Today’s Car Features You Should Be Aware Of

Gone are the days when power windows, airbags, alarms, and keyless entry systems are considered as cool high-tech car features. Now that we are in the ‘age of millennials’, car buying seems to be more complicated than ever because of the wide variety of technological advancements carmakers add to their production vehicles. Even the most basic car models and variants now have their own set of high-tech systems to improve driving safety, comfort, convenience, and entertainment.

Being in the car removal and car wreckers Melbourne industry for more than two decades, Rapid Car Removal has basically witnessed how quickly cars have been constantly developing year after year. And sometimes, we know that most car buyers are having a hard time keeping up with the latest developments. The only time they’ll be aware of a certain feature is when they’re actually at the dealership, talking to a salesman. Exactly the reason why we ought to share with you some of the best car features automakers have come up with today. Even if we’re so far from riding in flying cars like in The Jetsons, buying or not, it is still good to know that these advances in technology are now incorporated in today’s automobiles.


It is truly challenging to drive at night especially in places that are do not have enough street lights. As a solution to that, night vision systems are created by carmakers like Mercedes Benz, Audi and BMW. It uses a thermographic camera to help the driver see more clearly in the dark, especially for distances that the headlights cannot reach.



Some say that your driving skills are put to test whenever you’re backing up. Maybe because you’d have to be alert and cautious of both your car’s front and behind, this is true. So to give drivers an easier time of doing this, car manufacturers like Audi, Subaru, and Mazda. This system is designed to warn you about cars that are about to cross your backing up path. Sensors placed around your car’s behind detects vehicles from left to right. Then it produces warning tones and flashing lights for you to stop.



Smartphone integration is now a must-have in today’s cars. If before only Bluetooth technology is what we deem as the most useful and high-tech car feature, now car enthusiasts are more excited about these. As opposed to the Bluetooth technology when connected to your phone, you’d still have to hold your mobile and control it from there. So to promote driving safety and avoid more distractions, you will be able to access some stuff from your Apple and Android mobile phones by simply with a few touches on your dashboard. Apps like Waze and Spotify are now easier to control from your car. This is such an amazing way to effectively train drivers to get used to not tinkling with their phones while driving.



One of the most annoying car mishaps you could experience is when someone just crashes into your car from behind, out of the blue. If your car has both systems, it will not only warn you about possible forward collisions, it simply hit the brakes for you if you don’t respond at all. Truly an effective way to reduce number of car crashes on the road, and even in parking lots. More and more carmakers now add these to their cars like Honda, Ford, Subaru, Volkswagen, and Toyota.



As a development of those backup sensors and cameras, manufacturers now put a 360-degree view camera system in their car models. There will be cameras placed on your car’s front, rear, left, and right sides to ensure your safety. They are also effective in avoiding the most common things we don’t usually see while driving like street gutters and barriers, big rocks, and small bikes. We can now have a clear view of our car’s surroundings simply by looking at our cars’ LCD screens. Nissan, BMW, and Audi are some of the carmakers that proudly have this technology.



Nissan is truly in the spotlight when this car feature is talked about. There’s no need to crank up the volume of your pickup truck just to hear the music coming from the inside of your car. Now, you need not buy those waterproof speakers because they are now built in your pickup. Road trips are definitely more fun now.



Also known as V2V, this network technology enables roadside and nearby vehicles to effectively communicate with each other. One of its primary motivations is to eliminate and reduce the number of traffic collisions. Now, cars will be able to warn each other about potential accidents and crashes. Not only does it promote safety but peaceful and cooperative driving as well.



If you think that dealing with USB cables, power banks, and in-lighter chargers are simply a hassle during driving, then this technology is perfect for you. Today, there are now cars that provide wireless charging (by induction). Unfortunately, not all car makers offer this even as an add-on option. In addition, not all mobile phones are compatible yet; like iPhones. Cadillac, Chevrolet, Lexus, General Motors, and Hyundai offer this system today.



With cars that have this cool feature, you won’t have to worry about your kids (and other passengers) complaining about poor internet connections. There are some vehicles now that provide 4G LTE hotspots and WiFi networks. Though some say, it still needs some improvements and polishing for efficiency, carmakers like Chrysler, Audi, and General Motors now have this.



One of the most common causes of car crashes and other road accidents is when sleepy drivers get on the road. To fight this, the drowsiness detection system is developed and integrated in automobiles. Sensors in your car will effectively detect when you’re drowsy. Then, it will alarm you (through the use of strong vibrations and loud sounds) right away for you to come back to your senses. There are some advanced systems, when the vehicle takes a record and studies your driving behavior so that it’ll quickly detect if your driving pattern shows that you’re sleepy.

It’s really refreshing how car making geniuses continue to develop advanced technological systems like these to make driving more safe, fun, and convenient than ever. Well, cars that do have all these features will definitely cost more than usual. But if you do have the means, investing in those is truly worth every penny. We sure are looking forward to the time when all these car technologies are regular specs in production vehicles.

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