Kids on board: how to beat car sickness

Being car sick is a type of motion sickness; where our brain is somewhat confused between what our eyes perceive and what the rest of our senses feel. It often results to excessive sweating, fatigue, upset stomach, and vomiting. But why do more children experience this than adults? There is no clear explanation why, but doctors say that it can be both hereditary and developed. It is often experienced by toddlers and young children; but there are more chances that they’ll likely cope with it once they get older. However, if you have a child who is prone to car sickness, would that stop you from travelling and making memories in other places? Of course not. There are lots of things you can do to help your child get through this. In addition, never underestimate your kids. They can easily recover from this and will soon be ready and jumping as soon as you arrive at your destination.

As one of the best companies in the used car buying and junk car removals Melbourne market, we continue to help car owners and drivers make the most out of their vehicles before it’s too late. Let us provide you with some expert tips to help your children prevent and beat car sickness.

Remember to do these things to help your child avoid car sickness:

  • Let your kid take a nap. This will enable their brains to rest and effectively avoid motion sickness.
  • During the ride, encourage your kid to look at the things outside. Start chats with them and talk about those things they could see outside the window.
  • Before your trip, plan what they eat carefully. It is never advisable to travel on an empty stomach. They need to eat and drink, but only in small portions. Avoid large and heavy meals as well as greasy and spicy foods.
  • Maintain just the right ventilation, not too cold and not too hot. Extreme light can also trigger being car sick, so cover the windows just in case it’s too sunny outside.
  • Offer distractions like small toys (those that don’t require focus), singing, and chatting. Don’t let them read books or play mobile games during the ride.
  • Should they need some snacks because of the long travel time, stick to crackers and protein-rich foods.

Just in case your child really gets car sick, here are the things you can do :

  • Pull over immediately and attend to their needs right away. If they feel like throwing up already, it’s best that you have a paper or plastic bag within reach along with some paper towels and wet wipes for cleaning.
  • You may let them drink ginger ale or eat ginger candy to avoid feeling drowsy.
  • Bring anti-nausea medications that are suited for your kid’s age. Dramamine is best for toddlers and Benadryl for young kids 6 and above.
  • You may try to let them wear acupressure wristbands. Some parents say this is really effective especially during flights or sea travel.
  • Use essential oils like ginger or peppermint to lessen your child’s queasiness.
  • After your child has vomited, don’t let him/her take any food or drink for at least half an hour. It’s best to let your kid sleep; then put a cool cloth over his/her forehead while lying down.

It is never easy to see a child that feels any kind of discomfort; especially if it happens during that trip you have really planned and picked out for them to have fun. So don’t let motion sickness stop you from bonding with your kids. Just follow all these tips we have given, then you could successfully go back to making fun memories with them. Besides, it is not being car sick that they’ll remember when they grow up, it’s those moments that they’re having fun with you.