What Preparations Are Needed Before I Sell My Car?

Whether you have decided to sell your car to a private car buyer, a dealership, or car removal and wrecking company, one thing is certain: it is never easy letting go of your old baby, your once pride and joy. But if this is the time that you really have to let it go, then all you have to do is prepare.
Because you are selling something that you have loved so much before, wouldn’t you want to entrust it to someone who can put it into good use? Wouldn’t you want to have it sold at the price that you feel it’s really worth?
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We have listed here some of the most important things you should do before selling your car:

1. Clean and Detail


Even if it isn’t brand new, a spotless and fresh-looking car will sell at a higher price and faster. No one will want to buy a filthy ride, right? So clean it up like you have never cleaned it before. Never forget to clean the engine and interiors, too. Buyers will most definitely inspect them as well. You wouldn’t want them to see traces of food and other trash inside. Have it waxed, preferably by a professional, to make it look more dashing as ever.

2. Inspect


If you have little to no knowledge about car engine and other parts, have it checked by a professional and experienced mechanic. See if some repairs are needed to be done. You wouldn’t want your buyer to discover the broken components of your car before you do. Should you find some, save yourself from shame and have those fixed immediately before actually selling it. You might also want to consider buying car accessories like new matting, or those that you think buyers will look for which your car currently doesn’t have.

3. Know the market

In order to save yourself from getting a way too low price for your car, you should first know how much your car is really worth at the current time. Research and compare prices of cars same as yours (same year model). If you are seeing mostly low prices for the resale of your car, maybe it is a sign that selling it to a private car buyer might not be the best option for you. Try looking for car wreckers instead, as they might be able to give you a better quote.

4. Take pictures and prepare documentation

In doing transactions like this, it is always best to do proper documentation. This will save you from future headaches. You will need to procure the deed/bill of sale, title (if any), maintenance records, insurance policies, and all other documents that pertain to your car. If you’re planning on advertising it, taking good and appealing pictures of your car will do the trick.

5. Detach yourself


Preparing for the sale of your car can be tedious. But when you have finished everything, there is a chance that you’d see yourself lonelier than when you have first decided to sell it. That might just be the time when it really strikes you hard that you’re finally saying goodbye to your beloved car. When you immediately detach yourself emotionally from your ride, you will see that it would be a lot easier to find buyers and actually sell it.

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