Car Accessories That All Parents Need

A car is most definitely an essential if you are a parent. It’s somewhat very exhausting and difficult to take your kids to the doctor, daycare, school, park, or even the mall, if you don’t have one. However, we are in a totally different story when we’re talking about hitting the road with children. Ensuring their safety is of course a given.; but driving with little tots is a lot more challenging – not to mention stressful. Regardless of how old your kids are, they would need extra care and attention, all the more inside the car. Those bigger kids that surprisingly always end up fighting in the backseat, that little toddler who is all-the-time restless even if you’ve already brought all his favorite toys, or even that newborn who ends up yapping non-stop in her carseat – those are just some of the unfortunate scenarios you’d always deal with whenever you’re in the car with your little ones.

As one of the leaders in the car removal industry in Melbourne, Rapid Car Removal has extensive experience dealing with cars and car owners. We are here to help parent-drivers such as yourself. We took the time to create a list of some of the most clever car accessories that will make driving with your precious ones a whole lot easier. These top 8 picks will never make those dreadful scenarios go away, but they’ll sure help you out a lot in surviving those countless road trips you’ll have to make with your little “angels”.

Child Safety Seat  – this one is probably the most common and most important car accessory that parents need. The safety of your kids inside a moving vehicle should be of utmost importance. It is best for children from 9mos up to 12 years of age. Invest in car seats that are super comfy and have double-safety chest clips to ensure your tot’s safety. Don’t fret if they are expensive, as you can very well reuse them in case you give birth to another baby.

Backup Camera – driving in reverse or parking properly is a challenge, let alone if you are with your kids. Not all cars have this feature, so it’ll be really helpful if you invest in one. With this gadget installed in your vehicle, parking will most definitely be a breeze especially if you’re with restless and demanding children.

Travel Genie Tray – how many times have you been stressed out with a crying kid in the backseat just because a toy or a food drops inside the car? So you have no choice but to pull over and find ‘that thing’ to stop your tot from yapping. Yeah, we all have. This car accessory is your answer to avoid this scenario.

Kid-friendly sunshades  – if us adults get annoyed by too much sunlight inside the car, what more our little babies and toddlers? This cute and useful accessory most definitely makes driving in the sunshine a lot easier for mums and dads, as well as for the kiddos. You can even find ones that have fun and colorful designs.

Backseat Organizers  – if you are one of those parents who priorities cleanliness and orderliness inside the car even with children around, then this accessory should be on the top of your list. With pockets and holders of different sizes, storing toys, food, drinks, and other kiddie stuff is easier. Plus, your cleaning must-haves are within your reach as you can put napkins, wet wipes, and garbage bags stored in it as well.

Baby Mirror  – there are times when you really have no choice but to drive alone, but bring your little child with you. So you put him/her in the backseat, of course. This car accessory is but an effective tool to keep your eyes on the road as well as your kid who’s at the back.

Tablet Mount/Holder  – to avoid the dreadful “Are we there yet?”, keeping your child entertained inside the car is but necessary. So in times when toys and food don’t seem to cut it anymore, just pop in a kid-friendly video in your tablet or iPad and place it in this accessory, and they’ll be occupied for a long time (fingers crossed).

Car Seat & Kick Protectors – if you love to take care of your car as much as you love your children, these handy accessories are useful indeed. If you have a toddler who’s still in potty training, if you have that child who loves to kick the back of your driver/passenger seat, or if you have that messy kid who always seem to spill everything in your car seats, these protectors are really worth investing in.

As parents with more complex lifestyles, it really won’t hurt if we’d be willing to invest in gadgets or accessories that can make our lives a bit easier to handle. These are not to make us forget our responsibilities or to replace us, but to aid us in keeping our kids safe and entertained.

Do you have a car that seems unfit and unsafe for your growing family? Well, if you reckon that it is no longer suitable for you and your kids, let us help you take it off your property. We, Rapid Car Removal, is proud of our ‘sell my car’ services. We are one of Melbourne’s besr car wreckers who guarantee to provide our clients with top cash for cars – regardless of their age, make, and condition. Visit our website or call us now to get your free quote!