5 tools everyone in the car wrecker industry should be using

The main goal of car recycling is to make sure every part and component of each vehicle is put into its proper place; to keep toxic chemicals and elements from harming the environment. That is why car wrecking is never for the inexperienced and incompetent. If they are truly determined to doing recycling and reusing used auto parts, they should have the complete set of skills and tools to do so.

Some will say, (with the help of YouTube, Google, and WikiHow) it easy for anyone to have the car exteriors parted and the interiors gutted. Well, it’s possible. But as experts in the industry, we say that not anyone could correctly wreck a car. If you are scouting around for standard auto wreckers to hire, one way to find out if they’re legitimate is that if they have a big yard and facility that has up-to-date, eco-friendly, and complete equipment.

To have a clear and simple idea of what those tools and equipment are, Rapid Car Removal – a leading old and damaged car removal company in Melbourne – is here to help you:


After the actual car body removal process where hauling and towing equipment are used, these are the first tools they’ll be needing. These include car stackers and jacks, different kinds of power tools for nuts and bolts, clamps and clips, and pulling frames. This will enable the wreckers to easily recover the used car parts that are can be restored and resold.


These specialized equipment are perfect to reduce the volume of the bodies of cars and light trucks. They are designed to easily compact all kinds of metal (ferrous and non-ferrous) and steel. Moreover, there are also specific crushers that are used let’s say for oil cans and drums. Instead of having dirty oil filters lying around in their yard, with those kinds of tools, they could have a nicely piled scrap metal and dirty oil that is ready for EPA-compliant disposal.


Shredders are ideal for processing electronic components, car seats, and other interior parts. Shears are mostly used for cutting bigger pieces of metal. Apart from the car body, those can also cut engine parts like the radiator, catalytic converter, and more.


As you know, all the used and stagnant fluids inside an old or wrecked car very harmful to our environment. That is why, professional car breakers and car dismantlers need to have specialized tools in order for those liquids not to leak and be disposed of properly. Fluid recovery tools and systems must also be compliant with EPA-standards.


All cars have different kinds of tubes and cables inside them. So to efficiently cut and squeeze those cables, they need to have those innovative cable stripping systems. In addition, granulators are used to handle all kinds and sizes of cables – to strip, cut, and squeeze them into tiny bits, and then the copper and plastic from those are now ready for recycling.

If you know people who believes that professional car wreckers are just like metal scrappers who takes out car parts and then sell them, tell those that it’s a whole new level in the modern car wrecking industry. Experts like Rapid Car Removal are passionate in fulfilling our mission to help the economy and the environment. We don’t really like to get ahead of ourselves now, but, we pride ourselves in the fact that not only do we help people get rid of their old and useless cars, but also, we help them earn a little. We give ourselves a pat on the back for helping decrease the use of natural resources for new copper, steel, or aluminum.

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