5 Tips to Sell Your Cars Fast in Melbourne, VIC

Are you planning to upgrade your car? Maybe you want to save some money instead of spending on its maintenance. Whatever reason you have, the goal is the same – to sell your car fast.

For some, this process, fortunately, goes as smoothly as they prefer it to be. However, the process is a tricky one where you need to exercise some caution. Here are some tips that will help you steer that sale smoothly and surely:

Payment before Selling

Once you found the auto dealership that you want to make a deal with, there is a possibility that they will give you the choice if you want your car sold before the payment. In this situation, you should always say NO. This kind of deal is against their law. You should never give up ownership of your car until you see your payment right in front of you.

Private Selling

If you want the best amount of money for your sold car, selling it privately would be the best route for you. If this is the route you choose, you must be prepared for all the efforts it will require from you. Here, you will do all the research and comparisons of car prices with the same models as yours. You will also have to create your own ads and post them to as many sites as you can.

Maybe not sell your cars fast path, but it is one of the most used ways. The time gap from the time you start the process until getting the payment will also belong. You need patience in this one. If you need immediate cash, this type of selling your unused car is not the one you should take on.


If you want to sell your car here in Melbourne to be convenient and simple on your part, trading it in will be a good choice. The process here will be easy and quick. Just make sure that you asked the auto dealership the exact figure that you will need to pay them and leave your car in their hands.  After this, you will just have to wait for it to be sold. However, for its downside, you cannot expect to have a high payment as you would get if you do the sale privately.

Through Auction

Another way of selling your car in Melbourne, Victoria is through an auction. Many vehicles are being sold this way. Although it will require you to give commission to the company, this process will free you from the stress that comes with selling it on your own. When you decide to go through this process, you should also research on how people buy cars through auction. This way, you will know what they look for on a vehicle and you can at least do something to your car to pass their investigations.

Getting Car Removal Company Offers

If you sell your car to a car removal company, you can expect to get a decent amount although it will not be as high as that of selling it privately. Plenty of good points will come to your doorstep if you choose this path. First, you can sell your car regardless of what condition it was in. Second, they will collect the car right from your garage and there would be no charge for it. But there will be many companies offering this service, it will be your job to contact the right company offering the top cash for cars rate.


These are all good ways of selling your car. Any of them will do. You just need to choose the one you prefer the most and that will work right for you. Regardless of which way you choose to sell your car, just make sure that you are careful so everything will turn out good.