Should I trade my old car or sell it?

A common dilemma among owners of old cars is deciding on what is really best to do with those vehicles. a why it’s been taking them so long before they actually let go of their old and used cars – they just don’t know what to do.

Well, one thing’s for sure. They all would probably want to get a new car as replacement for the old one, whether it’s a brand new or second hand automobile. Thus, you’ll ask, “If I plan to sell my car, would it be best to trade it in or sell it to private car buyers?”

Rapid Car Removal, one of the best car removal and buying companies in Melbourne, has a team of experts who has experienced dealing with all these kinds of car buying and/or selling situations. We are here to give old car owners a more easy-to-understand picture to help them determine which road is best for them to take.


First things first.

In order to know which way to go, the very first expert advice we will give you is to determine what you ultimately want to get from selling your car. Do you simply want to get an old ride off your hands or you just really need to have a car that you can use? When you have pinpointed your true goal, the next step is to assess your current situation. Check the real condition of your car, how much time and effort you are willing to put into the selling process, as well as your finances as there might be some unexpected expenses along the way.


If you want to trade your car in,

Your goal has to be to get a car that you can use right away. Because your old car hasn’t been that useful, economical and efficient, you have that impending need for a new means of transportation and mobility – brand new or not.

Trading in is perfect in a situation wherein you’ve got no time to wait. You don’t have much cash to shell out for additional car repairs or improvements needed before selling. You’ve tried to ask friends and acquaintances, but you ended up thinking that no private buyer would actually want to get your car.

You should be prepared for a minimal valuation of your car that is way less than its actual value. Dealers would be selling your car to buyers and may also put it up for auction. So chances are, they’d be getting your old car for a lower price.

You’ll be happy going out of the dealership riding in a new vehicle. The best deal you could get out of a dealer is when you can choose one of the cars they have for sale, in exchange for your old ride.


Should you sell your car privately,

It’s best if your goal is to get bigger cash for your new car fund. If your aim is to get a brand new vehicle, it’s more likely that you need more funds to buy it in full or to pay for the downpayment.

Your current situation should permit you to put more effort in advertising and marketing the sale of your car. You should have the luxury of time. Your car should of course be in a good running condition in order for it to sell. It also wouldn’t hurt if you’d invest in preparing and dressing your car up to attract more buyers.

You shouldn’t mind negotiating with strangers and buyers who are kind of hard to deal with. You’d have to be more patient in waiting for the right buyer and right price offer to come. You should also be wary of rip-offs and bogus buyers.

It’ll reward you with an assurance that you know exactly who you’ll be entrusting your old baby with. You’ll also be happy because you will finally get the amount that you’re aiming for.



If you think that your goal/s and your situation is something like a mixture of the two scenarios mentioned, fret no more. Rapid Car Removal is more than willing to help you out. We have been in the car buying and car removal Melbourne market for more than two decades. If you need money to buy a car you could use right away, but you have no time to wait, no extra cash, and no desire to negotiate with other car buyers, choosing one of our services is the perfect way to go. Even if you reckon your vehicle is too old, too rusty, or too wrecked, we would still have that removed free of charge, and we will still pay you good cash for it.

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