When Should I Sell My Truck

Some might say that trucks are the most useful for all the different kinds of vehicles. It is almost impossible to successfully do industrial and commercial operations without trucks. That is why we have now a long list of truck types – box body, flat bed, tipper, trailer, container, rigid, and specialized (e.g. towing, crane, mixer, dump, etc.) trucks – in order to perform specific functions. No matter the size, trucks are useful for business: to transport dry goods, vehicles, furniture, animal and livestock, construction materials, and the list goes on.

But as they are very useful, there will come a time that they wouldn’t be able to perform as well. Like all vehicles, they are susceptible to wear and tear. They will age and deteriorate no matter how religiously you maintain them. And because they are commonly used for business, it is but crucial that you know if it’s already time to get cash for scrap trucks Melbourne.

You’ll know that it is the best time to put your truck up for sale when you have or have been encountering these:

Your truck shows signs of big trouble.


There had been times when your truck has caused one or more road accidents. It has broken down too many times and it shows red flags like blue smoke coming from tailpipes, badly worn-out timing belts, failing gear changes, and more. If your truck requires too much of those major repairs, it’s a clear sign that it maybe isn’t roadworthy anymore. It might cause harm to you, the driver, and even others.

Your truck causes more expenses.



You know that your business is booming and successful when your income is way more than your expenses. Compare the truck maintenance and repair expenses you made in the past years to the present. If you see that you are spending more and more each year, if it’s more costly to keep it on the road, and you spend more on gas consumption, then those are good enough reasons to let it go.

Your truck has been bringing business troubles.


If there had been times when deliveries get delayed because your truck is always broken, then it won’t do your business any good. Wasted time means wasted money in business. Furthermore, if the problems of your truck have caused a road accident and your company is forced to shoulder repair and medical expenses for victims, you most definitely don’t want that to happen again. If your business partners and clients complain most of the time because of delayed and failed deliveries, then it is but a just reason to get rid of that truck already.

Your truck is no longer useful.


Because of the increased risk of road accidents, delivery delays, and more, you decide not to use the truck for business anymore. So now, it is just aging, rusting, and rotting in some empty lot or storage house. Instead of keeping an old clunker, that space would have been used to hold stocks and other useful reasons. In addition, if you are in the business of selling perishable goods like food, that rusty truck contains harmful materials that could be detrimental to your products.

Your used truck is just in time for the strong market demand.


Research about the truck wrecking and buying industry in your area. Learn about the companies that buy trucks of all kinds. If you find out that there is an ongoing trend for getting rid of old, unused, and wrecked trucks, then get a hold of that opportunity already. This is a chance for you to get additional income for your business.

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