How to avoid costly auto repair mistakes

It is truly annoying, disappointing, and maddening when you bring your car to be fixed, only to find that that you’d have to get it fixed 2 or 3 times more just because a so-called auto repair professional has committed serious mistakes while fixing your precious ride. It is one of the driver’s worst nightmares: seeing your car in a worse condition than that when you are about to have it repaired. Not only is this experience stressful and more times costly, but is seriously risky for your vehicle as well.

For the 20+ years that we have been in the cash for cars and cars removal Melbourne industry, we have seen many cars (and owners) who have suffered from these kinds of unfortunate situations. And so, we are here to provide you with 6 helpful tips to effectively avoid costly car repair mistakes:

Know your car’s EXACT problem

If you know your car by heart, it’s a lot easier for you to know what the real problem with your car is. You’d have to do your research first. If you don’t have the time, then you may ask mates or colleagues that are car lovers and experts on what to do with your vehicle’s problems. By learning exactly what kind of repair service your car ONLY needs, there are less chances of experiencing repair mistakes.

Get a written and signed breakdown of all the repairs (and their costs)

Once you bring your vehicle to the shop, request a handwritten and signed document that shows you an itemised list of all the repair jobs they’ll be doing on your car. By having such document, you will have security that only these will be done. There’ll be no surprise fixes and charges. This is also your protection from getting ripped-off.

Don’t just bring your vehicle to ANY repair shop

It is very important that you find an expert mechanic or auto repair shop that you can really trust. Opt for those that have been trusted by your family or mates for many years. Their years of loyalty to that certain auto repair business or professional mechanic is your shield, your assurance. In addition, avoid shops that provide deals and offers that are too good to be true. If you have finally found that trustworthy and competent mechanic or shop, stick with them for as long as possible.

Ask for your car’s OLD PARTS

If the mechanic says that a part of your car needs to be replaced, tell him (beforehand) not to dispose that broken or old part, and just give it to you after doing the repair. In that way, you’ll be sure that a replacement was indeed done on your vehicle.

Keep close supervision

We understand how it can truly be time-consuming, let alone boring. But as much as possible, be there and watch while it all happens. In that way, the mechanics will be more careful in handling your vehicle.

Don’t just do repairs on your own

As there are advantages of fixing your car on your own, there are also bad things that could happen from it as well. Unless you have proper knowledge and ample experience, then leave the complicated repair jobs to the professionals. Sure you can find almost all kinds of car repair how-tos on the internet. But that can’t guarantee you positive results. Even if you’re a car enthusiast, if it’s something you don’t know or aren’t too confident about, keep away from fixing it yourself.

Dealing with any kind of car problem sure isn’t easy. Even professional auto mechanics also experience challenging car issues every now and then, because we’re all human. What matter is, you have done your part to be knowledgeable and prepared enough to face those problems should they arise. Follow all these expert tips to lessen the chances of facing costly auto repair mistakes.

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