Must- have car safety features

Today, with different kinds of fast cars, congested roads, high speed limits, and adrenaline-junkie drivers, one can say that it’s rather more dangerous to drive than maybe about 10 or 20 years ago. However, thanks to the rapid development of newer technologies, we can also say that automobiles now – whether private or commercial – are a lot safer than before.

When buying a new ride, it is but imperative to take a closer look on what kinds of safety features it has before actually choosing it. Whether you are a bachelor, career woman, family man, or a first-time car buyer, whatever your situation may be, you and your passengers’ safety must always be top priority.

Gone were the days when you only look for seatbelts in a vehicle. Now, the automobile industry standards have also set their bars higher. Regulations now require vehicles to have front airbags, seatbelts with pretensioners, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), and Anti-lock Brake Systems (ABS), among others. With lots of advanced safety technologies and jargons, it is kind of challenging to know and understand which ones you really need.

So as one of the leading companies in the cash for cars and car wreckers Melbourne industry, we also update ourselves with the latest developments in the automobile world to provide better services to our clients. We took the time to make a list of the latest car safety features you should look for and what they really do for you:

Airbags with Passenger Sensing Systems – this feature is perfect for families with toddlers and children. The sensors will turn the airbags on or off depending on the weight of the passenger. So if you’re driving with your little kid/s, and they’re seated near the airbags, they won’t be suffocated or injured once it deploys.

Latch System – LATCH stands for Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children. They are now a standard in almost all countries because it enables drivers with kids to properly and securely install car seats. Tether and lower anchors are hooks (normally U-shaped bars or rings) built in your car’s rear seats, where you attach your kid’s car seat. They will keep them in place no matter what.

Back-up Systems – Parking in reverse is now easier, thanks to this cool safety feature. There are sensors that will effectively warn and alert you if you are close to bumping on something while backing up your car. Some high-end cars have their back-up systems equipped with cameras.

Blind Spot Monitoring – it’s easier to get bumped or cut off by another vehicle if it is coming from your blind spots. So to efficiently avoid crashes and close calls, the sensors of the blind spot monitoring system warns you ahead of time. Some cars have beepers, flashing lights from side mirrors, or steering wheel vibrations.

Lane Keep Assistance – this cool technology helps avoid sleepy and tired drivers from getting into accidents. The system effectively recognizes road lane markings and then alerts the driver once the car runs out of direction, then eventually steers it back gently into the lane.

Forward Collision Warning – just like back-up systems, cars now also have systems that help you avoid frontal car crashes. The car provides audible warnings that tell you are coming too close to the vehicle in front of you.

Adaptive Headlights – Not all car brands and models have these yet, but it’s truly a plus if you’re going to buy a car that has them. This kind of headlights help so much whenever you’re travelling at night, in curved roads and places where there are no lights. The headlights pivot as you turn, following whichever direction your car goes.

Adaptive Cruise Control – this car feature uses a radar system that will instantly detect cars that are ahead of you. It will sense their speeds and keep your car in a safe distance. This one is very handy to avoid cases wherein you have to do a hard brake just because the car in front of you suddenly stops.

There are still other car safety systems that manufacturers add to their vehicles. But the ones on this list are truly worth looking out for if you’re thinking of buying a new ride. And sure, they might make you shell out a few more bucks; but it’s going to be worth it when the safety of the driver, passengers, and even pedestrians are at stake. Even though they shouldn’t be considered as substitutes for safe and defensive driving, know that all these will still make a big difference in having peace of mind while you are on the road.

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