5 Common Misconceptions About Broken Cars

For the last two decades, Rapid Car Removal has been providing used car buying and damaged car removal services for the people of Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs. And even though in those twenty long years we have been advocating about the proper disposal of used, wrecked, and broken cars, up until now there are still many people who seem to think differently about these kinds of cars.

Being one of the leading standard auto wreckers and car body removal companies in the area, we are here to enlighten you about the wrong notions people have about broken cars. Whether you are an owner or not, we hope that as you read on, we can help you see them now in a different light.

DIY repairs are better and cheaper.

We are not saying that you should never try to fix your own cars, because it really can save you lots of dollars. However, in the case of those cars that are old and damaged for a long time already, it is best to seek professional help instead. We have seen lots of cars that have suffered in the hands of owners who insist on fixing them even if they really don’t have the skills, experience, and equipment. If you are determined to save and redeem your vehicle, get assistance from an authorized mechanic to be sure that you won’t repeat fixing it again and again. Thus, still saving you a couple of bucks.

Broken cars that are kept in the garage don’t cause any more pollution.

It is true that when the car isn’t running, it won’t contribute to more air pollution because it doesn’t emit any more CO2 and other greenhouse gases. However, broken car can still cause pollution even if it’s just idly sitting and hidden in your garage. As it rots in there, there are lots of chemicals and substances that become more toxic as time goes by. Examples of these are the aging battery, coolant, and unused gasoline can contaminate the soil and even our water systems.

Broken cars have no value at all.

Who says that when something doesn’t look good, it is no good at all? That is a crazy and stupid saying to believe (even if we aren’t talking about cars). Yes, they maybe aren’t as useful as they were. However, even if they’re in the last stages of their life, they still have a purpose on this earth. We, Rapid Car Removal, can attest to that. No matter how incomplete, damaged, rusted, or deteriorated a vehicle is, we still pay our clients a corresponding amount for it.

It is impossible to sell a broken car.

Selling a car that is broken is fortunately not included in the list of impossible things in this world. As a matter of fact, if you own a car that has some damage and you don’t want to have it fixed anymore, you can still get some reasonable amount for it. Sure, it is hard to sell it to private car buyers online and offline, but there are still businesses like 2nd hand car dealerships and used car buying companies that will still take it. It can definitely be at a lower price because of its condition, but it is never impossible.

For broken cars that are hopeless and irredeemable, the only choice you have is to take it to metal scrapping yards.

Yes, you can take it to them. But as experts in the business, we are telling you that that is not your ONLY option. Taking it to metal scrapping yards is an easy but irresponsible way of disposing your wrecked car. You aren’t sure if they will be able to dispose your broken and used auto parts in the right (environmentally friendly) way.

One of the main reasons why we are still very passionate about being in this industry is to change people’s misconceptions about broken cars such as those we have discussed (and more). And as your expert car breakers and recyclers, we are giving you one piece of advice on dealing with broken cars. The BEST OPTION you can choose is to bring them to reputable car wreckers and buyers like Rapid Car Removal. Not only are our services fast, convenient, and free of charge, but also, you can even earn extra income from us. For the last two decades, our clients have been loving the fact that we pay top cash for cars – regardless of their conditions.