Note that if this is done incorrectly, you may cause your engine to misfire.

Roughly, spark plugs today last about 30,000 to 70,000 mile-intervals. But to make it easier for you, just religiously follow your car manufacturer’s recommended spark plug service intervals.

It really pays to get your hands dirty at least once or twice in your car’s lifetime. Experiencing even the simplest of DIY repair or maintenance jobs will make you appreciate and take care of your car more.

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car warranty

One of the perks of buying a brand new car is having a warranty. By definition, according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, “A manufacturer’s warranty is a promise to the consumer that the vehicle will be free from defects for a certain period of time”. This is your protection as new car owners, just in case something unexpectedly goes wrong with your brand new ride. And thanks to car makers today, they now provide longer warranties unlike before. And so if you really want to take advantage of that promise, you’d have to do everything in your power to keep it intact for as long as you could.

Still, many issues arise whenever we talk about new car warranties. Dealers will tell you in some misleading way (if not blatantly) that you need to have your car serviced with them in order to keep your warranty valid. Which shouldn’t really be the case if you read your manufacturer’s manual and take it word for word. Because technically, your warranty only gets voided when you yourself has caused or contributed to the car problem. Having said that, what safety measures should car owners do in order to keep their new warranties from being void?

Rapid Car Removal is one of the leading companies in the car removal and cash for cars Melbourne market. We have been in the automobile industry for more than two decades now. We are here to help you know the dos and don’ts in keeping your new car warranty intact:

Follow maintenance schedules religiously:  

Car makers set car service maintenance schedules for important reasons. They are there in your car owner’s bible to be followed and not neglected. If let’s say one year has passed since you last had it serviced, your warranty will most likely be voided.

Get qualified servicing and repairs:

There is no car manufacturer that tells owners not to have their cars serviced in independent auto repair shops. However, in order to keep your warranty intact, you should be wise in choosing which repair shop or mechanic to go with. They should be qualified and authorized to do the work. They should use only original parts for your car.

Always use the right fuel, oils and liquids:  

Doing this will not only keep your warranty valid; but also it will save you from serious car engine problems. Never ever put diesel in a petrol vehicle, or vice versa. Any damage that occurs because of the use of wrong or low-quality oils and liquids is not covered in your warranty.

Don’t modify the structure of the vehicle:

If the vehicle’s structure is changed in any way, it is an obvious and outright reason for the manufacturer or dealer to deny your warranty. So delay your plans of changing your car’s looks until the time your warranty lapses.

Never make performance upgrades:

If you’re the type of car driver or owner who is never satisfied in how your vehicle runs, then don’t expect to get anything from your warranty. The manufacturers tune your vehicle according to its own parts. So if you want to change anything to boost your car’s performance, your warranty will be voided.

Only use the car for which it is intended for:

Never abuse your car. For example, if your bought a small hatchback and you use for off-road racing, most likely your car will get serious damages. Well, the repair of those damages will not be covered by your warranty.

Don’t use aftermarket or counterfeit parts and kits:

That doesn’t mean that you can only buy parts from a dealership; it’s just that you need to shy away first from those cheaper aftermarket parts and kits if you want to keep your warranty valid.

Keep it protected from environmental damages:

Warranties will never cover repairs for damages caused by storms, floods, earthquakes, and the like. So make sure your vehicle is properly protected during these environmental disasters.

Never alter your odometer:

We can’t actually say why some owners and drivers do this. But just in case, never ever disconnect, tamper, or replace your car’s odometer if you want to take advantage of the warranty. By doing so, the dealer won’t be a able to verify your car’s correct mileage.

Keep paper trails of all repairs and services done:  

The last and probably the most important of them all. Should you have chosen to bring your car to an independent repair shop, secure all receipts and documents that clearly explain what was done in your car, what kinds of parts and fluids are placed, and all those. If you have done a DIY repair on it, you may keep the receipts of the parts or fluids you have bought for your car. These will serve as proof that you did nothing to void your warranty.

Choosing to have your vehicle repaired at the dealership or by a trusted mechanic is most definitely up to you. In a nutshell, just be reminded that your new car’s warranty will be voided whenever you incur damages from unauthorized repair and modification, fake parts, and environmental causes. But if you have the luxury to let your new car warranty be voided, then by all means, modify or use your car however you want it.

If you have a car that is too expensive or seems impossible to repair, we, Rapid Car Removal, is here to be of help. With warranty or not, working or not, with insurance or not, all cars are welcome. As one of the top companies in the car wreckers Melbourne industry, we provide our clients top cash for cars regardless of their vehicle’s age and condition. Our ‘sell my car’ service guarantees free car removal. We will efficiently remove you old, scrap, wrecked or junk cars without additional costs. Contact us today!

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Engine Overheating

The temperature gauge is in the red zone. The engine warning lights won’t go off. And there’s steam coming from your hood. Uh-oh, those things tell you that you are now experiencing one of the most dreaded car troubles – OVERHEATING. It’s said to be the engine’s enemy; when your car temperature climbs to a point where mechanical damage can occur. If this is not immediately and properly addressed, your car’s engine might be in need of a total overhaul.

Because we are one of Melbourne’s leading used car buyers and junk car wreckers, we ought to help you successfully avoid this situation. In order to effectively prevent this from happening, one thing is certain: we need to arm ourselves first with proper knowledge about engine overheating.


What causes it?

In general, if the engine is overheating, there could be a problem with the cooling system. It consists of parts such as the water pump, thermostat, radiator, heater core, and coolant hoses. If one of these are broken or worn, that may cause your car to overheat. Even if almost everything stems from lack of cooling circulation, we still have to understand the specific reasons why car engines overheat:

  • Your coolant level is too low or there might be a coolant leak. When there is a leak, or there’s too much space in the coolant container, air eventually gets sucked in and circulated. Once it rises to the top of your cooling system, an airlock happens, and your engine starts heating up.
  • The radiator fan isn’t supplying enough air for your engine. When this happens, replacing it might be too complex for you to DIY. Make sure to get help from your trusty mechanic if you need to immediately replace your radiator fan.
  • There’s a cooling system blockage. The coolant can’t seem to circulate to your radiator maybe because: the thermostat doesn’t open like it should; there are mineral deposits in your radiator; or there’s a foreign object in your cooling system.
  • There’s water pump failure. Your water pump has a bearing or impeller that turns constantly. Once it breaks or gets worn, it’ll make your engine heat up in an instant.
  • There might be problems with the important belts and chains in the engine. Usually the timing belt and serpentine belt makes annoying squeaking sounds if they are already worn. If you don’t replace them on time and keep using them even if they’re torn or broken, they’ll eventually cause an overheated engine.
  • At the very least, your oil levels shouldn’t be the cause of an overheated engine. It’s a no brainer that if there’s less or no oil, there’s more friction in the engine. But there really are drivers or owners who neglect maintaining proper oil levels and so they eventually make their car engines overheat.


How do I prevent it from happening?

Now that you are aware of the things that may cause your car engine to overheat, it’s a lot easier to know what you can do to prevent it. Well, in a nutshell, proper maintenance and regular inspection are always keys to avoid serious car troubles. But in order to make clear of the things you should do to prevent engine overheating, keep these handy tips in mind:

  • Check if your radiator cap is in good condition and see if your radiator has debris.
  • Always keep an eye on your temperature gauge. Address it immediately to prevent it from going to the red area.
  • It’s always handy to keep 1 gallon of extra coolant and 1 gallon of distilled water in your trunk.
  • Check for leaks under your car.
  • Top off your coolant regularly.
  • Inspect timing and serpentine belts religiously.
  • Always have your whole cooling system checked by a professional mechanic.


Engine overheating, like other car troubles, can happen at the worst possible time. Fortunately, we can better equip ourselves in order to effectively avoid that situation. And as with any other vehicle maintenance job, you just have to take the time to understand it and put in a little effort. So that even if it’s scorching hot in those summer days, you will never have to deal with an overheating engine.


Do you have a car that seems to overheat and break down almost every time you get it on the road? Maybe it’s about time that you let it go. We are a trusted and reputable car removal company in Melbourne for more than two decades now. We’ll be happy to take that inefficient and unsafe junk vehicle off your hands and pay you top cash for it. Call us now at 0438 942 754.

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Car Tyres


Sometimes, car owners tend to just worry about their car’s engines– forgetting easily that it’s the tyres that are technically the most abused part of your vehicle. And because they are the ones that are directly in contact with the road, our car’s tyres are also the most susceptible to wear and tear.

Maintaining your car’s tyres regularly is the key to a safe and efficient driving. It will help you save money as you won’t need to buy and replace them very often. It will also help you save on fuel expenses. Well maintained car tyres also means that you and your passengers will most likely enjoy your trip with no hassles or accidents. It will help your car’s engine and other important parts to function more efficiently. And, it will also help maintain your car’s value.

Rapid Car Removal is one of the most trusted companies in the car removal Melbourne market. We have witnessed and handled vehicles that have the best and worst conditioned tyres. And so, as car wrecking experts, we ought to give you some tips on how to keep your tyres in good shape:


Avoid driving carelessly

Driving at high speed. Drifting. Doing hard turns and breaks. Stop-and-go driving. While there is nothing wrong about experiencing these exhilarating driving moments every now and then, doing these more often could easily wear out your tyres. If you have money to splurge on new tyres often, then it’d be no problem. But if you aim to prolong the lifespan of your car’s tyres, then think twice before you go and do “Fast and The Furious” stunts again.

Check & maintain correct tyre pressure

Keeping your tyres under-inflated is the worst you can do to them. It results to irregular tyre wear, increased fuel consumption, loss of control, and a more tired engine. Remember, tyres can appear not to be flat even if they need more than 50% of air pressure. As an added tip, it’s a best practice to have your tyres checked every time you decide to top up your fuel. In that way, you won’t be able to forget about maintaining the correct tyre pressure. It is also recommended to occasionally check the air pressure of your spare tyre, as you’ll never know when you’re gonna need it.

Inspect tyre treads regularly

Good tyre treads will help your car ensure maximum grip and traction on the road. This means, it’ll make you effectively avoid skidding, hydroplaning, etc. So check and measure if the tread depth is at least 1.6mm. Others say insert a penny into the tread groove to easily see if your tyre treads are all worn out. If you see almost the whole body of the coin, then it’s time to replace it.

Respect your car’s tyre load capacity

Not because it fits in your vehicle, doesn’t mean you have to maximise the space. Maximising the space also means maximising your car’s weight capacity. Each type of tyre has a corresponding load index, which is the maximum weight it can carry. When vehicles are loaded beyond their tyres’ maximum load index, it can result to excessive heat in the tyre, and can eventually cause sudden tyre damage.

Rotate your tyres and keep wheels aligned

To ensure that your tyres are worn evenly, make sure to have them rotated every 10,000 km or every 6 months. Even tyre wearing helps extend the life of your tyres and will enable you to save money. If your wheels are properly aligned, you protect them from irregular wear and rapid damage. It also helps you get better handling and fuel efficiency.


Not only do well-conditioned tyres save you fuel and money; but more importantly, they help keep you (and those riding with you) safe on the road. So think of doing proper tyre care not as an added chore, but as a necessity. You must also know exactly when you need to replace them.

If maintaining or replacing your old car’s tyres doesn’t seem to cut it anymore, maybe it’s a way of your vehicle telling you it’s already tired and done for. Maybe it has finally reached it’s final leg. When that time comes, call us at 0438 942 754. Rapid Car Removal is here to have your old or wrecked car removed free of charge. Our team of seasoned car buyers, car removal specialists and vehicle evaluators are always ready to help you.

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safe driving tips

Having your very first car and getting your driver’s license are probably some of your most anticipated milestones as you enter into adulthood. But passing the driver’s license test or driving your very first car is just the tip of the iceberg; wait until you finally get a taste of the real thing. Statistics say that most new drivers get into car accidents usually during their first two years in driving. It really is fun and exciting, but you should also take into consideration that driving can also be a dangerous thing.

As one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers, we’ve had many experiences in taking vehicles that were totally wrecked from collision and other road accidents. So we say, it really won’t hurt if you will take some precautions and practice strict safe driving habits until you can finally get the hang of things. This will keep you, your passengers, and your car safe from harm’s way. Here, we’ve come up with a list of the best safe driving tips to help new drivers effectively prevent fender benders:


Know everything about your car

Be familiar or memorise all the features of your vehicle. You wouldn’t want to panic in the middle of the road when you trying to find the buttons or switches to deactivate some functions. Simple as it seems, but this can easily distract drivers and eventually get them on an accident. Read the manual cover to cover. Take your time sitting inside the car and learn how all of its features work. Mastering your ride is the first step to being safe on the road.


Religiously follow traffic rules and regulations

This is technically a must for all drivers – beginners or experts. But somehow, there are some who just follow in order to pass their driver’s license test. Which shouldn’t be the case. Rules are made and imposed for everyone’s safety. And so, if you do really care about safety, following traffic rules shouldn’t take too much of your effort; it must come naturally. Wear your seatbelt. Observe speed limits. Use signals all the time – these are just some of the most basic but most important rules to follow.


Drive in short distances first

Sometimes, drivers need to be familiar with the places they’re going to before actually driving there. Traffic regulations and driving cultures vary in different locations. So because you are just starting off and building your driving experiences, stick to near distances first. That way, you’d be able to develop and instill good driving attitudes before actually taking on that long trip.


Plan your route well

Sure there can be GPS and navigation apps that can easily help you out. However, some newbie drivers panic when they are in an unfamiliar route. Because you are still not used to driving that much, lots of unexpected things can happen to you for the very first time and being in an unfamiliar place can cause anxiety and distraction.


Discard all distractions

Two things any driver shouldn’t forget, EVER: keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. Refrain from doing and entertaining anything and everything that can keep your eyes and hands from where they should be. Don’t text, call, eat, drink, and all those activities that can make you lose your concentration.


Make rules for passengers

We totally understand how important it is for you to show off your driving skills to your family or mates. However, keep in mind that you are still new at this. Showing off by driving at high speeds or doing unnecessary driving tricks could be dangerous for you and them. If you really have to drive your family members or mates, remind them that you are still a rookie and that distractions are never welcome. Should you really need to impress them, show off your smooth, safe, and law-abiding driving skills.


Practice driving in all kinds of weather conditions

Extreme weather conditions are sometimes the cause of many road accidents. So it’s better to learn how to efficiently drive in those situations. Practice with the presence of a more experienced driver for safety. Learn how to drive in dark places, during hard rains and snow, etc. It’s best that you already have a taste of these challenging situations. It will be of great help to improving and mastering your driving skills.


Practice road courtesy

Be generous, patient, and forgiving while on the road. Give other motorists their right of way. This is very important in developing a good and positive driving attitude. If you are in a situation where you can’t determine who has the right of way, rule of thumb that it’s best to let the other driver/s have it. When you encounter rude and ruthless drivers, just let them be. Don’t get mad and retaliate. It’s not for their good, but yours.


Observe proper speed and distance

Overspeeding should really be off-limits to beginners, at the very least. Wait until you’ve come to the point where you’re really familiar with the road or highway you’re driving in and when you’ve mastered your car’s handling. Also, avoid driving too closely to another vehicle. The general rule is that you start slowing down at least two cars apart from the one that’s in front of you.


Keep calm and concentrate

Develop a calm attitude while driving, always. By being calm and patient, you won’t lose your concentration in any kind of situation. If you practice doing this as a new driver, you’d be able to master resisting having road rage. Keep in mind that raging drivers have more chances of getting into an accident or road trouble; so always keep your cool.


Remember, driving is a skill. You don’t just wake up in the morning and suddenly become a good driver. It takes time and practice before you can actually say you are an experienced driver. You’d have to wait and learn how to handle all kinds of pleasant and unpleasant situations on the road. So in a nutshell, what we’re saying is, defensive driving is always the key. Being road-courteous, vigilant, quick to thinking, and responsible is the perfect way to ensure your safety.


Got a new car and you need to let go of an old vehicle that has just been sitting and rotting in your garage for quite some time? Let Rapid Car Removal take care of that for you. We are a trusted and reputable company in the used car buyer Melbourne market. We assure our clients of fast, safe, and worry-free car removal service. Call us now at 457 471 397.

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car maintenance

When you love someone or something, it is but natural to do anything and everything you can to keep it. That includes our cars. If we are willing to spend that much just to buy them, it also goes without saying that we are also willing to take care of it no matter what. It just doesn’t make sense when we go outside of our means to pay for a big purchase and then just treat it like rubbish. What you do is, even before getting that car, you assess your capability and commitment in caring for it.

Yes, all cars have expiry dates – that time when they are already old, inefficient, unsafe, and unroadworthy no more. But even if we really can’t avoid or stop that from happening, we can do a lot of things to prevent that from arriving any time sooner. Keeping your ride from becoming a junk car is all in your hands.

Rapid Car Removal has been in the car removal and junk car wreckers Melbourne industry for over two decades now. We have dealt with different kinds of cars in all kinds of conditions. As experts in the field, we have actually come up with a list that will help you in caring for your ride. As there could be lots of car maintenance tips out there, we ought to give you the five most important ones that you should never miss nor neglect – all the others will follow.


Know your car inside and out

Just like loving someone, you naturally would like to know everything about him/her. Same goes with your ride. Read your car manual from cover to cover. Spend time in mastering its capabilities and special functions. Know what it needs. Just by smelling, hearing, or feeling it even with your eyes closed, you should know easily if it’s in a good or bad condition. This will easily save you from more serious repairs in the future.


Make sure to give it its own home

Many experts say that it is best if a car is safely garaged. We understand that it is sometimes impossible for other people. However, we want to point out that before you even think of getting one, make sure that you have a proper resting place for it. Like us humans, cars also need a roof over their heads – a nice and decent place to rest and recover. By keeping it safe and protected in a garage, you are saving it from further paint job services and other repair costs in the future.


Follow your manufacturer’s recommended service maintenance schedules

Many car owners are guilty of this. They normally follow from the first to the second year, but then they usually skimp after that. Which shouldn’t be the case. What’s the point of investing in a big purchase then putting in no effort to actually maintain it? These maintenance schedules are specifically set for a reason. They are to save you from bigger repair costs and to keep you and your passengers safe for a longer time.


Use it well

It’s kind of ironic but – a car that’s overused and a car that’s almost never used are both susceptible to wearing out faster. Use it as it was intended to be used. Own it. Be proud of it. Use it with respect, not like a slave. Those who have that burning desire to always clean, fix, and maintain their cars like there’s no tomorrow always end up keeping and enjoying their cars for a longer period of time. That’s tested and proven.


Regularly clean and check your car on your own

Even if you’re that kind of person who just owns a car but doesn’t actually have a knack for automobiles, the fact that you use it, you should at least try to learn how to get your hands dirty. How would you keep and take care of something for a long time if you’ll always let other people do it for you? At the very least, if you really don’t know how to fix cars, you should be able to check and clean it on your own. Wash it at least once a week. Keep it waxed to protect it. Check its interiors and exteriors daily to ensure everything’s A-okay. You’ll eventually see that the more effort you put into it, the more you’ll naturally keep and protect it for a long time.

If all these 5 come out easily for you, there are more chances that you might never see your vehicle as junk or as a rotten piece of metal someday. Dutch Mandel from said, “The answer to keeping your car from becoming junk is simple. Passion” – something that we, all car owners, should agree with. If we are truly passionate about our cars, maintaining and taking good care of it shouldn’t ever be a chore. It should be something that makes you happy; something that you see as an extension of yourself.


If you’re looking to hand over an old car that you have once loved so much, consider Rapid Car Removal. We are Melbourne’s leading car buyers who have been in the automobile industry for two decades and we will make sure your old babies are put into good use. We provide our clients with guaranteed good cash for cars that are old and used.

Call us now at 0438 942 754 or shoot us a web enquiry to get your free quote now!


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Cash For Cars


Today, with different kinds of fast cars, congested roads, high speed limits, and adrenaline-junkie drivers, one can say that it’s rather more dangerous to drive than maybe about 10 or 20 years ago. However, thanks to the rapid development of newer technologies, we can also say that automobiles now – whether private or commercial – are a lot safer than before.

When buying a new ride, it is but imperative to take a closer look on what kinds of safety features it has before actually choosing it. Whether you are a bachelor, career woman, family man, or a first-time car buyer, whatever your situation may be, you and your passengers’ safety must always be top priority.

Gone were the days when you only look for seatbelts in a vehicle. Now, the automobile industry standards have also set their bars higher. Regulations now require vehicles to have front airbags, seatbelts with pretensioners, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), and Anti-lock Brake Systems (ABS), among others. With lots of advanced safety technologies and jargons, it is kind of challenging to know and understand which ones you really need.

So as one of the leading companies in the cash for cars and car wreckers Melbourne industry, we also update ourselves with the latest developments in the automobile world to provide better services to our clients. We took the time to make a list of the latest car safety features you should look for and what they really do for you:

Airbags with Passenger Sensing Systems – this feature is perfect for families with toddlers and children. The sensors will turn the airbags on or off depending on the weight of the passenger. So if you’re driving with your little kid/s, and they’re seated near the airbags, they won’t be suffocated or injured once it deploys.

Latch System – LATCH stands for Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children. They are now a standard in almost all countries because it enables drivers with kids to properly and securely install car seats. Tether and lower anchors are hooks (normally U-shaped bars or rings) built in your car’s rear seats, where you attach your kid’s car seat. They will keep them in place no matter what.

Back-up Systems – Parking in reverse is now easier, thanks to this cool safety feature. There are sensors that will effectively warn and alert you if you are close to bumping on something while backing up your car. Some high-end cars have their back-up systems equipped with cameras.

Blind Spot Monitoring – it’s easier to get bumped or cut off by another vehicle if it is coming from your blind spots. So to efficiently avoid crashes and close calls, the sensors of the blind spot monitoring system warns you ahead of time. Some cars have beepers, flashing lights from side mirrors, or steering wheel vibrations.

Lane Keep Assistance – this cool technology helps avoid sleepy and tired drivers from getting into accidents. The system effectively recognises road lane markings and then alerts the driver once the car runs out of direction, then eventually steers it back gently into the lane.

Forward Collision Warning – just like back-up systems, cars now also have systems that help you avoid frontal car crashes. The car provides audible warnings that tell you are coming too close to the vehicle in front of you.

Adaptive Headlights – Not all car brands and models have these yet, but it’s truly a plus if you’re going to buy a car that has them. This kind of headlights help so much whenever you’re travelling at night, in curved roads and places where there are no lights. The headlights pivot as you turn, following whichever direction your car goes.

Adaptive Cruise Control – this car feature uses a radar system that will instantly detect cars that are ahead of you. It will sense their speeds and keep your car in a safe distance. This one is very handy to avoid cases wherein you have to do a hard brake just because the car in front of you suddenly stops.

There are still other car safety systems that manufacturers add to their vehicles. But the ones on this list are truly worth looking out for if you’re thinking of buying a new ride. And sure, they might make you shell out a few more bucks; but it’s going to be worth it when the safety of the driver, passengers, and even pedestrians are at stake. Even though they shouldn’t be considered as substitutes for safe and defensive driving, know that all these will still make a big difference in having peace of mind while you are on the road.

Buying a new car? Sell your old one to us. Instead of letting it rot and rust in your garage, let the experts remove and put them into good use. Rapid Car Removal has been in the used car removal and car wrecking industry for two decades now.

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car hack

If people need some relaxing and rejuvenation every once in awhile in their busy and complicated lives, cars do need that too. Those old, not-so-old, and almost new vehicles that help us get to our destinations everyday also get tired.

Rapid Car Removal has been buying used cars in Melbourne for the last two decades and so. And believe us when we say we have seen used vehicles in all kinds of shapes and conditions, from the most filthy to the most amazingly like-new ones. So apart from the regular car washing, waxing, and vacuuming, there are other car hacks you can try to do to make your precious ride feel pampered and reinvigorated.

With that, we are here to provide you with easy DIY car tips and tricks to give your car that TLC it needs without leaving a dent on your wallets. We have carefully selected 5 ways that will surely make a difference in keeping your car from looking down and out:



Owners of used cars are often stressed about their car headlights turning yellow and foggy. Never fret, with just a tube of toothpaste (whitening, if possible), a clean cloth, and your arm muscles, they’ll look better in no time. Thoroughly rub the toothpaste in. Once you get your desired results, rinse it completely with water then wipe to dry. If you notice small cracks on it, give it a quick fix by applying some clear nail polish. This will also avoid moisture to build up inside your headlights. You may finish up with wax or furniture polish to really make them sparkle!



If you have been through that phase where you think it’s so cool to make your car look like a trapper-keeper, well, it’s time to wake up and leave that behind because it’s no longer the 80’s or the 90’s. If you really want your baby to look like it’s fresh from the dealership or have just come out of the auto detailing shop, get rid of those expired registration stickers, decals, and other labels that are on your car’s body, windows, and windshield. If you want to neatly remove them without a sticky residue, you may use a newspaper that has been wet with warm water to take them off.



Doing regular body washing and waxing is a no-brainer when it comes to cleaning your car’s exteriors. But sometimes, the regular car wash doesn’t seem to cut it when there are stubborn things or substances that have been stuck on your paint. So to solve that, after a good wash, head to your laundry area and get those dryer sheets. They should help you easily remove dead bugs, dried-up fruit and tree droppings, bird poo, and more.



For you to really feel that your car is ‘like new’, you have to pay close attention to the parts that you actually in contact with – those that you always see and touch. You can get rid of the dust and dirt that are accumulated and stuck in the car vents and other interior crevices using a foam craft brush. Then, instead of the vacuum, use coffee filters to dust all the interior components. After that, give it a good polish by using some olive oil (that you probably just have in your kitchen).



All your efforts to make your car look nice and fresh will be in vain if you won’t keep it neat and clean. There’s no need for you to buy those pricey and fancy car accessories just to maintain an organised car. You have lots of items in your home that you can definitely use inside your car. To give you an idea, here are some examples:

  • An empty gum/candy holder to hold loose coins inside your car
  • Silicone or paper cupcake liners in the cup holders to easily catch spills and crumbs
  • Shoe/slipper organiser to hold all the other items that you always need inside the car
  • Cereal containers instead of normal trash cans to make it a bit more handy and pleasant-looking inside your car.


There more DIY projects you can do to give your car that R&R it needs. The most important thing left here is your commitment and desire to actually do-it-yourself. Well, it’s your car to begin with. So if you choose just to let it be, then it’s your call. Just remember, that everything you choose to do and not to do with your car will have an effect in the future.

Do you have a damaged car in your garage that is just rotting and rusting away because of poor maintenance and negligence? There’s no reason to sulk and regret. What you can do now is trust professional car wreckers like Rapid Car Removal, and you won’t feel bad about it anymore. Ask about our cash for cars and free car removal services now by calling 0438 942 754.

protect your car

spring field and blured car on ground road

The sun’s UV rays are detrimental to us humans. It can cause skin aging, heat stroke, severe headaches, and more. Same goes with our beloved cars. Extreme heat from the sun is also their enemy. It can damage different parts of our car without us even knowing it. Though it is basic to know that it can destroy our car’s paint, it also harms the interiors, tyres, and even the engine. Thankfully, there are lots of different ways to help protect your cars from the sun’s harmful rays.

As one of the trusted used car buyers and car wreckers Melbourne, Rapid Car Removal is here to provide you with easy and effective car protection tips against the dangerous UV rays and the scorching heat from the sun:


For your car’s gorgeous exteriors…

Regularly wash and wax your car

Dust, particles, and other elements that stick to car’s paint job will be harder to remove if you don’t wash your car very often. Once they get almost permanent, the paint gets immediately damaged. Moreover, if sunblock is for humans, protective wax are for cars. They help lock in the natural oils from your car’s paint, keeping the sun from cracking and fading it.

Invest in paint protection systems

There are different kind of paint protect systems available now in the market. They may come as film coatings or sprays. These invisible shields are also effective in protecting your car from minor scratches, harmful substances, sand, and sometimes even small dents. Just be careful on choosing one that has good quality.

Park your car in roofed and shaded places

Just like we need a roof over our heads, make sure your car has its own decent home as well. Keep it in a covered garage to protect it even when it’s not on the road. When you head to the office, the mall, or any other place, prefer covered parking areas or parking spaces with some shade.

Always check your tyres

The heat is also the number one enemy of your car’s tyres. Especially when you’re in a location where the weather is mostly hot, tyres tend to inflate. When they come in contact with scorching road surfaces, they could blowout. So make sure they always have the correct air pressure.


For the intricate insides of your car…

Use windshield sun shades

During times when it’s impossible to park in a covered or shaded area, sun shades are best to protect your dashboard and steering wheel from the intense heat. There lots of sun shades you can choose from and you don’t even have to shell out much for it. Some car owners even buy those for their rear windshields.

Have the windows tinted

Driving and parking under the sun couldn’t be avoided; so you may consider getting window tints to protect your car’s interiors along with you and your passengers as well. It’s best to choose those tints that already have UV protection.

Clean and protect interiors regularly

Same as with your car’s exteriors, the insides must also be cleaned and protected. Wipe everything with a microfiber cloth. Have it vacuumed thoroughly. And apply some interior protectants and conditioners (especially if you have leather seats).

Consider putting seat covers

These protective covers do not only keep your seats from being damaged by the sun. They also help keep them cool so it’d be easier for you to sit on them after being parked under the sun for a long time.


The car’s engine must be checked too…

Maintain correct fluid levels

Pop up your car’s hood and see if the important car fluids are in optimum levels. The coolant, motor oil, transmission and brake fluids, and other fluids get used up faster during hot weather conditions. So make sure to check and top them up when necessary.

Keep an eye on your battery

High temperature can cause your battery to wear out quicker than usual. Under the heat, the battery fluid also evaporates more rapidly, eventually causing corrosion to battery connectors and terminals.

Make sure the air conditioning is in good condition

This is not only to make you and your passengers comfortable inside the car. If your A/C isn’t working properly – weak air flow or insufficient temperature, it can be a sign that your refrigerant charge level is low or your A/C is in need of a repair.

Protecting your ride from the harmful rays of the sun may require your effort and even some of your budget. But all of these sure are worth it. Doing so will make driving and riding comfortable; ensure your safety on the road; help maintain your car’s value; and of course keep your car dashing – inside and out.

If you own a car that is not only damaged by extreme weather conditions, but also overused, aged, and wrecked, put it into good use by choosing the services of Rapid Car Removal. We are a leading company in the cash for cars Melbourne market because many clients trust us to efficiently remove their junk and unwanted cars and safely recycle or reuse them.


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ROAD TRIP CHECKLISTLiving in a vast country that is gifted with beautiful backdrops and breath-taking scenic spots is indeed a blessing. And the best way for you to see and explore these places in Australia is by going on long drives. Apart from just getting a glimpse of these instagram-worthy sights, it is more fun heading to the outback with your mates, family, or special someone.

Of course, you wouldn’t want anything to destroy that fun. And so goes the saying, you can never be too prepared for something. As much as possible, you would have to be ready for anything and everything that could happen along the way.

We here at Rapid Car Removal – one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers, car removal specialists, and car wreckers – have actually dealt with many vehicles that have been at the mercy of different kinds of road emergencies. So to help you avoid those and other mishaps, we took the time to make you this ultimate road trip checklist. You will be travelling great distances, so it really wouldn’t hurt if you would find time to tick off every item on this list before heading on that trip:

Finalize your Itinerary

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a trip that has a well-laid out plan. Don’t leave out minor things such as time allotted for each activity, rest stops, and even designated driver changes. The more detailed the plan is, the better. One very important thing to remember: leave a printed or emailed copy of this to a friend or family member who isn’t coming with you so they’d know where to find you in case you fail to show up by the time you’re supposed to be back home.

Bring a map AND a GPS

You’ll most probably be travelling to places you haven’t been to before, so one of the last things you’ll want to happen is to get lost in the way. It is paramount that you bring both a GPS and a map. You’ll never know when you’ll be experiencing network problems.

Bring a portable power bank/jump starter kit

As with any trip, having a fully charged mobile phone is a must. Having those chargers that rely on your car’s battery won’t be enough, so it is really better to have back-ups like this one. In addition, it has a dual purpose as you can easily use this just in case you’d have some car battery problems.

Do a full tyre & fluid check

It is but common sense that you have to check on the car’s condition before going on a long journey. It’s important that you double-check the tyres’ pressure and tread depth as well as the condition of your spare tyre. To make sure the vehicle runs smoothly until you go back, verify the status of your car’s oil, windshield washer, brake fluid, etc.

Secure insurance & roadside assistance papers

If in case your car suddenly breaks down in the middle of the road, these documents can be your lifesavers. Expert advice: always leave them in your glove compartment so that you always have them ready.

Emergency Kit/s

Basic car repair tools, car jack, reflective triangle, extra water, and flashlight are the essentials that you shouldn’t remove from your car ever. These will be handy in case a problem arises. But when doing road trips, it’s best to take with you: a first aid kit, a torch, wet wipes and paper towels (especially when you’re travelling with kids), lighter, tow rope, plastic bags, multi-purpose knife, and a compass.

Pillows & Blankets

These would not only make the passengers comfy, but the driver/s as well. There will be instances when the designated driver needs to rest and having pillows and blankets will make it easy for him/her to doze off. It can really get cold at night, so it’ll be good to keep everyone warm.

Food & Beverage

Even if you’ve planned out rest or eating stops, it is always advisable to have adequate supply of food and drinks. You could also bring some sweets to help your driver stay awake and alert.


Be prepared with different kinds of playlists for everyone to enjoy. It’s best to download music or bring CDs just in case you’ll be in an area where there’s no internet.

Remember, your road trip will only end up in either two things: a memorable expedition that’s one for the books OR a total disaster that you’d never want to happen again.You wouldn’t end up regretting anything if you go over this essentials checklist before heading out. That’s a lot better instead of rushing and ending up forgetting to bring very important items. This trip is supposed to be about having fun, exploring, and making memories and you surely wouldn’t want to taint that, right?

Should you be needing the help of a reliable car removal expert, Rapid Car Removal is here for you. Our friendly and accommodating staff are always ready to be of assistance. Call us at 0438 942 754.

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4 Tips to Finding The Perfect Car

Getting a car is probably among the most exciting experiences (or purchases) you’ll ever have in your life. Regardless if it’s brand new, second hand, or a slightly used one, nothing beats the feeling of having a new car to use and show off.

As fun and exciting as it could be, some people may actually find buying a car a bit tough or challenging; especially first-timers. With all the brands, models, sizes, styles, and colours of cars we can choose from today, deciding which ride to buy seems impossible to do overnight.

As you are deciding on a big purchase and responsibility, picking out the right car is crucial. You must be able to do a thorough research, planning, and analysing. You absolutely don’t want to buy something abruptly and then end up regretting it later.

As we are one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers and car wreckers who have been in the automobile industry for over two decades, we have dealt with different kinds of clients who sell and buy cars. It sure isn’t easy; but after following these steps, finding THE perfect car will soon be a breeze:

Assess your needs and match it with a particular car class.

Car Wreckers Melbourne

Determine your ultimate purpose for purchasing a car. It is for work, business, leisure or for family use? How many will usually ride in it? Is it going to be used everyday? Will it be driven in the city or off-road? Would you need a bigger storage or leg room? Do you live in a place where it snows or rains hard? Is it easier for you to drive an automatic or stick shift? Will it have its own parking space in your home? – All of these questions and a lot more will help you determine which car class is really perfect for your needs. After you have noted all the answers to these, you can now choose whether you’d be going with a sedan, compact, SUV, minivan, pickup truck, luxury, or sports car.

Determine your specific budget and stick to it.

Car removal melbourne

After narrowing down your choices to the specific car class that fits your needs, it’s now time to set your budget. As with any kind of shopping experience, it is very helpful to have a budget in order to restrain yourself from overspending and making impulse purchases. Decide whether you would like to pay the car in cash or if you need to get a loan for it. Paying for a car in full would entitle you to bigger discounts and even freebies. Compute for the maximum amount you can really shell out. That amount shouldn’t only fit the vehicle’s price but also the taxes other fees that the dealership might charge you.

On the other hand, the advantage of getting car financing is that you will be able to maximise and play around your cash on hand. Compute how big you can pay as down payment, and how much monthly payment you can afford (after your regular expenses).

After this, you would be able to narrow down your choices to which brand you could afford – if you can go with the more economic brand or the more luxurious one.

Scout around and do a test drive.

Cash for cars

Buying a car is just like buying a pair of shoes, you’d be more convinced that you like it once you get to feel and experience it – even just for a little while. Visit authorised dealers of the shortlisted car brands that you got after taking Steps 1 and 2. Schedule a test drive for the car class and models that fit your needs. By testing these vehicles, you should be able to observe the car’s comfort, handling, security, and other additional features. These are very crucial in selecting which car is perfect for you. Besides, you will be using that car for many years. It is just right that you choose one that is comfortable, safe, and durable.

Finally choose the car that perfectly fits YOU.

Cash for cars melbourne

After doing the first 3 steps, you’ve probably trimmed down your choices to about 2 or 3 cars. And now that we’re done prioritising the practical matters like your needs, budget, comfort, and security, let’s not forget one thing: WHAT DO YOU LIKE? At the end of the end day, it will still boil down to what would really give you satisfaction. Besides, you are the one buying the car and you’ll be using it for a long time, so it’s only fitting that the car should be something you’d enjoy and appreciate. What color and style fit your taste?

Do you see yourself riding in it? Will you be proud to be seen driving it around? Out of the 2 or 3 options you have, pick the very one that has a strong appeal to your taste and style, the one that makes your heart beat faster every time you see it.

Planning to sell your car to help you buy that ride you have been longing for? Rapid Car Removal is more than willing to buy your old, scrap or wrecked car. We are one of the most trusted companies in the car removal Melbourne market because of our reputation of paying top cash for cars of all kinds, makes, models, and conditions. Call us now at 0438 942 754 and we’d be very happy to help you kickstart your new car fund.

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Selling Car Price

People have different reasons and sentiments on why they want to sell their cars. Some might want to get an upgrade; some just want to get rid of a very old vehicle in their garage, and some need extra income. But no matter the reason for selling your car is, one thing is certain: Unlike stocks, real estate, and investments, your car’s value isn’t the same as when you first bought it. With that being said, if your goal is to get maximum cash for cars that are used, old, or even wrecked, you have to know and understand by heart all the key factors that affect your car’s resale value. By recognizing those, you will be well-prepared to sell your car in its rightful and just value.

As one of the trusted car wreckers and used car buyers in Melbourne, Rapid Car Removal, is here to help you have an understanding of all the things that impact your vehicle’s current price.

1. Car Manufacturer/Brand

Car Manufacturer

Many car experts would say that it is very important to consider the brand whenever you are choosing what car to buy. Why? Believe it or not, the car brand and manufacturer highly affects the car’s resale value. There are certain brands that lose as much as 50% of their value just after one year. You can research whether your car belongs to the top car brands that are known to retain higher resale values. And obviously, luxury car brands are expensive to buy because you can still sell them at higher prices even after a number of years.

2. Market Demand

Car wreckers
There are many things that influence the demand for a certain type of car. It can vary depending on the time, location, weather, popularity and so on. For example, if you live in a place where it’s mostly sunny, then convertibles are probably more in demand. Similarly, if you live somewhere where it usually rains and snows, 4×4 vehicles are more popular. You have to understand what the car buyers currently need and want.
In addition, you could also research about the current rate of used car sales in your area. If the used car sale market seems low, you might want to wait about 3-6 months more before selling your car.

3. Year of Production

Car Wreckers Melbourne
Generally, for each make and model, a car that has been produced in an earlier year will most definitely cost more. For example, you and your mate have the same kind of car. Yours is a 2004 model and has a 2008 model. Obviously, his car would sell at a higher price. His car would have features that your car doesn’t. Furthermore, if you have fortunately bought a rare model or limited edition type of car, then selling it a higher price wouldn’t be a problem. It might as well be your USP or unique selling proposition.

4. Mileage

Mileage car
When buyers compare two cars of the same make, year model, and features, they will most definitely look at each car’s odometer. Basically, lower mileage means higher resale value. The car’s current mileage cannot be ignored because you are also looking at how much more maintenance or repair you’d have to do in the future. It will reflect how much you have used (or overused) your car. If your car has a very high mileage, buyers would assume that the vehicle won’t be able to last much longer and that they might probably deal with more headaches after buying it.

5. Exterior & Interior Conditions
These show how well or how poorly you have taken care of your car. This one should be a no-brainer. All the insides and outsides of your car should still be attractive if you want it to sell faster and at a higher value. It is best to have your car detailed, washed, and waxed before you put it up for sale. If your car has minor dents and scratches, you might want to get those fixed as well. No buyer would want to get a car with bruises, right? Make your car buyer feel as if he/she is buying a new car, even if it isn’t.

6. Mechanical State
When selling a used car, there is a chance that you’d come across a car enthusiast/expert at least once. You wouldn’t want a buyer to be so attracted upon seeing your car and then suddenly gets disappointed after doing a test drive. So to save yourself from possible embarrassment, ensuring the good mechanical condition of your vehicle is a must. You should keep a record of your car’s periodic maintenance and seasonal improvements as proof of its good running condition. Every good thing you say about your car’s engine, body, or performance, should be backed up by evidence.

7. Special Features & Upgrades
If you have bought your car in its most basic variant and you have decided to sell it as is, then don’t expect to sell at a higher value. But if you have invested in superior add-ons like body kits, safety equipment, top-notch sound systems, or gorgeous rims, then you have gained yourself additional rights to sell your car a bit higher. Just steer clear from those accessories that alter your car’s performance, safety, and durability.

If you are that confident about your car’s brand, popularity, year model, interior and exterior conditions, mileage, and all these, then selling it with a nice price tag shouldn’t be a problem. But if you want a hassle-free and fast way to get instant cash for cars, go for the services of Rapid Car Removal. We are happy to accept all kinds, brands, and makes of cars in the best and worst conditions.

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How Much Does a Car Battery Cost

You hear a clicking sound when you try to start your engine. Your headlights and even the indoor light in your car are dim. These are just a few of the signs that indicate your car battery needs immediate replacing. And just like any kind of battery, car batteries have their own lifespan. And when this time comes, well,  you’d have no choice but to buy one.

If it is the first time you’ll experience this, you’ll probably have questions like:  What do I do? What kind and brand of battery do I buy? Where can I find it? How much of my budget do I have to allocate for this?

Deciding on how big or small of an amount you’re willing to shell out for this is challenging. Since this expense is not something you can avoid, it is just fitting that you find value for your money. The price we pay for car batteries depends on the following:

Car Wreckers Melbourne

  • Battery SIZE and CAPACITY.  Is your vehicle a sedan, SUV, 4WD, or truck? Basically, big cars require powerful batteries. Thus, they’d definitely cost more. Obviously, the bigger, the more durable, the better the capacity, just means the price is higher also.
  • BRAND. Batteries manufactured by reputable brands provide 2-3 year warranties. Their prices are generally higher because their products are proven and tested to last for many years. They customarily guarantee their services. So to reap those benefits, you’d have to pay more.

car battery

If you are truly on a tight budget, there’s that option of buying cheaper generic car batteries. There are lots of them in the market. However, always keep in mind that they’re more costly in the long run. Prepare yourself to replace your car batteries more frequently, if you choose to do this.

  • The SELLER.  Many say that it’s most expensive to have your car batteries replaced at a dealership. It’s true that you are assured that only top-notch original batteries are installed in your car, and only expert mechanics will install it. But then, if you’re looking for something that’s reasonably-priced, maybe that is not the option.

There are lots of auto shops and car battery resellers that provide quality and affordable services. Look into their promos and packages. See if they provide free delivery, installation, or roadside assistance. These are the things you need to know in order to get maximum value for your money.

In the current market, you could find the cheapest ones starting at about $90; again, depending on the kind of battery you need. Then the most expensive ones can go up to $600 and more.

Research, plan, and even seek advice from your friends who are experts on cars. These could definitely help you get a good deal for your car battery needs.

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Car batteries are consumable items that car owners need to take extra care of. While car batteries often last between three to five years, there are car owners who find themselves changing batteries every one or two years.


Because they are not aware of simple maintenance tips that can prolong their car battery’s lifespan and they are only concerned about getting from one location to another. Most owners disregard little things until they feel there is a problem with their car.

Prolong Your Cars Battery

To be able to take care of your car batteries better, we have listed down some of the things that you should do on a regular basis.

1. Check the water (electrolyte) level

Car owners need to make sure that the water level of their car’s battery isn’t too low. A regular schedule for topping up is necessary and it’s wise to check the levels once or twice a month during summer or when the temperature is high. When topping up, use only distilled water (boiled and allowed to cool) and avoid over filling.

2. Keep the battery clean

Clean the battery terminals and remove dirt using warm soapy water. Dirt causes batteries to self discharge more rapidly. While cleaning the battery, you can also check if the terminals are well-connected.

3. Charge the battery regularly

Your car battery drains even when the car is off, so it’s paramount that you fully charge it once a week to extend its lifespan.

4. Do not overcharge your battery

When overcharged, lead batteries release oxygen and hydrogen gases that can cause explosion or break down the composition of the water in the battery.
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5. Park in shade

A car battery’s lifespan will be cut short if it is constantly being exposed to high temperature. Doing so will also reduce the capacity of the battery and make the car harder to start in cold weather.

6. Do not operate any car accessories before turning on the car ignition

Car batteries are only designed to provide power for ignition and they’re not made to supply prolonged power for electronics and other devices. If you use car accessories while the engine is off, the car’s alternator cannot charge the battery. This will result to the car battery getting drained.

7. Do not let your car sit idle for too long

Again, car batteries drain even when the car is off. If you let the car sit idle for too long, the alternator cannot charge the battery. It’s recommended you drive around at least an hour or two every week to ensure that your battery has enough charge.

8. Insulate your car’s battery

It is recommended you use a car battery insulation kit to insulate your car’s battery and protect it from extreme temperatures. Insulation kits can keep your battery cool in the summer and warm during winter.

9. Keep the battery secure and free from vibration.

Your car’s battery will get damaged and could malfunction if it’s constantly being shaken.


These are the few practices that could certainly increase the lifespan of your battery. If you’re having issues with your car battery and other components and if you’re thinking whether your old car is better off to be sold, contact us! Rapid Car Removal buy cars in Melbourne and all its surrounding areas. We offer free car removal and cash for trucks services. We are the old and used car buyers you can trust.

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sell your cars fastAre you planning to upgrade your car? Maybe you want to save some money instead of spending for its maintenance. Whatever reason you have, the goal is the same – to sell your car fast.

For some, this process, fortunately, goes as smooth as they prefer it to be. However, the process is a tricky one where you need to exercise some caution. Here are some tips that will help you steer that sale smoothly and surely:

Payment before Selling

Once you found the auto dealership that you want to make a deal with, there is a possibility that they will give you the choice if you want your car sold before the payment. In this situation, you should always say NO. This kind of deal is against their law. You should never give up ownership of your car until you see your payment right in front of you.

Private Selling

If you want the best amount of money for your sold car, selling it privately would be the best route for you. If this is the route you choose, you must be prepared for all the efforts it will require from you. Here, you will do all the researching and comparisons of car prices with the same models as yours. You will also have to create your own ads and post them to as many sites as you can.

Maybe not sell your cars fast path, but it is one of the most used ways. The time gap from the time you start the process until getting the payment will also be long. You need patience in this one. If you need immediate cash, this type of selling your unused car is not the one you should take on.


If you want to sell your car here in Melbourne to be convenient and simple on your part, trading it in will be a good choice. The process here will be easy and quick. Just make sure that you asked the auto dealership the exact figure that you will need to pay them and leave your car in their hands.  After this, you will just have to wait for it to be sold. However, for its downside, you cannot expect to have high payment as you would get if you do the sale privately.

Through Auction

Another way of selling your car in Melbourne, Victoria is through an auction. Many vehicles are being sold this way. Although it will require you to give commission to the company, this process will free you from the stress that comes with selling it on your own. When you decide to go through this process, you should also research on how people buy cars through auction. This way, you will know what they look for on a vehicle and you can at least do something to your car to pass their investigations.

Getting Car Removal Company Offers

If you sell your car to a car removal company, you can expect to get decent amount although it will not be as high as that of selling it privately. Plenty of good points will come in your doorstep if you choose this path. First, you can sell your car regardless of what condition it was in. Second, they will collect the car right from your garage and there would be no charge for it. But there will be many companies offering this service, it will be your job to contact the right company offering the top cash for car rate.


These are all good ways of selling your car. Any of them will do. You just need to choose the one you prefer the most and that will work right for you. Regardless of which way you choose to sell your car, just make sure that you are careful so everything will turn out good.


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Used Cars in MelbourneOne got so many options when you are ready to buy out used cars in Melbourne. You will find some amazing brands and an unbelievable price, especially when you are looking to buy a car more than 4-5 years old models. Then there are many options when you are looking to buy one, you can go to certified car sale dealers or look out for private car sellers on Gumtree, Ebay and Car Sales etc.

Another advantage of getting a used car is that you don’t have to pay the same amount in taxes and insurances when you opt for used cars instead of a brand new. Furthermore, you can go for premium luxury brands for the same cost you would pay for a brand new regular brand.

We being in car wrecking industry for so long have seen all sorts, types, makes and models of cars coming in. We buy cars for cash all day long. There are several reasons behind selling a car to a car wrecker in Melbourne and today we will share few with you. So whether you are looking for a private or a certified pre-owned sale, or buying from a dealer, the tips here will give you some of the essential information you require so that you can get a good deal.

Identify the Car Brand you Want to Buy

This should be the first thing you need to ask yourself, as often time we know our budgets but we don’t know which car we want to buy.

So first step should be identifying your needs. For instance, if you need a car for your family needs, then you cannot go on and buy a 2 door small vehicle, just for the sake of its price. Always on the move in your line of work, you need something reliable which also fuel efficient.

After identifying your needs you will get to know which type of car you need,

  • A small car
  • Family Sedan
  • SUV
  • Ute
  • 4×4 vehicle

Reviews, reviews and reviews

After asserting the type, you have to identify make and model you want to buy. The only best way is to read real reviews over the internet. For example, you like Holden Cruze, it’s cheap in its class, looks stylish right. What if we tell you that we buy Holden Cruze every week and all have one thing in common, blown up engine. Yes, that is correct, we have bought Cruze with less then 40K’s on the dial having engine problems. So the only way to find out the real value is to read customer reviews and the problem people face with their cars.

Establish your Budget and Baseline Price you Want to Purchase the Car

Now the surprising fact is that you can find same car, same year, same model at difference price range. Remember, there is no free lunch in this world. There is a bargain for everything. Mileage, condition and other hidden problems can be the cause. So to be safe, identify your budget and try to find a good car within the set budget.

Explore all Options

You know you can get good deals from other states like NSW or WA. Same car, same model, same year and somewhat similar mileage vehicle can cost you way less from other States, so don’t only search for cars near you. However, the catch is that you will have to depend mostly upon the photos of the car and seller’s description.

Identify the Level of Risk and Value

While assessing the value of a used car, you need to check several factors such as reliability, reviews, warranties, repairs, RWC and service history.

You must do a PPSRC check to find out if the car ever was written off or was stolen. The title should be clear when you buy the car. Also ask for service history and check it in detail if there was any major issue reported/ rectified In the past.

One should play as safe as he can, spending a bit more time while buying the car can save you loads of time from getting it fixed, getting the documents right and eventually selling it in Melbourne.

Rapid Car Removal

We are Melbourne based car wreckers, we buy all types, shapes, sizes of cars, vans, utes and 4×4’s all day long. We just want to share our experience with you so that you can make the best bet while making a car purchase decision.

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keeping your vehicle in-tuneSpring is here in Melbourne. But as we all know Melbourne’s weather changes drastically every now and then. You look at the sun, plan your day and halfway through you meet heavy drizzling. Just another routine that we follow in Spring Season. In few months time by December we will hit another scorching summer season.

All these weather and environment changes also have an impact on our vehicles. The following are few tips for car owners to keep their vehicle in tune and up to the mark. This would add up so much value in your cars life and will make your life very easy whenever you are selling your car. Plus we also have to play our role in keeping the environment safe and clean and preserving our natural resources.

Engine Service – Tune up

We have to get regular engine service and tune-ups as mentioned in the car manual. Only one faulty spark plug can reduce engine oil consumption efficiency by up to 30%. Don’t wait for a miracle to happen! If you are having a hard starting problem, or stalling problem or the car is having a rough idle state. Straight away have your car checked up by a good mechanic.

Oil Change

Timely engine oil change is really important for your car. It not only increase the car’s life but also improves fuel efficiency. Otherwise, smoke emission and breakdowns are something which we see on regular basis for the cars. That means your car is not maintained properly. Oil filters should also be changed regularly and for the rural suburbs where the weather a bit dusty regular change of air, fuel and PCV filters. Do an oil change earlier if you regularly make extended trips with extra load on the car.

Air Conditioning

A marginally operating car air conditioner have a higher probability to fail in the summers. Get it serviced by authorised mechanics only! Air conditioners contain ozone-damaging chemicals and poor handling of service can be a cause of its release in the atmosphere. We all know the side-effects of that.

Cooling Systems

Coolant should be fully drained and refilled after every 24 months, it’s highly recommended to maintain the levels and keeping the radiator clean. Overheating is the main reason of summer breakdowns and cost of getting it repaired from there can be huge. We can avoid this by a regular checkup of coolant level in your cars.


Car batteries are another factor which can cause huge trouble for you. Maintenance of battery includes cleaning off corrosion from terminals and battery posts and tightening up the cables. Loose cables can cause battery drainage.


Change your tires timely, as poor quality tires can burst at high speeds, causing great damage. Regular checkup of tire pressures is highly recommended especially in summers as both high and low air pressures are bad for the tires. Also, avoid hitting tires on curbs and speeding through the breakers as it could damage the thread and weaken the tire.

Time to sell your car

Even very carefully maintained cars have a certain life, but there are certain scenarios which you shouldn’t ignore, such as car value loss and major mechanical and electrical faults which can take up more money than swapping your car.

Your engine and transmission are two most critical parts of your car. Every private car buyer checks this two first thing while making a decision, as getting these fixed can take some serious amount of investment. If you feel there are certain issues, like vibration, jerks, stalling and extra smoke which is not getting better even after service of your old car, then it is the right time to lay it off.

If you meet a car accident in which either your car is written off or you have to spend more than AUD 2000 in repair. Don’t think twice, sell the car and buy a new one.

The car has done more than 200K KMs on the clock, especially small cars. For a big car, the threshold is around 250 K KMs. No private owner will bid for your car, no matter how good the condition is. It will be considered as cars with less road life.

Your car model is too old and the car brand is not in demand in Melbourne, VIC region, such as American or Chinese cars. In this case, the more you wait, the less cash you would get for it. For absolutely fit car the price would get stagnant for a certain number of year but after that, it will fall drastically. So for a foreign brand car which has wear and tear, there is no point of keeping it for long.

Rapid Car Removal

Rapid Car Removal is a Melbourne-based car buyer and offer instant cash for all types, makes and models of cars, vans, utes and trucks.

To get premium cash quote for your cars which have road life left, contact us. For getting cash for cars with wear and tear or damaged send us the car pictures and details and we will provide you instant cash quote.

We wreck old and scrap cars for parts, if you need any specific part for your old car, make an enquiry, you may find it at a very low cost.


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Car owners in Melbourne are quite familiar with the challenges in selling a car. Oftentimes it takes weeks and even months just to sell their old car off. Unfortunately, the car market like all over the world does not have any clear and firm rules or price list for makes and models of cars. However you can do your own research to establish a benchmark price but there is no certainty that you will get the exact same cash, sometimes you got, sometimes less. So here are few tips to make your car selling process easier for you.

First thing first, this advice we give to all car owners- Keep good care of your cars, keeping good cars includes

  • Keep the interior clean, no eating, drinking or smoking inside a car.
  • Keep it safe from parking bays and footpaths on roadside parking, often you hit your bumper and side skirts while parking.
  • It is better to drive safe by maintaining a good distance from next car, most of the accidents happen when you are not maintaining the right distance.
  • Have car serviced regularly and maintain logs. Car mechanical parts especially engine requires freshening up if it is not serviced regularly this can be a cause of low performances, weird noises and even breakdowns.
  • Try keeping the mileage low – Owning a car does not mean that you have to keep on pressing paddles all the time. Off and on share a ride, make car pools with co-workers, use train and buses especially when you know that traffic would be too much and there will be a parking problem. This may seem weird but we can reduce miles on the clock. Remember your car will start reducing price drastically after crossing 100K km mark.

Private car buyers, especially one buying car for a family really wants the car to be in prime condition. Dealers also prefer a car which would, later on, be an easy sell for them, rather than the one, on which they will have to spend time and money to get it updated.

So Where can I Sell my Car?

Well in you are resident in Victoria specifically Melbourne, then following are your options.

car trade in melbournePrivate car sales

Take good pictures of the car from all over including exterior, interior, dashboard and under the hood as well. Select a bright sunny day for this so that you have ample light. Next step, jump on to internet, place ads on Gumtree, car sales, newspaper and other classified sites. Highlight all details, don’t hide anything, as it is better to be clear upfront rather wasting your own or someone else’s time. Don’t wait for a private sale if you have a scrap/ junk car (as explained over here).

The downside, you will get loads of fake, irritating calls till your ad remain active. You will have to brag about your car a million time, all in front of dozens of strangers. And then all those strangers will be visiting your place as well.

1. Auction Sites

Car auction companies like Manheim and others can be another option. They will take your car in any condition, neat or dirty, broken or running and put it up for auction. There on you will have to pray that you get a good bid for your car as you never know how much it would be sold off.

Downside, these companies will charge you a hefty amount in commission and more importantly you won’t know till the time how much you are going to get for it.

2. Trade-Ins

Well this can be one of the least stressful ways of getting rid of the old one, but this option is only available to the one who is buying a brand new car. In trade-ins you would always get less out of your car, that is a fact as dealers have to make money of your old cars.

3. Selling to a Car Wrecker

Use this option if you are in urgent need of money as car wreckers would pay you cash there and then, they don’t wait for lengthy transfers and paperwork. Or secondly you had an accident and your car is declared total loss. No one else would buy this car except the wreckers, you are already covered by insurance so you can get something extra from these wreckers. Lastly your car model is too old and you are tiered of waiting for the right buyer on Gumtree or Car Sales.

So selling to a car wrecker is quick, pain-free and you get cash for it. Maybe we are biased, but you need to understand who else would bring a tow truck to pick up your old, non-working cars and pay you cash for it on the spot.

Rapid Car Removal

We are Melbourne’s highest paying, most experienced car wreckers. We only know about one thing and that is car and trucks. We buy all sort of old, scrap cars for cash and provide absolutely free junk car removal service in Melbourne from Geelong to Mornington Peninsula. So next time you are looking to sell your old car, try our quote as well.

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