Ways to protect your car from the heat

The sun’s UV rays are detrimental to us humans. It can cause skin aging, heat stroke, severe headaches, and more. Same goes with our beloved cars. Extreme heat from the sun is also their enemy. It can damage different parts of our car without us even knowing it. Though it is basic to know that it can destroy our car’s paint, it also harms the interiors, tyres, and even the engine. Thankfully, there are lots of different ways to help protect your cars from the sun’s harmful rays.

As one of the trusted used car buyers and car wreckers MelbourneRapid Car Removal is here to provide you with easy and effective car protection tips against the dangerous UV rays and the scorching heat from the sun:


For your car’s gorgeous exteriors…

Regularly wash and wax your car

Dust, particles, and other elements that stick to car’s paint job will be harder to remove if you don’t wash your car very often. Once they get almost permanent, the paint gets immediately damaged. Moreover, if sunblock is for humans, protective wax are for cars. They help lock in the natural oils from your car’s paint, keeping the sun from cracking and fading it.

Invest in paint protection systems

There are different kind of paint protect systems available now in the market. They may come as film coatings or sprays. These invisible shields are also effective in protecting your car from minor scratches, harmful substances, sand, and sometimes even small dents. Just be careful on choosing one that has good quality.

Park your car in roofed and shaded places

Just like we need a roof over our heads, make sure your car has its own decent home as well. Keep it in a covered garage to protect it even when it’s not on the road. When you head to the office, the mall, or any other place, prefer covered parking areas or parking spaces with some shade.

Always check your tyres

The heat is also the number one enemy of your car’s tyres. Especially when you’re in a location where the weather is mostly hot, tyres tend to inflate. When they come in contact with scorching road surfaces, they could blowout. So make sure they always have the correct air pressure.


For the intricate insides of your car…

Use windshield sun shades

During times when it’s impossible to park in a covered or shaded area, sun shades are best to protect your dashboard and steering wheel from the intense heat. There lots of sun shades you can choose from and you don’t even have to shell out much for it. Some car owners even buy those for their rear windshields.

Have the windows tinted

Driving and parking under the sun couldn’t be avoided; so you may consider getting window tints to protect your car’s interiors along with you and your passengers as well. It’s best to choose those tints that already have UV protection.

Clean and protect interiors regularly

Same as with your car’s exteriors, the insides must also be cleaned and protected. Wipe everything with a microfiber cloth. Have it vacuumed thoroughly. And apply some interior protectants and conditioners (especially if you have leather seats).

Consider putting seat covers

These protective covers do not only keep your seats from being damaged by the sun. They also help keep them cool so it’d be easier for you to sit on them after being parked under the sun for a long time.


The car’s engine must be checked too…

Maintain correct fluid levels

Pop up your car’s hood and see if the important car fluids are in optimum levels. The coolant, motor oil, transmission and brake fluids, and other fluids get used up faster during hot weather conditions. So make sure to check and top them up when necessary.

Keep an eye on your battery

High temperature can cause your battery to wear out quicker than usual. Under the heat, the battery fluid also evaporates more rapidly, eventually causing corrosion to battery connectors and terminals.

Make sure the air conditioning is in good condition

This is not only to make you and your passengers comfortable inside the car. If your A/C isn’t working properly – weak air flow or insufficient temperature, it can be a sign that your refrigerant charge level is low or your A/C is in need of a repair.

Protecting your ride from the harmful rays of the sun may require your effort and even some of your budget. But all of these sure are worth it. Doing so will make driving and riding comfortable; ensure your safety on the road; help maintain your car’s value; and of course keep your car dashing – inside and out.

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