How to prevent car break-ins

In addition to breaking down in the middle of the nowhere and finding out that your car was stolen, walking up to your car and seeing the shattered glass pieces of your window is one of the worst things you (and your precious car) could experience. Theft FROM cars is among the rampant auto crimes particularly in urban areas. While you think your car is safe in some parking lot, there would always be people who don’t have the best intentions. According to, car break ins is actually a lucrative business not for professional car thieves, but for homeless people, drug addicts, and out-of-school youths. Because as compared to stealing a car, by getting gadgets, wallets, audio systems or car rims, they could make money in an instant.

Again, we have absolutely no control over these unfortunate things that happen in our society, all that we really can do is try our very best to keep ourselves and our cars well-protected from this crime. As one of the best companies in the car removal and cash for cars Melbourne industry, we also abhor all kinds of auto theft crimes. With that, we took time to provide you with tips to help you be safe from dreadful car break-ins.

Never EVER leave valuables inside your car!

As much as we want to reiterate this further, there is no other way to stress how important this tip really is. We’re pretty sure all of us car owners and drivers know this. But apparently, many still make that mistake, thinking that it’s safe. If it’s really that impossible to bring with you all those valuables like bags, laptops, and MP3 players, please do hide them – not in your glove box, but in some place where the thieves won’t probably look.

Invest in an alarm system or any other security device.

When the thieves see that blinking LED light from the inside of your car, they’d think twice or thrice before actually breaking in your car because they know it has an alarm. It’d also help if you can invest on other high-tech security gadgets like dashcams that also serve as CCTVs for your car. Always be sure to activate them before leaving your car.

Keep your car visible.

Be choosy when selecting your car’s parking spot. Choose a well-lit area with people standing or passing by. If possible, pick places that are near the sight of CCTVs of the surrounding establishments and those that are guarded by security officers. Trust your instincts. If you think it isn’t safe to park there, find another spot then.

Don’t ever leave your children and pets inside the car.

It will only take a split-second for bad guys to break into your car and worse, harm your children. Even if it’ll only take you a minute or so in that stop-over, bring them with you. Even if there are people around, the thief will probably use your child or pet as an excuse to break into your car. Never mind the material things. Think about the safety of your children.

Never make it easy for them.

Do you want the thieves to be tempted to break into your car? If not, then never leave a door, window, or sunroof unlocked. Period. It’s just too easy for them. Even if you think you don’t have any valuables left inside, they could still steal your nav system, stereo, LCD or DVD player, or simply anything in your car that they can easily sell. If you make it easy for them, they could consider stealing your car instead.

We understand that following any (or all) of these tips wouldn’t really guarantee your protection; but they will most definitely reduce your chances of having to deal with miserable situation. Should you really want to further protect yourselves, get a good car insurance policy. Just in case the worst happens, the aftermath of that auto theft crime wouldn’t be as burdensome.