Selling a Car in Melbourne – Get the Best Price for it!

Car owners in Melbourne are quite familiar with the challenges in selling a car. Oftentimes it takes weeks and even months just to sell their old car off. Unfortunately, the car market like all over the world does not have any clear and firm rules or price list for makes and models of cars. However you can do your own research to establish a benchmark price but there is no certainty that you will get the exact same cash, sometimes you got, sometimes less. So here are few tips to make your car selling process easier for you.First thing first, this advice we give to all car owners- Keep good care of your cars, keeping good cars includes

  • Keep the interior clean, no eating, drinking or smoking inside a car.
  • Keep it safe from parking bays and footpaths on roadside parking, often you hit your bumper and side skirts while parking.
  • It is better to drive safe by maintaining a good distance from next car, most of the accidents happen when you are not maintaining the right distance.
  • Have car serviced regularly and maintain logs. Car mechanical parts especially engine requires freshening up if it is not serviced regularly this can be a cause of low performances, weird noises and even breakdowns.
  • Try keeping the mileage low – Owning a car does not mean that you have to keep on pressing paddles all the time. Off and on share a ride, make car pools with co-workers, use train and buses especially when you know that traffic would be too much and there will be a parking problem. This may seem weird but we can reduce miles on the clock. Remember your car will start reducing price drastically after crossing 100K km mark.

Private car buyers, especially one buying car for a family really wants the car to be in prime condition. Dealers also prefer a car which would, later on, be an easy sell for them, rather than the one, on which they will have to spend time and money to get it updated.

So Where can I Sell my Car?

Well in you are resident in Victoria specifically Melbourne, then following are your options.

Private car sales

Take good pictures of the car from all over including exterior, interior, dashboard and under the hood as well. Select a bright sunny day for this so that you have ample light. Next step, jump on to internet, place ads on Gumtree, car sales, newspaper and other classified sites. Highlight all details, don’t hide anything, as it is better to be clear upfront rather wasting your own or someone else’s time. Don’t wait for a private sale if you have a scrap/ junk car (as explained over here).

The downside, you will get loads of fake, irritating calls till your ad remain active. You will have to brag about your car a million time, all in front of dozens of strangers. And then all those strangers will be visiting your place as well.

1. Auction Sites

Car auction companies like Manheim and others can be another option. They will take your car in any condition, neat or dirty, broken or running and put it up for auction. There on you will have to pray that you get a good bid for your car as you never know how much it would be sold off.

Downside, these companies will charge you a hefty amount in commission and more importantly you won’t know till the time how much you are going to get for it.

2. Trade-Ins

Well this can be one of the least stressful ways of getting rid of the old one, but this option is only available to the one who is buying a brand new car. In trade-ins you would always get less out of your car, that is a fact as dealers have to make money of your old cars.

3. Selling to a Car Wrecker

Use this option if you are in urgent need of money as car wreckers would pay you cash there and then, they don’t wait for lengthy transfers and paperwork. Or secondly you had an accident and your car is declared total loss. No one else would buy this car except the wreckers, you are already covered by insurance so you can get something extra from these wreckers. Lastly your car model is too old and you are tiered of waiting for the right buyer on Gumtree or Car Sales.

So selling to a car wrecker is quick, pain-free and you get cash for it. Maybe we are biased, but you need to understand who else would bring a tow truck to pick up your old, non-working cars and pay you cash for it on the spot.

Rapid Car Removal

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