Why Rapid Car is Your Trusted Ford Wreckers Company

Ford vehicles have been in Australian roads ever since 1925. Aussies of all ages love their wide range of quality compact cars, sedans, family cars, SUVs, sports cars, and trucks. Ford vehicles are used for work, leisure, and business of all kinds. But even though this US carmaker is known for producing efficient and eco-friendly vehicles, like all cars, they are still at risk of damage, wear, and deterioration.

Once the time comes when your beloved Ford car is too old, tired, and no longer roadworthy, there’ll be a big chance that you’ll think no private car buyer would ever want it. But there’s no need to worry. Because of the continuously growing number of car wreckers and companies in the cash for cars Melbourne industry, there is still a place for your once fast and gorgeous Ford car. That is with us, Rapid Car Removal. And why do we say that we are the best Ford wreckers Melbourne around?

Here are the reasons:

F – Flourishing in the used car buying and recycling business for more than two decades.

We are not rookies in the field who only care about making money. Instead, we strive to be continually trusted by many owners of old and wrecked cars for many decades more. We know what we’re doing and we continuously improve our services. Because of that, you know that you’re once loved and adored Ford vehicle is good hands.

O – Our team of automobile experts has been handling all models and variants of Ford vehicles.

Ordinary car wreckers mostly deal with Japanese cars. But not us. By being in the industry for over 20 years, our drivers, towing crew, dismantlers, mechanics, and even operators have most likely handled all kinds of Ford vehicles including a model just like yours. May it be a Ford Falcon, Escort, Mustang, Cortina, Focus, Everest or Fiesta, it is most welcome in our state-of-the-art facility and eco-friendly wrecking yard.

R – Receive a high price offer for your Ford car.

Our vehicle evaluators and appraisers do not only consider your car’s resale value. We also take into consideration the auto wrecking trends, scrap metal prices, and demand for spare parts. And like what we said, we are a leading cash for cars business that have been buying all kinds of Ford vehicles for many years. So regardless of their condition, we know how they should be valued.

D – Dedicated suppliers of quality used spare parts for Ford Cars.

By knowing this, you can take refuge in the fact that your old and irredeemable Ford vehicle would still be of good use. Because we also want to provide top-notch spare parts for owners of Ford cars, you are assured that every single part of your vehicle is handled with care. Parts in good running condition are refurbished to be in like new condition; then those that are completely ruined are recycled as scrap metal in an eco-friendly way. Look at it this way: You are not only helping yourselves, but also (1) other Ford car lovers, (2) the environment, (3) auto manufacturing industry, and (4) our economy.

Reap the wonderful benefits of choosing a reputable and trusted Ford wreckers now. You’ll get to experience a fast, convenient, and legitimate car removal and wrecking services when you go with Rapid Car Removal.

”I have finally decided to sell my car to Rapid Car, now what do I do next?” Well, didn’t we mention how easy we make it for our dear clients?  Just CALL > AGREE to our price offer > TELL US when you want your car removed > PREPARE proof of ownership > ENJOY your cash! Give us a call now at 0438 942 754.