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Selling Cars

Natural-Born Seller

You need not be a natural-born seller just to sell your car fast and at the price you’re aiming for. There is no such thing. If you think you got no skills or talent in selling, you’re wrong because anyone can do it. You just got to have the right mindset and attitude.

They say, there’s no such thing as a bad advice. However, there are what we call as myths and misconceptions on selling cars. Now you might have developed your own notions or you have bought others’ wrong views on how to sell cars, believing those myths can prevent you from achieving your goal. Now unless you are willing to pay for professional car selling services, arm yourself now against these roadblocks so you can breeze through the whole car selling process  nice and easy.

As one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers who have been in the automotive industry for over two decades, we ought to give you expert car selling tips as we debunk the myths some still choose to believe:

1. Selling is lying. You don’t have to lie in order for your car to sell. If your car does have some issues, it’s better to tell your potential buyer about it. This will show your buyers that you can be trusted; and that you have nothing more to hide from them.

2. Anyone can be persuaded to buy your car. According to some, you really good at selling if you can let anyone buy your product or service. But for car owners who just really have to sell their old vehicles, that doesn’t have to be the case. In order not to waste time and energy, persuade only those who have a genuine need for what you are selling.

3. Car buyers always want the lowest price. If you put a very low price tag on your used car, car buyers will have the impression that there is a catch. They might think that it is damaged or poorly maintained. Just like the saying, when something is too good to be true; well, it probably is.

4. You don’t need a sales strategy to sell your car. Even if you are not doing selling as a profession, you still need a sales strategy if you want to get your car sold faster. Think about your unique selling proposition – what does your car have that will make your buyer regret if he/she won’t take your offer? Remember that you also have competitors – other private sellers and dealerships. That is why, you still have to make some effort in formulating a strategy for your car to be differentiated from others in the market.

5. Minor repairs can wait. While it is still possible to sell your car even if it has minor issues, bear in mind that if your goal is to sell it a higher amount, you must present your vehicle in its best shape possible. Seeing problems (minor or major) could actually be a deal breaker for most of your prospects.

6. Once they fall in love upon seeing your car’s body, the interiors won’t matter. It is true that your car has to be neat and dashing in order to attract potential buyers. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay attention to your car’s interiors. When they look or get inside your car, they must get that impression that you have really taken care of it after all those years. That is a great plus for those who are in search of for sale cars Melbourne.

7. There’s no need for you to personally demo your car. Yes, you can put all your car’s complete details and take pictures of every side or part. But still, nothing beats seeing the vehicle in person. If you are in their shoes, would you base your decision just in pictures? Of course not. Moreover, this will also help you establish a rapport with your client. Personally talking to him/her will make a lot of difference.

8. You should put the highest possible price tag for your car then gradually reduce it if you get no interested buyers for a long time. Buyers are also wise. They also wait and see if you that type of seller who would lower the price over time. If they notice that you do reduce the price from time to time, it will be a never-ending cycle for you. They will wait until your price hits bottom. So you’ll end up waiting for your car to be sold at the lowest price ever.

9. When you receive an offer, you should make the buyer wait to get a higher offer. You are the seller. And so, you should be truthful no matter what. If you tell your buyer that you have to think about it first because you have other offers, then that should be true. If you are only saying it to make them offer you a bigger amount, well, don’t count on it too much. If you make them wait for a long time, you might even lose their interest.

10. Getting a NO is the end of the line. Well, it’s truly saddening to hear a no from a client. However, sales experts say that when you get a no, there is still hope for you. Once you hear that, immediately ask the reason. Know what what’s not working for them and see if you can provide a solution for it. The buyer will see your honest intentions and that they can rely on you no matter what.

11. The price is the primary basis for the buying decision. Yes, the budget is one of the main concerns of a buyer. However, don’t take them off your list of potential buyers even if your price is a little over your budget. You’ll never know – they might just be playing wise with you. They could have that extra money they could add if you could make them want your car even more. Show them that your car is definitely worth spending this much on.

12. You should do whatever it takes to make the buyer push through with the sale right away. Being aggressive, doing hard selling, and pushing your client to buy it right away would never ever cut it. If you do some tricks or gimmicks, there is a higher chance that your buyer will be turned off. Instead of establishing that you respect and care for them, they will have that impression that you are just there to rip them off. Even if you aren’t a professional seller, you still have to do an honorable job in selling cars.

Even if you are a private car seller, that doesn’t mean you can always have your way. If you really want to succeed in selling your car, have a mindset that aims for a win-win situation for you and your buyer. Be determined to reach your goals, but it’ll also be good if you can put yourself in their shoes as well. The key is to kindly and intelligently lead the prospect to making a smart buying decision.

If you have done your best in trying to sell but still nothing worked, maybe it’s time that you consider Rapid Car Removal. We provide fast, easy, and free car removal services and at the same time, pay you top cash for your beloved ride. We will pay for them no matter what their brand, model, or condition is. Call us now at 0438 942 754 to take advantage of our services!

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sell my car

Professional car salesmen and dealership agents are trained how to sell cars using different strategies. They are trained how to deal with different kinds of clients exhibiting different buying behaviors. But if you are just someone who wants to sell car for cash Melbourne, how will you go about the whole process effectively without having that kind of training?

If it is your very first time to put up for sale cars Melbourne, going through the whole task can seem daunting. But as one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers, we here at Rapid Car Removal ought to tell you that it shouldn’t be as stressful and intimidating at it seems. Even without the training and experience, and even if it’s your first time, it is still possible to get through it easily and achieve your goal. As experts in the automotive industry, we are here to help you by providing you the essential things you need to know when it comes to selling your car.

These tips are proven and tested by experts in providing car selling services. They will not only help you achieve your goal of getting the highest amount for your car; but also: to make the selling experience less excruciating AND to minimise the potential hazards of selling a car on your own – getting into scams and being ripped off.

1. TIMING MATTERS. If it is important to know the right time for buying a car, that goes the same for selling one. Timing can also make a big difference in selling cars. Know if it’s the best time to sell an SUV, family car, or sedan. This is also the key to getting it sold faster.TIMING MATTERS. If it is important to know the right time for buying a car, that goes the same for selling one. Timing can also make a big difference in selling cars. Know if it’s the best time to sell an SUV, family car, or sedan. This is also the key to getting it sold faster.

2. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Being updated and well-informed is the very first step in protecting yourself as a seller. No training is necessary for you to be able to sell your car fast; but knowing a thing or two about what you’re getting yourself into is the wisest thing you can do to avoid unfortunate circumstances ahead.

3. MAKE YOUR CAR LOOK ITS BEST. Do this not to deceive your buyers, but to get their attention and to create a desire for them to buy your car. Think of it like getting into a job interview. You get there looking your best not to deceive your potential employer, but to make them take a second look at you and be more interested in what you have to offer.

4. TAKE REALLY GOOD PHOTOS. There’s no need to hire a professional photographer for this one. What we’re trying to say is, put in a little more effort on taking those photos because if you are using online ads, that is the only way to make potential buyers look into your car. There are lots of tips you can search on the internet on how to make your pictures Instagram-worthy.

5. MAKE SURE TO USE EFFECTIVE LISTINGS. Once you’ve done Tip #1 and 2, it’ll be easier to know which listings (online and offline) you can use to reach your potential buyers. If you are selling your old family minivan, go into listings and sites that reach out to parents.

6. SCREEN ALL CALLERS & BUYERS. Because you have put your contact information on those listings, expect a number of calls and emails from different kinds of strangers. Put in a little time in conversing with that person in order for you to screen them thoroughly. Just make sure to ask nicely so as not to give a wrong impression – you wouldn’t know if that person you’re talking to might already be THE buyer. Avoid those who will make you an offer without actually seeing your car first.

7. PRACTICE A SALES PITCH. Yes, we’re serious. This is rarely done by private car sellers, that is why we’re giving you this as one of the expert car selling tips. When you meet interested buyers, think like a salesman. Switch into your perky and accommodating self while gradually and honestly telling all the good things about your car. Avoid hard-selling, but make sure to stress out the benefits and advantages over the flaws.

8. PREPARE DOCUMENTS BEFOREHAND. This is to save you time and more stress afterwards. Some buyers might be rushing to buy, so give them another reason for them to get on with buying your car because you have already prepared the documents for them already. Make them see that you are a very reliable and easy car seller to deal with.

9. RECOVER ALL RECORDS. This is another one that many people fail to prioritise. Find and collect all papers that pertain to your car.  Apart from the registration and insurance papers, maintenance records and receipts of repairs and upgrades, are also important. This will show your buyer that you have indeed taken good care of your car.

10. BE OPEN TO NEGOTIATIONS. We know that all of you have a price goal in mind. However, we cannot really dictate how much the potential buyers are willing to shell out for your car, no matter how bad they want it. Our best advice here is to set a price a little higher than your goal amount to make room for haggles.

With all the information found on the internet, keep in mind that people nowadays are also well-informed and somehow “trained” how to buy a car in the best deal. Thus, as the seller, all you need is to do the same. Customers are not right all the time; but also know that you would not be able to sell your car at your desired price if you wouldn’t put your best effort into it as well. Just be smart, calm, and reasonable everytime you’re dealing with interested buyers, and you’ll see that you have actually breezed through it already having that payment in your hands.

If you’re feeling kinda hopeless about getting your car sold, and you really need that money as soon as possible, consider Rapid Car Removal. We are reputable for providing our clients instant top cash for cars in all makes, models, and conditions. If you want to know how much we can pay for your old ride, simply dial 0438 942 754 or click here to get your free quote.

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trade old cars

A common dilemma among owners of old cars is deciding on what is really best to do with those vehicles. a why it’s been taking them so long before they actually let go of their old and used cars – they just don’t know what to do.

Well, one thing’s for sure. They all would probably want to get a new car as replacement for the old one, whether it’s a brand new or second hand automobile. Thus, you’ll ask, “If I plan to sell my car, would it be best to trade it in or sell it to private car buyers?”

Rapid Car Removal, one of the best car removal and buying companies in Melbourne, has a team of experts who has experienced dealing with all these kinds of car buying and/or selling situations. We are here to give old car owners a more easy-to-understand picture to help them determine which road is best for them to take.


First things first.

In order to know which way to go, the very first expert advice we will give you is to determine what you ultimately want to get from selling your car. Do you simply want to get an old ride off your hands or you just really need to have a car that you can use? When you have pinpointed your true goal, the next step is to assess your current situation. Check the real condition of your car, how much time and effort you are willing to put into the selling process, as well as your finances as there might be some unexpected expenses along the way.


If you want to trade your car in,

Your goal has to be to get a car that you can use right away. Because your old car hasn’t been that useful, economical and efficient, you have that impending need for a new means of transportation and mobility – brand new or not.

Trading in is perfect in a situation wherein you’ve got no time to wait. You don’t have much cash to shell out for additional car repairs or improvements needed before selling. You’ve tried to ask friends and acquaintances, but you ended up thinking that no private buyer would actually want to get your car.

You should be prepared for a minimal valuation of your car that is way less than its actual value. Dealers would be selling your car to buyers and may also put it up for auction. So chances are, they’d be getting your old car for a lower price.

You’ll be happy going out of the dealership riding in a new vehicle. The best deal you could get out of a dealer is when you can choose one of the cars they have for sale, in exchange for your old ride.


Should you sell your car privately,

It’s best if your goal is to get bigger cash for your new car fund. If your aim is to get a brand new vehicle, it’s more likely that you need more funds to buy it in full or to pay for the downpayment.

Your current situation should permit you to put more effort in advertising and marketing the sale of your car. You should have the luxury of time. Your car should of course be in a good running condition in order for it to sell. It also wouldn’t hurt if you’d invest in preparing and dressing your car up to attract more buyers.

You shouldn’t mind negotiating with strangers and buyers who are kind of hard to deal with. You’d have to be more patient in waiting for the right buyer and right price offer to come. You should also be wary of rip-offs and bogus buyers.

It’ll reward you with an assurance that you know exactly who you’ll be entrusting your old baby with. You’ll also be happy because you will finally get the amount that you’re aiming for.



If you think that your goal/s and your situation is something like a mixture of the two scenarios mentioned, fret no more. Rapid Car Removal is more than willing to help you out. We have been in the car buying and car removal Melbourne market for more than two decades. If you need money to buy a car you could use right away, but you have no time to wait, no extra cash, and no desire to negotiate with other car buyers, choosing one of our services is the perfect way to go. Even if you reckon your vehicle is too old, too rusty, or too wrecked, we would still have that removed free of charge, and we will still pay you good cash for it.

So stop the dilly-dallying and enquire through our friendly and accommodating staff now! You may immediately get your free quotes [here] or you may call us at 0438 942 754.

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Whether you have decided to sell your car to a private car buyer, a dealership, or car removal and wrecking company, one thing is certain: it is never easy letting go of your old baby, your once pride and joy. But if this is the time that you really have to let it go, then all you have to do is prepare.
Because you are selling something that you have loved so much before, wouldn’t you want to entrust it to someone who can put it into good use? Wouldn’t you want to have it sold at the price that you feel it’s really worth?
As experts in the cash for cars Melbourne industry, we here at Rapid Car Removal are going to help you get your car sold fast and at the most reasonable price.

We have listed here some of the most important things you should do before selling your car:

1. Clean and Detail

Car Wreckers Melbourne

Even if it isn’t brand new, a spotless and fresh-looking car will sell at a higher price and faster. No one will want to buy a filthy ride, right? So clean it up like you have never cleaned it before. Never forget to clean the engine and interiors, too. Buyers will most definitely inspect them as well. You wouldn’t want them to see traces of food and other trash inside. Have it waxed, preferably by a professional, to make it look more dashing as ever.

2. Inspect

If you have little to no knowledge about car engine and other parts, have it checked by a professional and experienced mechanic. See if some repairs are needed to be done. You wouldn’t want your buyer to discover the broken components of your car before you do. Should you find some, save yourself from shame and have those fixed immediately before actually selling it. You might also want to consider buying car accessories like new matting, or those that you think buyers will look for which your car currently doesn’t have.

3. Know the market

Car Wreckers Melbourne
In order to save yourself from getting a way too low price for your car, you should first know how much your car is really worth at the current time. Research and compare prices of cars same as yours (same year model). If you are seeing mostly low prices for the resale of your car, maybe it is a sign that selling it to a private car buyer might not be the best option for you. Try looking for car wreckers instead, as they might be able to give you a better quote.

4. Take pictures and prepare documentation

Car removal melbourne
In doing transactions like this, it is always best to do proper documentation. This will save you from future headaches. You will need to procure the deed/bill of sale, title (if any), maintenance records, insurance policies, and all other documents that pertain to your car. If you’re planning on advertising it, taking good and appealing pictures of your car will do the trick.

5. Detach yourself

Cash for cars

Preparing for the sale of your car can be tedious. But when you have finished everything, there is a chance that you’d see yourself lonelier than when you have first decided to sell it. That might just be the time when it really strikes you hard that you’re finally saying goodbye to your beloved car. When you immediately detach yourself emotionally from your ride, you will see that it would be a lot easier to find buyers and actually sell it.

If you don’t want to go through the hassles of advertising the sale of your car, waiting for potential buyers, and going through a long negotiation process, opt for the services of RAPID CAR REMOVAL. We guarantee our buyers a fast and free car removal service. Plus, we only pay instant cash for cars regardless of your car’s condition. We are Melbourne’s leading car buyers, truck wreckers, and 4WD wreckers.

Call us now and get your free quote.

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sell my truck

Some might say that trucks are the most useful for all the different kinds of vehicles. It is almost impossible to successfully do industrial and commercial operations without trucks. That is why we have now a long list of truck types – box body, flat bed, tipper, trailer, container, rigid, and specialized (e.g. towing, crane, mixer, dump, etc.) trucks – in order to perform specific functions. No matter the size, trucks are useful for business: to transport dry goods, vehicles, furniture, animal and livestock, construction materials, and the list goes on.

But as they are very useful, there will come a time that they wouldn’t be able to perform as well. Like all vehicles, they are susceptible to wear and tear. They will age and deteriorate no matter how religiously you maintain them. And because they are commonly used for business, it is but crucial that you know if it’s already time to get cash for scrap trucks Melbourne.

You’ll know that it is the best time to put your truck up for sale when you have or have been encountering these:

Your truck shows signs of big trouble.

Car removal melbourne

There had been times when your truck has caused one or more road accidents. It has broken down too many times and it shows red flags like blue smoke coming from tailpipes, badly worn-out timing belts, failing gear changes, and more. If your truck requires too much of those major repairs, it’s a clear sign that it maybe isn’t roadworthy anymore. It might cause harm to you, the driver, and even others.

Your truck causes more expenses.


You know that your business is booming and successful when your income is way more than your expenses. Compare the truck maintenance and repair expenses you made in the past years to the present. If you see that you are spending more and more each year, if it’s more costly to keep it on the road, and you spend more on gas consumption, then those are good enough reasons to let it go.

Your truck has been bringing business troubles.

cash for trucks melbourne

If there had been times when deliveries get delayed because your truck is always broken, then it won’t do your business any good. Wasted time means wasted money in business. Furthermore, if the problems of your truck have caused a road accident and your company is forced to shoulder repair and medical expenses for victims, you most definitely don’t want that to happen again. If your business partners and clients complain most of the time because of delayed and failed deliveries, then it is but a just reason to get rid of that truck already.

Your truck is no longer useful.

cash for trucks

Because of the increased risk of road accidents, delivery delays, and more, you decide not to use the truck for business anymore. So now, it is just aging, rusting, and rotting in some empty lot or storage house. Instead of keeping an old clunker, that space would have been used to hold stocks and other useful reasons. In addition, if you are in the business of selling perishable goods like food, that rusty truck contains harmful materials that could be detrimental to your products.

Your used truck is just in time for the strong market demand.

Research about the truck wrecking and buying industry in your area. Learn about the companies that buy trucks of all kinds. If you find out that there is an ongoing trend for getting rid of old, unused, and wrecked trucks, then get a hold of that opportunity already. This is a chance for you to get additional income for your business.

It pays to actually know when it is best to sell an old truck. Rapid Car Removal is one of the leading truck buyers and truck wreckers Melbourne. If your judgment tells you to sell your truck already, consider handing it over to us. We pay instant cash for trucks Melbourne and we accept all kinds of trucks regardless of make, model, and condition.

Call us at 0438 942 754 now! We are the trusted company who buys trucks and gives top cash.

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Sell Your Old Car

Whether we like it or not, there will come a time when our precious ride won’t be as dashing, economical, and useful anymore. Like all material things, it won’t last forever (even if we do our best to keep it at its best). Because you have loved that baby of yours for too long, you can try to shrug it off; but you’d have to admit that leaving it to age and rot in your garage won’t do you any good anymore.

Making that final decision to sell your old car can be hard, but when you let go of that unreliable vehicle, you will see yourself enjoying a number of benefits. Instead of leaving it to rust, you can at last use that yard or garage space for other functions. You’ll be able to keep your family safer and more secure. You can put a stop to those endless repairs and upkeeps. You’ll be less stressed and have peace of mind.  On a wider scale, you’ll contribute to the economy and the environment. And the best part is you’d get additional cash to jump start or complete your fund for a new ride.

So you’ve finally come to your senses and you want to sell your car right away? The obvious question now is, ‘Where is the best place to sell your car in Melbourne?’ To help you get the best value for your car, we have provided some tips below.

Choose a professional car wrecker over an individual buyer.

Car removal melbourne

Selling it to a private buyer means you’d have to go through a long process, wherein much of your time and effort is needed. You have to maximize traditional, mobile, and online channels for marketing and advertising your old car for sale if you want an individual buyer. There is also that stressful time of waiting for prospective buyers. You will most probably go through a series of negotiations, over and over, up until you find the right person to deal with. There’s always a risk of you handling bogus clients and fraudulent buyers. Most of them will haggle and offer less, as well as even request for installment payments. And lastly, you will be the one to shoulder the cost removing and/or delivering the car.

On the other hand, choosing to sell it to a reputable car wrecking and buying company is way more convenient. They are easier to find and contact. The current value of your old car is determined by professional assessors and automobile experts. Most of them offer same-day, rush, and scheduled services. All you have to do is sit back and relax while you wait for the company to haul off your vehicle. Some of them even provide supplementary documentation for the process. And the good thing is, you can get your cash in an instant.

Opt for the services of Rapid Car Removal.

Rapid Car Removal

Exert no more effort in searching for used car buyers online. Choose Rapid Car Removal. We are one of Melbourne’s top car wreckers, 4WD wreckers, and truck wreckers who have been in the industry for many years.

Any car type, model, and brand are accepted. It doesn’t matter if your car is in good running condition, totally wrecked, or badly deteriorated. Our big facility has room for them all.

Once you agree on the price our car evaluation specialists provide you with, it will only take a maximum of 2 hours to have your old car removed. We strive to provide all our clients with instant top cash for cars Melbourne and you can even enjoy as much as $9,999 for your car.

We take pride in providing our customers with fast, worry-free, and reliable services.

So what are you waiting for? Call us now at 0438-942-754 to get your free quote. And you’ll realize that going for Rapid Car Removal is the best choice.

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Proper Time To Sell Your Car

Our cars are our prized possessions because they symbolize our investments. Acquiring a car is an achievement for all of us, because it is never easy to get one. You have to be financially prepared not only for paying for it but also for the cost of maintaining its performance. You also need to prepare a lot of documents unless you’re buying the car in cash.

Our cars can really bring comfort and convenience but the sad news is, we can’t keep them forever. The car industry is lucrative and new models are constantly being rolled out of the factories day after day. Simply put, our cars get old and outdated. But how do we know when is the proper time to sell our cars?

The guide below will help you in deciding whether it is time to sell your car or not.


When Should I Sell My Car?

It is hard to decide whether letting go of your car is the right thing to do. However, as the car’s value depreciates, the cost of maintaining it also rises. You should sell your car for the following reason:


  • If The Cost of Repair is More than the Value of the Car


If you have a car that’s worth $7000, do you think spending $5000 on repairs is okay? Once the car is costing you too much money on repairs, you have to let go of it and sell it. It’s better to get a few grand from it than getting nothing at all once its condition becomes beyond repair.


  • If It Has Traveled More Than 100,000 miles


Most car warranties expire in three years or after travelling for 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. You can most probably predict which parts will start to fail by keeping an eye on the car’s mileage. For example, most timing belts fail after the mileage reaches 50,000 to 70,000. The tires and brakes may also need replacement at this stage. So once your car has been driven for 100,000 miles, its value depreciates dramatically and most likely, a lot of the parts will be needing replacements.


  • If You Are Considering an Upgrade


Sell your car if you want or need an upgrade. For example, you own a Sedan but you now want a pickup due to the change of the environment you are driving at. You can sell the Sedan and buy a truck that can take you off road. You should also sell your car and buy a new one if there have been new additions to the family in the form of a new child or a new pet and you will no longer be able to fit inside your old one.


  • If you have a New car

picture of a new car

It’s never good for a car to be left in the garage for a long time. If you have a new car and would not be able to use the old one, it’s better off sold. Why? If the car gets stuck, there’s a high chance that its components will fail. Cars are designed to be driven and not to be left in the garage where it can accumulate rust and damp.


  • If It is becoming Unreliable


It’s not worthy keeping a car that is not able to take you where you want to go, right? If the car stops in the middle of the nowhere and you have no one to turn to, do you think of what could happen? You could either get robbed or worse, you have to push your car to the nearest fuel station all by yourself! Having a car that breaks down every week is not a good idea, considering the hassles and stress it can give you.


  • If You’re Spending Too Much Money on Fuel


The age of the car impacts its fuel efficiency. So even if your car was fuel efficient back in the day, it will be lagging way behind newer models. Why? Because technology improvements are constantly happening, meaning, newer cars are always being upgraded and their fuel efficiency are being improved. If you are a person that drives on an average of 15,000 km/s a year, it’s probably time for you to look at other options when it comes to your car. After all, you can save a lot of money if your car is fuel efficient.

If you’re now ready to sell your car, contact us! We specialize in cash for cars and ‘sell my car’ services. We are the car buyer you can trust, giving only the highest offer for your old cars, scrap cars, unused 4×4 and trucks. We offer free car removal all throughout Melbourne and its surrounding areas. Sell your car now, call us at  0457 471 397.

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Pro’s and Con’s of Selling a Car to a Car Wrecker

Oftentimes, people get confused while making a decision while selling their cars. Most of them consider when they sell their car to a car wrecker they won’t get enough cash for it. Which is true up to some extent but then you shouldn’t always straight away go to a wrecker. You go when you know that your car is a pile of crap and nobody would buy it for himself. The cost of towing in Melbourne is that much that you would end up paying several hundreds just to get the scrap out of your yard. So considering all this we have compiled a list of circumstances that you should consider.

For instance, while writing about this I just took a call, the lady from Wantirna had a Ford Falcon EA 1992 and some drunken driver hit that car in her driveway. Now the car was working good for the lady but after the hit, it was declared a total loss. Now selling that car over eBay, Car Sales or Gumtree is not easy at all, as no one can afford a tow truck to just lift that old car. So the best bet is to transfer all your headache to wreckers and get a decent cash from them.

Pro's Con's Car Wreckers

Following are few other scenarios when you can go to a car wrecker to sell your car.

  • When your car is completely wrecked. As a wreckers we don’t mind the condition of the car. Also you will better off them doing the car removal for you. Its going to be a waste of time contacting car dealers. Theirare only interested in on-road cars.
  • When your car model is too old and you have already waited and wasted time posting ads on car sales directories. Instant quote is what you will get from car wreckers.
  • When you need to sell your car urgently, even if it is a newer model and have loads of road life left. Car wreckers are the only one to help you out in this case, as other cash loan providers literally take everything out of the deal and you would eventually get just a few dimes. Professional car wreckers know about the makes and models and they know the worth of each car.

Car buyers at Rapid Car Removal give an instant cash for cars quote for these vehicles as well. These cars won’t be wrecked and will be repaired and sold as it is.

Not all wreckers are same though. There are many wreckers who make a false commitment over the phone. When they come for a pickup, they change their quote. So you have to go with an honest company like Rapid Car Removal.

Rapid Car Removal provides the best cash for cars rates in Melbourne. Follow the link to get more details.

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sell your carSelling your car safe and easy is a simple procedure or process for Melbournites. How about selling your car without paying commissions to the car dealers and bypassing the cumbersome procedure of signing up to car sales portals. The plus side, you can sell your car in minutes without any sign ups and you won’t receive loads of unnecessary, time wasting, junk calls. On top of it, you can get the best cash rate for your car.

Here are some of the steps in selling your car easily and quick:

  • It must be legit. Please check before hand that in registration car owners name is correct. And then, make it sure that it is clean. Check if there is an existing loan. In the event that there is, you cannot sell your car until your car is clear. Make sure that all liens are released.
  • Fight for the right cash, it is your right when you are selling your car. Car wreckers are always looking for cars. They also tend to look for a car that is beyond their budget. Some are looking for specific models of the cars. The price would always be based on the type or model of the car, the features, condition and for wreckers which are providing free car removal service, the location of the car is also very important, as far the car is from their location, the more towing cost would incur. It is always better to check your car value by browsing car ads on different car sales website and determine what you want to get for it. If it comes with a competitive price, then sell it. Remember you are also saving a bulk load of time and time is money.
  • Your car details and photos would love to get more details about your car including the model, the year, the make, the engine size, the mileage and the condition. You need to make a list of whatever your car has. Discover what makes your car more valuable than other cars of same make and model. The photos must be taken in a nice and clear day. Also, the inside and outside of the car such as odometer reading, engine compartment and anything must be made visible in your description.
  • Car Deal and Pickup Usually car wreckers will offer you a quote over the phone. It is best for both parties to be very transparent and share complete details with each other, this would save time at the time of pickup. As any shocks at the time of pickup would force car wreckers to change their quoted price.

What really Rapid Car Removal has to offer? Cash for cars is a car recycling process which dismantles the cars for scrap metal and parts. Exchanging cash for cars has really turned out to be a good trade in the industry of automotive. Rapid Car Removal provides the easiest, safest and fastest way of selling your car. We are a Melbourne-based car wreckers with car buyers with right cash and deep knowledge. If you want to avoid all of the hassles and headaches, Rapid Car Removal is the right place for you.

Mostly, the vehicles at cash for cars may be sold all over the phone. The appraisers will go to your place, will get your vehicle and will pay you cash right on the spot. With just one call, we can buy your car at the top cash value. Call us now!


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