Taking Care of Your Car During Summer

Most parts of Australia enjoy beautiful summer weather. It sure is a great time to on road trips, beach getaways, picnics, and more fun time under the sun. On the other hand, if the scorching heat of the sun poses risks to our health and well-being, our cars aren’t an exception. Even as useful and versatile machines, cars won’t be able to cope with the excruciating heat all their own. Thus, as their owners, we have to take all the necessary measures to take care of them during these hot summer days.

Being a car removal and cash for cars Melbourne company for two long decades, we have seen some of the worst hottest seasons that Victoria has ever experienced. Thus, our team of car wreckers, dismantlers, mechanics, engineers, and recyclers has come up with a list of car care tips that you may use to make sure your vehicle won’t suffer from the negative effects of extreme heat.

Keep these essential car parts in check:

BATTERY – the summer heat has more negative effects on our battery than we usually think. Heat and vibration are its worst enemies. Check if it is securely mounted. Clean up all corrosive build-up from the terminals and cable clamps. Batteries can be harder to predict during intense summer days, to make sure to check it every once in awhile.

COOLING SYSTEM – during the summer, all the debris, dirt, and dead insects that are stuck in your radiator could dry up stick to its core. And so, you must make sure to flush the all out before they get even harder to remove. Flush and replace the coolant. Check the radiator cap for cracks or other damages, as well as the hoses for signs of leaking.

TIMING BELTS – with the scorching heat, your car’s drive belts may be more prone to cracking and deterioration. Check if they are in good shape, then replace them if necessary.

TYRES – heat is also their number one enemy. Have an air pressure gauge handy so you could check your tyres wherever you are. They should be free from small rocks and other things that might get stuck in between the treads. Never drive with under-inflated tyres especially on those intense summer days, as a blowout can most likely happen.

FLUIDS – like humans, fluids are a great defense for the scorching heat. So make sure that washer fluid, oil, coolant, power steering and brake fluid, are all in their appropriate levels.

Have all the necessary accessories.

There are lots of products and gadgets available in the market that we can invest in to make sure our cars are well-protected during the summer. There are different kinds of windshield and window sun shades so your interiors won’t be damaged from the intense heat. You may also get quality glass cleaners so that all the dirt and dead insects that are stuck on your windshield can be easily removed. Also, you may put thick cloth seat covers for your leather seats. And finally, we suggest that you invest in those car air purifiers. You’ll just plug them in your car USB port or lighter, then they’ll absorb the humidity inside your car. They’ll even make your car smell good, too!

Keep your air conditioner in good shape.

Who would want to ride in a car that has a broken air conditioner during an intense summer day? So if you want you and your passengers to feel absolutely comfortable while traveling in summer, be sure your AC is well-maintained. Have it serviced for a check-up and cleaning? You may opt to buy leak sealing and refrigerant rechargers to ensure a cool breeze from your AC.

Park it indoors.

We truly understand that you often don’t have that luxury to choose an indoor, basement, or covered parking area in all the places you go to. But what you do have control over is when you’ll park it when you are at home resting. Keep it inside the garage. If you don’t have one, choose a spot with some shade. Or worst-case scenario, just put a breathable car cover over it when it’s parked in the side street.

Extreme weather conditions really affect our car’s efficiency, durability, reliability, and safety whether we like it or not. So if you honestly want to protect it from extreme heat, then just follow this easy car maintenance and car driving tips.

But if you own an old car that has seriously been damaged and deteriorated after lying idly under the sun, rain, and other weather conditions for so many years, do it a favor and put it under our care. As responsible and eco-friendly cash for cars company, Rapid Car Removal will gladly take your old and junk cars and put them to better use.