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Evaluate A Used Car

It’s a bit of a usual thing when more people would discourage you to buy a second- or third-hand car. Yes, used car buying is indeed a great way to save money, but because of the many risks involved, not there are just not too  many fans of it. But it shouldn’t be such a bad idea. They are less expensive (because of depreciation) but they can still provide you mobility, as it must be the very first reason why you’re buying a car.

As we have been buying cars in Melbourne Australia for over two decades now, believe us when we tell you that there’ll always be some good buys and amazing deals around! The thing is, you just have to be diligent and smart enough to find them. And because we are experts in the used car buying and cash for cars industry, we would be able to help you in finding that great buy: a used car that’s in perfect shape and will fit your budget. They key to finding that? A careful and painstaking evaluation. So now we’ll give you some tips you could follow to evaluate the used cars you’re considering to buy:


Vehicle History Check

This one will require you to shell out some money; but it’ll be all worth it. There are lots of databases collated by professionals and businesses that provide you information on that used car you’re eyeing. By getting a car history check, you’ll know whether that car has been stolen, flooded, got into an accident, and if it has some pending financing. Those information are legitimate as they are provided by state and local government offices, insurance companies, auto salvage yards, and more. If you don’t have the money to do this, you may just check its VIN and get help from your local traffic and crime offices.

Personal Visual Check

Have you ever heard of someone buying a used car just by taking a look at some pictures? Without going personally to see or check it? We sure hope not. When buying a car that you don’t know anything about, at the least, you must personally go there and check it out. Even if you have little to no knowledge about engines and other car parts, you still have to inspect it – a basic, informal inspection will do. Schedule your visit during the day so you’ll get a clearer visual of all the parts. And if possible, do it outdoors. If it’s your first time, here’s what you must do: Check the BODY >  TYRES > ENGINE > INTERIOR. Then, you must be able to double-check the following:

  • Its paint work is consistent all throughout – no parts have different shades of color.
  • Assuming that all used cars have some dents and scratches, just take them all into account (or jot them down)
  • Body panels must all be aligned
  • There’s no rusting inside and out
  • Tyres (including the spare) are basically in good shape
  • Doors and windows properly work
  • There’s no electrical issue – as with the lights, signals, dashboard indicators
  • The air conditioning system is working perfectly
  • If you have some knowledge about the engine, check the radiator, battery, transmission, exhaust, and more.

Test Drive

The situation will get a little more suspicious if the owner would refuse to let you test drive the vehicle. But if he does allow you to, then it’s a great opportunity to really know if there’s something wrong with that car. Make sure to observe everything. Open your eyes, ears, and nose. And be sure to get a good feel about everything. Test the car during stop-and-go driving, neighborhood stroll, and at highway speed.

Professional Inspection

You may head to a pre-purchase inspection facility to have experts check the car thoroughly. But if you don’t have the budget to get such service, you may also ask your trusted car mechanic to take a closer look at that vehicle. Remember to tell the professional about the observations you have gotten from your visual check and test drive. Verify if your suspected car issues are indeed true and ask how serious they can be. It’ll also help them if you could have them take a look at the car history check you have obtained.


Whether or not you are a buying a used car, it is always smart to carefully check the vehicle before making a final purchase decision. Besides, it is our hard-earned money, convenience, and safety that are involved. If we unfortunately make the wrong move because we have failed to spot a car problem or issue, then we’ll regret our decision and be crying over spilled milk for a long time. The worst part is, we would be incurring more expenses in the future – way more than we had originally planned. So even if this whole process sure is tiring, effortful, and time-consuming, just bear with it a little. Because after doing so, you’ll be able to spot that great buy in no time.

Are you looking to hire a reliable company that does car removals Melbourne? Do you need professionals who have been buying cars Melbourne for a long time? Rapid Car Removal is the answer to your needs. We will not only take your old ride for free, we’ll even pay you top instant cash for your car.

car wrecker tools

The main goal of car recycling is to make sure every part and component of each vehicle is put into its proper place; to keep toxic chemicals and elements from harming the environment. That is why car wrecking is never for the inexperienced and incompetent. If they are truly determined to doing recycling and reusing used auto parts, they should have the complete set of skills and tools to do so.

Some will say, (with the help of YouTube, Google, and WikiHow) it easy for anyone to have the car exteriors parted and the interiors gutted. Well, it’s possible. But as experts in the industry, we say that not anyone could correctly wreck a car. If you are scouting around for standard auto wreckers to hire, one way to find out if they’re legitimate is that if they have a big yard and facility that has up-to-date, eco-friendly, and complete equipment.

To have a clear and simple idea of what those tools and equipment are, Rapid Car Removal – a leading old and damaged car removal company in Melbourne – is here to help you:


After the actual car body removal process where hauling and towing equipment are used, these are the first tools they’ll be needing. These include car stackers and jacks, different kinds of power tools for nuts and bolts, clamps and clips, and pulling frames. This will enable the wreckers to easily recover the used car parts that are can be restored and resold.


These specialised equipment are perfect to reduce the volume of the bodies of cars and light trucks. They are designed to easily compact all kinds of metal (ferrous and non-ferrous) and steel. Moreover, there are also specific crushers that are used let’s say for oil cans and drums. Instead of having dirty oil filters lying around in their yard, with those kinds of tools, they could have a nicely piled scrap metal and dirty oil that is ready for EPA-compliant disposal.


Shredders are ideal for processing electronic components, car seats, and other interior parts. Shears are mostly used for cutting bigger pieces of metal. Apart from the car body, those can also cut engine parts like the radiator, catalytic converter, and more.


As you know, all the used and stagnant fluids inside an old or wrecked car very harmful to our environment. That is why, professional car breakers and car dismantlers need to have specialised tools in order for those liquids not to leak and be disposed of properly. Fluid recovery tools and systems must also be compliant with EPA-standards.


All cars have different kinds of tubes and cables inside them. So to efficiently cut and squeeze those cables, they need to have those innovative cable stripping systems. In addition, granulators are used to handle all kinds and sizes of cables – to strip, cut, and squeeze them into tiny bits, and then the copper and plastic from those are now ready for recycling.

If you know people who believes that professional car wreckers are just like metal scrappers who takes out car parts and then sell them, tell those that it’s a whole new level in the modern car wrecking industry. Experts like Rapid Car Removal are passionate in fulfilling our mission to help the economy and the environment. We don’t really like to get ahead of ourselves now, but, we pride ourselves in the fact that not only do we help people get rid of their old and useless cars, but also, we help them earn a little. We give ourselves a pat on the back for helping decrease the use of natural resources for new copper, steel, or aluminum.

Want to learn more about our services? You may speak with our friendly and accommodating customer service representatives at 0438 942 754.

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4x4 Wreckers

4×4 Vehicle

There are people (men in particular) who would prefer buying and owning 4×4 vehicles rather than the common sedan or compact car. Apart from 4×4 vehicles’  strong presence, masculine looks, and proud image, they are loved by many because of their powerful torque and superior off-road performance. The sad part is, no matter how mighty, well-maintained, and durable your 4×4 ute, SUV, or truck is, there will still come a time when it will age, deteriorate, and be useful no more. And as much as you want to keep your much-loved 4×4, you know that letting it sit idly in your garage will do you no good, especially in the long run. So you end up deciding to sell you old and wrecked vehicle to 4WD wreckers.

But choosing which car wreckers Melbourne company to deal with is not that easy – there sure are lots of them, the most popular, the pioneers, and even the not so good ones. How will you be able to differentiate the reliable 4×4 wreckers from the rest? How will you choose the best one?

Let us help you with that. As a leading and reputable company in the cash for cars Melbourne industry, we are here to give you the essential and unique traits that your professional 4×4 wrecker must possess:

Knowledge and expertise in automobiles

You shouldn’t just choose the company that has professional recyclers or scrap buyers. They must have an in-depth knowledge and wide experience in handling automobiles of all kinds. If you believe that some parts of your aged or damaged SUV can still be used, would you choose to deal with people who would just treat it like scrap metal? We don’t think so.

Professional experience in handling 4×4 vehicles

Not all four-by-four vehicles are simply the same. With that being said, the car wreckers should have handled all brands, models, and makes of 4WDs in all kinds of conditions. If they know exactly how to deal with the kind of 4×4 that you have, you will get that peace of mind; knowing that your once loved ride are in good hands.

Complete wrecking facility and storage yard for your 4×4 vehicles

Most 4×4 cars are big. Thus, not all car recycling companies would be able to accommodate your vehicle. Apart from the wide space in their yard, they must have all the special tools and equipment needed in dismantling 4WD vehicles as well as the proper storing place for the parts in good condition.

Your convenience and satisfaction are their top priorities

Even if they are complete with the know-how, experience, the tools and facilities, if they don’t seem to care about their customers, then what’s the point of choosing them? You have had your fair share of headaches and inconveniences by keeping your aged or damaged 4×4, they must understand where you’re coming from.  Instead of thinking that you’re technically asking them for a favour, they must have that desire to make things easy for you.

If you find one that possess all these four, that 4×4 wrecking company is a good catch. Rapid Car Removal takes great pride in being all that and more. Exactly the reason why we have been in the used car buying and car wrecking business for more than 20 years and counting. Owners of those aged and wrecked 4x4s love the fact that they know exactly how their old ride will be put into good use after selling it to us. So avail of our quality services now, and you’ll never ever regret your decision.

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Ford Wreckers

Ford vehicles have been in Australian roads ever since 1925. Aussies of all ages love their wide range of quality compact cars, sedans, family cars, SUVs, sports cars, and trucks. Ford vehicles are used for work, leisure, and business of all kinds. But even though this US carmaker is known for producing efficient and eco-friendly vehicles, like all cars, they are still at risk of damage, wear, and deterioration.

Once the time comes when your beloved Ford car is too old, tired, and no longer roadworthy, there’ll be a big chance that you’ll think no private car buyer would ever want it. But there’s no need to worry. Because of the continuously growing number of car wreckers and companies in the cash for cars Melbourne industry, there is still a place for your once fast and gorgeous Ford car. That is with us, Rapid Car Removal. And why do we say that we are the best Ford wreckers Melbourne around?

Here are the reasons:

F – Flourishing in the used car buying and recycling business for more than two decades.

We are not rookies in the field who only care about making money. Instead, we strive to be continually trusted by many owners of old and wrecked cars for many decades more. We know what we’re doing and we continuously improve our services. Because of that, you know that your once loved and adored Ford vehicle is good hands.

O – Our team of automobile experts has been handling all models and variants of Ford vehicles.

Ordinary car wreckers mostly deal with Japanese cars. But not us. By being in the industry for over 20 years, our drivers, towing crew, dismantlers, mechanics, and even operators have most likely handled all kinds of Ford vehicles including a model just like yours. May it be a Ford Falcon, Escort, Mustang, Cortina, Focus, Everest or Fiesta, it is most welcome in our state-of-the-art facility and eco-friendly wrecking yard.

R – Receive a high price offer for your Ford car.

Our vehicle evaluators and appraisers do not only consider your car’s resale value. We also take into consideration the auto wrecking trends, scrap metal prices, and demand for spare parts. And like what we said, we are a leading cash for cars business that have been buying all kinds of Ford vehicles for many years. So regardless of their condition, we know how they should be valued.  

D – Dedicated suppliers of quality used spare parts for Ford Cars.

By knowing this, you can take refuge in the fact that your old and irredeemable Ford vehicle would still be of good use. Because we also want to provide top-notch spare parts for owners of Ford cars, you are assured that every single part of your vehicle is handled with care. Parts in good running condition are refurbished to be in like new condition; then those that are completely ruined are recycled as scrap metal in an eco-friendly way. Look at it this way: You are not only helping yourselves, but also (1) other Ford car lovers, (2) the environment, (3) auto manufacturing industry, and (4) our economy.

Reap the wonderful benefits of choosing a reputable and trusted Ford wreckers now. You’ll get to experience a fast, convenient, and legitimate car removal and wrecking services when you go with Rapid Car Removal.

”I have finally decided to sell my car to Rapid Car, now what do I do next?” Well, didn’t we mention how easy we make it for our dear clients?  Just CALL > AGREE to our price offer > TELL US when you want your car removed > PREPARE proof of ownership > ENJOY your cash! Give us a call now at 0438 942 754.

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Car Wreckers

You have finally realized that removing that old, used, or junk car from your property is the best thing to do. You didn’t want the hassle of advertising, selling, and negotiating. You didn’t want to just give it away. And there is no one from your friends or acquaintances who would want to take it, even for free. On the other hand, you are still not convinced if hiring a professional car wreckers Melbourne is the best way to go. Well, the only way to be set on it is to understand what expert car and truck wreckers really do.

Auto wrecking companies are a lot different from those regular junk shops. Apart from towing away wrecked vehicles and paying cash for cars, there’s so much more that you need to understand about what car wreckers do, in order for you to fully trust them. Check out this list of things that only them can tell you:

1. The real issues about your car —

Cash for cars melbourne

A reputable company in the car removal Melbourne industry has a team of car experts including auto mechanics. Upon checking your vehicle, they will most likely detect some broken parts or components that you didn’t know about. Right then and there, they would be able to tell you what will happen to each part. They could thoroughly explain why those certain parts are worthy to be refurbished, recycled, or scrapped. Unlike when you are preparing to privately sell your car, you would have to hire an expert yourself in order to assess your vehicle.

2. The hazards of keeping a worn-out car —

sell my car

More often than not, car owners only realize that they have to let go of their old ride after a long time. Honest and reliable auto wreckers do not just go to your place and take your car right away. They explain to you why choosing them is a good choice. Because of their extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, they could help you understand how harmful it is for you, your family, and the environment if you’ll continue to keep a deteriorating vehicle in your premises. Not all junk cars are the same, so what kind of hazards they tell you would actually depend on how grave your situation is – examples are dangers of toxic lead, mold-contaminated air, and the list goes on.

3. Your car’s true current value —

sell my car melbourne

Also among a car wrecking company’s team of experts are professional car assessors or evaluators. Unlike local dealerships, they do not actually make money from reselling used cars; so you could expect an honest appraisal of your car. They are trained and have years of experience in assessing various types of used vehicles, regardless of the brand, make, model, and condition.

4. How car parts are actually reused or disposed —

car buyer melbourne


If a car removal and wrecking company claim to be socially and environmentally responsible, they should be able to explain to you their own process of refurbishing, scrapping, and disposing of all kinds of car parts. They should give you a clear picture of how the irredeemable parts are disposed of in a way that wouldn’t harm the environment.

5. How much they can make out of your car —

Car Wreckers Melbourne


Unlike ordinary junk shops where every single car part is treated as scrap metal, auto wreckers actually have a more detailed process wherein they make sure every part goes to its proper place. Some they refurbish and sell as replacement car parts; some they break down into scrap metal to be sold and recycled; and some when they have no choice, they have to discard (so they’d get no income from it).

After learning about all these, you will finally realize that when you opt to work with expert car wreckers, it is a much bigger picture rather than just removing a run-down vehicle from your garage. Remember that the goal of good car wreckers is to put your old and unwanted cars to good use, not just to simply tear them apart and sell as scrap.

Now, if you are that kind of owner who is also concerned about what will happen to your old ride after you let go of it, then choosing a reputable car wrecking company like Rapid Car Removal would be the best option.

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Pеорlе оftеn nееd their unwаntеd vеhісlеѕ rеmоvеd, but thе rеаѕоnѕ аrе tоо mаnу to lіѕt. Regardless of whу you wаnt tо gеt rid of thе junk car on your рrореrtу. Cash For Cars Melbourne is here to help сlеаn uр уоur рrореrtу. Most of all to give you relieve some stress. Further more we will рау уоu mоrе mоnеу for уоu junk cars whісh can still bе uр tо $9999. Dереndіng on the condition of your car.

Assuming you dоn’t hаvе thе time оr patience tо deal wіth Crаіgѕlіѕt аnd уоur ѕіgnіfісаnt other іѕ hоundіng уоu to bе rid оf “thаt еуеѕоrе” оnсе and fоr all, іt іѕ time tо соnѕіdеr our services. Wеll hеrе аrе some rеаѕоnѕ ѕеll уоur car to a Car Wreckers Melbourne. To have Your Car Picked up Urgently  Call  0438 942 754

car removal

Read Below For 10 Reason You Should Sell Your Car To Wreckers

  • Yоu still gеt tо mаkе a dесеnt аmоunt оf mоnеу frоm whаt you considered junk. Thе ѕtіll pay уоu uр tо about $9999 аnd of соurѕе depending оn thе ѕtаtе of the vеhісlе. Iѕn’t thіѕ a great wау to gеt rіd оf уоur junk саr and ѕtіll make ѕоmе mоnеу for the fаmіlу? Think аbоut it
  • Car removal ѕеrvісеѕ will gеt rіd оf уоur junk vеhісlе іn no tіmе, usually еvеn lеѕѕ thаt 2 hоurѕ аftеr уоu nоtіfу thеm. If уоu are undеr рrеѕѕurе to gеt rid of іt аnd dоn’t knоw who to call оr whеrе to аdvеrtіѕе thе саr, then whу hesitate to саll саr wreckers who аrе аlwауѕ rеаdу tо help уоu at this number 0438 942 754.
  • Your hеlр isn’t nееdеd once you саll thеm fоr their ѕеrvісеѕ. Thіѕ іѕ so bесаuѕе аt times ѕоmеоnе аѕkѕ уоu tо drіvе thе саr tо hіѕ/hеr location bеfоrе thеу саn рurсhаѕе it. Thаt іѕ tіmе wаѕtіng аnd ѕtrеѕѕful rіght? Wеll car wrесkеrѕ don’t need your hеlр wіth thаt. They have аll the nесеѕѕаrу equipment needed fоr thіѕ ѕuсh аѕ thеіr tоw truсkѕ, towing bars аnd many others.
  • Evеn if уоu dоn’t want tо ѕеll уоur оldеr vеhісlе уоu can рісk uр thе best uѕе раrtѕ fоr іt. Thanks tо thе саr wrecking services іn Melbourne. Speaking оf whісh, whаt car wrесkеrѕ dо is рrасtісаllу hеlр реорlе wіth оldеr vеhісlе. Also mаkе thе most out of thеm. Whether іn tеrmѕ оf changing parts оr gеttіng thе bеѕt еѕtіmаtе for ѕеllіng their vehicle.
  • Cаr wreckers аrе vеrу professional and hаvе extensive еxреrіеnсе іn the аutо wrесkіng іnduѕtrу and you саn аlwауѕ rely оn them for рrоmрt, frіеndlу services whеnеvеr уоu want, rather gоіng about аrguіng аnd ѕtrеѕѕіng wіth other people whеn looking for ѕоmеоnе tо buу.
  • In саѕе you wеrе соnѕіdеrіng removing thе parts аll bу yourself аnd selling it. Wеll that nо рrоblеm bесаuѕе the car wrесkеrѕ will ѕtіll be thеrе tо help уоu аѕѕеѕ whаt іѕ lеft and help you sell thеm. When you аrе done wіth those parts whісh you wаntеd to ѕеll yourself. Most of all they can still buу thе rеmаіnіng ѕсrар dереndіng оn hоw muсh уоu tооk frоm it.
  • If you аrе one оf thоѕе реорlе whо are vеrу соnсеrnеd about the gеnеrаl environment and you fеаr thаt the саr mіght еnd up роllutіng and causing more damage ѕоmеwhеrе, then thіѕ is thе mоrе rеаѕоn whу уоu ѕhоuld саll for саr wrесkеrѕ in Melbourne at 0438 942 754 . Bу selling уоur оld, unwanted, ѕсrар or totally wrecked саrѕ, уоu’rе еnѕurіng thаt іt’ѕ not going tо bе broken down аnd роllutе thе еnvіrоnmеnt bесаuѕе thеу make sure thаt every part thаt is in usable соndіtіоn is rеuѕеd аnd аnуthіng mеtаllіс thаt іѕn’t ѕаlvаgеаblе іt mеltеd down. Anything lеft оvеr wіll bе dіѕроѕеd оf carefully.
  • If уоu thinking if thеrе’ѕ gоіng to be аnу paper wоrkѕ concerning the sale оf your junk саr, then worry nо more because of еvеn if you’ll nееd рареr works, thе car wrесkеrѕ wіll ѕtіll рrераrе all the nесеѕѕаrу dосumеntѕ. And аgаіn, thеіr ѕеrvісеѕ аrе considerably cheap аnd fаѕt tо help уоu with whatever уоu nееd.

With all these mіnd, nеvеr doubt who tо саll whеn in nееd of ѕuсh ѕеrvісе. Thіѕ іѕ why Cаr Removal Melbourne is hеrе fоr. So іf уоu аrе lосаtеd anywhere іn Mеlbоurnе, contact us or еvеn іn other ѕtаtеѕ too аnd will rеmоvе your junk саrѕ fоr free.

Thаnkѕ and dоn’t hеѕіtаtе to call us at  0438 942 754.


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accident cars wrecker

Letting go of your “baby” is almost like letting go of an actual child for some car lovers out there.  It’s understandable to be so attached to something that has participated in major moments and milestones in your life.  Even it wasn’t a very pretty car or had a history of adversity. Also it’s extremely hard to simply start over from scratch with a new car.  What if your car survived an accident, but received more damage than those who were inside?  Is it worth latching onto your car when the Blue Book value and the cost of repairs do not add up?

If you’re asking yourself this question? Therefore the vast majority of the time that answer is going to be a resounding “no”.  If your car gets into an accident and is towed, you should be prepared to sell it off.  Here is some advice on avoiding any more loss towards your investment.

Keep your Papers in Order

By keeping records of all the work you have had done to the car. You can get a better determination of how much value is left in the car after a major accident. Rather that renders the repair bill outside of your budget.  This is extremely important, whether you salvage your car or take it to a mechanic for inspection.  If your car does get towed right away at an accident.As a result it will help you get a fair shake, rather than you taking whatever offer is given.

Is Your Car “totaled”?

cash for cars Melbourne

Insurance companies deem a car “totaled” if the cost of repair exceeds the current market value.  In all actuality, that limit is placed a bit under the car’s value, for good measure.  When your car is in a wreck, your insurance provider may find it in their best interest to inspect the car and determine what they want to do with it.  In some cases, the insurance company may want to cut you a check and salvage the car themselves.

If the car is deemed totaled, the best situation for you is to sell it to a wrecker directly, as the insurance company wants to make a profit themselves.  Plus, the towing fees will be waived if you sell it to them, as well.  What you never want to do, however, is to sit on a damaged car that cannot be driven and start losing money on storage fees.

Final Thoughts

car removal

To sum everything up, if you keep your paperwork in order, don’t panic in the event of a car wreck.  Count your blessings that you or anyone else did not get seriously hurt. Do not procrastinate by wringing your hands over the loss of your beloved vehicle.

The best case scenario would be you having someone with you who is well-versed with cars. Who can recognise what is and isn’t salvageable with your car.  If you do not have anyone who you can bring with you. You must rely on the insurance company salvaging the car for you.  Don’t hand over your title without finalising the sale. Once insurance guys have done their part, just call a wrecker and they will remove your car for free and if there is still any life left, they will pay cash for that car.

You can always reach out the car wreckers who care for you and are always ready to help you out in any way possible. We at Rapid Car Removal, we provide free advice to all who are in distress and don’t know what to do in the time of crisis.

Just give us a call and we will guide you step by step on how to recover from this loss.

About Rapid Car Removal

We are Melbourne’s largest car wreckers, we buy cars for cash throughout Melbourne region including Geelong and Mornington Peninsula. If you want to sell your car for cash and get free car removal then give us a call at 0438 942 754


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Car Wreckers in Mornington

Car Wreckers in Mornington Peninsula

We’ve recently created a new page on our website for Mornington car dismantling services throughout Melbourne’s Southern suburbs. We know that theres a lot car owners need to sell their unwanted vehicle in Mornington. So we bring you the team of experts to call! You’ll get up to $9999 cash in the hand for any type of vehicle – vehicles in any make, model, condition and age! Nothing to worry about and having problem on your garage. We can remove all kinds of cars even trucks no matter how big it is. You don’t have to worry about the Car removal or Car wrecking services because we offer it for fee. Here in Rapid Car Removal we give our services 100% free. Because we know that cutting your budget for unwanted cars is a bit heavy. So we just don’t give our free services but also will give you instant cash for your unwanted cars.

For more information about what’s involved, take a look at the Car Removal page or the Cash For Cars page. Read more about our services in Mornington by visiting the Car Dismantlers Mornington page. We also have blogs that will give you an ideas and tips about your car and how to make the price of your car more higher.


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accident car wrecker

A lot of people would agree that driving is fun, especially if you’re travelling in a not-so-congested area. Aside from enjoying the sceneries, we get to enjoy the company of people who are with us on a road trip. However, one risk of driving is encountering accidents where you could either get injured or sustain life-threatening conditions. And most of the time, vehicles that have been badly wrecked due to accidents are left in the scene or are taken in some vacant lots, never to be redeemed again.

If you have a vehicle that has been wrecked due to collision and you don’t know what to do with it, here are some of your options:

1. Talk to different car dealers around your suburb. Most probably they will say they want car up and running, only then they can make an offer. Other bets could be on finding private buyers through gumtree or car sales, but they don’t have a tow truck to pick the car from your location and towing a car away can cost way more than the car cost itself. So you see your chances are real slim in this case.

2. Get the car up and running. Finding a mechanic won’t be an issue, as mechanic sees such cars as their point of income for weeks to come, but the problem is finding the parts. By this time, you would realize you will now spend way more than the original worth of the car and you could have bought a new car in this money.

3. BEST SOLUTION. Call Rapid Car Removal! We will give you a very fair cash price of your car depending on make, model, year and condition. We will wreck your car and will make it easier for other Aussies to find parts for this model.


A WIN-WIN situation for all.

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We are Melbourne’s leading car wreckers. Also we buy around 1,000 cars and trucks each month and are very much interested in your vehicle. We are expert in junk car removal and we offer good cash for the wrecked cars.

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Pro’s and Con’s of Selling a Car to a Car Wrecker

Oftentimes, people get confused while making a decision while selling their cars. Most of them consider when they sell their car to a car wrecker they won’t get enough cash for it. Which is true up to some extent but then you shouldn’t always straight away go to a wrecker. You go when you know that your car is a pile of crap and nobody would buy it for himself. The cost of towing in Melbourne is that much that you would end up paying several hundreds just to get the scrap out of your yard. So considering all this we have compiled a list of circumstances that you should consider.

For instance, while writing about this I just took a call, the lady from Wantirna had a Ford Falcon EA 1992 and some drunken driver hit that car in her driveway. Now the car was working good for the lady but after the hit, it was declared a total loss. Now selling that car over eBay, Car Sales or Gumtree is not easy at all, as no one can afford a tow truck to just lift that old car. So the best bet is to transfer all your headache to wreckers and get a decent cash from them.

selling a car to a car wrecker

Following are few other scenarios when you can go to a car wrecker to sell your car.

  • When your car is completely wrecked. As a wreckers we don’t mind the condition of the car. Also you will better off them doing the car removal for you. Its going to be a waste of time contacting car dealers. Theirare only interested in on-road cars.
  • When your car model is too old and you have already waited and wasted time posting ads on car sales directories. Instant quote is what you will get from car wreckers.
  • When you need to sell your car urgently, even if it is a newer model and have loads of road life left. Car wreckers are the only one to help you out in this case, as other cash loan providers literally take everything out of the deal and you would eventually get just a few dimes. Professional car wreckers know about the makes and models and they know the worth of each car.

Car buyers at Rapid Car Removal give an instant cash for cars quote for these vehicles as well. These cars won’t be wrecked and will be repaired and sold as it is.

Not all wreckers are same though. There are many wreckers who make a false commitment over the phone. When they come for a pickup, they change their quote. So you have to go with an honest company like Rapid Car Removal.

Rapid Car Removal provides the best cash for cars rates in Melbourne. Follow the link to get more details.

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