How to Get Rid of an Accident – Written off Car Sitting at Your Home?

A lot of people would agree that driving is fun, especially if you’re travelling in a not-so-congested area. Aside from enjoying the sceneries, we get to enjoy the company of people who are with us on a road trip. However, one risk of driving is encountering accidents where you could either get injured or sustain life-threatening conditions. And most of the time, vehicles that have been badly wrecked due to accidents are left in the scene or are taken in some vacant lots, never to be redeemed again.

If you have a vehicle that has been wrecked due to collision and you don’t know what to do with it, here are some of your options:

1. Talk to different car dealers around your suburb. Most probably they will say they want car up and running, only then they can make an offer. Other bets could be on finding private buyers through gumtree or car sales, but they don’t have a tow truck to pick the car from your location and towing a car away can cost way more than the car cost itself. So you see your chances are real slim in this case.

2. Get the car up and running. Finding a mechanic won’t be an issue, as mechanic sees such cars as their point of income for weeks to come, but the problem is finding the parts. By this time, you would realize you will now spend way more than the original worth of the car and you could have bought a new car in this money.

3. BEST SOLUTION. Call Rapid Car Removal! We will give you a very fair cash price of your car depending on make, model, year and condition. We will wreck your car and will make it easier for other Aussies to find parts for this model.


A WIN-WIN situation for all.

Who are we?

We are Melbourne’s leading car wreckers. Also we buy around 1,000 cars and trucks each month and are very much interested in your vehicle. We are expert in junk car removal and we offer good cash for the wrecked cars.

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