Junk my car of fix it up before selling?

You have finally come to your senses and have decided that keeping your old or junk car won’t do you good any longer. After that long and bumpy road of thinking whether it is time for you to let of of your car. You are now at the crossroads. The point wherein you are simply torn whether you’ll be better off fixing your car first before selling it or simply junk it to give you no more hassles. As no one knows what really lies ahead. You have got to think it over and over, consider the consequences, calculate the probabilities of success, and be 100% confident before you actually make your decision. Because once you do, there is just no turning back.

For the two long decades that we have been doing car removals and providing instant cash for cars for the residents in Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs, this question or concern has always been on the minds of our clients or soon-to-be customers. And since it’s probably improper to simply tell you what we want you to do. We are here to guide and help you in figuring out the best road to take. We will provide clearer explanation on when is it best to junk your car or have it fixed before selling.

Give it a good repair before selling if…

  • You are in a good financial state. –  If money isn’t really an issue, thinking about this won’t be much of a burden. It wouldn’t be a problem if you would invest and spend on that car you have once loved and adored. Even for the very last time. Besides, you’ll somehow get that money back when you’d be able to sell it at the price you really wanted.
  • The car is technically in a good running condition. –  Sure, your car does have some issues here and there. But you are still able to use it whenever you want to. The vehicle wasn’t flood- or storm-damaged; it hasn’t been in any kind of serious road accident; and it generally has a clean history. If you honestly and truly feel that its soon-to-be owner will still be able to use it safely. Then repairing its issues is probably the wisest thing to do.
  • There is still a demand for the kind of car that you have. –  If you do know people like car lovers or vintage car collectors who are still interested in the kind of car that you have, then you have greater chances of selling it for profit. You may also research, join forums, and ask around in social media. To gauge if you will be able to sell your car easily or not.
  • Your goal is to get top dollar from your old car. –  If you simply don’t want to ignore the fact that you have invested so much time, effort, and money in that car for many years, that you want to make the most out of it for the very last time, then give it a good and final fixing to have it sold in a good price. Repairing its issues and giving it a cosmetic fix is the best way to go. Thats if you are really determined to sell it off privately. If you know that after addressing its issues, your car’s resale value will significantly increase.
  • Time isn’t an issue. –  Fixing all the minor or major issues your car has won’t probably be as quick and easy. In addition, prepping, advertising, waiting, and negotiating with prospective car buyers will also take some time. So if you don’t really have a deadline and you’re technically not in a rush to have it sold. Then doing your best to put your car in its best selling condition won’t be such a bad idea.

Junking your car is best when…

  • You honestly think no one could buy and use it anymore. –  While it is true that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, sometimes there are just cases wherein your trash is also just going to be trash for someone else. You know you car inside and out. That is why, your gut is telling you that you’ll definitely have a hard time selling it. Fixing is just going to be a waste of time and money. If you somehow feel anxious or worried for the next person who’s going drive and use your car; if you feel it’s too old and unattractive for it to be sold; or if rust is eating away most of that vehicle, then you probably just have to junk it stat.
  • You don’t have all the time and the funds to repair it. –  Fixing the car before selling it privately won’t cut it if you’re in a rush to get rid of that vehicle. Let’s say you need to get out of the country, move to another state, or are in that kind of situation when you just got to let your car go, opting for a company that pays cash for junk cars is the only thing you can do. Besides, if you technically have no budget or have absolutely no desire to shell out more money for repairs. No matter how major or minor, you wouldn’t be at that crossroad in the first place.
  • The car is simply irredeemable. –  If your car is more often broken down than used for many years now; if it has been a victim of natural calamities or series of road accidents; and if you have accepted the fact the the engine warning light won’t ever turn off. Then you just have to accept that junking or wrecking your car is the smartest thing to do. Another way to tell if your car is seriously messed up if the engine and the transmission need an overhaul. Getting a junk car removal service is your only option if not even your trusty mechanic or car enthusiast is confident about fixing and selling it.
  • That vehicle isn’t legally yours.-  If that car has been handed down to you by your grandfather or your old man, and you don’t have its title nor registration, you have no legal right to actually sell it. In that case, hiring car wreckers Melbourne who pay top cash for cars will be your best way out of this situation.
  • It costs more to repair. –  Do the math. Compute the total costs of the repairs and cosmetic fixes that your car needs before you can really sell it. If the total amount exceeds the price you are optimistically aiming for your car to be sold. Then don’t waste any more time thinking. Instead of throwing away money just to have it sold in a minimum amount, don’t put in any more effort and just find a reliable car removal Melbourne company that is willing to pay you for your old ride.

After all these. You might probably think that there sure is a lot take into consideration before you can actually get to decide. You really have to assess everything mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially. And in all honestly. We can go on and tell you more whether it’s best to junk cars or repair them before selling. But the truth of the matter is, there is one expert advice we could give you to somehow escape this long list. Be completely honest about what your car’s real condition is. If you really, truly, and positively believe that your car is no longer worthy to be fixed, don’t fight it. Trust your instinct. Besides, if it leads you to junk your car and hand it over to pro car wreckers like Rapid Car Removal, you will still get benefits and advantages out of it. And believe us, there’s a lot.

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