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In today’s fast paced world a car has become a necessity, especially when we talk about Australia. As the distances are so huge and the weather is very unpredictable. But buying a car is not easy. As you have to deal with so many issues to purchase a car.

buying used car Melbourne

One of the main consideration while purchasing a car should be to consider for how long will you keep and how would you like to sell it. Because it is tough to get the similar amount back on a car that you buy. Even if you try to sell it after a week of purchasing it.

New vs Used Cars 

Our recommendation is that go with used cars if

  • this is your first car, it’s better to build confidence on a used second-hand car then an expensive a brand new one.
  • the car you want to buy is not available brand new in a showroom near you. Mostly imported cars have this issue.
  • Finance constraints, you don’t want to invest too much in purchasing a car

Whether it’s new or old there are few costs that you will have to bare. Like car registration cost, stamp duty on transfer of vehicle on your name and car insurance (if you want to get one). So keeping in view getting any car new or old would have this cost attached to it.

Things to Look into While Buying a Car

Now while purchasing a second-hand car one should always be very careful. Following are few key points that you should consider while making that decision

  • The title is clear: it is important that you run a PPSRC on the rego number of the car. One can sell you a repairable write-off or financed car, without you knowing it.
  • Car parts are easily available in Melbourne. It is very tough to find parts for few brands, especially European and American car brands. Even if you find the parts the cost would be too much so it is better to find a car whose parts are easily available, like Ford, Holden and Toyota.
  • Engine, transmission and suspension is fit, consult a mechanic and have him check the car for you as if one of these 3 is not good it will cost you a fortune to get it fixed
  • Body is clean, having minor dents and scratches is ok but a hanging bumper and big dents can cost you a lot to remove.


Where to Look While Purchasing a Car

There are multiple options that you can go with. You can have a look at your local car dealers or go online and search for the car you want to buy on car sales or Gumtree. Or go on car auction sites like Grey’s online or Manheim.

Where to Sell Old Cars

Similarly, when you want to sell your old car, you can go online on car sales or gumtree to make a sale. But the best and quickest way of getting cash for your car would be to call a car wrecker near you. Car wreckers not only pay cash on the spot and also pick up the car for free. So you don’t have to worry about getting the car up on its feet for selling.

About Rapid Car Removal

Rapid Car Removal is Melbourne’s leading car wrecker and car buyer. We buy all makes and models of cars for cash on the spot and provide free car removal service Melbourne wide.


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If you are a car owner and have ever needed to get a damaged fixed, caused due to the accident then you will know how much of a pain in the neck the entire process can be. If your car has caused unexpected damage and it is not of any use now the only best thing is to sell it.

Turn Your Old Car Into Money

When your car is not of any use to you then don’t waste your money on it sell it to car removal companies. If you inhabit in Perth, you can sell your car at a good price to WA Car Removals with less inconvenience.

Finding The Best Car Removal Companies

To find the best car removal company for selling your car, all you have to do is search for the right companies. There are many companies in Perth that offer car removal services and you can find them by searching online in your browser. To make a valuable search all you have to do is make a search and read about the services they offer. You can also find out more detail about their services by calling them, they will offer you the free estimate for your vehicle too.

You can ask any question that comes in your mind relating to your vehicle. So that you will be well prepared for making the decision for what to do?

Benefits for Environment

Car removal companies don’t only provide you with money, they are also enhancing benefits for the environment. They help save environment from the damage caused by the disposing process. Damaged cars are harmful to the environment. They occupy much space which can be in fact utilised for some useful product to keep. Car removal companies recycle the damaged parts of cars in the safe and eco-friendly way.

Free Space

The space occupied by your damaged vehicle can be utilised to keep some useful products like gym products or your other vehicle. Whatever you wish to do with your free room is beneficial rather than placing the useless car there. And the best part you will get instant cash for a car.

Any Condition Vehicle Can Be Sold Here

The best thing about our Car removal Service is that we buy any car with any damaged part. No issue whatever the condition is we will buy it with a fair price. The most comfort thing about the car removal service is that we will provide you with a firm to bring your car to scrap yard, you will not have to drive it to reach our destination.



Selling your car can be a bit of a headache in Melbourne. Some individuals who try to sell their car and plan to cash for cars claytonupgrade tend to fall in the wrong place. It is due to the fact that they lack sufficient knowledge in buying and selling cars. If you are looking for a car buyer, this is the right place to go first. This article will guide you on how to use your time wisely and spend your money accordingly during your search for a car buyer.

Online Car Buying Guide for Free

Today, there are reliable sites created to give free buying guide for car owners. They give ideas on how to get your vehicle valued and sell it at an attractive price. These sites eliminate the hassle and stress in the process of negotiating with the right car buyer. All you have to do is to explore the internet and take a look at the best online car buyers’ guide. Furthermore, you may also find the site that informs you about free car valuation online.

Beware of Prices

Do not just settle for a company that seems to provide too-good-to-be-true price offers, there will be several companies offering instant cash for cars. Prior to this step, you must feed your mind with at least basic knowledge in the common pricing of used and old cars for sale. In this way, you can easily weigh out things whether they are true or not.

Best Time for Selling a Car

Many people may not be fully aware of the perfect time to sell their vehicle and buy a new one. There is a wide variety of car buyers in different cities but they may have distinctions in terms of price offer. There are several factors that may affect the value of the vehicle that you are trying to sell.

One aspect to consider is that you should be able to negotiate with a well-known and highly recommended car buyer or car removal specialist. If you are staying in Melbourne, you may consider exploring for the companies that render exemplary service.

When you follow the simple tips and ideas mentioned above, you can save both time and money throughout the process. At the same time, you will get peace of mind because you know you are in good hands. Another fail safe area is to sell your car to a car wrecker in Melbourne. But this should be your last resort as in this case you won’t be getting a premium cash.

Turn Your Vehicle into Cash

Want to upgrade your car but cannot afford to buy a new one? With Rapid Car Removal, expect a great negotiation for your vehicles for sale. There may be several reasons why you wish to sell your damaged car. But the most common challenge in selling a car is finding a car buyer that will give you fair negotiation.

At Rapid Car Removal, you will talk to real professionals who care for and understand what clients’ value and pay the cash for cars rate that you deserve. In the end, they receive a high recommendation from them and continue to work on new projects and transactions. Contact our customer support hotline today if you are planning to sell your car immediately. It is just waiting for you to start discussing the payment process and other essential matters.