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Best Car Tyres

Our tyres are probably one of the most tired parts in our car. And because they are the only ones that come into direct contact with the roads and pavements, they could also pass for being the components that are due to extreme wear. But sadly though, even we all know this, we often think about them when they’re flat or when they’re already in need of immediate replacing.

So now comes the hard part. Apart from the fact that getting a new set of car tyres is costly, the process of selecting from the thousands of varieties available could be daunting and challenging. So how will you really know if you are choosing the best one for your baby? Will go for the cheapest one? The most popular brand? The latest? What will you have to consider if you want to get the best set of tyres for your vehicle?

Being a leading car removal and cash for cars company in Melbourne for more than two decades, we have dealt with various kinds of cars that have been at the mercy of different road catastrophes just because of poor tyre maintenance or completely worn out tyres that weren’t replaced. So to help you out, we are here to provide you with some tested and proven tips on how you could select the perfect car tyres:

Know the exact tyre specifications your car’s manufacturer has laid out for your vehicle.

Not only would you be wasting a whole lot of money, time, and effort, when you buy tyres that don’t really suit your car, but it’s also dangerous. We know how much those cool and trendy tyres are so tempting to buy. But if you want to end up with the tyres that would help your car run like new, choosing original car tyres are still the best –  not the brand, but the kind which your manufacturer suggests you use.

Choose from trusted brands.

If it’s your first time and you don’t really have a specific brand that you trust, research about it. Select those reputable ones and learn about their integrity, years in the industry, investment in technology, and the like. Usually top-selling tyre brands come with premium prices, of course. But sometimes, this gives us some kind of an assurance that we’re getting a bang for our buck. Besides, those reputable ones will most definitely provide good after-sales service and customer support. Steer clear of those brands that don’t seem to ring a bell, or those that you can’t find much info on.

Prioritise the specs you want and need.

They say in life, you can never really have everything. That may also be true in buying car tyres. It is rather impossible to find tyres that are of the latest model, durable, good-looking, reliable, safe, affordable, and will perform great all at the same time. Various types of tyres each have their USP or unique selling proposition. If you really want tyres that will last for many years, then prioritise the one that promotes and highlights its reliability and durability. As an expert tip, rate the specs you really want to find. Here are some of the characteristics you should rate and consider:

  • Durability of material
  • Load index
  • Traction
  • Speed and performance rating
  • All-season vs. Winter tyres (depending on the climate in your area)
  • Trim/Style

Never settle for the cheap replacements.

Yes, the best can most probably be the most expensive one in the market. But even if you only have so much to spend for your car tyres, we really suggest that you shy away from those cheap ones, first. We truly understand that consumers will always have that urge to save few more bucks, but do consider all the risks you’re taking once you go with the cheapest ones you find in the market. When we settle with a type or brand of car tyre that’s second-rate, we are only putting ourselves at risk. Plus, you might actually end up spending more instead of saving.


Do you have a car that doesn’t only need new tyres but also other major components to run smoothly? Maybe you’d have to consider getting a new car instead of buying all those parts and components that would add up to a much bigger cost. As the leading used car buyers and car wreckers in Melbourne, Rapid Car Removal is here to help you with that. We will not only save you from the hassles of keeping your old and scrap car, but we will also pay you good cash for your car – to help you get a new one.

Car Accessories

A car is most definitely an essential if you are a parent. It’s somewhat very exhausting and difficult to take your kids to the doctor, daycare, school, park, or even the mall, if you don’t have one. However, we are in a totally different story when we’re talking about hitting the road with children. Ensuring their safety is of course a given.; but driving with little tots is a lot more challenging – not to mention stressful. Regardless of how old your kids are, they would need extra care and attention, all the more inside the car. Those bigger kids that surprisingly always end up fighting in the backseat, that little toddler who is all-the-time restless even if you’ve already brought all his favorite toys, or even that newborn who ends up yapping non-stop in her carseat – those are just some of the unfortunate scenarios you’d always deal with whenever you’re in the car with your little ones.

As one of the leaders in the car removal industry in Melbourne, Rapid Car Removal has extensive experience dealing with cars and car owners. We are here to help parent-drivers such as yourself. We took the time to create a list of some of the most clever car accessories that will make driving with your precious ones a whole lot easier. These top 8 picks will never make those dreadful scenarios go away, but they’ll sure help you out a lot in surviving those countless road trips you’ll have to make with your little “angels”.

Child Safety Seat  – this one is probably the most common and most important car accessory that parents need. The safety of your kids inside a moving vehicle should be of utmost importance. It is best for children from 9mos up to 12 years of age. Invest in car seats that are super comfy and have double-safety chest clips to ensure your tot’s safety. Don’t fret if they are expensive, as you can very well reuse them in case you give birth to another baby.

Backup Camera – driving in reverse or parking properly is a challenge, let alone if you are with your kids. Not all cars have this feature, so it’ll be really helpful if you invest in one. With this gadget installed in your vehicle, parking will most definitely be a breeze especially if you’re with restless and demanding children.

Travel Genie Tray – how many times have you been stressed out with a crying kid in the backseat just because a toy or a food drops inside the car? So you have no choice but to pull over and find ‘that thing’ to stop your tot from yapping. Yeah, we all have. This car accessory is your answer to avoid this scenario.

Kid-friendly sunshades  – if us adults get annoyed by too much sunlight inside the car, what more our little babies and toddlers? This cute and useful accessory most definitely makes driving in the sunshine a lot easier for mums and dads, as well as for the kiddos. You can even find ones that have fun and colorful designs.

Backseat Organizers  – if you are one of those parents who prioritise cleanliness and orderliness inside the car even with children around, then this accessory should be on the top of your list. With pockets and holders of different sizes, storing toys, food, drinks, and other kiddie stuff is easier. Plus, your cleaning must-haves are within your reach as you can put napkins, wet wipes, and garbage bags stored in it as well.

Baby Mirror  – there are times when you really have no choice but to drive alone, but bring your little child with you. So you put him/her in the backseat, of course. This car accessory is but an effective tool to keep your eyes on the road as well as your kid who’s at the back.

Tablet Mount/Holder  – to avoid the dreadful “Are we there yet?”, keeping your child entertained inside the car is but necessary. So in times when toys and food don’t seem to cut it anymore, just pop in a kid-friendly video in your tablet or iPad and place it in this accessory, and they’ll be occupied for a long time (fingers crossed).

Car Seat & Kick Protectorsif you love to take care of your car as much as you love your children, these handy accessories are useful indeed. If you have a toddler who’s still in potty training, if you have that child who loves to kick the back of your driver/passenger seat, or if you have that messy kid who always seem to spill everything in your car seats, these protectors are really worth investing in.

As parents with more complex lifestyles, it really won’t hurt if we’d be willing to invest in gadgets or accessories that can make our lives a bit easier to handle. These are not to make us forget our responsibilities or to replace us, but to aid us in keeping our kids safe and entertained.

Do you have a car that seems unfit and unsafe for your growing family? Well, if you reckon that it is no longer suitable for you and your kids, let us help you take it off your property. We, Rapid Car Removal, is proud of our ‘sell my car’ services. We are one of Melbourne’s besr car wreckers who guarantee to provide our clients with top cash for cars – regardless of their age, make, and condition. Visit our website or call us now to get your free quote!

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car blogs

Best Car Blogs

Car lovers, enthusiasts, and experts alike constantly search for ways to feed their passion. Whether it be by joining car clubs and forums, posting videos, participating in races, or simply by doing DIY upgrade projects, all just to do what they love. Thankfully, there are some who even found a way to share that passion to others: BLOGGING. These people write anything and everything about cars – from car cleaning tips, how to drive a car like a pro, to buy-and-sell, latest accessories, to car safety tips – name it, and you could definitely find at least a couple of articles about, for sure. Take note, most of these blog sites are made for not for the car devotees, but rather for people who own cars but seem to have little to no knowledge at all about cars.

Being in the Australian automotive industry for more than two decades, we bring you 15 of some of the best car blogs (in no particular order) that we suggest you follow or visit once in a while:

1. DRIVE ( – this site is best known for its impressive and reliable car reviews. Name the car that you want to find more about, they will have a review of it 90% guaranteed.

2. CARS GUIDE ( – they are most popular for having the latest news in the car industry. Readers often look forward to their articles that provide info on cars that they are most excited about.

3. AUSTRALIA CAR TECH ( – blog articles on this site provides info on the latest car technologies – gadgets, entertainment systems, and more.

4. CAR ADVICE ( – we love the fact that bloggers on this site evaluate over 1,000 cars per year; in the same way providing excellent car buying and car selling tips to the not-so-experienced. They are sort of a matchmaking site for cars and people.

5. TMR ( – this blog site is perfect for people with specific needs. They cater to all kinds of certain car buyers for family, sports, luxury, and more.

6. GSS ( – specifically suggested for the car fanatics. Their articles usually discuss car racing, engineering, and even club meets

7. AUSTRALIAN MUSCLE CAR ( – if you are those Vin Diesel types who just simply love muscle cars, don’t think twice. Follow them now.

8. AUTOBLOG ( – what’s great about their blogs is that they cover technically everything you want to find out about cars. Their loyal followers love their light-hearted and humoristic blogs and those articles about green cars.

9. RIDELUST ( – looking for easy to understand instructional blogs that contain videos like How to Paint Your Car? Check out this blog site. They feature visually-striking and entertaining blogs, hilarious car care tips, and even car fail photos.

10. MOTORATOR ( – for the die-hard car fanatics, this site is created just for you. If you’re really interested in learning everything, you can find very technical car articles as well as blogs on the latest gadgets and engine technologies.

11. PRACTICAL MOTORING ( – looking for car wash tips, new car reviews, and must-know info for newbie car owners? Here’s the blog site that is recommended for you.

12. THE AUSTRALIAN ( – if you want to be updated with the latest news and events in the automotive industry in Australia, the most reliable sources write blogs for this site.

13. AUTOMOTIVE BLOG AUSTRALIA ( – if you prefer reading blogs that specifically provide news, tips, and reviews for Aussies, this is the site to follow.

14. BEST SELLING CARS ( – want to buy the latest and most popular cars today? Make it easier to choose and study your options by reading the articles from this blog site.

15. CAR ENVY ( – if you are more comfortable reading car blogs that have a more personal approach, this is the site to check out and follow. The author provides a lot of food for thought instead of those articles that are full of jargon and technical stuff.

Special thanks to the internet, we now have easy access to more information than ever. If we want to be in-the-loop (in the car world, that is), it’s just a click or a touch away. Following blogs is a great way to be informed and entertained all at the same time.

But if you’ve got problems regarding old and scrap cars, head straight to Rapid Car Removal’s website. Apart from our convenient and fast services, we also feature blogs and articles that may help you with your aging car’s needs. Check us out now.

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damaged vehicle

They say that even though it’s unfortunate, Melburnians are somehow used to experiencing ‘crazy weather’. At times there are heatwaves, sometimes there are heavy rains and thunderstorms, and then high temperatures again. According to, there are some suburbs in Melbourne that are at risk of flooding. Among these are Southbank, Port Melbourne, Lang Lang, Flemington, Koo Wee Rup, and others. Apart from Melbourne, there are also other places in the country that are prone to flooding.

Knowing all these makes it harder to find and buy used cars, especially if you know that the seller is from an area that always gets flooded. So how many of you have experienced this or know someone who told you this line: “I am planning to sell my car because someone is selling me his used car. But I’m kinda having second thoughts as the deal is too good to be true.” And then your mind is bombarded with different thoughts on why that car is such a good buy. Aside from dealing with scam artists, lemon cars, rebuilt wrecks, and more, there are also vehicles that have been at the mercy of environmental disasters; let alone, FLOODS. Well, as someone who is willing to let go of his old ride just to get that so-called good deal, it is your utmost right to know whether or not the vehicle is free from any kind of damage.

Because Rapid Car Removal has been in the car recycling and cash for cars Melbourne industry for more than two decades, we are here to help you determine whether or not that used car has experienced severe flooding at least once in its life. Just a quick expert reminder, some owners sell their used cars intentionally because they are flooded. So will they do everything in their power to conceal signs of damage.

Here are some tips on how you can spot a flooded vehicle:

Do a quick visual check

There could be times when the owner has missed some spots or traces of flood so be sure to be wary of those. Search for fabric stains, unusual watermarks, grass and other debris hanging from the radiator or undercarriage, discoloration in the trims, and the like.

Look for dried mud and damp areas

Even if the owner most probably had the car cleaned and detailed, there are still some areas of the car that are hard to reach and somewhat inaccessible. So see if there are dried mud at edge of the dashboard, under the windshield, under the seats, and so on. There are also parts of the car that are difficult to dry completely like under the matting and even the carpet and spare tire area inside the trunk. Make sure to run your hands against the surfaces and gently tap to feel if there could be water or mud.

Inspect for rust

It is quite normal for used and old cars to have rust spots here and there. So make sure to find those areas wherein there’s really deep-seated excessive rust and corrosion under the bonnet, in the fuse box, in the wires under the dash, and even in the lighter socket.

Spot for “misty eyes”

If you see all the exterior lights of the car not moist, but with water inside, then that definitely isn’t normal. All these exterior lights should also be free from traces of any discoloration and watermarks.

Get a good smell of the whole car

Sniff all the areas of the car, like a really good sniffing around. The unpleasant smell from anything that is flooded is very hard to remove; especially within the interior of vehicles. Even if there’s an air freshener, the pungent and musty smell of mold and mildew is hard to put off.

Turn on the heating and A/C system

If there is trapped water in the heating and air conditioning system of the car, it could lead to uncontrolled condensation. So once you ride in the car and turn it on, check if the windows will quickly steam and moisten up.

Check all the electrics

Water is the worst enemy of any kind of electrical system. So if the car is really flooded, most likely, the electric parts of the car are those that have suffered much. Check the power windows, the exterior and interior lights, the lighter, and all of those.

Please be knowledgeable enough to understand that even if all these are present, it doesn’t automatically mean that the car was damaged by flood. These are reminders and tips that could lead you to the most important thing you shouldn’t forget: ASK THE OWNER STRAIGHT UP. Remember that those who are hiding something, are those who are really defensive. Our tips as experts in the cash for cars and car wreckers Melbourne industry? Well, be vigilant and intuitive. If your guts tell you not to go on with that purchase because it’s too good to be true, then maybe it really is.

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sell my truck

Some might say that trucks are the most useful for all the different kinds of vehicles. It is almost impossible to successfully do industrial and commercial operations without trucks. That is why we have now a long list of truck types – box body, flat bed, tipper, trailer, container, rigid, and specialized (e.g. towing, crane, mixer, dump, etc.) trucks – in order to perform specific functions. No matter the size, trucks are useful for business: to transport dry goods, vehicles, furniture, animal and livestock, construction materials, and the list goes on.

But as they are very useful, there will come a time that they wouldn’t be able to perform as well. Like all vehicles, they are susceptible to wear and tear. They will age and deteriorate no matter how religiously you maintain them. And because they are commonly used for business, it is but crucial that you know if it’s already time to get cash for scrap trucks Melbourne.

You’ll know that it is the best time to put your truck up for sale when you have or have been encountering these:

Your truck shows signs of big trouble.

Car removal melbourne

There had been times when your truck has caused one or more road accidents. It has broken down too many times and it shows red flags like blue smoke coming from tailpipes, badly worn-out timing belts, failing gear changes, and more. If your truck requires too much of those major repairs, it’s a clear sign that it maybe isn’t roadworthy anymore. It might cause harm to you, the driver, and even others.

Your truck causes more expenses.


You know that your business is booming and successful when your income is way more than your expenses. Compare the truck maintenance and repair expenses you made in the past years to the present. If you see that you are spending more and more each year, if it’s more costly to keep it on the road, and you spend more on gas consumption, then those are good enough reasons to let it go.

Your truck has been bringing business troubles.

cash for trucks melbourne

If there had been times when deliveries get delayed because your truck is always broken, then it won’t do your business any good. Wasted time means wasted money in business. Furthermore, if the problems of your truck have caused a road accident and your company is forced to shoulder repair and medical expenses for victims, you most definitely don’t want that to happen again. If your business partners and clients complain most of the time because of delayed and failed deliveries, then it is but a just reason to get rid of that truck already.

Your truck is no longer useful.

cash for trucks

Because of the increased risk of road accidents, delivery delays, and more, you decide not to use the truck for business anymore. So now, it is just aging, rusting, and rotting in some empty lot or storage house. Instead of keeping an old clunker, that space would have been used to hold stocks and other useful reasons. In addition, if you are in the business of selling perishable goods like food, that rusty truck contains harmful materials that could be detrimental to your products.

Your used truck is just in time for the strong market demand.

Research about the truck wrecking and buying industry in your area. Learn about the companies that buy trucks of all kinds. If you find out that there is an ongoing trend for getting rid of old, unused, and wrecked trucks, then get a hold of that opportunity already. This is a chance for you to get additional income for your business.

It pays to actually know when it is best to sell an old truck. Rapid Car Removal is one of the leading truck buyers and truck wreckers Melbourne. If your judgment tells you to sell your truck already, consider handing it over to us. We pay instant cash for trucks Melbourne and we accept all kinds of trucks regardless of make, model, and condition.

Call us at 0438 942 754 now! We are the trusted company who buys trucks and gives top cash.

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Car Selling Price

People have different reasons and sentiments on why they want to sell their cars. Some might want to get an upgrade; some just want to get rid of a very old vehicle in their garage, and some need extra income. But no matter the reason for selling your car is, one thing is certain: Unlike stocks, real estate, and investments, your car’s value isn’t the same as when you first bought it. With that being said, if your goal is to get maximum cash for cars that are used, old, or even wrecked, you have to know and understand by heart all the key factors that affect your car’s resale value. By recognizing those, you will be well-prepared to sell your car in its rightful and just value.

As one of the trusted car wreckers and used car buyers in Melbourne, Rapid Car Removal, is here to help you have an understanding of all the things that impact your vehicle’s current price.

1. Car Manufacturer/Brand

Car Manufacturer

Many car experts would say that it is very important to consider the brand whenever you are choosing what car to buy. Why? Believe it or not, the car brand and manufacturer highly affects the car’s resale value. There are certain brands that lose as much as 50% of their value just after one year. You can research whether your car belongs to the top car brands that are known to retain higher resale values. And obviously, luxury car brands are expensive to buy because you can still sell them at higher prices even after a number of years.

2. Market Demand

Car wreckers
There are many things that influence the demand for a certain type of car. It can vary depending on the time, location, weather, popularity and so on. For example, if you live in a place where it’s mostly sunny, then convertibles are probably more in demand. Similarly, if you live somewhere where it usually rains and snows, 4×4 vehicles are more popular. You have to understand what the car buyers currently need and want.
In addition, you could also research about the current rate of used car sales in your area. If the used car sale market seems low, you might want to wait about 3-6 months more before selling your car.

3. Year of Production

Car Wreckers Melbourne
Generally, for each make and model, a car that has been produced in an earlier year will most definitely cost more. For example, you and your mate have the same kind of car. Yours is a 2004 model and has a 2008 model. Obviously, his car would sell at a higher price. His car would have features that your car doesn’t. Furthermore, if you have fortunately bought a rare model or limited edition type of car, then selling it a higher price wouldn’t be a problem. It might as well be your USP or unique selling proposition.

4. Mileage

Mileage car
When buyers compare two cars of the same make, year model, and features, they will most definitely look at each car’s odometer. Basically, lower mileage means higher resale value. The car’s current mileage cannot be ignored because you are also looking at how much more maintenance or repair you’d have to do in the future. It will reflect how much you have used (or overused) your car. If your car has a very high mileage, buyers would assume that the vehicle won’t be able to last much longer and that they might probably deal with more headaches after buying it.

5. Exterior & Interior Conditions
These show how well or how poorly you have taken care of your car. This one should be a no-brainer. All the insides and outsides of your car should still be attractive if you want it to sell faster and at a higher value. It is best to have your car detailed, washed, and waxed before you put it up for sale. If your car has minor dents and scratches, you might want to get those fixed as well. No buyer would want to get a car with bruises, right? Make your car buyer feel as if he/she is buying a new car, even if it isn’t.

6. Mechanical State
When selling a used car, there is a chance that you’d come across a car enthusiast/expert at least once. You wouldn’t want a buyer to be so attracted upon seeing your car and then suddenly gets disappointed after doing a test drive. So to save yourself from possible embarrassment, ensuring the good mechanical condition of your vehicle is a must. You should keep a record of your car’s periodic maintenance and seasonal improvements as proof of its good running condition. Every good thing you say about your car’s engine, body, or performance, should be backed up by evidence.

7. Special Features & Upgrades
If you have bought your car in its most basic variant and you have decided to sell it as is, then don’t expect to sell at a higher value. But if you have invested in superior add-ons like body kits, safety equipment, top-notch sound systems, or gorgeous rims, then you have gained yourself additional rights to sell your car a bit higher. Just steer clear from those accessories that alter your car’s performance, safety, and durability.

If you are that confident about your car’s brand, popularity, year model, interior and exterior conditions, mileage, and all these, then selling it with a nice price tag shouldn’t be a problem. But if you want a hassle-free and fast way to get instant cash for cars, go for the services of Rapid Car Removal. We are happy to accept all kinds, brands, and makes of cars in the best and worst conditions.

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Many people consider buying a car a daunting task, specially if they are going to get a used car. There are relatively more factors to look into when buying a used car compared to buying a new car where all you have to do is fill up forms and sign documents once you have decided what model you want to have. In buying an old car, you need to check the model and the make of the car, year that it was manufactured, its running condition, mileage, air conditioning system, chassis and a whole lot more.

Buying a used car involves lots of searching, comparing prices and going back and forth with dealers and car sellers. But, it doesn’t matter if you’re buying a new car or a used one, as long as you have an understanding of the trends of car sales. Having this knowledge will enable you to bag a bargain.

Buy a Used Car Image

It’s also important that you know the proper time of the week, month or year to buy a car so you will get the best deal. To help you, we have listed down the time when you would most likely get good deals on cars.

Best Days of the Week to Buy a Used Car

Every dealership is different, however, there are times of the week when car shopping can yield better results for buyers. Most dealerships are buzzing with activity during the weekends, and sales people claim that more buyers flock their offices during Saturdays and Sundays, thus, they are more pumped up and ready to give better deals to sell more cars.

Best Times of the Year to Buy a Used Car

End of the financial year

Crazy deals on all kinds of products including cars often appear in the weeks leading up to the end of the financial year or before June 30. Dealers want to close more deals to be able to meet their sales quota for the year, so they give out huge discounts during this period.


Seasonal deals are at its highest during Christmas time because dealerships will be striving to clear out their old stock before the new rolls in. Many people receive amazing bonuses at this time of the year too, and it’s often the season when people would upgrade their cars and sell their old ones.
New Year, new car New calendar year

February and March are good months to purchase cars with March being recorded as the second-biggest month of the year for car sales after the End of the Financial Year period. Sales team would be giving crazy deals to make room for the incoming year’s stock too.

best time to buy a car

Best Months of the Year to Buy a Used Car

November, December and January are the best months to buy a used car. Used car prices are at their peak during summer months and they start to decrease during the last two months of the year, until January of the following year.


Now that you know when you should be buy a car, the next thing to do is prepare a checklist of your needs and wants. Will the car be used by the whole family? Will it be for long drives? Will it be used mainly to pick your kids up from school or drive you to work? Creating a list will help you in the decision making process and it will help you narrow down your choices. It’s not easy to buy a car, but if you follow certain steps for it, you’d be able to get the perfect car.

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In today’s fast paced world a car has become a necessity, especially when we talk about Australia. As the distances are so huge and the weather is very unpredictable. But buying a car is not easy. As you have to deal with so many issues to purchase a car.

used car buyers

One of the main consideration while purchasing a car should be to consider for how long will you keep and how would you like to sell it. Because it is tough to get the similar amount back on a car that you buy. Even if you try to sell it after a week of purchasing it.

New vs Used Cars 

Our recommendation is that go with used cars if

  • this is your first car, it’s better to build confidence on a used second-hand car then an expensive a brand new one.
  • the car you want to buy is not available brand new in a showroom near you. Mostly imported cars have this issue.
  • Finance constraints, you don’t want to invest too much in purchasing a car

Whether it’s new or old there are few costs that you will have to bare. Like car registration cost, stamp duty on transfer of vehicle on your name and car insurance (if you want to get one). So keeping in view getting any car new or old would have this cost attached to it.

Things to Look into While Buying a Car

Now while purchasing a second-hand car one should always be very careful. Following are few key points that you should consider while making that decision

  • The title is clear: it is important that you run a PPSRC on the rego number of the car. One can sell you a repairable write-off or financed car, without you knowing it.
  • Car parts are easily available in Melbourne. It is very tough to find parts for few brands, especially European and American car brands. Even if you find the parts the cost would be too much so it is better to find a car whose parts are easily available, like Ford, Holden and Toyota.
  • Engine, transmission and suspension is fit, consult a mechanic and have him check the car for you as if one of these 3 is not good it will cost you a fortune to get it fixed
  • Body is clean, having minor dents and scratches is ok but a hanging bumper and big dents can cost you a lot to remove.


Where to Look While Purchasing a Car

There are multiple options that you can go with. You can have a look at your local car dealers or go online and search for the car you want to buy on car sales or Gumtree. Or go on car auction sites like Grey’s online or Manheim.

Where to Sell Old Cars

Similarly, when you want to sell your old car, you can go online on car sales or gumtree to make a sale. But the best and quickest way of getting cash for your car would be to call a car wrecker near you. Car wreckers not only pay cash on the spot and also pick up the car for free. So you don’t have to worry about getting the car up on its feet for selling.

About Rapid Car Removal

Rapid Car Removal is Melbourne’s leading car wrecker and car buyer. We buy all makes and models of cars for cash on the spot and provide free car removal service Melbourne wide.


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accident damaged carsIf you are a car owner and have ever needed to get a damaged fixed, caused due to the accident then you will know how much of a pain in the neck the entire process can be. If your car caused unexpected damage and it’s not of any use now the best thing is to sell it.

Turn Your Old Car Into Money

When your car is not of any use to you then don’t waste your money on it. Sell it to car removal companies. If you inhabit in Perth, you can sell your car at a good price to WA Car Removals with less inconvenience.

Finding The Best Car Removal Companies

To find the best car removal company for selling your car, all you have to do is search for the right companies. There are many companies in Perth that offer car removal services and you can find them by searching online. To make a valuable search all you have to do is make a search and read about the services they offer. You can also find out more detail about their services by calling them. Also they will offer you the free estimate for your vehicle too.

You can ask any question that comes in your mind relating to your vehicle. You will be more prepared for making the decision.

Benefits for Environment

Car removal companies don’t only provide you with money, they are also enhancing benefits for the environment. They help save environment from the damage caused by the disposing process. Damaged cars are harmful to the environment. They occupy much space which can be in fact utilised for some useful product to keep. Car removal companies recycle the damaged parts of cars in the safe and eco-friendly way.

Free Space

The space occupied by your damaged vehicle can be utilised to keep some useful products like gym products or your other vehicle. Whatever you wish to do with your free room is beneficial rather than placing the useless car there. And the best part you will get instant cash for a car.

Any Condition Vehicle Can Be Sold Here

The best thing about our Car removal Service is that we buy any car with any damaged part. No issue whatever the condition is we will buy it with a fair price. The most comfort thing about the car removal service is that we will provide you with a firm to bring your car to scrap yard, you will not have to drive it to reach our destination.


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selling your carSelling your car can be a bit of a headache in Melbourne. Some individuals who try to sell their car and plan to upgrade tend to fall in the wrong place. It is due to the fact that they lack sufficient knowledge in buying and selling cars. If you are looking for a car buyer, this is the right place to go first. This article will guide you on how to use your time wisely and spend your money accordingly during your search for a car buyer.

Online Car Buying Guide for Free

Today, there are reliable sites created to give free buying guide for car owners. They give ideas on how to get your vehicle valued and sell it at an attractive price. These sites eliminate the hassle and stress in the process of negotiating with the right car buyer. All you have to do is to explore the internet and take a look at the best online car buyers’ guide. Furthermore, you may also find the site that informs you about free car valuation online.

Beware of Prices

Do not just settle for a company that seems to provide too-good-to-be-true price offers, there will be several companies offering instant cash for cars. Prior to this step, you must feed your mind with at least basic knowledge in the common pricing of used and old cars for sale. In this way, you can easily weigh out things whether they are true or not.

Best Time for Selling a Car

Many people may not be fully aware of the perfect time to sell their vehicle and buy a new one. There is a wide variety of car buyers in different cities but they may have distinctions in terms of price offer. There are several factors that may affect the value of the vehicle that you are trying to sell.

One aspect to consider is that you should be able to negotiate with a well-known and highly recommended car buyer or car removal specialist. If you are staying in Melbourne, you may consider exploring for the companies that render exemplary service.

When you follow the simple tips and ideas mentioned above, you can save both time and money throughout the process. At the same time, you will get peace of mind because you know you are in good hands. Another fail safe area is to sell your car to a car wrecker in Melbourne. But this should be your last resort as in this case you won’t be getting a premium cash.

Turn Your Vehicle into Cash

Want to upgrade your car but cannot afford to buy a new one? With Rapid Car Removal, expect a great negotiation for your vehicles for sale. There may be several reasons why you wish to sell your damaged car. But the most common challenge in selling a car is finding a car buyer that will give you fair negotiation.

At Rapid Car Removal, you will talk to real professionals who care for and understand what clients’ value and pay the cash for cars rate that you deserve. In the end, they receive a high recommendation from them and continue to work on new projects and transactions. Contact our customer support hotline today if you are planning to sell your car immediately. It is just waiting for you to start discussing the payment process and other essential matters.


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