Best Car Maintenance Tips

When you love someone or something, it is but natural to do anything and everything you can to keep it. That includes our cars. If we are willing to spend that much just to buy them, it also goes without saying that we are also willing to take care of it no matter what. It just doesn’t make sense when we go outside of our means to pay for a big purchase and then just treat it like rubbish. What you do is, even before getting that car, you assess your capability and commitment in caring for it.

Yes, all cars have expiry dates – that time when they are already old, inefficient, unsafe, and unroadworthy no more. But even if we really can’t avoid or stop that from happening, we can do a lot of things to prevent that from arriving any time sooner. Keeping your ride from becoming a junk car is all in your hands.

Rapid Car Removal has been in the car removal and junk car wreckers Melbourne industry for over two decades now. We have dealt with different kinds of cars in all kinds of conditions. As experts in the field, we have actually come up with a list that will help you in caring for your ride. As there could be lots of car maintenance tips out there, we ought to give you the five most important ones that you should never miss nor neglect – all the others will follow.


Know your car inside and out

Just like loving someone, you naturally would like to know everything about him/her. Same goes with your ride. Read your car manual from cover to cover. Spend time in mastering its capabilities and special functions. Know what it needs. Just by smelling, hearing, or feeling it even with your eyes closed, you should know easily if it’s in a good or bad condition. This will easily save you from more serious repairs in the future.


Make sure to give it its own home

Many experts say that it is best if a car is safely garaged. We understand that it is sometimes impossible for other people. However, we want to point out that before you even think of getting one, make sure that you have a proper resting place for it. Like us humans, cars also need a roof over their heads – a nice and decent place to rest and recover. By keeping it safe and protected in a garage, you are saving it from further paint job services and other repair costs in the future.


Follow your manufacturer’s recommended service maintenance schedules

Many car owners are guilty of this. They normally follow from the first to the second year, but then they usually skimp after that. Which shouldn’t be the case. What’s the point of investing in a big purchase then putting in no effort to actually maintain it? These maintenance schedules are specifically set for a reason. They are to save you from bigger repair costs and to keep you and your passengers safe for a longer time.


Use it well

It’s kind of ironic but – a car that’s overused and a car that’s almost never used are both susceptible to wearing out faster. Use it as it was intended to be used. Own it. Be proud of it. Use it with respect, not like a slave. Those who have that burning desire to always clean, fix, and maintain their cars like there’s no tomorrow always end up keeping and enjoying their cars for a longer period of time. That’s tested and proven.


Regularly clean and check your car on your own

Even if you’re that kind of person who just owns a car but doesn’t actually have a knack for automobiles, the fact that you use it, you should at least try to learn how to get your hands dirty. How would you keep and take care of something for a long time if you’ll always let other people do it for you? At the very least, if you really don’t know how to fix cars, you should be able to check and clean it on your own. Wash it at least once a week. Keep it waxed to protect it. Check its interiors and exteriors daily to ensure everything’s A-okay. You’ll eventually see that the more effort you put into it, the more you’ll naturally keep and protect it for a long time.

If all these 5 come out easily for you, there are more chances that you might never see your vehicle as junk or as a rotten piece of metal someday. Dutch Mandel from said, “The answer to keeping your car from becoming junk is simple. Passion” – something that we, all car owners, should agree with. If we are truly passionate about our cars, maintaining and taking good care of it shouldn’t ever be a chore. It should be something that makes you happy; something that you see as an extension of yourself.


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