Pros and Cons of Buying a Modified Car

Car lovers, die-hard car enthusiasts, and even those wannabe car experts alike can’t simply avoid upgrading their vehicles in every way they could possibly think of. There are also those who simply can’t be contented with the basic models and stock parts. They want cars that will make them stand out.

With MOD-ing cars being so popular in the movies and on the internet, there are also people who developed a hobby of buying cars, upgrading and modifying them, then selling them for profit. Now if you are one of the interested used car buyers and you are considering a modified car, you must learn about everything there is to know about them before you actually spend your hard-earned money.

With Rapid Car Removal being one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers, car breakers, and car removalists, who have been in the industry for more than two decades, we bring you a clear list of the advantages and disadvantages of buying modified cars.


When you buy a modified car, that doesn’t automatically mean that it’s faster. But, there are some that really provide improved speed and horsepower. And because these cars are deliberately modified not just aesthetically, you may find those that have better fuel efficiency, mileage, and other capabilities. More often, the entertainment systems of these MOD cars are so much better, more high-tech. The main benefit we say is, all the improvements that you might think a certain car model needs, were already done for you. Thus, you won’t have to spend more time, effort, and (sometimes even) money to do those upgrades. Plus, with these cars generally being cooler and more unique, it is a good ego-booster for the car enthusiasts out there.


When buying cars that have been upgraded and modified, you will have to take that risk of buying a vehicle without knowing its honest and complete history. For example, a MOD car that boasts of a higher horsepower would probably have some issues in timing. The owner or seller might probably skip telling you that part. Also, you won’t be sure if the parts or components installed are genuine, durable, and of high quality. Just the same, you won’t be sure if the modification is done professionally or simply a DIY project.

Moreover, because most of the MOD cars have both body and engine upgrades, more often than not, their warranties are already voided. Last but not the least, not because they are ‘upgraded’ that doesn’t mean they’ll have higher resale values in the future. Many car buyers now prefer ‘cleaner’ stock vehicles with valid warranties.


After learning that the downsides technically outweigh all the benefits, and you still opt to buy a modified car, all you need to do is get yourself prepared and protected. Dig deep into the car’s history as much as possible. Bring a professional mechanic with you and inspect all the parts modified. And ask for proof of repair services and parts bought. Our final advice as a trusted car removal company? If your goal is to have a ride that’s unique and car show-worthy, better just do all the modifications and upgrades yourself. Besides, it’s easier now to find money-saving tips on pimping your ride. You’ll see, in the end, you will get to appreciate your car more if you have actually spent time and effort on it.