5 Things To Check In A Used Car

Knowing exactly what kind of car you want and need is the first and most important thing to accomplish when you are planning on buying cars Melbourne. Yes, you are already certain of what car that is; but sadly, your finances won’t simply allow you to get a brand new one. Thus, you opt to purchase a used car. While other car buyers just choose something that is working and fits their budget, there are also some that are more meticulous – especially when buying a second hand vehicle. Honestly, if you choose to be the latter, we say that it’s a smart move and decision. If you really want to get your hard-earned money’s worth, you have to make sure that everything about that used car you are eyeing meets your standards and expectations. The key is to be 101% sure the car is in perfect (or almost) condition.

But because not all used cars that are in good shape feel or appear the same, you have to be wary about the things you need to check and verify before actually deciding. As auto experts who have been doing car removals and buying cars in Melbourne Australia for more than 20 years, we are here to provide you an easy way to make sure of that.

Make time and exert some effort to double-check the following and be sure to get the answers to these questions…

I. Exterior Equipment

  • Are the headlights and rear lamps clear and uncracked? Do they give a decent amount of light?
  • Are the tyres properly aligned, not worn, not damaged, and uniform?
  • Do the door handles and locks work perfectly?
  • Does the car have a spare tyre and emergency tools in the trunk?
  • Do the wipers work fine?

II. The Interiors

  • Does it smell good when you get inside the car?
  • Are there traces of moisture or mold in the car seats and carpet?
  • Do all window controls and seat adjusters work without struggle?
  • Does the air conditioning blow sufficient air from the minimum to its maximum? Does it cool the back of the car fast?
  • Does it have a good sound system, alarm, keyless entry, and backup sensors?

III.   Your cockpit and the dashboard

  • Do the pedals work and look fine?
  • Are the brakes loose?
  • Do all the dashboard light indicators work?
  • Is it too hard to turn the steering wheel?
  • What is its current mileage?
  • Does the hand brake work fine even in steeply inclined pavements?
  • Is it hard to shift gears?

IV.   Under the Hood

  • Using the dipstick method, are the proper liquid levels maintained? Does the car oil have the perfect consistency?
  • Are there any signs of mold or accumulated water?
  • Are the air filters clean?
  • Does the engine make unnecessary sound like hissing, squealing, or grinding?
  • Are the battery, timing belt, and brake fluid reservoir in good shape?
  • Is the radiator corroded?
  • Are there any leaks from the tubes and pipes?
  • Is the engine clean enough?

V.    Signs of Collision

  • Do the seams of the car’s body appear unaligned or uneven?
  • Do some parts of the body have unmatched paint color?
  • Are there suspicious dents and scratches?
  • Does the owner have receipts and documents that show the repairs done on the car?

Assessing the true condition of any kind of used vehicle is never easy; most especially if you are dealing with an owner/seller who is out to deceive or rip you off. If in case, you did your best to check the car but still ended up having no clue if it’s really in good condition, ask your trusted mechanic to inspect it for you and make an honest call.

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