Safe Driving With Pet on Board

It’s the perfect sunny day – not too hot, not raining, and a bit windy. This weather is great to spend some time outdoors with your loved ones, mates, and family members, that includes your pet/s. So whether you decide to take your pets to the park, the beach, or simply anywhere, it is best that you know how to safely drive and travel with your best pals inside the car.Driving is an complicated and even tiresome task that requires a set of skills, the right kind of attitude, and a ton of caution. What more if you’re driving with a pet inside the car? It sure is fun, but also risky. Here are some reasons why it’s dangerous to ride and drive with pets:

  • It’s such a distraction – all the barking, jumping, not to mention possible nausea and vomiting, etc.
  • Possible airbag deployment may cause injuries or even death to your dog
  • There are laws against driving with pets that are freely roaming inside the car, so you will most likely get tickets when you aren’t aware and conscious of that.
  • If you meet an accident while you’re driving with your dog, because of the stressful situation, there could be chances that your pal would get angry and bite anyone who will try to rescue you.

As we don’t want any of those to happen, as one of Melbourne’s leading car buyersRapid Car Removal is here to provide you with some proven and tested safe driving tips when your furry pals are on board:

Verify if your dog can ride with you freely inside the car

If you are driving in an area where it’s prohibited to let your pal ride freely inside your car, make sure to bring a crate or kennel with you. If it’s allowed, bring safety barriers or harnesses or specially designed seatbelt for your pet.

Keep your dog in the back seat

They should never be in the passenger seat, let alone on your lap. If you are concerned about your car seats or carpet, make sure to bring seat protectors, cargo mats, or even just blankets to protect your car upholstery.

Lock your power windows

Some dogs might appear having fun sticking their heads outside the car windows, but know that this isn’t safe for them at all. They might get some eye infection, mucous irritation, and other serious injuries because of the strong wind. In the same way, never let them ride at the back of your ute or pickup truck.

Be prepared for animal carsickness and anxiety

If you aren’t sure if your pet loves or hates being inside a car, be sure to have medications, plastic bags, dog towels, and cleaning supplies so you will know exactly what to do in case your pal feels sick during the ride.

Never leave your dog locked inside your car

They are also like humans. They could suffocate inside if the weather is too hot, and they could freeze to death during winter. Should you really have to leave them inside, make sure to leave a small portion of your window open.

Bring snacks and water

Your dogs would also love to have snacks during a travel. This will also keep them busy while you are driving, so you won’t get distracted by them. Just make sure to put them in spill-proof containers as you wouldn’t want those mess up your interiors and cause your car to smell nasty.

Give your dog the proper identification

In worse cases that you get separated from your dog, this will help you easily find your way back to each other’s arms. Properly fix the ID tag to its collar – one with complete contact details.

Do stopovers if necessary

Animals and pets are generally not used to long travels. So if you know that it would take you a long time to get to your destination, take a rest with your pal every few hours. And take him to a walk even for a short while.

Keep in mind that you are taking your best pals with you to enjoy and not the other way around. Thus, following these simple tips wouldn’t hurt to make your trip fun, keep you safe from road accidents, and protect your dog from injuries. Not only is your dog your pet, but also your family, do your best to keep them safe at all times.

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