Sell My Car: 10 Things I Wish I Had Known Earlier

Professional car salesmen and dealership agents are trained how to sell cars using different strategies. They are trained how to deal with different kinds of clients exhibiting different buying behaviors. But if you are just someone who wants to sell car for cash Melbourne, how will you go about the whole process effectively without having that kind of training?

If it is your very first time to put up for sale cars Melbourne, going through the whole task can seem daunting. But as one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers, we here at Rapid Car Removal ought to tell you that it shouldn’t be as stressful and intimidating at it seems. Even without the training and experience, and even if it’s your first time, it is still possible to get through it easily and achieve your goal. As experts in the automotive industry, we are here to help you by providing you the essential things you need to know when it comes to selling your car.

These tips are proven and tested by experts in providing car selling services. They will not only help you achieve your goal of getting the highest amount for your car; but also: to make the selling experience less excruciating AND to minimise the potential hazards of selling a car on your own – getting into scams and being ripped off.

1. TIMING MATTERS. If it is important to know the right time for buying a car, that goes the same for selling one. Timing can also make a big difference in selling cars. Know if it’s the best time to sell an SUV, family car, or sedan. This is also the key to getting it sold faster.TIMING MATTERS. If it is important to know the right time for buying a car, that goes the same for selling one. Timing can also make a big difference in selling cars. Know if it’s the best time to sell an SUV, family car, or sedan. This is also the key to getting it sold faster.

2. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Being updated and well-informed is the very first step in protecting yourself as a seller. No training is necessary for you to be able to sell your car fast; but knowing a thing or two about what you’re getting yourself into is the wisest thing you can do to avoid unfortunate circumstances ahead.

3. MAKE YOUR CAR LOOK ITS BEST. Do this not to deceive your buyers, but to get their attention and to create a desire for them to buy your car. Think of it like getting into a job interview. You get there looking your best not to deceive your potential employer, but to make them take a second look at you and be more interested in what you have to offer.

4. TAKE REALLY GOOD PHOTOS. There’s no need to hire a professional photographer for this one. What we’re trying to say is, put in a little more effort on taking those photos because if you are using online ads, that is the only way to make potential buyers look into your car. There are lots of tips you can search on the internet on how to make your pictures Instagram-worthy.

5. MAKE SURE TO USE EFFECTIVE LISTINGS. Once you’ve done Tip #1 and 2, it’ll be easier to know which listings (online and offline) you can use to reach your potential buyers. If you are selling your old family minivan, go into listings and sites that reach out to parents.

6. SCREEN ALL CALLERS & BUYERS. Because you have put your contact information on those listings, expect a number of calls and emails from different kinds of strangers. Put in a little time in conversing with that person in order for you to screen them thoroughly. Just make sure to ask nicely so as not to give a wrong impression – you wouldn’t know if that person you’re talking to might already be THE buyer. Avoid those who will make you an offer without actually seeing your car first.

7. PRACTICE A SALES PITCH. Yes, we’re serious. This is rarely done by private car sellers, that is why we’re giving you this as one of the expert car selling tips. When you meet interested buyers, think like a salesman. Switch into your perky and accommodating self while gradually and honestly telling all the good things about your car. Avoid hard-selling, but make sure to stress out the benefits and advantages over the flaws.

8. PREPARE DOCUMENTS BEFOREHAND. This is to save you time and more stress afterwards. Some buyers might be rushing to buy, so give them another reason for them to get on with buying your car because you have already prepared the documents for them already. Make them see that you are a very reliable and easy car seller to deal with.

9. RECOVER ALL RECORDS. This is another one that many people fail to priorities. Find and collect all papers that pertain to your car.  Apart from the registration and insurance papers, maintenance records and receipts of repairs and upgrades, are also important. This will show your buyer that you have indeed taken good care of your car.

10. BE OPEN TO NEGOTIATIONS. We know that all of you have a price goal in mind. However, we cannot really dictate how much the potential buyers are willing to shell out for your car, no matter how bad they want it. Our best advice here is to set a price a little higher than your goal amount to make room for haggles.

With all the information found on the internet, keep in mind that people nowadays are also well-informed and somehow “trained” how to buy a car in the best deal. Thus, as the seller, all you need is to do the same. Customers are not right all the time; but also know that you would not be able to sell your car at your desired price if you wouldn’t put your best effort into it as well. Just be smart, calm, and reasonable every time you’re dealing with interested buyers, and you’ll see that you have actually breezed through it already having that payment in your hands.

If you’re feeling kinda hopeless about getting your car sold, and you really need that money as soon as possible, consider Rapid Car Removal. We are reputable for providing our clients instant top cash for cars in all makes, models, and conditions. If you want to know how much we can pay for your old ride, simply dial 0438 942 754 or click here to get your free quote.