Road trip essentials checklist

Living in a vast country that is gifted with beautiful backdrops and breath-taking scenic spots is indeed a blessing. And the best way for you to see and explore these places in Australia is by going on long drives. Apart from just getting a glimpse of these instagram-worthy sights, it is more fun heading to the outback with your mates, family, or special someone.

Of course, you wouldn’t want anything to destroy that fun. And so goes the saying, you can never be too prepared for something. As much as possible, you would have to be ready for anything and everything that could happen along the way.

We here at Rapid Car Removal – one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers, car removal specialists, and car wreckers – have actually dealt with many vehicles that have been at the mercy of different kinds of road emergencies. So to help you avoid those and other mishaps, we took the time to make you this ultimate road trip checklist. You will be travelling great distances, so it really wouldn’t hurt if you would find time to tick off every item on this list before heading on that trip:

Finalize your Itinerary

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a trip that has a well-laid out plan. Don’t leave out minor things such as time allotted for each activity, rest stops, and even designated driver changes. The more detailed the plan is, the better. One very important thing to remember: leave a printed or emailed copy of this to a friend or family member who isn’t coming with you so they’d know where to find you in case you fail to show up by the time you’re supposed to be back home.

Bring a map AND a GPS

You’ll most probably be travelling to places you haven’t been to before, so one of the last things you’ll want to happen is to get lost in the way. It is paramount that you bring both a GPS and a map. You’ll never know when you’ll be experiencing network problems.

Bring a portable power bank/jump starter kit

As with any trip, having a fully charged mobile phone is a must. Having those chargers that rely on your car’s battery won’t be enough, so it is really better to have back-ups like this one. In addition, it has a dual purpose as you can easily use this just in case you’d have some car battery problems.

Do a full tyre & fluid check

It is but common sense that you have to check on the car’s condition before going on a long journey. It’s important that you double-check the tyres’ pressure and tread depth as well as the condition of your spare tyre. To make sure the vehicle runs smoothly until you go back, verify the status of your car’s oil, windshield washer, brake fluid, etc.

Secure insurance & roadside assistance papers

If in case your car suddenly breaks down in the middle of the road, these documents can be your lifesavers. Expert advice: always leave them in your glove compartment so that you always have them ready.

Emergency Kit/s

Basic car repair tools, car jack, reflective triangle, extra water, and flashlight are the essentials that you shouldn’t remove from your car ever. These will be handy in case a problem arises. But when doing road trips, it’s best to take with you: a first aid kit, a torch, wet wipes and paper towels (especially when you’re travelling with kids), lighter, tow rope, plastic bags, multi-purpose knife, and a compass.

Pillows & Blankets

These would not only make the passengers comfy, but the driver/s as well. There will be instances when the designated driver needs to rest and having pillows and blankets will make it easy for him/her to doze off. It can really get cold at night, so it’ll be good to keep everyone warm.

Food & Beverage

Even if you’ve planned out rest or eating stops, it is always advisable to have adequate supply of food and drinks. You could also bring some sweets to help your driver stay awake and alert.


Be prepared with different kinds of playlists for everyone to enjoy. It’s best to download music or bring CDs just in case you’ll be in an area where there’s no internet.

Remember, your road trip will only end up in either two things: a memorable expedition that’s one for the books OR a total disaster that you’d never want to happen again. You wouldn’t end up regretting anything if you go over this essentials checklist before heading out. That’s a lot better instead of rushing and ending up forgetting to bring very important items. This trip is supposed to be about having fun, exploring, and making memories and you surely wouldn’t want to taint that, right?

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