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You have finally come to your senses and have decided that keeping your old or junk car won’t do you good any longer. But after that long and bumpy road of thinking whether it is time for you to let of of your car, you are now at the crossroads. The point wherein you are simply torn whether you’ll be better off fixing your car first before selling it or simply junk it to give you no more hassles. As no one knows what really lies ahead, you have got to think it over and over, consider the consequences, calculate the probabilities of success, and be 100% confident before you actually make your decision. Because once you do, there is just no turning back.

For the two long decades that we have been doing car removals and providing instant cash for cars for the residents in Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs, this question or concern has always been on the minds of our clients or soon-to-be customers. And since it’s probably improper to simply tell you what we want you to do, we are here to guide and help you in figuring out the best road to take while you are on that crossroad. We ought to provide you a clearer blow-by-blow explanation on when is it best to junk your car or have it fixed before selling.

Give it a good repair before selling if…

  • You are in a good financial state. –  If money isn’t really an issue, thinking about this won’t be much of a burden. Iit wouldn’t be much of a problem if you would invest and spend more on that car you have once loved and adored, even for the very last time. Besides, you’ll somehow get that money back when you’d be able to sell it at the price you really wanted.
  • The car is technically in a good running condition. –  Sure, your car does have some issues here and there. But you are still able to use it whenever you want to. The vehicle wasn’t flood- or storm-damaged; it hasn’t been in any kind of serious road accident; and it generally has a clean history. If you honestly and truly feel that its soon-to-be owner will still be able to use it safely, then repairing its issues is probably the wisest thing to do.
  • There is still a demand for the kind of car that you have. –  If you do know people like car lovers or vintage car collectors who are still interested in the kind of car that you have, then you have greater chances of selling it for profit. You may also research, join forums, and ask around in social media to gauge if you will be able to sell your car easily or not.
  • Your goal is to get top dollar from your old car. –  If you simply don’t want to ignore the fact that you have invested so much time, effort, and money in that car for many years, that you want to make the most out of it for the very last time, then give it a good and final fixing to have it sold in a good price. Repairing its issues and giving it a cosmetic fix is the best way to go if you are really determined to sell it off privately and, if you know that after addressing its issues, your car’s resale value will significantly increase.
  • Time isn’t an issue. –  Fixing all the minor or major issues your car has won’t probably be as quick and easy. In addition, prepping, advertising, waiting, and negotiating with prospective car buyers will also take some time. So if you don’t really have a deadline and you’re technically not in a rush to have it sold, then doing your best to put your car in its best selling condition won’t be such a bad idea.

Junking your car is best when…

  • You honestly think no one could buy and use it anymore. –  While it is true that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, sometimes there are just cases wherein your trash is also just going to be trash for someone else. You know you car inside and out. That is why, your gut is telling you that you’ll definitely have a hard time selling it and that getting it fixed is just going to be a waste of time and money. If you somehow feel anxious or worried for the next person who’s going drive and use your car; if you feel it’s too old and unattractive for it to be sold; or if rust is eating away most of that vehicle, then you probably just have to junk it stat.
  • You don’t have all the time and the funds to repair it. –  Fixing the car before selling it privately won’t cut it if you’re in a rush to get rid of that vehicle. Let’s say you need to get out of the country, move to another state, or are in that kind of situation when you just got to let your car go, opting for a company that pays cash for junk cars is the only thing you can do. Besides, if you technically have no budget or have absolutely no desire to shell out more money for those extra repairs, no matter how major or minor, you wouldn’t be at that crossroad in the first place.
  • The car is simply irredeemable. –  If your car is more often broken down than used for many years now; if it has been a victim of natural calamities or series of road accidents; and if you have accepted the fact the the engine warning light won’t ever turn off, then you just have to accept that junking or wrecking your car is the smartest thing to do. Another way to tell if your car is seriously messed up if you the engine and the transmission badly need an overhaul. Getting a junk car removal service is your only option if not even your trusty mechanic or car enthusiast is confident about fixing and selling it.
  • That vehicle isn’t legally yours.-  If that car has been handed down to you by your grandfather or your old man, and you don’t have its title nor registration, you have no legal right to actually sell it. In that case, hiring car wreckers Melbourne who pay top cash for cars will be your best way out of this situation.
  • It costs more to repair. –  Do the math. Compute the total costs of the repairs and cosmetic fixes that your car needs before you can really sell it. If the total amount exceeds the price you are optimistically aiming for your car to be sold, then don’t waste any more time thinking. Instead of throwing away money just to have it sold in a minimum amount, don’t put in any more effort and just find a reliable car removal Melbourne company that is willing to pay you for your old ride.

After all these, you might probably think that there sure is a lot take into consideration before you can actually get to decide. You really have to assess everything mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially. And in all honestly, we can go on and on and tell you more about knowing whether it’s best to junk cars or repair them before selling. But the truth of the matter is, there is one expert advice we could give you to somehow escape this long list. Be completely honest about what your car’s real condition is. If you really, truly, and positively believe that your car is no longer worthy to be fixed, don’t fight it. Trust your instinct. Besides, if it leads you to junk your car and hand it over to pro car wreckers like Rapid Car Removal, you will still get benefits and advantages out of it. And believe us, there’s a lot.

Want to know about those perks of getting our junk car removal services? Then speak with our friendly and dependable operators now by dialing 0438 942 754.

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Car Wreckers Melbourne


In today’s world, cars are no longer considered as avoidable luxuries. They are now deemed as necessities. They are of great use for any person, no matter what you do in life. You use it to get to work, to do business, to send and fetch your kids to school, and so on. But if your car has just been rotting in your garage or yard for so long and if it’s not working most of the time, it’s a totally different story.

We see lots of junk cars lying around. But why do car owners choose to keep them there? Why is it so hard for them to consider getting an old car removal service? Well, there could be lots of reasons. It might be their very first car; which they saved up for for a very long time. It might be handed down by a dear family member. Or, they are trying their best to keep it because they still don’t have the budget to replace it. Like them, you can go on and on in finding reasons to justify keeping an old vehicle in your premises. However, little do you realize that as you find these reasons still valid, instead of that car being a prized possession, it is now a big burden not only to you, but also to the people around you.

We understand that letting go of something that you once loved so much is difficult. So to help you out, we give you here 5 top reasons why you should decide to remove that old vehicle from your property now:

Because it’s an eyesore

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Any home simply wouldn’t look as good and as attractive with an old or rusty car lying around. And even if you say it’s tucked inside your garage or your backyard, any person who’d see it would know it’s but a nuisance; taking up space that should be used for something else. Let’s face it; even your neighbors aren’t happy seeing a junk car in their neighborhood. It’s that simple. Your once dashing and gorgeous ride isn’t as pleasing to the eye anymore.

Because it takes up too much space

Car removal


Whether your old car is a sedan, compact car, SUV, or ute, it still takes up a considerable amount of space in your property. You had no choice but to put it there, and so your garage, front carport, backyard, or any even a barn hasn’t been properly utilized because of the run-down vehicle that has been idly sitting there for ages. Especially in the case of a car that’s been totally wrecked due to an accident or calamity. You can’t even move it to a more hidden place because you just don’t have enough equipment to do so.

Because it’s no longer useful

Car Wreckers Melbourne

Gone were the days when you can drive it everyday to work; when you can participate in a carpool; when you can take your family to new places; and when you can go on long roadtrips. It is tired. It just stopped working. You repair it; then you decide to drive it thinking that it’s already fixed, but then it suddenly breaks down again in the middle of the road. It gets broken about 8 out of 10 times; and the sad part about it is that you have been putting up with that for a long time.

Because it harms the environment

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Owners of old and unwanted cars hardly realize that as they keep those vehicles in their premises (indoor or outdoor), it is causing harm to the environment. Deteriorating and rusting cars harbor lots of toxic elements. It makes the air you’re breathing unhealthy. By ignoring this for a long time, you are not only exposing yourself to such toxic substances, but your family and your neighbors as well.

Because it’s causing you more expenses

Cash for Junk Cars

If your old car is still driveable but is no longer as efficient, you end up spending more on it day after day. It consumes more gas. You spend on repairs more frequently. And you spend on towing services every time it breaks down in some road. Working or not working, you would still have to pay taxes and other fees that concern the car that you refuse to let go of.

Even if it takes a big amount of cash to get yourself a car, always remember that is isn’t an investment that would appreciate in time. Because it’s subject to decay like all material things in this world, it isn’t worth keeping especially for a long time.

All the memories you’ve made with your old ride may still be fresh, but that vehicle sure isn’t. You have to face the fact that if it doesn’t do you or your family any good, it is but enough reason to let it go. Sure it has sentimental value, but don’t you think it’s about time you cut that emotional attachment and make new memories? So don’t hesitate. Decide now to have your old vehicle taken by one of the best car wreckers and car removal companies in the country, Rapid Car Removal Melbourne. Enjoy all the benefits of finally choosing a reputable company that pays good cash for cars that are old, wrecked, and unwanted.

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Cash for Junk Cars

Sad to say, not all old cars can become gorgeous classics or vintage collectors’ items after some time. So if you have a car that you no longer use, is too expensive to repair, and is not roadworthy anymore, you should really consider getting a junk car removal service. Know that if you choose to leave that sad vehicle sit, rot, and rust for months or years, it will be a lot difficult to get rid of.

If you are one of those rare people who haven’t heard of the thriving industry of junk car wreckers and car removal specialists in Melbourne, well, we are telling you now: You can turn your junk car into money! Complete or not complete, running or seriously damaged, manufactured by a local or international brand; all of that still have some value. You can get a reasonable amount of cash for cars no matter how questionable their conditions are. Then if you are determined to do so, do you want to maximize the opportunity?

Here are some of the tips we can give you to get the most cash from your junk car:

1. Check the nooks and crannies of your car

Car removal

Look at the interiors and exteriors of your car. Check for parts and components that are still in good working condition. See if you know some people who are willing to buy them from you at a good price. Check for chargers, CD players, LCD screens, car covers, woofers, and other accessories. Retrieve road emergency equipment from your trunk like jumper cables, jack, or spare tyres. Should you decide to sell them separately, make sure to take off those parts without causing further damage to your car. Then, recover all the personal items left in your glove compartment especially documents, cards, IDs, and other things that may contain personal information.

2. Prepare documents

Just like selling to any buyer, you’d have to establish ownership of the vehicle. Of course, reputable car removal companies also don’t want to be accused of getting cars that are apparently stolen. And so, even if you have lost the title, you still have to present anything that will prove your ownership. Among these documents are vehicle registration, mechanic’s lien, deed of sale, repossession affidavit, action sales receipt, and driver’s license.

3. Scout for the best companies and obtain several quotes

Car Wreckers Melbourne

Checking online and calling are most convenient ways to do this. For you to get top dollar, you definitely have to get a least 3 price offers from the leading companies in the cash for cars Melbourne market. Ask the right questions that will help you make the most out of selling your junk car, such as:

  • Do you provide free car removal and towing?
  • Do you I need to pay other fees?
  • Will stripping the non-metal parts of my car increase/decrease your price offer?
  • How fast will the whole process take?
  • Do I get more cash if I personally bring my car to you?
  • How and when exactly will I get paid?

If you’d obtain answers to all these questions, you could easily decipher which company can really help you get the most out of your old vehicle.

4. Clear out your space

space car garage

This tip does not necessarily increase the price offer you’ll get. However, you wouldn’t want to incur expenses that might result from the removal of your car, right? So clear your garage or the parking bay where your junk car is. Remove anything that you feel might fall off, get bumped, or damaged during the removal process. Prepare enough space for the towing equipment and vehicle that will arrive. If you have another car that you currently use, transfer it to a parking area that is far enough to keep your vehicle from being scratched or dented.

5. Finalize selling of your junk car with the best car removal company in Melbourne

Cash for cars

Choose the junk car wrecking company that provides you with the biggest price offer along with the most convenient vehicle removal service. If one of these is compromised, then it’s clear that that company isn’t the best one in town. Go for the one that has been in the industry for decades; one that has lots of good customer reviews; and the one that’s known for practicing strict eco-friendly methods.

Opt for the services of Rapid Car Removal Melbourne. We are the car buyers that always guarantee to provide our clients the top cash, convenience, security, and the honest service that they need. So call us now at 0438 942 754. We are looking forward to doing business with you!

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Selling a junk car in MelbourneFirst of all let’s identify what is a junk or salvage car is, as one cannot just say that my car is a junk, right. A car becomes a junk or salvage or scrap car in view of Melbourne’s car buyers under following circumstances.

  •  The car model is very old and proper care is not taken
  •  The car is sitting idle in your driveway for many months and haven’t been started till late
  •  Your car met an accident, although newer in model but insurance has written it off
  •  You got an imported car and it is more than 10 years old. Few foreign brand cars do not have buyers in Melbourne as its maintenance cost is too high and parts cannot be found

So what to do if you have any one of the above. Well, there are few ways through which you can sell these types of cars.

Well to proceed ahead you have to make few checks for yourself, as this would save you lots of time and headache.

  • Is the car still driveable
  • How much rego is still left with the car?
  • Will the car need a towing service to be removed from your home

These are some important questions as private sellers cannot arrange a tow truck to pick the car from your home. The towing cost is simply too much for a private buyer to bear unless you are selling your relatively newer car at a very cheap price.

Rego is another important factor as private owners like to have a couple of months of rego with the car as it would help them to avoid getting a roadworthy certificate straightaway. On the other hand, if you keep your plates and registration you can return it to Vicroads and get cash for the remaining months of registration.

One should try a private sale if he has time for it.

Car wreckers may pay you less comparing to other private owners. This is the only downside of giving away your car to a wrecker but the advantages are way too much, like

  •  You don’t have wait to get cash for your cars
  •  And you don’t have to answer all those irritating enquiries from every passer-by
  •  Also you don’t have to worry about explaining the exact condition of the car

So considering all these factors you should make a decision on whom to sell your car. Mostly we have seen people contacting a car wrecker after waiting months and months for a decent private buyer.

Rapid Car Removal

Rapid Car Removal offers the best cash for junk, scrap cars in Melbourne, you can get an instant quote over phone or email.

We are one of Melbourne’s top paying car wreckers. We buy cars and trucks for cash from all over Melbourne including Geelong and Mornington Peninsula. Also provide absolutely free junk car removal service throughout Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs.

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junk car removal servicesIf you have been lately thinking about getting rid of your junk car, there are a few things that need to be considered before calling for a junk car removal service. You would want a good price for your car and a painless car removal process. To help you, here are certain things you might want to consider before you actually go about booking a scrap car removal service.

The first step you need to do when you sell scrap cars is to identify the owner. This may sound easy enough, you drive the car so the car is yours right? That could be very true, but the real owner of the car is the person on the title of the car. If the car is not in your name, you do not have a legal right to sell the car. Although car wreckers usually don’t bother about the ownership as they just have to scrap the car, they would ask for your driver license as the proof of the sale.

Does your car work or is it not working? What are the problems with the car. Trying to sell a car over Gumtree and Car Sales, that is not working can be very difficult. When an individual is looking to buy a car, they will usually not want to sink a lot of money into getting a junk car into working order after all there is roadworthy and registration work after that, so they are better off paying more for a car in better condition. If you sell junk cars that are not working you open yourself up to a host of problems. If your car is not working you won’t want to pay for repairs just to have a working car to sell.

Then you will need to decide whom to sell the car. When trying to sell junk cars in Melbourne there are laws that protect the consumer. If your car is not working, runs poorly, or is cosmetically defunct you consider selling your car to car wreckers. If your car is inoperable, the real value will be in the parts of the car. You will have to decide to sell off the parts to make any money off the car.

Things to consider if you are selling off the parts, will you have the time to invest in being there when someone comes to buy the parts and when you be mechanically responsible for taking the parts off.

If you allow someone else to eradicate their own parts, you run the liability that they may damage other parts that maybe usable by another buyer. Do remember, once you sell off the engine or transmission, no wrecker will want your car, as its just a shell now.

DON’T SELL JUNK CARS ON CAR SALES OR GUMTREE – Its just a waste of time!

I suggest not wasting money on advertising an old junk car. Fees can run as high as $25 per week and your car may not sell for several weeks. You have to decide if the value of your car is work that much. If you are selling your car for $500 and It list for 8 weeks your profit from your car will only be $300 because you will have paid $200 in sellers fees. You could opt to use one of those free sites, however a word of caution many people get scammed when they try to sell on free sites like Gumtree.

Selling your car online opens up a wide range of security related issues. To sell junk cars without a classified ad in Melbourne you can call Rapid Car Removal.

If you need instant cash for junk car you can sell your cars in Melbourne to Rapid Car Removal. They buy all types, makes and models of cars and trucks. So whether your car is running or not they pay top dollar for your unwanted car.

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