The Best and Worst Times to Buy a Used Car

Many people consider buying a car a daunting task, specially if they are going to get a used car. There are relatively more factors to look into when buying a used car compared to buying a new car where all you have to do is fill up forms and sign documents once you have decided what model you want to have. In buying an old car, you need to check the model and the make of the car, year that it was manufactured, its running condition, mileage, air conditioning system, chassis and a whole lot more.

Buying a used car involves lots of searching, comparing prices and going back and forth with dealers and car sellers. But, it doesn’t matter if you’re buying a new car or a used one, as long as you have an understanding of the trends of car sales. Having this knowledge will enable you to bag a bargain.


It’s also important that you know the proper time of the week, month or year to buy a car so you will get the best deal. To help you, we have listed down the time when you would most likely get good deals on cars.

Best Days of the Week to Buy a Used Car

Every dealership is different, however, there are times of the week when car shopping can yield better results for buyers. Most dealerships are buzzing with activity during the weekends, and sales people claim that more buyers flock their offices during Saturdays and Sundays, thus, they are more pumped up and ready to give better deals to sell more cars.

Best Times of the Year to Buy a Used Car

End of the financial year

Crazy deals on all kinds of products including cars often appear in the weeks leading up to the end of the financial year or before June 30. Dealers want to close more deals to be able to meet their sales quota for the year, so they give out huge discounts during this period.


Seasonal deals are at its highest during Christmas time because dealerships will be striving to clear out their old stock before the new rolls in. Many people receive amazing bonuses at this time of the year too, and it’s often the season when people would upgrade their cars and sell their old ones.
New Year, new car New calendar year

February and March are good months to purchase cars with March being recorded as the second-biggest month of the year for car sales after the End of the Financial Year period. Sales team would be giving crazy deals to make room for the incoming year’s stock too.


Best Months of the Year to Buy a Used Car

November, December and January are the best months to buy a used car. Used car prices are at their peak during summer months and they start to decrease during the last two months of the year, until January of the following year.


Now that you know when you should be buy a car, the next thing to do is prepare a checklist of your needs and wants. Will the car be used by the whole family? Will it be for long drives? Will it be used mainly to pick your kids up from school or drive you to work? Creating a list will help you in the decision making process and it will help you narrow down your choices. It’s not easy to buy a car, but if you follow certain steps for it, you’d be able to get the perfect car.