Donate Your Car or Sell it For Cash: Which is Right for You in Melbourne?

When you’re ready to sell off your old or scrap car in Melbourne, choosing whether to donate your car to some charity or to sell it for a profit is one, of course, your very personal choice, and nobody has the right to interfere.

But today we are going to tell you how to maximize your donation value if that is what you have decided to do.

Many people think they can’t get value out of a wrecked or non-working old cars, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. We know a thing or two about getting value from your car, and the good news is you have options when you’re looking to get rid of a pretty old model of car or a damaged newer model car. So they donate the car considering whatever the value of the car is it should go to the cause they are donating their car for.

This is also a good option for people how just want to remove their old cars, while you are arranging for free car removal, why don’t you donate the proceedings to a car charity.

If you are donating your car to charity online, then for Melbourne, you would only find one charity which is taking cars directly and auctioning it through auction sites. Auctions sometimes work wonders in getting the right amount, but the experienced car buyers on Auctions have few strategies in their sleeves to make sure they buy the car cheap.

But what if you care more deeply about some other causes like:

  • Salvation Army
  • Redcross
  • Breast Cancer Research
  • Diabetes Vic

The agony we go through when somebody close had to tackle such mishaps really enforce us to help such causes, where others can be saved from these unseen traumas.

For donating these causes the best way out is to call companies like Rapid Car Removal which provide instant cash for cars in Melbourne and sell them your car directly for cash and donate that amount directly to the cause you care for.

People at Rapid Car Removal and other such companies also care for the community, you can tell them that you want to transfer the proceeds to whatever cause you to care for. They would, first of all, see what’s the max value they can pay for your car and secondly can also deposit the amount on your behalf to the charity with your name written on it.

Conclusion: You have more liberty to make charity cause decisions and also have complete knowledge of how much you are donating when you sell your cars first to Rapid Car Removal.

But whatever way you adopt, please do support such causes as people around us need our support all the time.


We are now accepting donation cars and can deposit your car amount in cash to any charity of your choice. Call Now at 0438 942 754 and ask about the process.