Top 15 weird car tricks that actually work

With today’s latest innovations and advanced technology, it is a lot easier to actually take care of such useful machines like our cars. There are all kinds of stuff that designed and made to clean and fix our beloved vehicles. There are even those that are simply made for our driving safety, convenience, entertainment, economy, and more. But of course, even so, there would always be that time when we’re facing an imminent issue with our car and that particular product, tool, accessory, or gadget that would easily help us isn’t handy. You maybe have no budget to buy it, you maybe have no time to look for one, or you may simply didn’t purchase one because you think you’d never need it. Whichever your case may be, whenever those unexpected car issues arise, those DIY car hacks are always there to your rescue. Usually, it requires no additional costs to you as the things you’ll need are normally available in our homes.

As we have been buying used cars in Melbourne for more than 20 years now, we have spoken with all types of car owners, drivers, enthusiasts, and more. Fortunately, they have shared with us some of their own car tips and tricks to easily and affordably give solutions to their car problems. Having said that, we are here to share with you our own list of somehow weird but easy and effective DIY hacks and car tricks that would answer our usual car issues:

1. Time to let your car’s eyes sparkle. – Owners of used cars are normally stressed out with their headlights being foggy and yellowish. As a quick solution to this, just use brush it with some whitening toothpaste and it will glimmer and clear up like new.

2. Car stickers are no longer hard to remove – Don’t want to remove your car’s old registration stickers and other decals because you’re afraid to leave a sticky and messy residue? Well, just use newspaper soaked in hot water to easily and neatly remove them.

3. No more broken nails from inserting a key on a key ring! – How many times have you gotten a broken or chipped fingernail just by inserting or removing car keys from those pesky key rings? Just get a staple remover from your stash of school and office supplies, and it’ll solve your worries right away.

4. No more dents on your car doors. – Is your garage unfortunately narrow that you often times bump your car door whenever you open it? Then get some pool noodles, cut them into half lengthwise, and then stick them to your garage walls – at exactly the spot where your car doors usually hit.

5. A quick fix for those scratches that came out of nowhere. – To save you from getting those expensive car scratch removal kits and services, you can get rid of those tiny scratches on your in as easy as 1-2-3. Just get a nail polish that is closest to its color to somehow cover it up so it won’t be as obvious. But this won’t look too good on big scratches though.

6. Wishing there’s some kind of a visor that goes all the way down? – It’s simply annoying to drive on that time of day when the sun is about to set but it’s still bright. Your visor won’t be of any use because the sun directly hits your line of sight. We’ll give you a solution to that, one we got from pilots, that is. Just get a tinted plastic and use it as a moveable shade for your windshield.

7. Look ma, no mess! – Yes, you can always buy a small trash can for your car. But how many times did that trash can just fell down and made more mess? As a simple solution to that, just get one of mom’s plastic cereal dispensers in the kitchen, put some plastic or liner to it, cover, and pop it in your car! Simple! Just tell your mum to buy a new one for your house, though.

8. Getting bored from waiting for your windows to defrost? – During winter, park your car facing EAST so you won’t have to wait anymore to defrost your windows and windshield.

9. It doesn’t just work wonders in your toilet. – Don’t have the budget for that hefty car dent removal services? Not a problem, just use a trusty plunger and you’ll be able to get rid of those in no time. Your arm muscles just have to be prepared for this one.

10. You’d never have to deal with frozen locks anymore. – If you own a car that doesn’t have a keyless entry feature, then frozen car locks are your problem every winter time. But there’s no need for you to be stressed about those. Just cover up your key with some hand sanitizer then quickly insert it into the keyhole, and voila! It’s not frozen anymore!

11. Forget choosing from the thousands of window cleaning products you see in the market. – Tired of all those glass and window cleaners that simply do not do their jobs? Especially after continuous rainy seasons, those nasty water marks and streaks will easily be removed just by using soda/cola. Pour it over your windshield and wash with water. The bubbles from the soda would be able to remove all those in an instant.

12. No more dirty wiper blades! – If your windshield wiper blades are dirty (well, they always are), there’s an easy way to thoroughly clean it AND keep it clean for a longer period of time. Just make a household cleaning solution: ¼ part ammonia and a quart of water. Mix that up, and wipe it onto your wiper blades using a soft cloth. Finish it up with a dry towel. Believe us, it works!

13. Shine bright like a diamond – Want your car to always shine and glimmer even without getting an expensive wax or gloss service? Get a conditioner that contains LANOLIN. Wash your car with it after its regular cleaning, (just like using conditioner after shampoo) then carefully rinse it.

14. Always forget if you have locked your car or not? – If you’re already too far from your parked car, and you simply want to double-check if you have really locked it, there’s no need for you to walk back to it. Just simply place your key fob under your chin to extend its range.

15. Snow is always a hassle. – It is always a pain to remove snow from your windshield before you can actually drive off to work. So to save your precious time and effort in doing this. Simply put a soft cover over your windshield and secure it by locking it in your driver and passenger windows. Just take it off and you won’t have to deal with the snow anymore and you could go straight to where you’re heading. This one’s just a replacement just in case you don’t have a car cover.