How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Old Cars

Sometimes, even if you have done all your best to maintain your beloved car, more and more problems will still arise. What is the reason? ‘Coz it’s old. It is now at that point where it is no longer a used car, and now a used-up car. Sadly, it is now nearing (or already) at the last stage of its useful life.

And just like how the elderly are more prone to getting sick, old cars experience the biggest problems. So if you do have an old and used-up car, these troubles and headaches are those that you now encounter: TIMING BELTS snap more often; there’s RUST inside and out; OIL and FILTERS need to be changed more regularly; BRAKE PADS are already worn; FUEL PUMPS stop working; And your list of car headaches go on and on…

So at this point in time, what can you still do to solve all those problems? We, Rapid Car Removal, have been in the car removal and for sale cars Melbourne industries for over two decades now. As experts in the business, we are here to suggest 4 things that you can do to put a stop to those problems and headaches that your old car gives you:


We know that this should be kind of common sense already, but there are still car owners who are stubborn to just let the problems slide and just let their old cars deteriorate until they really stop working. Just to be clear, this is a very costly thing to do. But if you are really determined to still use your old ride, and you have the budget, then by all means do everything it takes to fix those problems. By FIX, we specifically mean that you need to take out the part that is causing you trouble and replace it with a QUALITY one. We know that fixing the part is cheaper, but if you really don’t want to deal with the problem, this is your only option. Afterwards, restore your cockpit. For you to be enticed to use it again, focus on improving the things you actually touch in your car – like replacing the steering wheel. Clean it inside and out. That way, your old car will somehow feel like new.

Now, the bigger problem that most old car owners face is that, no matter how badly they want to still use that vehicle, they don’t have that big of a budget to do an overhaul or restoration project. So if you are in that situation, we still have solutions for that.


And do it right away. While it is still in a running condition, bring to dealers who know how to sell cars even if they do have minor and major problems. Those dealerships that accept used cars for trade in will have your car’s problems fixed and then sell it after for profit. Just a piece of advice, don’t expect to receive a big amount of money though. The fact that they’ll accept a car that is in need of repairs, they’ll be offering you a lower price for it.


If you still haven’t known this by now, there is an enormous market for used auto parts in Melbourne. So if you have that thing for doing car projects, this one is for you. Especially if your car is from a popular brand or model, you can take out the genuine and good running parts and sell it individually at reasonable prices. You can sell body panels, rims, electronic components, car seats, and more. They can be easily sold online.


Even if we used the term “hire”, the best thing about working with pro car wreckers is that you never have to pay anything in order to take advantage of their services. Just like Rapid Car Removal. We will remove, dismantle, and recycle your car regardless of its age and condition. The car removal and hauling services are absolutely free of charge. And the best part is, if you need money to help you buy a new ride, we’ll also help you with that. As we are expert wreckers buying cars Melbourne, we will pay you top dollar for your beloved ride.

So what do you say? Does that solve your biggest old car problems? Waiting it out would never help you in any way. So call us now at 0438 942 754 or simply click [here] to request for your free quote.